Grassland Law Chapter 27

Return and First work to be done

Finally, I finally came home.
It’s been 13 days since I came back to the Grassland
I finally came back to Ronga settlement.
I met with the girls and Craftsman Fighters right before the settlement.
They warmly greeted us even when we suffered utter defeat.
Ronga Warriors shed tears as they happily entered the settlement.
I immediately entered my house.

「Welcome back、Jumuka-sama」

Lucci was the first one to greet me.
I approached Lucci and hugged her with all my might.

「Ju、Jumuka-sama、it kinda hurts。 」


I released Lucci from my arms. I noticed Lucci’s change.

「You gave birth already?」

「Eh、everyone did。 Everyone has been wanting to meet you。 Over here」

As Lucci’s words, I went inside.
I hugged each An and Loche, I hugged Yesu later because she was holding two kids in her arms.

「Me and An gave birth to boys、Yesu and Loche each had a girl。 」

She introduced the boys, pointing towards An and Loche, then introduced the girls, pointing at Yesu.

「I see、everyone seems healthy」

「Yes、everyone cried a lot at night。 」 (TN: Aww…)

Lucci had a sweet smile but Yesu and Loche had gloomy faces.

「Yesu、Loche what’s wrong?」


「「I am sorry I gave birth to a girl again。 」」

Yesu and Loche bowed their heads.
They’re bothered about that huh…
I approached the two and patted their heads.
Then I brought my mouth close to their ears.

「You can keep giving birth until you’re 30。 There will be a boy until then won’t it。 I won’t let ya say no」

As I said so, the two hung their red faces in shame.
An and Lucci also laughed sweetly seeing that.

「You too, give birth a lot、we must increase the population of the grasslands」


「I understand。 」

The two returned some good answers.

That’s it for husband-and-wives time. Next would be family bubsiness

「The four of you、it’s fine so come in」

I spoke out to the entrance and Shirley, Sharon, Ichiyu, and Uruji entered.
By the way, I had Jumel take a day off today.

「「「Welcome back、Jumuka-nii-sama」」」

「Welcome back。 Jumuka-sama」

The three gave energetic answers, Uruji gave a polite answer.
Shirley and Sharon clung to me, acting all spoiled, so I patted their heads.

「Uruji、was there something happened when I was away?」

「Nothing in particular but、for my personal affairs, my wife got pregnant。 」

「That’s good。 Did you celebrate?」

「No、we got words of congratulations、but nothing special」

「Then I’m killing one big sheep to celebrate you。 Go take it」

「Is that okay? Thank you very much。 」

Uruji lowered his head and quickly left.
I patted the two’s heads while looking at three of them.

「You three should get married soon。 」 (TN: Yeah, take responsibility for your words and marry them you incest-pussy!!!)

Shirley and Sharon expressionlessly nodded, Ichiyu nodded with a face of despair.

「I haven’t decided your partner、but you’ll become Fighters’ wives。 Good?」 (TN: SORE GA NAI DAROU?! ATARIMAE JANAIKA?!)

The three quietly nodded.

「Do you have any Fighters in mind? If yes then tell me?」

「There is none、I think there won’t be a mistake in the person Jumuka-nii-sama chose so、we entrust that to you。 」

As Ichiyu said so, the other two also nodded.

「Got it。 I’ll tell you when I’ve decided。 」

The place became a bit gloomy.

「Now、Jumuka-sama、let’s eat。 I want to make a feast welcoming Jumuka-sama’s return」

Lucchi seemed to not be able to bear the atmosphere and switched to a cheerful topic.

「That’s right、OK、use 3 sheeps、enjoy with all your might!」


Lucci went to make preparations with a smile.


At night, all four of the girls’ menstruation have already ended.
I called Lucci, Yesu and Loche.
Now then, let’s hustle up to for when I didn’t do anything during the plunder! Hustle…hust
I called Lucci over to give her lots of love but the moment I hugged her, drowsiness attacked me.

I hugged Lucci and slept as is. (TN: This nigga……)
Next day, Loche was hugging me from behind, the four of us were sleeping in a lump.
Not sure, but it’s been a long time since I had such a good sleep.

「Jumuka-sama、you slept but absolutely didn’t let go of my breasts~」 (TN: PPFFFFFTTTTBAHAHAHA)

Lucci immediately said so when she woke up, somehow I felt down.



As we returned to the settlement, the first and foremost thing we must do is to determine a new Patriarch.
Surviving adult sons of the Patriarch consisted of 3 people
The 5th wife’s son(16) The 7th wife’s son(16) Temuji(15) are the three of them
We conducted a discussion between those three and me.
The discussion about Patriarch’s successor is public to everyone.
Only the 4 of us have the right to speak, the surrounding can only watch.
The oldest person, which is the 5th wife’s son, made his speech first.

「I think the new Patriarch should be Temuji。 」

The surrounding became noisy.
Normally one would promote himself to be the new Patriarch.

「My mother isn’t that high in social standing to begin with、and though she already passed away、Temuji’s mother was Au Patriarch’s blood relative、moreover、brother-in-law is the grassland only Great Warrior Jumuka-dono、I can’t be the Patriarch like that」

The 7th wife’s son also quickly made his speech.

「I also think it should be Temuji because of the same reason。 」

Because their reasons to refuse were extremely plausible, nobody criticized them.
No, the 5th wife and the 7th wife standing behind them had angry faces.
Temuji finally opened his mouth.

「Me myself、I think Juiku should be the next Patriarch。 」

The surrounding became even noisier.
Juiku, a guy who isn’t in this discussion, the previous Patriarch’s grandson
It’s my son

As the surrounding became quiet, Temuji spoke.

「Juiku is blood related so it should be fine」

「However、he’s a 1 year old child」

「Yeah、that’s why Jumuka-dono will act as the Patriarch until he becomes an adult」

So that’s how it is, in other words he wants me to lead Ronga huh, Temuji you bastard, I thought he was a quick-witted bastard but he has quite the good train of thoughts, certainly right now, theoretically that way of doing things also sounds quite good. However, this might come back and bite Ronga as it plants a a big distortion within us.

「I’m against it」

I gave my rejection.

「Why is it。 If it’s like this then everyone should agree too。 Right everyone?」

Everyone nodded to Temuji’s points of view.

「You seem to have forgotten the Grassland Law! Blood relation is heavier than anything。 Perhaps it’s good for now、but this would give rise to discords with other tribes」

Temuji flinched at my reasoning

「I’ll put in as much efforts as needed to put Ronga in order。 That’s why you become the Patriarch, Temuji」

Being overwhelmed by me, Temuji stayed flinched as is

「Understood。 I、I shall lead Ronga as the Patriarch。 」

Temuji declared with a disagreed face.
Then Ronga’s plaza was filled with rising excitement.
It was the moment of birth of a new Patriarch, a future monster. (TN: OOOOH!! FISHY!!)