Grassland Law Chapter 32

Using previous life knowledge to obtain slave wife. Last Part

That day I finished taking care of the horse and training so I went back to play with my wife (and slave wives) and my kids.


A voice calling me from outside was heard.
Thinking what was it, I went out of the house and Lamis was there.

「What’s wrong? It’s just Lamis alone?」


「I see」

Given the situation, I couldn’t let her inside.
A girl at the age of marriage can’t go inside other people’s house without her father or brothers with her.

「Is there something you need?」


Lamis fidgeted her fingers, being embarrassed.

「What would Jumuka-sama do?」

I was waiting for Lamis’ words when Lucci came out from inside the house.

「Ah! Hello Lamis-san、what’s wrong?」

「H H H、Hello」

Lucci greeted her politely but Lamis stuttered her reply.
The eyes of 3 people paid attention to Lamis.

「Sono、Jumuka-sama、sono、*inhales*、*exhales*、until when would you call for me?」

After taking a deep breath, Lamis spoke.

「Eh? What does that mean?」

I didn’t understand what was going on so I asked.

「Eh? Could it be that you forgot?」

「Eh? Ah、yeah」

「That can’t be、you stole my lips、didn’t you say you’d take responsibility」

Etto, did say something like that? I certainly remember stealing her lips.
Even if I told that it was just artificial respiration the people here wouldn’t believe me huh

「Err、that was」

「Did you remember Jumuka-sama?」

When I was thinking about this and that, Lucci asked.

「Ah、 no、well、it was when I was 11、I saved Lamis from drowning、that time she wasn’t breathing so I sent in breaths directly with my mouth。 Thanks to that Lamis breathed again」

「That’s amazing。 But、you really did steal her lips、though Jumuka-sama was 11 years old you stole another family’s daughter’s lips、I think you should properly take responsibility」

Uu, why do I have a feeling Lucci just pulled the ladder out from under me.
Hearing Lucci’s opinion Lamis’ face brightened up.
Well it can’t be helped

「Lamis、sorry I made you wait。 Tomorrow I’ll go talk to Obudai。 」

「Th、Thank you very much。 」

Lamis returned with the most blissed face.

I went back into the house and talked to everyone about a new slave wife.
Everyone immediately consented so I went to make preparations to go out.



Next day
I went to Obudai’s place to talk about taking in Lamis as a slave wife.
The moment I suggested the discussion, Obudai gave consent.
I hear that he knew about Lamis’ feelings since old times, seems like he was also wondering who would he present to me as a slave wife. And Lamis was one of the candidates, it seems.
After that I took the food distribution from the tribe for one person from Obudai.
Obudai took Lamis’ hands and held them to the front.
I used a string to tied her hands.
Lamis smiled sweetly when I tied her and stood up.
I brought Lamis back to my house, unfastened the string, then performed the slave wife ceremony inside. One final thing is to kiss her lips and acknowledge her.
At my kiss Lamis’ face became fascinated again.
She touched her lips with her right hands many times.

「What’s wrong?」

「No、it’s just that I’m happy」

「I see」

「Please take care of me。 Ju、Master」

I smiled while patting Lamis’ head.

Lamis began doing housework with everyone.
I was told that Lamis excels at Fire magic.
Somehow, grassland women have low magical power.
More than just low, it should be correct to say it’s just really ordinary.
There’s no person with extremely low or extremely high magical power, everyone’s average.
I don’t if there’s a girl with magical power high enough to be called a Magic user, Lamis’ magical power isn’t high to that extent either.
2 people at Au, Agu and Shiu have one each and other tribes also have only that many.
And then, seems like high magical power women don’t give birth to high magical power children either.
The child doesn’t inherit that much magical power, it seems.

I began eating when it’s meal time.
Delicious. What’s this?
No, it’s not that it’s been bad up until now.
Lucci specialty in cooking was also delicious.
However, what is this.

「It’s always been delicious、but today’s especially good」

「Yes、thanks to Lamis’ skillful control of the Fire magic, it came out better than usual。 」

Lucci replied to my words.

「I see、well done Lamis。 」


Lamis replied with a smile.

My meal ended. It was Lucci and Zuu’s turn.
Lucci took it slow, yet ate a lot.
The first time Zuu ate with everyone, she waited for Lucci to finish.
Nowadays she just magnificently nomnom away with Lucci. (TN: Actually text just said “eat” but I took my opportunity)
At first she didn’t eat a lot so I was worried and told her to eat without reserve, the next day on, her servings slowly grew in quantity.
Late, Lucci…

「Eat a lot and grow up so you can give birth to Jumuka-sama’s children、it’s meal for your body。 」

…or so she said, that’s why she’s not holding back anymore.



After meal, it was night time.
Today’s partners are Lucci, An and Lamis
I know the loneliness of sleeping alone well. But Lamis joined, so I had them take turns in watching the children and sleeping with Zuu.
Calling Lucci, I knocked on my lap.
I removed the string, exposing her breasts and lifted them.
I never got tired of touching Lucci breasts no matter how many times I did
I can’t do it too violently.
If I do it too much and breast milk comes out, the next day

「That belongs to the kids desu。 Please do not waste it。 」

She’ll get mad.
Slowly but surely, I stimulated Lucci’s breasts.
In that manner I lifted Lucci’s body weight, Lucci fell the body forward and leaned on her hands, getting into Horse position.
I flipped her lower part and exposed her vagina then applied my thing on that place.
My thing slowly invaded Lucci’s insides as I advanced my hips.
Lucci’s vagina is endlessly soft as always.
I forgot to stop my waist and Lucci’s insides convulsed.

