Grassland Law Chapter 19

First night with An

I introduced An to everyone.

「Jumuka-sama、do you have a moment?」

That moment Lucci pulled my sleeve and we went to somewhere else to talk.


Lucci looked at me with strong emotions in her eyes.

「W、What is it」

The emotions in her eyes were too strong that I accidentally used formal speech.

「I don’t want to complain about Jumuka-sama’s selection but、that person、isn’t she like、22、23 years old already?」

「Yeah、she said she’s 20」

「Jumuka-sama needs to make more kids so wouldn’t it be better to choose 14, 15 years old?」

「That’s true but、this time it’s the Patriarch’s offer」

「It’s from Father?」

「It seems like、An already gave birth to 4 boys。 」

「That’s amazing」

「The other two also seem worried about it but、this time only Lucci gave birth to a boy right、so the Patriarch wants me to have more sons by giving me more slave wife。 」

「I see、I’ve talked too much、please forgive me。 」

「Nah、Lucci’s just thinking about my sake right?」


I gently patted Lucci’s head.
Lucci’s face turned red as she cast her eyes downward.

「More than just that, it’s not that day yet?」

「Me and Loche is not、but Yesu is already starting。 Maybe we’re 2、3 days later」

After delivery, to make children again I can’t embrace these three until their first menstruation ends.
It’s bad for the three but I’m excited to embrace a woman after a long time.

We did the ceremony for An to enter the house as a slave wife.
Lucci gathered the others. She’s really a good girl
Night time, the three already went to sleep.

「Master、umm is it fine fore the other three?」

「Yeah、their menstruation after giving birth hasn’t ended yet」

「I see」

「Yeah、then let’s begin」


As I stared at An she resolved herself and grasped her clothes with her hands.
She put her hands on her clothes and stared this way motionlessly.
As I looked at her An timidly asked.

「Umm、Master、err、you won’t embrace me?」

An grasped the fabric of the clothes tightly asking me.

「Ah、un、that、I’m just thinking if it’s fine」

An tilted her head in silence.

「What does that mean?」

「How should I say、perhaps I was the one who killed An’s husband、perhaps you’re just cursing me、so to be embraced by someone you’re cursing in your heart is a no go for you」

An looked at me with the face that said ‘what are you talking about’.

「Umm、Master、you’re worried about that kind of thing?」

「That kind of thing…」

「My previous Master fought and died an honored warrior。 Master is also supposed to be proud too right?」

「Yeah、of course」

「If he was killed because of a coward cheap sneak attack then I’ll resent but、he died an honorable death。 I don’t have room for resentment of that」

Again, yet again I forgot about the difference in the way women think in this world.

「My new Master is the famous Jumuka-sama。 I should be more than happy because of this you know」

So that’s how it is…I don’t get it。
But if she’s not cursing me then (TN: Welp. Let’s fuck)

「Got it。 Come」

I clapped *ponpon* on my thighs.
An sat on my lap with a sweet smile.

「Begging to be embraced is unbefitting of a slave wife, please forgive me。 I’ll receive any kind of punishment。 」

An apologize and took the fault.

「An、then let’s have you tell me about your childhood as the punishment」

Seems like a kind of bullying question.
As I was a bit worried about An, I removed the strap on her breast part and exposed her bosom, I looked at them from behind.
It’s the same with my impression of white peaches in the morning and her charming nipples are standing looking upward.
I lifted them from below and enjoyed all of it with my palms.
Not trying to make a comparison but this is not the same with the immature fruits of Yesu and Loche. It’s also not the same with Lucci’s all-for-softness. It’s more like the feeling of ripened fruits.
An’s skin clung to my body.

「N、Nn、my、childhood? What if it’s really dull to! listen to?」

「What、it’s just on my mind」

I answered without stopping rubbing An’s breasts.

「I、I、gave birth to the children of a Moderate Warrior of Tee tribe、when I was 15 Tee tribe lost a territory war and I returned to my previous Master as a slave wife。 」

As An spoke about that previous Master with sorrow in her voice I’m a little jealous, I pinched An’s nipples with great force

「Hyan!Nn、from there I was embraced a lot by my previous Mast、hyan! and gave birth to 4 kids。 」

「That so、you did it a lot with that previous Master?」

「Yes、that previous Master ish、a 44 years old common warrior but、his slave wife died of a disease so I was brought in。 He also has another slave wife but since she’s over 40 years old、nmu he only embraced me every night。 」 (TN: An’s words are sloppy here and there due to her current perverted master pinching her nipples out of jealousy)

「I see、is this better than your previous Master?」

「…no、Master is、nnnnnn」 (TN: OK if Jumuka doesn’t break her right here imma drop this series)

There is a gap. That answer is already enough.
I grasped her tits vigorously due to the flattery. My opponent is someone who has been embracing women for more than 20 years, goddamn

I let go of An’s breasts.
An stood up and walked a few steps forward, she faced this way and took off her clothes in one go.
Her ass and tits are beautiful, that’s no doubt. An’s whole body is beautiful.
She’s not too thin or too fat. The the perfect balance of her naked body is there.
Perhaps even the previous Master who already withered would have it stand up again looking at An’s body right?
As I was thinking about that An’s body’s odor reached me.
An lied down spreading her legs in M-shape and put her hands above her head.

「By all means Master、please enjoy yourself。 」

With those words I vigorously threw away my tunic.
Seeing my body being wrapped in muscles An’s face turned red.
Taking off my trousers, my thing, in perfect battle mode, exposed itself.

「H、Huuge。 」 (TN: GO. BREAK HER)

An turned even more red seeing my thing.

「Your previous Master ain’t this big huh?」

「Yes、I think he wasn’t too small、but to the extent of Master…」

「I see」

I made a triumphant pose in my inner thoughts. There is still remainders of the previous Master in An. That’s just natural, but as expected I’m pissed. (TN: YUUUSSS. Let the comeback begin)
That previous Master is above me in technique and experience huh. Then when it comes to me I way surpassed him in size and youth vigor. (TN: KONO JUMUKA DAAA)

As I went into the middle of An’s legs I looked at her.
An’s body trembled while her breasts moved up and down gasping for breaths.
Looking below, her vagina’s already soaked wet all ready to go.
An’s wetness is amazing. She’s probably the type that gets wet easy.
As I seized her hips I placed my thing on An’s vagina.
Then I advanced my hips.
An’s vavgina smoothly wrapped around me and guided my thing in.

「Ah、ah、it’s huge。 」

As my thing moved inside her, An raised an erotic voice.
An’s wetness wrapped my thing.
Without any reservation I poked straight into An’s deepest part in one go.


With that one stab An raised her voice.
An’s insides is soft and really wet.
Her breasts were ripened so her vagina is also ripened.
Each of my stabs made love juice ooze out from An.

「An、aaan、aaa、so rough。 」 (TN: BREAK HER IN HALF)

Because of my youthful in and out trip, An fell into disorder.
I savored An’s vagina to the fullest.
I poured my sperm into An’s deepest depth.

「Master、thank you for filling me with you seeds。 」

I am absolutely making An forget her previous Master so I immediately resumed my hips and began banging again.

「S、So rough。 Master、Masteeeeeeeeeeer」