Grassland Law Chapter 29

Great Movement meeting

I’m already at the neighboring tribe, so if I change between Keima and Deep I’ll be home the next day.
For the sake of the Grassland, I’ll endure not doing Lucci and the girls for one day.
Or so I thought.

Arriving at that tribe, I listened to the rough outline of what’s happening.
The younger brother is good at both swords and bows wants to claim the Patriarch seat, and the older brother who has seniority by length of service also wants to claim to be the Patriarch.
That’s certain worth a dispute.
I listened to what each of the two have to say about what were they going to do for the tribe from now on.
The younger brother went with the same approach with Ronga, that is to have more new adults for the sake of maintaining the tribe.
On the other hand, the older brother wants to keep managing the tribe like they have always been before.
I respectively listened to the specific details from each of them, the younger brother had more a concrete answer while the older brother was only temporary words.
I supported the side of the younger brother.
I explained in front of everyone the reasons why I supported the younger brother.
The older brother’s supporters have unpleased faces but since they didn’t raise any objections, it was decided accordingly to my opinion that the younger brother became the Patriarch.
As the Patriarch is decided they threw a neat banquet.
Normally it would be a grand party, but this year they have some self-restraints
I participated in the party lightly then prepare to leave for home, but the new Patriarch approached me.

「Jumuka-dono、I want to thank you for this somehow。 I want you to take one of my little sisters as slave wives to your preferences。 」

Well I figured this would happen

「No、Ronga is also taking a breather、there’s still a lot of things left to be done、I must hurry back home。 」

I hurriedly went home. I use the horses to go home, that’s why I can’t allow a slave wife to mount a horse. I gave some words of refuse to the other party.
Of course, since the other other know about the current state of the Grassland, they didn’t force any impossible thing on me when I said I needed to go home quickly.

「Understood。 Then、should I send her to you later?」

Uhh、what should I do…but they’re also in need of slave wives like my home aren’t they。 I can refuse for this reason I think.

「No、from now on you’ll also be busy right?。 We can’t cause you anymore problems。 」

「But、we do want to thank you」

「Right、if that’s the case then、since we’re going to have a Patriarch meeting at the location of the Great Movement、when that time comes I want you to support Ronga」

「Is that okay?」


「I understand。 Please excuse me for holding you back。 」

「No、I’m also sorry for hurry too much。 」

Me and the new Patriarch firmly shook hands.
Alright, let’s hurry up home and embrace Lucci. (TN: Dude, that’s why you’re in a hurry? Pffff. No I guess it’s plausible, waifus > strangers)



I hurriedly headed home and other tribes’ messengers crowded Ronga tribe.
They seemed to come when I was at another tribe.

「We made preparations for departure so let’s head out tomorrow」

Saying so all the messengers nodded simultaneously.
To that, Lucci approached with a smile.

「Jumuka-sama、please have this、you have to leave right after coming back so I prepared one-way food for you。 」

As she handed me a package with a friendly smile, I was perplexed.
The messengers from other tribe around went

「As expected、it’s different when you have a good wife」

「Jumuka-dono’s wife is such a good wife」

「Jumuka-dono sure has a suitable wife」

They gave their impressions.
I hurried home, wanting to embrace Lucci and all, but since Lucci prepared that package already, I’d have to  immediately head to clear up my workload. I wanna cry.
I despaired while receiving the package from Lucci and walked towards the messengers
It seemed to go without difficulties at Au tribe, but they couldn’t settle things in Agu and Shiu tribes.
First we’ll go to Agu tribe huh
I straddled on Deep with teary eyes. (TN: Deep is a horse, his main horse is Keima)

I performed conciliation for one Patriarch after another. When I thought it was over, Uchiran ran to me as a messenger and told me the next tribe I had to go to.
As the meditation for Patriarchs ended, they offered me slave wives every time.
I refused every time and arranged necessary preparations for the Patriarch meeting with them.
Even so, they weren’t satisfied, so I decided to receive a fine horse from them.
Right now I alternate between 4 horses so the speed increases.
Au tribe settled without difficulties, but seemed like some kind of internal problems started.
I refused to come as meditation.
As all the tribes decided their Patriarchs, I’ll declare the opening of the Patriarch meeting under the name of Temuji.
I’ll use his name til the very end

Under me, Temuji and Uruji, there are several Fighters and Warriors coming with us and arrived first at the meeting place.
We broad a huge plank of wood and had Uruji use his Plant Magic to draw some patterns.
As soon as that’s done, we waited for other tribes.
Other tribes arrived one after another.
As the last tribe arrived, every one sat in circle.

