Grassland Law Chapter 23

Infiltrating the Empire 2

As we entered Chau Empire, each of us began to move independently.
After each tribe attacked the northern towns and villages of Chau Empire and stole food, we keep a little bit of those food and sent the rest back north. We kill men and violate women.
Normally when we infiltrate to plunder, we bring women and children back as slaves, but this time we need food for spring season, that’s why we won’t increase the food cost by abducting people.
And then when Chau Empire’s army drew near, we re-united once again, and battled for victory.
We repeated that cycle everyday.


Right now, I’m at a village that we just plundered.
The men are all killed, the women are pushed into various places to be raped.
I’m not participating in rape by the way.
Somehow, women of this Empire tied their legs with strings since birth so their legs don’t grow, seems like it’s cultural.
The previous era of China also seemed to have this kind of thing, but is that it? I think I took world history class but…
It was 30 years ago so I already forgot.
Well with that culture, the women’s thin legs are all fake.
Honestly speaking, it’s gross. I ain’t wanna embrace them.
Truth be told, I don’t understand the mentality of ‘if it’s a woman then whoever is fine’.
I answered like that and laughed scornfully when other guys asked me why wasn’t I doing the women.
They seem to be saying ‘it’s indeed different for the guy with good women like Lucci and An to embrace’.
Well the thing about me foolishly compromised because I had those 4 to embrace is true.
By the way, let me say this on the behalf of Yesu and Loche, according to the standards of the grasslands, those two are also really good women, but in those guys’ standards, their arms and legs’ flesh are indeed not sufficient, it seems. Even though their waists are the best…
I already got used to being horny and worried. Last year I put up with it and didn’t run to any sex slave when those three were pregnant, so it’s easy


I’m fine even there’s the scream of a girl being raped near by. Enduring it is easy

Several days later, the report of Chau Empire’s army approaching came in and we gathered at the meeting place.



Inside a certain camp

「Brother Shaomin?」

「What is it?」

As the war council came to an end, the generals left, there are only Shaomin and Gyukou left sitting, facing each other.

「Our 6000 soldiers and 100,000 borrowed from his majesty, can we really win against those 100,000 of the savage tribes?」

「What’s wrong Gyukou、that’s unlike you。 You’re scared of the savage tribes?」

「That’s not true。 Because this time I’ll also serve as the front line」

「Hahaha、that’s good。 You don’t need to worry much and just fight as my instruction, that’ll do。 」

「I’m not worried about that though…I’m wondering if we should use 100 thousand troops borrowed from his majesty…」

「We will use them、making sure to be able to use them is my job」

「As one would expect from you、Brother」

「However、if we fight in a normal way…」

「What’s wrong, brother?」

「Do you know their purpose of infiltration this time?」

「I don’t」

Shaomin drooped his shoulders.

「They’re probably worried about food not being sufficient for next spring。 」


「I looked through the documents about savage tribes in the past when I was still working at the imperial capital、I think they already got their goal in quantity。 」

「Hou hou」

「That’s why if the situation turns for the worse even just a bit they’ll go home right?。 」

「I see」

「However、it won’t end with just that。 We’ll exterminate those savage tribes。 」 (TN: Try exterminating Jumuka when you’re 200 steps away, son. I believe his arrow would stick in your forehead by then…)

Cold sweat broke out from Gyukou’s back as he saw Shaomin smiling face.

「I’ll make them regret infiltrating the Empire in the other world。 」 (TN: He means hell)

Shoamin rang a bell and a subordinate entered.

「Please gathered the people who can use Earth magic at the upper stream of the Great river。 」


Gyukou once again felt freezing chills down his spine upon seeing Shaomin’s smile.