Grassland Law Chapter 20


There’s no court in the grassland. But trials do exist.
The Patriarch and Great Warriors are the one judging the culprit
The punishment is
Imprisonment in the criminal house
Fighter drop(Warrior → Fighter)
Slave drop(Warrior & Fighter → Slave)
Slave drop(Wives, Slave wives, and kids are also involved)
Death penalty
Death(Wives and Slave wives are also involved)
Death(Wives and Slave wives are also involved、kids are dropped to slaves)
Death(Wives, Slave wives and Kids are also involved)
That’s how it’s simply put in a sense.
This time around the kids aren’t independent yet is the case.
So even if Father is involved in Death penalty it won’t drag me in.

In the grassland all warriors fight. But Fighters are different.
Among the Fighters there are some that is fine without fighting.
Those are the people working in production.
People with Plant, Metal, Earth magic and the likes don’t go to battles. Since they don’t go to battles, naturally they’re going to be manufacturing arrows, processing wood into timber, and spinning wool into threads.
These people are called Craftsman Fighters.
At my house, there’s Uruji who became one of those.
He’s not even a Moderate Fighter, but a skillful Craftsman Fighter is a Fighter that has the authority on par with something in between Warriors and Moderate Warriors.
As the spring’s Great Movement ended I quickly went to a skilled earth magic Craftsman Fighter to negotiate, his daughter (13 years old) will be married to Uruji.
Because Uruji’s Plant magic skills held great expectations within the tribe, the talk went surprisingly smoothly.
Well, I’m also a Great Warrior. Jumel looked at Uruji with half joy and half bitter because he got married before him.
Honestly speaking, Jumel has a lot of marriage proposals.
Jumel succeeded in Wolf Hunt and got to Moderate Warrior, he’s a very promising warrior.
If one’s son-in-law is a Moderate Warrior then his words would carry more weight among the Fighters.
With that mentality, marriage proposals came to me everyday.
I’m not interested in the disputes among the Fighters but honestly I don’t want to get involved in any of that.
And then there are also marriage proposals for the children of Warrirors’ slave wives.
But those are the Warriors that wanted to make a connection with me. It’s not that it’s bad, but all of those serve the purpose of setting up with Jumel’s wife and my Slave wives.
But right now I have no intention to increase the number of slave wives so I had to refuse.
In other words, Jumel’s marriage still have ways to go

As the battles ended the Great Movement also came to an end.
Then at the yearly custom farce, a Great Warrior like me can’t ditch.
The Patriarch and the Great Warriors including me gathered, we made a fence that don’t seem to be made from wooden poles.
Then we put sheeps inside.
A boy who became an adult and had his first battle from last summer to this spring came along.
That boy took a sheep out of the fences and turned his back.
A man saw the boy doing that caught him and brought him to us.

「This kid stole my sheep。 Please punish him。 」

The man who caught the boy spoke to the Patriarch.
The Patriarch looked at me and the Great Warriors.

「Now what do you think would make a suitable punishment?」

The Patriarch asked.

「Stealing sheeps is a serious crime、I think Slave drop would be appropriate。 」

Without any serious emotions I said so in a monotone.
This is a standard line for the youngest Great Warrior to say
The other Great Warriors looked at me with scornful eyes but isn’t good enough that I’m not acting
From there another man came.

「Please wait a moment。 This person stole the sheep out of temptation of the mind but he’ll quickly reflect and return it。 I beg for reduction of the punishment。 」

As the man pleaded, chief Muruaka-sama opened his mouth.

「Slave drop is indeed too strict。 Then how about Fighter drop?」

Me and the other Great Warriors nodded at Muruaka-sama’s idea.

「Nmu、we reached a conclusion、then I’ll announce the punishment。 You over there、you stole a sheep so your Warrior rank is deprived、you’re now a Fighter。 」

The two men and the boy bowed their heads and left.
The boy bowed many times.
There are also Warriors with their character unsuited for battles.
But, Warriors must absolutely fight.
If that’s the case then one should choose Craftsman Fighter when they become a Fighter.
This was a ceremony performed by the boy that I thought it was impossible for him to live as a Warrior on the battle field
They’re fine without fighting, but they’ll become the existence that contributes to the tribe’s production.

I wanna go home and grumble to myself when nobody’s around. Honestly I’m ashamed.