Grassland Law Chapter 31

Using previous life knowledge to obtain slave wife. First Part

Summer season of 9 years old
I was taken to the bathing place with Obudai nii-sama.
Jumuka-sama who I yearned for was also there.
I was mesmerized by Jumuka-sama’s well trained body as he wasn’t like my normal brother.
His sword skills are first-class, anything related to bows he’s the best
He has nothing in common with my normal brother except for their same age.
When I joined to hang out with Jumuka-sama, he and my nii-sama had a contest for swimming.
Nii-sama was being unfair, competing in a swimming contest that Jumuka-sama can never win, nii-sama uses Water magic so Jumuka-sama could never…
Amazing、Jumuka-sama surpassed him!
Nii-sama uses Water magic and still couldn’t win against Jumuka-sama…
No, Jumuka-sama is sugoi, Jumuka-sama is absolutely sugoi. But what was that swimming technique? Let’s try it out.
Thinking so I tried to mimic him and cramped my legs.
I was drowned and appeared to sink into the water.
The next thing I knew, Jumuka-sama was kissing me.
I was confused and separated.
What do I do now.
Lips are only for a Fighter husband, or a Master for slave wives after all…
Well, it was fine when me and my brothers did it as a joke, what do I do now.

「Ano、sono、Jumuka-sama、sono、won’t you take responsibility?」

「N、ah、that’s alright」

What should I do, I became Jumuka-sama’s slave wife, the one I’ve always yearned for. I did it, what should I do now. I’ll try my best to become a good slave wife suitable for Jumuka-sama
First, what is it? Cooking? Yeah, that’s right
Then when I became a good slave wife I’ll give birth to a lot of boys, Jumuka-sama would pat my head saying that I did well. Ehehe



Summer season of 11 year old Jumuka (TN: Jumuka is 2 years older than Lamis, this doesn’t mean 2 years have passed)
I took my sisters to the bathing place together with Obudai. (TN: You hot-blooded yaoi fangirls pls calm yo oppai down!)
Bathing is always joyful.
There’s no swim suit so everyone’s naked, hell, everyone’s not even hiding themselves.
Just naked doesn’t cut it, there’s no meaning to it if they ain’t shy. Or so “that guy” inside me emerged.
Well, I didn’t get excited at all at my still childish little sisters, but as expected sister Aryuu’s breasts are sugoi, she’s already 15 years old so she’ll get married soon and I won’t be able to look, so I looked carefully
Boobs that spring up and down and shake are best boobs after all, at night when she helps me do my calisthenics, her breasts pressed closely against my back, it makes me think that I’m glad I was born into this world every single time.
After having sister Aryuu push me from behind, she also stroked my chest so it was a tie
Today Obudai’s here so his brothers and sisters are also here.
Seems like Obudai also wants to show off in front of his sisters. (TN: Too bad your buddy, the pervert, hogs all the spotlight)
He challenged me to the swimming contest.
Honestly I can’t match the guy who uses Water magic in swimming.
Or so he seemed to think.
I showed him the swimming style of modern times.

I won, being able to manipulate the water current a little can’t win against modern swimming styles. Fuhahahahaha
Ah, what a relief, I barely won. Magic so scary.

Somehow Obudai’s sisters’ gazes turned kinda sugoi towards me.
Eh? Where’s Lamis? Where did she go? She’s always been clinging to my back with her soft body whenever we hang out at the bathing place…
Some distance away from where I was, there was a hand flapping and the figure of Lamis’ struggling body could be seen.
I rushed over and noticed that place was a little too deep, Lamis’ leg was cramped too.
I quickly pulled her up. After a while and she still haven’t started breathing.
While dragging her to the shore I gave her mouth to mouth artificial respiration.
I studied to become a sports instructor in my previous life, but I also studied about rescue-related things in my spare time as a hobby.
I have knowledge about an accidental explosion at a factory that can’t really be used in this world, but things like artificial respiration is useful.
I dragged her out of the water.
Everyone timidly watched that situation.

「Is she alright? Jumuka」

「Shut up。 Be quiet、we don’t know if she’s breathing」

Obudai shut his trap at my words.
I put my ear on her left breast and listened to here heartbeat.
It’s weak but it’s definitely beating.
However, if her breathing keeps being like this it’ll really cease beating.
I used my previous life knowledge and performed artificial respiration and cardiac massage. She’s only 9 years old, I must be careful not to break her ribs while doing this.
Once Lamis coughed up water, I turned her face to the side and let her vomit water, then sucked water out of her mouth.
I did artificial respiration and cardiac massage once again, then listened to her heartbeat.
It’s beating more firmly.
I once again piled our lips and sent in breaths.
Then Lamis slowly opened her eyes.
Lamis was surprised as our mouths were matching when she opened her eyes.
Well, it was emergency so it couldn’t be helped

「Ano、sono、Jumuka-sama、sono、won’t you take responsibility?」

「Um、yeah、it’s fine so calm down」

At my words Lamis turned bright red and settled her breathing.
Haa, what a relief. Now then, where are my clothes? These are Lamis’ clothes



Lamis didn’t receive her clothes, she kept grinning naked.



