Grassland Law Chapter 25

Infiltrating the Empire ~End~

「The Tribes’ advancing route was predicted to be like this。 」

Shaomin lectured while pointing at the map with his stick.
Everyone nodded in consent.

「Invoke magic at the first signal of the whistling arrow。 At the second signal, move as we strategized。 」


All the present commanders there nodded altogether.


At Shaomin’s words, the commanders returned to their posts.


Shaomin and Gyukou surveyed the camp.
There, dry moat, earthen walls, and fences were built two days ago.

「They built these in two days huh、amazing indeed」

「I don’t know too much about how the Earth magic users used their magic。 」

Earth magic is quite necessary but it’s not a magic that is regarded that highly.
There’s an important rule about soil preparations for main roads maintenance, that is, with the ability to process earth mixed with excreta, things such as the army work as civil engineers and the town water treatment play a very active part, but when it comes to water treatment, a suitable person, doesn’t need to be on the level of a magician, can compensate for the work of several hundreds, if it’s solely for the sake of efficiency in civil engineering works, then it’s fine even if it’s done by hands. (TN: NOPE. Not even gonna try hard to edit that glob into fancy texts)
Earth magic users aren’t very highly favored.
That’s why Shaomin included 1000 Earth magic users under his command.
Magic users were said to make a living with just that, but in reality, it only applies for magic users other than Earth.
That’s why it’s easy to gather them.
Shaomin didn’t use this unit of 1000 Earth magic users to build a fortress on the field. He several times confined a great army with insufficient military force on his side
And several times when the opposite happen, he annihilated the enemies
His name is known as the Empire’s Defensive Warfare.

「Now then、the enemies came into view、prepare for battle」

「Prepare for battle」

With amplification magic, Gyukou’s voice resounded the camp.


As the Tribes approached, Shaomin’s army of 5000 spread around the camp to perform an ambush.
As the Tribe army saw Shaomin’s camp, countless tribes advanced forward and attacked.
Shaomin looked at the scene from a high ground.

「Their number is around 20,000 isn’t it、what a great scene to behold」

Shaomin’s army did not flinch even before the Tribes’ arrow attacks or charging attacks.
Reversely, they aimed at the horse-riders that stopped their legs at the fences or the moat.
Avoiding the fences, moat, and earthen walls, the Warriors and Fighters gathered in one place. Arrows and Fire magic were aimed at that choke point.
Those Fighters and Warriors that jumped over the fences, in their defenseless state, were aimed at by the people lying in ambush.
As time goes, the damage done to the tribes multiplied.

「Au tribe、this is different than anything up until now。 The opponent only have 4000、but we can’t break through that defense、the whole army has to plunge in for this」

Agu patriarch suggested to Au patriarch. (TN: Somebody slap this Agu guy, he’s been a bitch this whole time)
Certainly, in this situation, if they can’t handle the opponent’s severe damage directing at them, all their comrades will fall.
Au patriarch shut his eyes and nodded.

「Advance、squash the enemy」

At Au patriarch’s voice, loud voices of the standby tribes resounded as they all advanced.

Shaomin looked at the whole Tribes army advancing from a high place.
No matter how good his army is, 5000 against almost 100,000 is impossible.

「Gyukou、first arrow signal」


Gyukou shot a whistling arrow upwards.
A hyururururu sound resounded throughout the battle field.
At that moment, a huge hole opened up in the middle of the Tribes army’s frontline.
The Earth magic users dug that hole, they covered up the opening with magic for people and horses to pass by.
At the first whistling arrow signal, they cancelled the covering magic.
It was but a simple pitfall trap. However, its effectiveness was tremendous.
With their body weight, both people and horses sank, then from behind, the next group of people and horses fell into the hole.
Even if they saw the pit and stopped, the people behind them would push them into it one after another.
Even if they barely dodged the pitfall, spears and arrows would kill them.
A single pitfall made the whole army of the Tribes fall into disorder.

「Second arrow signal」


As Gyukou fired the second whistling arrow, the Tribes army were encircled by the pitfall.
From there, Chau Empire’s soldiers popped out.
Utilizing the Earth magic users, soldiers hid themselves inside the ditches, then they used Wind magic to change the atmosphere of the battle and let the soldiers patiently waited.
Being suddenly ambushed, the Tribes army fell into even greater disorder.
An ambush that numbered the same to their own army abruptly appeared.
The ambush that just appeared wasn’t Shaomin’s personal troops, that’s why they’re weaker than the Tribes’ Fighters and warriors in normal combat, however, the Tribe men didn’t know about that fact.
That’s why they had an illusion of those that just popped out have the same number and same strength to themselves.
They already reached the peak of disorder. (TN: And according to Naoe Yamto, amidst the hard times, a Hiiro will appear……btw, I didn’t enjoy Miyako route)
The Tribes were defeated one by one.
Shiu and Agu patriarchs are already defeated by the enemy, the Tribes army collapsed.

「Retreat now、retreat!」

As Au patriarch shouted, the people around shouted and retreated.
The Tribes regained their vigor for the sake of surviving.
The direction of the road from which they had come was opened in the enemy’s half encirclement.
The whole Tribes army ran towards that direction.
The Fighters whose horses died also ran on their feet towards that direction.
The whole Tribes army only thought about saving their lives. However, that dream soon came to an end.

