Grassland Law Chapter 21

The uncoming summer – The warm winter

A few days after An became a slave wife, Yesu’s menstruation ended, and at the same time, Lucci and Loche’s menstruation started.
During that time I embraced An everyday but, finally being able to do Yesu put me in high spirits.
This is this, and that is that.

That same day I gave Yesu a lot of love. (TN: So this can also mean ’embrace’ but it’s in a more favorable towards a specific girl than sex in general)
I can only do it roughly with one person in one night, that’s why An had to just put up with it since I already embraced her daily recently.
I clapped on my thighs and called Yesu.
Yesu happily sat on my lap.

「An、please start preparations。 」

At my instructions, An took off her clothes.
I wanted to look at An undressing, but at the same time also wanted to embrace Yesu.
I removed her strap and her breasts were exposed.
Yesu’s breasts hold milk after giving birth so they became even bigger.
Though I saw them when she was breast feeding already, but this is a different kind of excitement.
Even after she gave birth, her breasts still felt full of youth as I lifted them.


The moment I lifted them, Yesu raised a voice.
Enjoying the squishy sensation, I felt up Yesu’s nipples.


Along with her trembling nipples, Yesu raised her voice.
Hearing Yesu’s voice when she’s feeling it after along time, I couldn’t stop my hands anymore.

「Master、if you do me that much it’ll come out。

Yesu called out with a trembling voice.

「Don’t worry, just let it out without reserve」

At the same time, I was thinking about her voice.

「Ah、it’s coming out。 Ah、Aa、Aaa!」

Some liquids touched my palms.
I quickly noticed that it was breast milk.

「Aa、I dirtied Master’s hands。 」

「Don’t mind it」

I licked my right hand, tasting Yesu’s breast milk. The taste is a little strange, it was so delicious when I was still a baby and all… (TN: Mind you, he reincarnated with his soul intact)
I kneaded Yesu’s breasts as if squeezing the milk out.
Yesu’s breasts wrung out milk right after.

「I came out。 Please forgive me Masteer」

That moment Yesu writhed cutely.
I released myself from enjoying Yesu’s breasts.
An stared fixedly at this direction.
Yesu separated from me and took off her clothes.

「Yesu-san is really huge。 Ah but… there’s no」

「An-san please don’t look。 Because I’m bothered by that」

Yesu hid her crotch with her hands.

「You two、let’s begin」

I wanted to see them flirting, but more than that I wanted to embrace Yesu quickly.



The two replied and got into Dog-position.
First is Yesu, sorry An but today’s main actress is Yesu.
I moved my body into the space between Yesu’s opened legs.
I gazed at Yesu’s body, stroking her cheek.

「By all means、please enjoy yourself。 」

Yesu’s vagina is already wet enough.
I put my thing on Yesu’s vagina and inserted in one go.
Yesu’s vagina accepted my thing without resistance, guiding me inside.
Even after giving birth Yesu’s insides still grasped me tightly without change, feeling the dearly nostalgia of her vagina, my body shivered.

「Master entered me。 I’m happy。 You don’t know how much I was longing for this day since my menstruation sta~aan」

Responding to Yesu’s happy voice I moved my hips.
Yesu’s insides grasped my thing tightly, not letting it go.
With this I couldn’t endure.
I immediately poked at the spots where Yesu feels good.

「An、an、Mwashteer、harder、I wuant it harder。 」

Yesu begged while raising her voice.
Normally it isn’t good for slave wives to beg the husband.
But, this falls under the category of bargain between a man and a woman.
I answered Yesu’s beg for doing it vigorous.
I moved my hands from her hips to her breasts and rubbed them so strongly to the extent of crushing them.
Yesu loves to cum from her vagina while having her breasts crushed like this.
I moved my hips while squeezing Yesu’s breasts and ejaculated inside her.

「Master、thank you for giving me your seed。 」

Yesu thanks me with an entranced expression.
But, I ignored that and kept moving.