「Starting from now、the Patriarch meeting will commence。 」

Temuji declared the opening.

「Ronga patriarch、why is it you who took that role?」

The one snapping at that was Au patriarch.

「Normally isn’t Ronga not allowed to declare the opening of the Patriarch meeting? It’s different when it’s  us Au、Agu、or Shiu」

「Fun、that’s some selfish talk coming from Au tribe who had difficulties deciding the Patriarch」

Agu patriarch bit back at Au patriarch.

「You people are the same aren’t you」

「Yeah、that’s why I think the tribe who settle this Patriarch problem the fastest, Ronga, can kick off the meeting」

Shiu patriarch continued.

「Tch、certainly、only this time around then、then、what’s the subject of the meeting?」

Au patriarch consented so nothing further than that was said.

「It’s about this year Great Movement」

As Temuji said so, the mood changed.

「Honestly speaking, this year crops terribly failed、then there was that invasion too、well let’s leave that aside、everyone has reserved food for next year。 That’s why I thought we should talk this out to determine territory instead of fighting。 」

The place became noisier.

「Well then、I’m leaving this to you Jumuka」

「Yeah、OI come here」

At my signal, 10 people brought the huge wood plank.
A few Patriarchs stepped aside and the plank was put in the middle of the circle of Patriachs.

「Jumuka is Ronga’s chief、he’ll explain。 」

I got on the plank and began to explain.
I listened to each and every tribe, then described the state of pastures, number of sheeps and horses, and the territory of each tribe.
If we distribute our reserved food storage and food from that battle we retreated, sheeps, horses, and even people shouldn’t die

「This surely wouldn’t make the number of sheep and horse decrease」

The first Patriarch I came to mediate said so.
To those words, other Patriarchs also raised their voices of consent.
They’d have voiced objections if Ronga got the better share, but Ronga divided it equally.
It was decided to use this idea. That moment.

「Don’t be ridiculous」

Suddenly an angry voice was heard from somewhere.
It was Au patriarch’s voice

「Wouldn’t this only increase the problems with the number of sheeps and horses?」

What’s with this guy…in the first place, this year crops were terrible, plus the aggression with the empire decreased the number of men.
Right now, if grassland people compete against each other, the number of men will decrease even further.
He can’t even understand that ?

「I opposed to this opinion。 」

We already decided and he had to spoil the meeting.
I closed my eyes, then looked at Temuji.
Temuji nodded and spoke.

「Then what do you think we should do? We fight in this year’s territory war?」

「That’s right、Grassland Law says that the strong is the right one。 Territory war can’t be decided by this talk」

「That so、then let’s fight。 Ronga challenge Au to a territory war。 」

「Ronga? I see、「if so then Agu’s with Ronga。 」「if so then Shiu will fight alongside Ronga。 」that’s pretty much it huh…」

Before Au patriarch can finish, Agu and Shiu declared that they’ll fight Au alongside Ronga.
Then to match up, the tribes I acted as mediation and the Patriarchs who were good at reading the mood all supported Ronga.
Almost all of them supported Ronga, none was on the side of Au.
Au patriarch looked at the quiet Patriarchs, but they averted their eyes. (TN: Hahahaha that moment when you know you fucked up somewhere)
That has been decided. All tribes other than Au will now open hostility against Au or stay neutral.
Despite how Au is the number tribe in the Grassland, this situation is helpless.
If they participated and lost, almost all unmarried women will become slave wives, sheeps and horses will also be snatched away, it’s only the downfall of Au.

「Kuu、got it、this territory war is fine。 」

Au patriarch snapped.
As Temuji gave the closing words, the Patriarch meeting came to an end.
Thankfully I made prior arrangements, the meeting was a success, winning against Au patriarch will raise Temuji’s standing as a Patriarch a bit.
The Great Movement ended safely.