Grassland Law Chapter 28

Group training

We were done with the problem about the Patriarch, now it would be about successors of the Warriors
For the time being, the youth who survived and returned would one by one become successors.
The problem is that there are successors that haven’t become an adult yet.
For those who are 13, 14 years old, they’ll be acknowledged as adults during emergencies.
The 12 year olds will also barely make it as an adult since it can’t be helped if we have to fight.
Of course, they can’t be put on the front line until they’re 15 years old.
This year’s Great Movement will be settled through discussion, we’re in a condition of not being able to do territory wars.
More than anything, that’s a great relief.
My younger brother also succeeded my father’s house. My brothers seemed to want me to succeed but I’m already independent, I’ve got my own asset.
Although Temuji consented, there are still many people who wanted me to act as the representative of the Patriarch, we can’t really let the tribe split up that way.
That’s why if I succeeded my father and absorb all the asset, it’d pose a problem of me suddenly become great.
I talked to them about that and my brothers consented. I’m glad I have smart younger brothers.

For someone who’s less than 12 year old to be a successor, it will be harsh.
If one became a successor, he has to fight and do all the community work.
That’s why they were given slave wives, they’ll act as guardians until the successors are 12 years old, and only then will they be acknowledged for the job.
The brides’ age range from 12 years old, but if a 12 year old girl was given to a 3 year old kid, she’ll be 24 the time he’s 15.
Slave wives exist for giving birth, so leaving them as is for 12 years is also a problem.
Thus slave wives with small difference in age are given as fiancées.
I’m in charge of giving out those slave wives so I’m really busy everyday.
The 12~14 year olds who were given slave wives must make children immediately.
Me, Temuji, and Obudai, the three of us ran around everyday, acting as agents in charge of this.
Obudai is the one that had his social standing rose from the incident at the Great river.
Even when I sleep or hustle at night, my head operated in a poor state so I took a breather from the successor problem.

When the three of us were frantically running errands to give out slave wives, the 15~17 year old people who got their successor problems out of the way asked us what were we doing, the needed us to help in looking after horses and training, that’s one thing, the other was to gather large quantity of leaves from the Sacred mountains to make leaf coffins.
It was Uchiran who widened his eyes at that.
I can make 3 round trips, riding a horse while everyone goes on 2 round trips.
The horse I used is a fine one, but even if you judge based on that, it’s still faster than normal, I’ll become Ronga’s number one, no, I am Ronga number 1 in horse riding skills right now.
My Keima is a fine horse, but I can’t help but feel not so confident about the speed because I’m a muscular daruma with heavy body weight.
I gathered enough leaves for coffins, so the ceremony of people following the dead was reopened.
My mother also let my father’s first wife stab her.
The following the dead ritual ended.
There was no bodies of the men, only the leaf coffins of the women.
The ones who died early in battle were sent back first. It’s regrettable that they weren’t burned with their husbands, but it couldn’t be helped.
A sense of loneliness struck me while I watch the fire blazing up.

These past few days I’ve been too busy that didn’t eat a lot, at night I was so tired I didn’t hustle with the girls, too.
However, today I have one thing to settle, just in case.
The 12~14 year old new adults who didn’t receive adult training from their pops will bring their slave wives or their pops’ slave wives to receive before adulthood training from me.
Midnight, at a specially-made spacious house, 20 new adults gathered.
Other than me, over at Temuji and Obudai’s place is having the same thing going on.
Before going there, I came to Loche’s place.

「Loche、come here。 」


Loche spoke up from a little distance away.

「I’m going to train the new adults。 Make preparations」 (TN: Okay, let me get things crystal clear. Jumuka ain’t sharing like his pops, alright? He brings Loche and other kids bring their own chicks, Jumuka shows them how to ride it dirty, y’know?)

「Certainly。 」

Loche understood something from the two letters of training. (TN: The raw word for Training has 2 Kanjis)
I already told Lucci that I’d be out tonight for that Training.

「I have finished preparing。 」

「Got it。 Let’s go。 」

「See you soon」

Lucci saw us off.


