Grassland Law Chapter 34

Character Introduction ~Jumuka household version

This introduction is up to date with 『A winter with warmth』 chapter.

18 years old
Protagonist, previously a Japanese person
In his previous life, he trained at an ancient Japanese martial arts dojo where the Chief, who is his grandfather best friend, recognized his demonstration.
He studied like a normal person and attended a modern sports university, he also studied about rescue-related thing while looking for a job as a sports instructor
He’s unmarried and a virgin due to his ex-wife committed adultery and they divorced
After that he unintentionally attended a sports TV program and somehow became famous
He put in efforts using his well trained body.
Lastly he died in an aircraft accident
Experiences only consist of mouth and hands (TN: Meaning kissing and fapping…pfff)
The best relationship he had in his previous life is with a certain king of beasts

After being born as Jumuka, he made use of modern sports science, and nutritional science to forge an ideal body and succeeded in doing so
He hates useless fats, but the ratio of fats in his upper body relating to stamina isn’t low. He thinks that it’s a kind of necessary fats, if anything.
He thinks that fats in women tits and ass are also necessary fats. (TN: This fucker hahahaha)
As the only Great Warrior in the Grassland, his voice carries a lot of weight.
The attributes of his magic are Wind and Metal
Has 2 wives and 4 slave wives
Has 3 sons and 4 daughters
Favorite horse is Keima, otherwise Deep. Favorite falcon is Matsukana, pet dog is still in recruitment


20 years old
Jumuka’s first wife
Father is Ronga’s previous Patriarch, mother is the half-sibling of Au tribe’s previous Patriarch (TN: Oh you mean the guy who suicided 100K people cuz he didn’t listen to Jumuka?)
She’s the half-older sister of same mother with the current Patriarch Temuji.
Has good figure, delicious cooking, breasts and butts and belly are all big.
At 17 years old, was rewarded to Jumuka, who achieved best war service during a territory war, as a bride.
Has always been thinking about Jumuka before that, but she’s older than Jumuka so she’s been thinking about how to become Jumuka’s bride before he becomes an adult.
Her whole body is soft (not flexible), even her vagina is wrapped in softness.
After getting married, soon got pregnant and gave birth the next spring
Because she gave birth to a boy, her influence among the Women gathering, among the youths is high.
The following year, she also gave birth to a boy, thus solidified her social standing.
Then her same-mother brother became the Patriarch, making her social standing rise even more.
Currently, she’s the most influential person among the women, but since Temuji’s first wife Bolche stands higher than her, she put in a lot of efforts to prevent any quarrelling in the far future. Because Bolche is pregnant at the moment, depending on what gender that child is, the women will be split into two from then on.
Wives are there to make the husbands look better, slave wives are there to increase household members, an outlet for sexual desire, such are the usual way of thinking in the grassland, she fully understands the difference between wives and slave wives, but when dealing with Jumuka, the person she falls in love with again and again, under that the influences of that way of thinking, she’s worried about Jumuka’s flaws and turned sharp-tongued.
She’s sharp-tongued among the women, but obediently listens to her beloved Jumuka, but she’s worried after all. (In normal situations, it wouldn’t even be weird if someone jumped at her and slapped her saying「You’re too strict with the women」。 ) (TN: Author’s talking about “normal” in our society, not the Grassland)
Has 2 sons

12 years old
Jumuka’s second wife
Shio tribe’s previous Patriarch’s little sister
After Shio tribe merged into Ronga tribe, she got married with Jumuka in a political marriage to raise Shio’s social evaluation.
In this political marriage, she was decided to marry Jumuka, the only Great Warrior of the Grassland, so she’s happy.
She already had her first menstruation so she’s able to make a child, but she was told not to make children until she’s 14, still a virgin
Thanks to Lucci and other slave wives, other women didn’t say anything or act coldly towards her about her not getting pregnant.
The seasons changed after her marriage, her height, breasts and butt also grew bit by bit.
When it was winter, Jumuka began making love to her, during that period, she was caressed by his finger and was in the middle of making some good progress
Sometimes she still calls Loche “onee-chan”. Loche gets angry every time that happened.

