Grassland Law Chapter 22

Infiltrating the Empire

The warm winter, the limit of surveillance is man man man, horse horse horse (TN: 暖かい冬、見渡す限りの人人人、馬馬馬)
I felt the wind while surveying.
Isn’t this 11000 Warriors Fighters and Slaves in total, I wonder
The Patriarchs discussed and decided that Au tribe’s patriarch will be the Supreme Commander.
The Vice Commander is the patriarch from Agu tribe, the Great Chief is the patriarch from Shiu tribe, we marched as one united tribe.
Slaves, Fighters, Warriors, we lined up the wagons and marched away.
By the way, the wagons are for carrying food, and then it’ll be used to bring our spoils of war back to the tribes.
After 12 days marching, we came to the vicinity of the Chau Empire.
There were watch towers and signal towers but we were going to demolish them all anyway.
As I was thinking why aren’t they putting up any resistance, Chau Empire’s army lined up before us.
I can feel the wind. Chau Empire’s army consisted of around 24000 soldiers
At Au tribe’s patriarch’s command, Ronga tribe stood at our designated location.
I listen to the talk about fighting with the army from the south.
Seems like they’re putting up a side show before the battle.
I didn’t hear what kind of side show was that, but what could that be?


As I was thinking about that, there were a warrior and a man who seemed to be his servant, the two of them walked out from the middle of the army before us.


The Warrior man yelled something in a loud voice.
As that man finished yelling, the man next to him deployed magic.

「Aa、testing、testing、magic testing、this is Amplification wind magic。 I’m translating what this man just said、Savage tribes of the Grassland、what are you doing coming here。 I am a warrior from Chau Empire named Bunan。 If there’s a guy with a skillful arm among you then come here face-to-face。 Come wipe the rust of my sword。 If you don’t want to die then go home right now! is what he said。 」

Ah so the guy next to him was an interpreter, I get it now, this is basically a challenge to a personal battle of honor !  Everyone here is skilled in armed combat.
Ah !  They’re beginning Wolf, Bow and Patriarch. (TN: it’s basically rock paper scissors, grassland style)
After many times of wolf bow patriarch, a youth stood before the man named Bunan.
Huh? Isn’t that Mukai
Didn’t he just become an adult this spring?


「State your name, son、is what he said。 」


「ムカイhakn」 (TN: I’ll leave it like that since he’s translating back to the other guy)


「I’m not going easy even if you’re just a kid。 Let’s go! he said。 」

As Bunan took out his long sword, Mukai also drew his sword.
Both of them passed by each other on the horses.
The moment right after they passed each other, blood spurted out.
Bunan’s hand that he used to hold the long sword, together with his head, floated mid air.

「I, Mukai, have killed the enemy warriorrrrrrrrrrrrr」

Mukai cried out, picking up the head and raised it up high.
Us grassland people got excited, the morale was raised.
The guy over at the Chau Empire became gloomy.
As Mukai went back with the head, another warrior from the Chau Empire came out.
This side also decided the next man to come out, both yelled their names and rushed towards each other on their horses.
For single combat, we won 6 times, lost once and drew once (it didn’t finish even after 200 times so it was dragged on )then the single combats ended there。


As the two men in the middle left, two new men came out.
One of them was carrying bows and arrows, his figure resembled us. Another one carried a huge target on his shoulder. (TN: Target for bows and arrows)
He placed down 2 targets in the middle of the army.
The man with the bow stood around 40 steps away from the target and shot an arrow through the army.
The morale over at the side of Chau Empire raised greatly.


「Next is bow battle、I was able to hit the center from 20 Leans away。 Is there anyone who can match me? he said。 」 (TN: Lean is a unit of distance I guess)

This time I came to the front. (TN: Tigre ga iruuu ! ! ! )
Other warriors gathered 100 steps away.

「What do we do? We can do wolf bow patriarch here right?」

「Well that’s appropriate」

Wolf bow patriarch huh…nope, I’m stealing this match (TN: Somebody make him less boss)
I prepared my bow and arrow.
The guys around were surprised and said something.
But I ignored them and fired my arrow.
The arrow hit right in the center of the target.
Both the guys that were saying something to me and the bow user from Chau Empire were dumbfounded.
No, the whole battlefield became quiet.
However, in an instant cheers rang out from our side.
The distance to the bow user was 140 steps, the wind was gentle
I fired my arrow and this time the bow stuck on the forehead of that bow user. (TN: Hahaha this guy, mercy plesss lmao)
The bow user collapsed just that.
The guy that carried the targets came running and brought the bow user back to Chau Empire’s camp.
The interpreter guy also ran back to the camp, the gathered warriors also returned to their respective tribes.


The side show was over.
Both side advanced, we collided head-on.
Honestly speaking. So weak.
The warriors from this spring territory war were many times stronger.
I rushed over a guy with good armor on my horse as is and killed him in one stroke.
He used a splendid sword, but he was really so weak.
I looked around and the opponents were running.
Our comrades also didn’t chase the people who ran, we were glad the battle ended.
I got off the horse and picked up a sword. I’m taking this wonderful sword.
Chau Empire surrendered the battle so we collected the spoils of war.
The dropped swords belonged to the guys who defeated those soldiers, but we collected all of it temporarily and will divide them during the Patriarch meeting.
The sharing ratio depends on the efforts put into, the warrior who killed the Supreme Commander from Au tribe, Mukai from Shio tribe who won the personal combat in one shot, and me from Ronga tribe who won the bow competition
We got huge shares.
As the wagons brought the food back to our tribes, we infiltrated Chau Empire.


Chau Empire is a rural country (TN: POV change here)

「Oiii、brother Shaomin」

A man so big as if he could touch the sky ran up to a guy with a good stature.

「What is it Gyukou?」

「They say that the tribes from the north smashed through our units at the northern border」

「That is serious、however、they won’t cross the great river。 This place is safe right。 」

Saying so, the man named Shaomin plowed the soils under the mulberry tree.
Gyukou scratched his cheek saying ‘yare yare’.

Three days later

A few officials from the central government came to Shaomin.

「What business you might have?」

The officials glared at Shaomin, who openly showed displeasures.

「The savage tribes infiltrated the northern part of the Empire。 We hope you would return to the central and lead the army to drive away the enemies。 」 (TN: Why am I seeing Nakiri Azami in my head?)

「You are supposed to know that I was driven away from the central、it’s too late now」

「We beg you、we kindly beg of you。 」

The official put his head on the ground, begging.
Shaomin felt a pain throbbed in the middle of his back.

「Understood。 Gyukou」

「Yee brother、I gotcha back on both horse and armor」

Gyukou pulled over the horse with a huge box on its back.
Shaomin grinned broadly.