As I entered the house, everyone looked at me all at once.
There were some people who knew me before the training and they seemed happy.
Ah! That’s my brother…he brought with him…Ymir huh…
I sat at the number one chief seat, Loche sat next to me.

「Now for the pre-adulthood…No、everyone’s already adults、well doesn’t matter let’s begin the pre-adulthood training。 」

The boys energetically replied 「Yes」.

「First of all、the difference between wives and slave wives 」

Everyone probably knew already, but for the sake of affirmation, I talked about the difference between wives and slave wives.

「Next is manners when making love、right now either wife or slave wife is all good but the rule is that you only do it one time in one night、don’t forget about that、then come here Loche。 」 (TN: I have no idea why that rule is weird, but oh well…)

I said so, knocking on my legs.

「Oops、when you’re going to embrace, knock your legs like this to invite the girl」

Loche sat on my lap.
I unfastened Loche’s breast straps in that posture while everyone was looking. (TN: Asuka approves this)
*Poron* her breasts were exposed.
As I looked at Loche from behind, her face was bright red in embarrassment, probably because everyone was looking.
I lifted Loche’s breasts and began to gently rub them.

「Listen、make love to the breasts slowly like this、also、if the girl doesn’t want it then don’t do it too rough、now try it for yourself」

Everyone looked at the girls on their sides and knocked on their legs.
The slaves wives borrowed from their pops obediently got on their legs, but the slave wives that were just given to some of them sat on their legs with a bit of embarrassment.
After all, in a situation like this, experienced girls are better, but it can’t be helped.
There are people who easily removed the breast straps, but those that struggled were also there.
I teased Loche’s breasts while looking at that scene.

「My bad Loche、can’t really concentrate on you」

I apologized into Loche’s ear.
Loche flinched and shivered, her breathing turned a bit rough.

After unfastening the strap, everyone groped and teased their partners’ breasts.
There were some people who lost themselves and treated the girls’ breasts too roughly.
I let Loche stand up, walked towards that boy and knocked his head.

「Calm down a little」 (TN: You’re the last person I wanna hear that from, Mr.5seconds)

「I、I’m sorry。 」

When I looked at the girl, her face had tears of being scared.
Ah, this girl, it’s probably her first time
I went to other dudes who ran wild and knocked them on the head.
Then I returned to my seat and corrected my posture, Loche once again sat in my lap.

「Listen up、this is only allowed for wives、but in this situation you can use Horse position to make love。 」

I put my body weight forward.
Loche obediently fell forward and leaned on her hands.

「It’s like this、listen carefully, hold back that thought of “you’re a good woman so I can’t endure myself”。 Try that when you already got a wife。 Then let’s continue the love-making。 Loche」

Loche got off of Horse-position and faced me.

「Remember、after the caressing, wait for the wife and slave wife to take off their clothes」

The boys reluctantly let go of the breasts.
The girls slowly stood up and faced the boys.
As Loche became nude, other girls also took off their clothes.
As I saw Loche taking off her clothes, I enjoyed her lovely naked body while watching over the boys.
The girls faced the boys so I could only see the figure of their rears, however this is still quite a spectacular scene seeing their butts lined up.
One girl hesitated to take off their clothes.
The neighboring girl said something to her and she held her breath while taking it off.
Quite a good butt there.

「After the girls, it’s your turn to take off your own clothes」

As I took off my tunic, cheers resounded.
Behold, these biceps muscles, these pectoralis major muscles, these abs too !
The girls turned their heads and gazed at my body over their shoulders.
Next is the lower half. (TN: Wow, this nigga, you tryna large-scale Netori with your Aegir member, m8???)
From afar, the voice of the boys 「amazing」, and the girls 「splendid」 could be heard.

「Hurry up and take them off」

At my voice, the boys took off their clothes.
The boys were perplexed about this being embarrassing to get nude in front of everyone.
These guys are shameful, the girls got nude instantly and all.
Waiting for the boys to take off their clothes, I confirmed that everyone’s naked.

