Grassland Law Chapter 17

Territory war

Since the time I became a Great Warrior the number of people training in the morning with me increased.
All of them are young than me but it seems like the mothers and sisters heard about me training in the morning.
I started off from warming up then I ran, practiced swinging swords, and then ended the morning training with calisthenics.
The one I was the most careful with is calisthenics
This world have not developed genuine calisthenics.
At first the youth looked at me with eyes of wonders when I opened my legs 180 degrees while touching my chest to the ground.
Thanks to legs-exercises my joints are tender thus prevented injuries, I improved my horse riding techniques, how to do night exercise and a load of other good things.
The last one was properly said.
There are only guys that started to have interest in sex so they were surprisingly high in spirits. No, seems like in the middle of the talk there’s a stirring.
In the past I used to do leg-stretch exercises before going to sleep.
My half-sister’s 《child of a slave wife》 flannel (big breasted) was pressed against me from behind。

As I told them to do things like that before going to sleep, when the season circled differences were shown.
As winter came the number of guys that can spread 180 degrees touching their chests to the ground increases.
The first ones to be able to do it are Temuji and Uchiran.
Uchiran has a sister whose tits are huge. That’s why him practicing stretching at night is very sufficient.
Then Uchiran also noticed.
As he lifts his head from the ground while his chest is still touching it, the inside of the skirts of half-asleep girls in the morning came into view… (TN: HAHAHAHA Jesus Christ!!!)
Uchiran didn’t look any further
As spring comes everyone’s running speed also caught up to me.

The three blessed children are crying inside the house
Yesu is cuddling with the kids.
Breast-feeding is for the mother to do, but taking care of the kids is slave wives’ job
Yesu and Loche are taking turns to take care of them.
During the Great Movement both wives and slave wives who just gave birth will be placed on the carriage.
It’s fine if the Great Movement ends with nothing happening but…

The Great Movement Meeting is opened to gather the Great Warriors and the people the Patriarch recognized.
It’s decided that this time we’ll be snatching the land of our opponent in this territory war.
The opponent is Rui tribe
Last year and the year before that they fought a fellow Great Force and lost so they were degraded in Force.
Ronga tribe won many consecutive years and that huge win last year almost made us into a Great Force within the neighborhood.
The Patriarch carefully judged the situation and decided.
It might change the Force of two tribes in this rustle.

With Lucci’s help I put on my armor.

「How do I look?」

「It’s wonderful。 Jumuka-sama」

「Master、please do your best。 」

Yesu saw me off.

「I’m going。 」

I kissed Yesu’s forehead. (TN: I got a little fatter for this bunch of sugar)
I also kissed Loche’s forehead
Lastly I piled our lips and kissed Lucci.

We lined up at the appointed battle field and started the fight.
The Fighters resembled and started the arrow fight, this time I also prepared my bow beforehand.
My aim is the enemy’s Patriarch, I fired off an arrow loaded with magic.
Seems like they knew the rumors about me. The Patriarch doesn’t have to go to the front line, but they can’t hide in the back either.
The enemy Patriarch also noticed me aiming at him. The enemy Patriarch drew his sword.
He placed the sword in front of his head to repel the arrow coming for his head.
The arrow reinforced with magic broke the middle of the Patriarch’s sword.
As the enemy Patriarch was surprised I shot another one into an opening that I had my eyes on earlier.
This time I aim at his heart.
The enemy Patriarch frantically protected his head.
The arrow I fired off pierced the enemy Patriarch’s heart.
The enemy Patriarch crumbled in amazement.

「Don’t panic、calm down、attack now、attack!」

A man in his prime with wings on his head and tusk necklace shouted.
With those words the enemy calmed down and began to attack.


At the Patriarch’s order, Ronga tribe’s Warriors attacked.
The fought by shooting arrows from horse backs or using swords
I’m a Great Warrior so my head has a bounty, I was aimed at by many other Warriors.
A Great Warrior cried out where I killed 3 Warriors and 2 Moderate Warriors.


The enemy withdrew.
This year was different since there’s real combat so I’m tired.
Oops, I’m not letting my guards down. Now is the Bird Hunt. Oh !  There’s someone who succeeded. It was Jumel, nice job.

A Great Warrior like me can’t ditch the post-war meeting.
Seems like a person not yet 16 years old like me is fine without making any speech.


The Patriarch talked to me.


「This year you have two daughters、and a son right?」

「That’s right but」

「It’s fine if you participate in Slave wife selection this year right?」


What will it be?

「Messenger、this time among the slave wives of the dead Warriors there are 3 who are below 22 years old that only gave birth to boys、of course their appearance are better than just average、is that right?」

「I’m not too sure、but I think that is the case。 」

「Then、bring someone with you and find out about that」

「Understood。 」

Messengers of Patriarches exchanged words.
As the discussion ended, before everyone returned to their places for the achievement discussion, the Patriarch talked to me.

「Before the achievement discussion、let’s talked first。 Your place still have to few sheeps。 That’s why this time you’ll also get one slave wife and a lot of horses and sheeps」

Saying so the Patriarch left.

This time battle, my 2nd older brother died.