Grassland Law Chapter 18

Funeral and Successor

The Warriors and Fighters that died during the Territory War, they are politely wrapped in a kind of leaves called Coffin harvested from the sacred mountains and brought to the center of the tribe to burn all at once.
When their husbands died, Fighters’ wives have the right to follow their loved ones, they also have the right to choose when will they do that. (TN: In short, they can suicide and it’s completely up to them)
Thought it’s fine to do that there are also many did not choose that. (TN: Uhh…duh!)
If a slave wife wishes for it, the wives can approve it and give her the dagger passed down from the husband to kill herself.
But since this require recognition, doing it on your own convenience is not allowed.
The wives and slave wives who chose to follow their husbands are wrapped with Coffin leaves and burned together.
But, people who did it without recognition don’t have an honored death, if they dishonorably killed themselves then they’ll be “sky buried”. (TN: Meaning feeding the corpses to the birds)
If there are several wives of not less than Moderate Fighters then the right of recognition is in the First wife’s hand but not the Second wife.
From there things are related to Wives ranking order.
Of course if the wives lower than Second wish to follow their husbands then they can ask the First wife to recognize their wishes.

Naturally there are also wives and slave wives that didn’t choose that.
In case the head of the family died their family and the Patriarch or a Great Warrior will perform a discussion to choose the successor.
The Patriarch or the Great Warrior will be in charge of ascertaining the chosen person.
But if there were too many warriors died and the Patriarch said It’s OK to a Moderate Warrior he recognized then this will be a different talk
Most of them time, when a Moderate or Great Warrior was married and had kids, the First male senior is the child of the First wife, but when the son of the First wife died in battle, among the other wives when the position carried over the the Second wife, there also the oldest son of the Second wife.
In that case, there are a lot of disputes regarding the successor.
When that happens the right to decide would lie in the hand of The Patriarch or a Great Warrior.
Then when the successor is decided the previous head’s wives and slave wives will become a collection of mothers. (TN: No seriously, that’s what the raw said)
The highest rank among the mothers will be the successor’s mother, she holds powers below a First wife but above the Second wife.
An exception is that she’s below the sons of slave wives but above the daughters.
When he’s still young, the successor’s wives and slave wives that have no blood relationship with him don’t enter the collection of mothers, but they are just wives and slave wives, the young wives and slave wives can also live in a separate room.
However, if a slave wife lives in another room then her kids become adopted kids of all other slave wives and she must marry alone. (TN: ただし、他の家の隷妻になる場合子供は全て他の隷妻の養子になり身一つで嫁がなくてはいけない。)
In case their tribe lost in a war they can be sent off as compensation too.
The mothers live in a house for mothers and perform usual cooking, cleaning and such jobs for women.

My brother is wrapped in the Coffin leaves with his eyes closed and an arrow hole on his head.
His left arm was smashed by a horse, but luckily all other parts were intact.
My brother isn’t independent yet, so there was no wife or slave wife to wrap up with him.
I wonder if Lucci, Yesu and Loche would follow me if I died…
It’s not like I want them to go die with me.
Rather I want them to live until the age of going to the sacred mountains.
But I feel a gloomy clog in my heart.
Perhaps if I die now Lucci would become my eldest brother wife to raise her son.
Yesu and Loche is also still young, their daughters can be entrusted to Iruka and they also can become slave wives of other houses.

No fuck that, those three are mine. Them having sex with someone other than me? Fuck that twice (TN: zettaini zettaini iyada hahahahaha)
As I stood before my brother’s fire my resolution became solid.

Several days later, I came to the plaza where the girls arrived.
First was the Patriarch, next is my turn to pick.
As I walked towards the girl the Patriarch whispered into my ears.

「The girl at the outermost right、pick her」

I walked towards that girl quickly.
As I stood before her the lovely scent of a woman rose.
She’s taller than all the girls around.
It wasn’t the arrogant height but the neat height.
Her face looked adult-like and her lips are also abundant.
I went to her back and lifted her skirt.
Her swelling butts shook lively.
As I lifted the front part her moistened vagina and pubes entered my eyes.
Those fragrances were a direct hit to my brain.
As I opened the breast part, a pair of breasts not on the level of Yesu or Lucci came exposing itself.
The nipples were standing declaring their existence.
Her breasts were like moistened white peaches.
I closed her breast part.


「I’m called An。 」

「How old?」

「I’m 20。 」

「Marriage until now?」

I already knew but it’s a rule to ask

「There is。 And I gave birth to 4 boys。 But I’m apart with them due to this time lost。 」 (TN: Alright. Can I cringe yet? She’s second-handed. It might be bearable since she’s hot but…)

「Hold out your hands」

An held out her hands.
I took out the rope and tied her, then returned to my spot.
I thought about An getting along with the others while watching the selection.