「First it’s the position for Wives、everyone’s a slave wife、but this is a special case。 Get into Horse position、those who don’t understand, ask the ones around you that understood」

Loche got into Horse-position.
Then I got behind Loche and opened her legs.

「Remember、put your thing into the girl’s vagina, this way your seeds will be sent into her、try it、experienced girls guide your partners、first time girls wait for other girls to finish、then have them teach you」

I took my aim at Loche’s vagina and inserted in one breath.
Loche’s insides are wetter than usual.
I couldn’t hold down my excitement after such a long time since I last felt this sensation.

「Ah! Aaa、Master、thank you for doing me in Horse-position。 Aah、you’re so rough。 」

I used my hips and made Loche raise her voice.
However, her voice seemed happy
I sped up my hips and nailed into her ass.

「Aa、aaa、it hurts、but、aah feels good」 (TN: Mind you, Loche has M fetish)

Loche’s wet insides wrapped my thing tightly as I released my seeds into her.

「Aaaah、au、au、hank you foar, gimme your sheeds。 」 (TN: Please…don’t judge…I tried my best…she spoke in broken Japs)

A bit too rough maybe ?  I wanna do it one more time but…
I let Loche rest and looked around.
Both guys and girls were looking at me dumbfounded. (TN: And he told them to be gentle, while he brought with him an M girl to bang hahahaha)

「Master、it’s fine even if you didn’t go that rough、it’s Jumuka-sama after all。 That’s right。 The way you use your hips feels good。 」

Skillfully, the slightly grown-up girls matched the boys’ hips movements and guided them, shaking their breasts.

「It hurts、it hurts、Master」

「Hora、that’s no good、please have some self control」


「That’s how slave wives are。 That’s right, take a breath」


「Right now。 Please penetrate in one go。 」

「Yes、I’m doing it。 」

Over there some slave wives were teaching a boy and his virgin slave wife well.

Once everyone’s done. Everyone was drenched with sweat as the atmosphere was filled with an accomplishing mood.

「Next is Slave wife’s position、the virgin girls today can just rest and watch、Loche get in Dog-position」


「Remember、Slave wife’s position carries out the obedient figure of a dog。 Legs opened and hands above head、alright、then I’ll insert」

Most of the girls that just lost their virginity earlier just tried lying down, but there was one that seemed to try making love in this position.
I also got in between Loche’s legs, seized her hips and inserted in one breath.

「Aaaa、it went in again。 Master、aah」

I used my hips to vigorously taste Loche’s insides.
The surrounding is probably dumbfounded because of my movements again. But really, it feels so damn good having sex after such a long time.
In reply to my movements, Loche’s insides became even wetter and her walls wrapped me up tightly.
I recklessly poked and poked and poked Loche’s deepest parts.

「Master、Master、aah、I’m happy。 Mawshteer」

At the same time with Loche raising her voice really loud, I ejaculated inside her.
I think I went to violently, looked as if I blew Loche’s consciousness away.
I took my thing out from Loche and looked around.

「That’s right。 Master、that’s very skillful。 Please go deeper。 Keep focusing on poking it deep。 」

「Master、please don’t mimic Jumuka-sama、ahn、it’ll hurt your hips。 Just go slow at first、ahn、please proceed。 」

Everyone became quite skillful huh, now then, we’ll expect this day next year
Loche wiped my body and I put on my clothes.
I turned around after putting the pelts on people who went to sleep because of fatigue.
Most of the guys slept in the girls’ bosom after tiring out from the training.
Today there are only 2 pairs that went home properly, confirming that 4 people went home and the rest slept, I put out the candles and returned to my house.
As I returned to my house, Lucci, Yesu and An were all awake.
Today all 5 of us slept together.
As I thought about embracing the 4 of them until they’re pregnant, drowsiness truck me.


Next day
A messenger from another tribe asked for me.
It was about asking for my help as the only Great Warrior in the Grassland, because they’re having a tough time after deciding the Patriarch.
I was a bit worried, but soon gave my consent.
If it’s like this then helping other tribes is fine I guess.
I straddled over Keima, lined up a substitute horse and headed towards that tribe.