Spring season of 13 year old Lamis
Jumuka-sama became an adult and a Moderate Warrior, then came the Territory war.
Seems like Jumuka-sama won Ronga the war with just 2 arrows.
Jumuka-sama became the hot topic among my girl friends, somehow he’s getting married with Lucci-sama it sseems.
Marrying that Lucci-sama, Jumuka-sama is sugoi after all
Even me as a woman, when I imagine myself as a man, I’d definitely want to marry that person.
Her cooking is amazing, her boobs and butts and hips are big too, she’s beautiful, her personality is also good.
My nii-sama didn’t play any special role.
Really, it’s shameful.
But seems like he got one slave wife.
He was the spotlight but he didn’t get 2 or 3 slave wives? He’s a Moderate Warrior so he could get as many slave wives as he wanted, but Jumuka-sama said it’s fine with just one it seemed. Hmm I don’t really get it.
I saw that Jumuka-sama’s slave wife was 1 or 2 years older than me, but, her boobs are dreadfully huge. Mine are also swelling recently but I don’t feel like I can win. In the future I must compete with that and as a slave wife…

One day the girls were manufacturing the wools and Jumuka-sama appeared.
I was thinking what could this is about when Jumuka-sama helped Lucci-sama stand up.

「Lucci、close your eyes」

Jumuka-sama sent the people around some kind of signal. I think it’s probably a signal of silence.
Jumuka-sama took out from his pocket a gem-attached necklace.
Then he went around and put it on.
How fortunate, I also want to do that. As expected of Jumuka-sama, other guys don’t do things like this at all, they would just probably say nothing and give it, he’s wonderful after all.
Lucci-sama was so happy she clung to Jumuka-sama.

「Lucci、umm、everyone’s looking。 」

Jumuka-sama said so embarrassed, Lucci-sama turned bright red and let go of him.
They’re such a perfect match, Jumuka-sama and Lucci-sama…
I observed the two of them with warm eyes.

The two of them looked so cool during the wedding.
But, I couldn’t just only stare at them from a distance.

Jumuka-sama became a Great Warrior.
I was told that he met a person being attacked by wolves on his way home from the South, and exterminated the wolves by himself it seems.
There’s been nobody that became a Great Warrior at the age of 15, sugoi as expected, he was given a slave wife as thanks it seems.
Nothing special about that girl

Spring season of 14 year old Lamis
Lucci-sama, Yesu-san and Loche-san gave birth to Jumuka-sama’s kids
Seems like Lucci-sama had a boy while Yesu-san and Loche-san had girls.
It’s good that Lucci-sama gave birth to a boy.

Jumuka-sama became the spotlight for the Territory war again it seems.
He’s getting another slave wife it seems.
I hid and looked from afar, she’s around 20 years old, why did he choose such a matured woman I wonder?
The puzzle was soon solved.
Yesu-san and Loche-chan only gave birth to girls so the Patriarch recommended him to choose the person who gave birth to 4 boys consecutively, it seems.
I was surprised when I notice that it was An-san. A girl like me would also have my breath taken away by her sexiness.

Ah! This time nii-sama also got achievements in battle and was recognized as independent, he was given a bride. Well that’s good but, anyways

The weather should’ve turned warm already, this is strange…

Summer season of 14 year old Lamis
The weather should’ve turned cold already, this is strange…

Snow season of 15 year old Lamis
The men prepared for battles.
Summer wasn’t warm, winter wasn’t cold, that kind of season continued and then Spring, the pasture was really bad, it seems.
So everyone’s going to the southern country to steal food, it seems.
For a while life here consists only of women and Fighters that don’t fight, it continued as everyday we practiced dealing with wolves.
The aunties that don’t give birth practiced wielding their wooden sticks, pregnant women practiced evacuating to durable houses, us unmarried girls practiced guarding those houses.
Occasionally food wagons arrived.
According to that person’s talk, the battle is in our favor, it seems.
Seems like Jumuka-sama became the spotlight again.

Spring season of 15 year old Lamis
This is weird. The wagons don’t return at all.
I have no idea what happened to everyone that went to the South.
I wonder what’s happening.

I’m anxious but this time period has a lot of birth giving so I’m really busy.
Lucci-sama and An-san gave birth to boys, Yesu-san and Loche-san had girls.
Those two had girls again huh… If it was me I’d definitely have boys…

Jumuka-sama returned.
Seems like they got caught in a trap and the Patriarch and Muruaka-sama with all adults died.
Soon it was decided that Temuji-sama would become the next Patriarch.
Jumuka-sama ran around everyday hectically.
For some reasons, my nii-sama also ran around hectically.
My girl friends became brides one after another. This is really important, it seems.
I pleaded to my nii-sama with teary eyes, and in the end didn’t become a slave wife.
Nii-sama is so simple after all

Shio tribe’s people became Ronga comrades.
I feel sympathy because all the Shio people were in sorrow.
Un, that’s right, they’re pitiful
Wait why is Jumuka-sama getting married with Shio’s previous Patriarch’s little sister? Heck, that girl’s still just 12 years old isn’t she?
What about me? Jumuka-sama’s not calling for me? I’ve been waiting you know, I wanna become Jumuka-sama’s slave wife before turning into a matured woman you know!
Yoshi, girls have courage, so I’ll go talk to Jumuka-sama directly!