「Now then、please give out orders to pursuit。 」

At Shaomin’s words, flags flickered and drums echoed.
The tribal Warriors and Fighters who felt relieved because they escaped was pierced and cut from behind.
Not pursuing the enemies who ran. That’s Grassland Law, but that doesn’t apply for soldiers of the Empire.
When they realized that fact, it was already too late.

「Run、run while retreating」

Only a small number responded to Au patriarch’s words.
Before long, the Tribes have become preys for the hunt.
The moment the big group of mixed various tribes came close to the Great river, the scene before their eyes were unbelievable.
The water level increased and the stream was raging.
The people who participated in the Patriarch meeting understood that Jumuka’s words were correct.
The people staring at the Great river looked to the other side and saw Jumuka and his unit of youth looking at them.
They wanted to be saved, but they understood that nothing could be done anymore.

「Let’s go」

They didn’t know who was it but a whip was flicked into a horse and it jumped into the Great river.
They manipulated the horse to swim, but mid-way through its strength was used up.
They understood that the enemies were approaching from the back.
When it came to this, they divided into two.
People that jumped into the river to protect their lives with all they got, and a group that thought this is already the end then crossed swords with the enemies with the thought of at least bringing one person with them to death.


~Jumuka~ (TN: This is before the battle begins, when they’re crossing over to go fight)
I stared at my ally army crossing the Great river.
Honestly, I have a bad premonition and this doesn’t sit right with me.
But I must calm down.
2500 Warriors and Fighters are protecting the wagons.
The Warriors and Fighter around, who are younger than me, are sending intense gazes.
Let’s just send out orders to be careful about protecting the wagons for now

An angry roar was heard from a distance. Seems like the battle began. Everyone also became nervous, hearing the voice.
After a while, an arrow shooting up to the sky was seen.
I was born in a tribe so my eyes are good, I can also use Wind magic to listen to sounds from far away.
That’s a whistling arrow, moreover it belongs to the Empire.

Soon, the second arrow was shot.
Shortly after that there were noises of something approaching and I understood what that was.
The gogogogogogo sounds reverberated while drawing closer.
I quickly realized that it was the sounds of water.

「Everyone come to higher grounds、water is coming so hurry up」

At first they made face that said ‘what a you talking about’, but they soon moved to higher ground as they saw my confused face.
Then the Great river’s water level quickly increased.
I had a feeling that the number of respectful eyes towards me increased but I ignored it at the moment.
The water level stabilized, we once again approached the Great river.
The Great river was filled with raging streams again.
As I moved my line of sight towards the opposite shore, bellows and shrieks approached.
My allies, who became worn out, appeared and despaired at the raging stream of the Great river.
A Warrior jumped in and challenged the Great river, but he was washed away before reaching the middle point.
Seeing so, my allies divided into two.
People who cross the river, and people who stayed on the shore to fight
The people who crossed the river soon got washed away, and those who stayed behind to fight were defeated by the amount of violence.

A man stood before the Great river and took off his armor and tunic.
He suddenly killed a horse.
As the enemies equipped with swords approached, the man jumped into the Great river.
The enemy didn’t pursuit him and attacked another guy.
That man could use Water magic. He was able to loosen up the streams of water around him just a little.
However, it was but a temporary mean. If he lets his guards down, the raging stream will easily wash him away.

(Jumuka、I learned this swimming technique from you、this is the time to use it)

It’s a method that combines both legs, and at the same time matching both arms, making the body float on the surface of the water
There are few people who saw that technique. But, the speed of swimming surpass the army. (TN: The author put “gun” here, but the kanji means district, while there’s another kanji for “gun” which means army/military…so I guess I’ll just go with army)

Jumuka also saw that.

「That’s、Butterfly…that’s Obudai!」

Before we became adults, we followed our sisters to the bathing place and had swimming matches. It’s stupid to say that one can win against a Water magic user in swimming, but I won that match.
From that day on, Obudai’s sister looked at me with heated eyes and they looked at Obudai with disillusioned eyes.
That’s so nostalgic. After that I taught Obudai the Butterfly technique that I did, but he already mastered it huh…

Obudai arrived at the shore and brought his body out of the water.

「AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA」 (TN: This pair reminds me of Rou and Kichi)

It was a cry for his life.
That cry resounded the river shores.
However, perhaps that’s also bad luck for the Tribes.
Perhaps I should help the people who couldn’t cross the river and resolved to fight to their death? that’s the thought that sprouted from the cracks of my heart.
With that impulse, I took out my sword.

In the end it was only Obudai who crossed the Great river, others just got washed away or stayed to fight.
There are not only enemies on the opposite shore.
Perhaps the Patriarch, Muruaka-sama, my brothers and Father were all dead…
But, it’s not the time for me to mourn isn’t it. I decided to do it. (TN: JUST DO IT)

「Retreat、retreat to the Grassland! The enemies would chase even if we run。 Go home with full speed」

I must send these guys back to the Grassland



「Brother、the Tribal guys are running home」

「Yeah、give orders to the Earth magic users、『Build a bridge crossing the Great river』」

「We’re chaisng them? they’re all young boys no matter how you look」

「There’s no boys among invaders、that’s right、the northern part of the Great river was plundered so their food supply will be no good…right, gathered 1000 elites for me、it’s a match before those guys arrive at the Grassland」

「Will we make it in time? Brother」

「Because those guys led the wagons、if we catch up、or even if we don’t catch up we can just decrease their number」

A scary smile floated on Shaomin’s face again.