Grassland Law Chapter 15

Loche’s fetish

I explained to the Patriarch about the reason behind me succeeding in wolf hunt.
The Patriarch consented for the time being, and decided that I’d become a Great Warrior next time the season changes.
He also seemed to announced the next gathering for the Wolf Hunt event.
For now, since I kept 6 fangs there’s no problem for me in making them into a necklace.
I was so into the talk with the Patriarch that Loche was completely neglected.
I helped her stand up and brought her home.
Loche’s body shook *buruburu*.

「It’s fine even if you neglect me」

I didn’t hear any of that, your voice is too small…

As day turned to noon Lucci gave out instructions while preparing meals.
As I returned everyone looked this way in astonishment.
Sharon put down the knife she was washing and approached me.

「Nii-sama who is that?」

「Roche is going to become my slave wife from now、she’s a present from the father of someone from another tribe who I helped」

「Ah、it’s when you went to the South」

Wiping her hands Lucci also went to us.


「If that’s the case then I understand。 」

Lucci looked at Loche and quickly went back to cooking.
Umm, I thought she was going to say something but she didn’t

「Master、what’s wrong?」

As I was thinking Yesu approached.

「No、I’m fine、it just that I never thought I’d have more slave wives」

「Lucci-sama probably thinks that Master is splendid you know」


I don’t know what does that mean

「Because、isn’t having a lot of wives and slave wives the proof of being a great warrior?」

「Ah、un、I see」

That reminds me, this is that kind of culture, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me…I want us to get along and live well.

As I removed the rope Loche kissed the ground.
After kissing her left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot, I kissed her lips and the slave wife ceremony was completed.
I appointed her to help with cooking.
She’s a little clumsy for some reasons.

After dinner it’s night time.
Lucci, Yesu and Loche sat in front of me.
Loche had a slightly nervous expression on her.
The two people on her sides stared at Loche.

「Loche、you don’t have to be so scared、Jumuka-sama is gentle」

「That’s right。 Master is really gentle。 So just relax your mind and entrust your body。 」

The two comforted Loche.
Seems like Loche is a virgin
Loche took a deep breath and looked at me.

「This might be imprudent as a slave wife but」

「Yeah、that’s fine、I’ll be gentle。 」

「Umm、that’s not it。 Err、it’s the opposite。 I like it really rough。 」


「Umm、I’d like it to be as violent as a woman being given forcibly from a tribe being defeated by its arch enemy。 」

The three of us stared blankly at Loche.


「Umm、I know it’s surprising、I、um、I’ve been stupid since I was a kid、I pulled a lot of blunders、then、err、then I was punished by getting spanked、and it was umm、pretty arousal。 」

Un, well simply put she’s just an M…but, I’m all against violence towards women

「For me、I’m against violence towards wives and slave wives but」

Loche conveyed her true feelings.

「I’m also against spanking。 Umm、is it fine if I say it like that」

「Well、I can do it if I try」

「Thank you very much。 Master」

「Alright、Lucci come」

I slapped my thighs *ponpon*.

I came twice inside Lucci, once in Yesu and as the two of them lied down I looked this way.
Loche is already naked in dog-position.
Those two have huge tits but Loche isn’t small, I rubbed her average-sized breasts.
As I confirmed the *muni muni* sensation, I pinched the standing nipples way stronger than I did with the other two.


Loche’s body instantly trembled.
As I squeezed her nipples tightly repeatedly Loche raised a good voice.
I changed my line of sight and saw hair the same color as her head concealing Loche’s vagina.
I gently brushed it.
I seized her hips and adjusted my thing.
Loche’s vagina was soaked wet.
I moved up my line of sight and looked into Loche’s eye.
Her eyes carried anxiety.
I didn’t say anything and violently advanced my hips.
A virgin vagina resists a lot so it was kinda hard but the opening soon accepted my thing.
There was a hard wall inside Loche. I penetrated it without hesitation.

「Aaa、it hurts、but、but、it feels good。 」

Loche raise an erotic voice saying it hurt.
As I entered her deepest place Loche’s inside grabbed my thing tightly.

「Masteer I want it even more violentlyy」

I thought about not moving for a while but Loche raised a sweet voice.
I thought about what to do but it was Loche’s wish, so I drew my hips.
I pulled out violently and and thrust back in with all my might.

「Aa、aa it hurts、but it feels good。 Master! Masteer」

Loche raised a charming voice.
So there’s a woman that can get this disordered in her first night
I moved my hips vigorously without thinking about my partner yet Loche only felt pleasures.
I ejaculated with all my might inside Loche.

「Masteer、thank you for filling me up with your seeds。 」

Loche looked at me with an entranced face.

As Yesu recovered after resting she wiped my body, I went to sleep with Lucci on my right and Yesu on my left.
Both of my sides were filled with these two so Loche had to hang in there. Next time I’ll have Yesu and Loche substitute reciprocally.

「As expected it’s fine even if you neglect me。 」