「Jumuka-sama、so rough。 Aaa、so rough。 It feels gooood。 Aaan」

Lucci matched my movements and raised an erotic voice. I swung my hips while thinking that I wanted to taste more of Lucci.
Ejaculating deep inside Lucci, I took my thing out.
An and Lamis were already naked as they wiped the sweat off the flushed Lucci.

「Lamis、you wanna go before An? Or do you wanna go after?」

At my question Lamis hung her head in shame with a bright red face.

「Lamis- san、I don’t mind either way、Master is gentle so you can just rest assured and offer your body、also, Yesu-san、Loche-san、and Lucci-sama were all virgins so he’s already used to dealing with it」

Lamis raised her head at An’s words.

「I’d like、to go first。 Please。 Master」

「Got it。 」

As I nodded, An and Lamis got into Dog position.
I got between Lamis’ legs.
Lamis was entranced looking at my thing and my body.
I looked at Lamis’ body.
Normal, her breasts were also normal. They weren’t huge, not small either.
Her ass was within largish average range.
I lightly touched Lamis’ cheek, then I moved my hand downward, I gently rubbed her breast, it was the smoothness of young skin.

「An-san、I’m a little scared after all, can we hold hands?」

「Yes、is that alright Master?」

「Yeah、it’s fine」

Lamis clutched An’s hand and shut her eyes.
Lucci, who settled down, held her other hand.

「Lamis、that said, you must confirm with Jumuka-sama first」

「Yes、my apologies Master」

Lamis apologized to me with the best she could.

「It’s fine to make a mistake。 」

Saying so I advanced my hips.
I slowly inserted my thing.
Lamis’ vagina resisted but soon that resistance became futile.
As it opened up, her vagina guided my thing inside.
Lamis endured the pain with tears on her face.
I stroked Lamis’s cheek and instantly inserted to the deepest part.
Lamis opened her eyes and her mouth, but not uttering a single word of pain.

「You endured it well Lamis」

I patted Lamis’ head.
Lamis’ insides repeated some dull movements and matched the shape of my thing.
With my words, Lamis’ expressions turned relieved.
I stayed still, not moving until Lamis’ settled down.
Choosing the moment when Lamis’ breathing calmed down, I slowly began to move my hips.
I saw Lamis’ expressions carried pain.
I wanted to impatiently move vigorously, nobody would say anything, but right now I’ll endure it.
Not putting consideration into slave wives is the general way of public thinking, but I think sex needs to be mutual pleasures after all, if I moved vigorously now Lamis would come to hate sex, her doing this as part of the job is absolutely the last thing I want.

「You’re so kind、but Jumuka-sama、it’s time to move faster don’t you think?」

Lucci gently petted Lamis while saying so.
I looked at Lamis and saw a smile on her cramped face.
I sped up my movements bit by bit.
However, I won’t do it as violently as usual.
There are already 3 slave wives who are nice to Lamis, I need to show her how things are used to be done here
Gradually, gradually I sped up my hips.


Lamis voice began to turn sexy.
I couldn’t hold it and ejaculated inside Lamis.

I took my thing out from Lamis and looked at her.
She was breathing as if greatly tired.

「You tried your best Lamis」

「Yes、thank you for、giving、me、your、seed。 」


「I’ll try、my、best to、give birth、to a boy。 」

「Yeah、now take it slow and rest。 」

「Thank you very much。 」

Lamis received her clothes from An, she wiped herself after wiping my body.

「You can go rest today」

「No、I’m okay。 」

Lamis looked this way while lying down.
I slipped away from Lamis’ gaze and looked at An.
An also seemed to have been waiting, she’s already in Dog position.
Entering between An’s legs, looking at her body.
No matter when I look, she’s charming, an erotic body.
I rubbed her breast lightly, it was the same usual moistened sensation.
I entered An’s vagina, savoring her taste.
It’s really wet, it’s soft, my thing enjoyed the sensation of love nectar overflowed at every thrust.
I subconsciously sped up my movements.

「Ahn、ahn、Mwashteer、you’re also、rough today」

My ears enjoyed the mixed sounds of An’s voice and the wet noises from her juice.

「Lamis、surprising isn’t it、you should get used to seeing Jumuka-sama going this violent on An and Loche。 」


Lucci hand Lamis’ voice could be heard nearby.
I already entered her many times so I knew all An’s weak spots, I focused on attacking those.
I believe that An already forgot about her previous Master when I made her cum countless times.
There was still certainly some bitterness in Lamis’ expressions because she couldn’t move.
After An cum for the Nth time, I ejaculated inside her.

After I’m done making babies with these three, we all wiped our bodies.
On my right is Lucci, on my left is Lamis, An had to put up with with.
The four of us slept in the shape of letter 川.

Lucci and Loche aren’t in their periods, but An and Yesu were.
However, next cycle all three of them would be on period.
About 70 days after that they learned from Grandma that 5 of them were pregnant and reported to me. This year too, all the bullets hit.