「An、Master、you’re continuing、aan an、please enjoy as much as you like。 」

After that, I pulled my thing out after cumming 3 more times inside Yesu.
Right after cumming, Yesu’s breaths became restless.
I separated from Yesu and got my body in between An’s legs.

「I thought I wouldn’t receive affection since you did her that vigorously。 」

「Don’t worry、let’s go」

「Yes、please enjoy yourself。 」

I inserted into An’s vagina and after that came once inside her. She wasn’t wet enough so it didn’t feel as good as usual. (Of course the pleasures were there。 )


I embraced the two of them every night until Lucci’s menstruation ended.
I embraced them equally with fairness.
I also noticed that if I prioritized An her vagina got really wet, and her insides also felt better.
She’s not really wet if I don’t prioritize giving her lots of affection.
This is probably because she’s been embraced one-on-one up until now that she’s not used to self-preparations.
Lucci’s menstruation ended. Loche is still not ready yet.
Lucci, as the wife, didn’t dislike joining the slave wives for the sake of expanding the household. Heck, she’d get angry if we don’t it this way.
But I earnestly asked Lucci to embrace just her the day her menstruation ended.
Lucci accepted with a ‘it can’t be helped’ face.

「If it’s possible please don’t just embrace me, but everyone。 」

As expected Lucci was angry the next day because I came 6 times inside her. (TN: Hahahaha idk y but I’m laughing so hard at this)

From that next day on, I did Lucci, An, and Yesu at night.
The other two watched while I gave Lucci’s affection, Yesu used both her hands to play with her breast and vagina and became wet enough.
But I saw that An’s movements regarding that were awkward and she didn’t really get wet enough.

「Yesu、An’s not doing really well so assist her。 」


Yesu approached An and talked to her.
After she was done talking, Yesu put her hands on An’s nipple and vagina and began to move.
An diligently listened and mimicked Yesu’s hand movements.
As I was watching her arms moving, Lucci grasped my arm.

「Jumuka-sama、please concentrate on embracing me。 Please。 」

Lucci looked over her shoulders and requested so. (TN: She’s in doggy/horse since she’s the wife)
Her eyes were a little wet with tears. (TN: The raw said ‘face’ but that doesn’t make sense)

「Sorry、let’s go」

I reflected a little, I began to insert into Lucci as she was in horse-position.
That day An’s vagina was wet properly.

As Loche’s menstruation ended, the life of focusing on Lucci and embracing 2 people out of An, Loche, and Yesu while the other person left would watch over the children began.
Only two days after Loche’s menstruation ended, I had Lucci and Yesu taking their rest.
Lucci asked if is there something, but when I said out of all the girls, I haven’t prioritized Loche alone, Lucci couldn’t help but consented.
As I thought, Loche also preferred to be done violently with me putting in a lot of strength.
Loche’s disordered state is really pleasant to see.


I embraced the four of them everyday so this year, too

「「「We’re pregnant。 」」」 (TN: Actual text is “the seed has budded”)

「I also have a baby dwelling inside me。 」

The bullets hit 2 consecutive years.

I straddled on Keima, placed Matsunaka on my right hand’s gauntlet, my pet dog is at the feet of the horse.
I went out to hunt but couldn’t find much.
The Roux flowers will soon bloom and it would be the warm season
But, it’s not showing any signs of getting warmer at all.
I returned early from hunting and asked from the elders inside the village.
I listened to the 58 year old leader of the active Moderate Warriors.

「This is a story I heard from my grandpa when I was small but、there are years where the Roux flowers don’t bloom at all。 It will be easy because it’s a warm winter during those years、but the next spring、seemed like the grasses won’t grow。 During that spring there will be a bloody territory war, it seems」

Everyone in the tribe listened to that tale with great interests.
It’s also the same for other tribes.
As the story quickly spread, the Patriarch of each tribe gathered in a meeting.
The setting of that meeting was, in case the winter season becomes warm, they decided to plunder the southwest country, Chau Empire.
And then, winter actually became warm.