Slave wives

16 years old
Jumuka’s slave wife
The child of a slave wife from Nan tribe
She was brought over as post-war compensation after Nan tribe lost the territory war, that time she met Jumuka for the first time and became his slave wife.
Has small physique but big breasts and butt.
Shorter than Zuu, Jumuka’s wife, the shortest among Jumuka’s slave wives, but her breasts only second to Lucci (she’s still growing and will soon surpass Lucci)
Together with her mother and sisters, they have no pubic hair. It’s a little complex
While having sex, she likes to be grabbed on the breasts like an eagle grasp and cum inside, she awakened to a new light after becoming Jumuka’s possession.
He insides clamped down really tightly during sex.
Had daughters 2 years consecutively, she’s ashamed of herself for not giving birth to boys.
She’s happy because Jumuka’s treating her better than how slave wives should be treated, but the sense of guilt for not giving birth to boys still sped up inside her.
Has 2 daughters

17 years old
Jumuka’s slave wife
The child of Shio tribe’s Patriarch’s slave wife
She was given as thanks when Jumuka saved Mukai from the wolves
Breasts and butt are bigger than average
Has M tendencies, likes violent sex.
That said, dislike being hit, kicked or other forms of violence.
Also likes being neglected, while making babies with 3 people, after making love she’s satisfied even if she doesn’t get to sleep next to Jumuka.
But, she does like being next to Jumuka.
Fully understand the difference between wives and slave wives, even before becoming an adult she drew a clear line between wife and slave wife between her and her half sister Zuu.
Like a slave wife, because she’s a slave wife that there are days when she wonder if this is okay because of how kind Jumuka is.
She’s happy because violent sex with Jumuka feels good, but is vexed because of only giving birth to girls.
Has 2 daughters

22 years old
Jumuka’s slave wife
The child of a slave wife from Tee tribe
When she was 15, Tee tribe was smashed by Rui tribe so she became a Fighter’s slave wife.
There, she gave birth to 4 sons.
When Rui tribe lost the Territory war, she was brought over through Ronga’s Patriarch request as post-war compensation, then became Jumuka’s slave wife.
She’s well-fleshed, be it either breasts, butt or belly, it was all golden balance of weight.
Her seductiveness possesses a charm that would make it “stand up” even if just looking at her naked.
Her vagina’s easy to get wet, she’ll release love nectar when get’s lightly poked at her depths
She doesn’t dislike vigorous sex either. She loves being treated kindly as a slave wife by Jumuka.
She already got over with her previous Master, but Jumuka still thinks she still has the previous Master inside her.
She’s ‘divine’ to other girls in the tribe that didn’t give birth to boys (Yesu, Loche included) because she gave birth to 5 boys consecutively.
She’s the eldest among Jumuka’s wives and slave wives, that’s why she was asked for opinions on things quite a lot.
Has 1 son

15 years old
Jumuka’s slave wife
The child of a slave wife from Ronga tribe
The little sister of different mother with Jumuka’s best friend Obudai
She doesn’t respect Obudai a lot. (As far as it goes, she uses form of speech and manners of a slave wife。 )
During childhood, her lips were stolen when it’s not allowed for people other than husbands and masters (it was artificial respiration but that doesn’t exist in this world) so she talked to Jumuka, wanting him to take responsibility. It was consented so she waited for Jumuka to bring her back.
However, because Jumuka completely forgot, she steeled her heart, charged, and talked him then became a slave wife.
Height, breasts, and butt are all average.
For some reasons have absolute confidence in being able to give birth to boys.

Little sisters

14 years old
Jumuka’s little sister, daughter of her father’s slave wife Iruka.
Being a little sister while desiring Jumuka, but she understands that wish will never come true and accepted that it’s impossible.
Despaired at Jumuka’s discussion about being married away, but she thinks that this is also a chance to give up on him. (TN: No don’t fucking give up!!! I swear to god…)
As always, she’s a chopping board

13 years old
Jumuka’s little sisters, daughters of their father’s slave wife Iruka
Identical twins, in the grassland twins aren’t taboo. (it’s taboo in the South)
Love Jumuka, but he’s still a brother after all. (Do desire for his body…)
Whenever they get all sticky, they think ‘let’s act spoiled’ and then acted spoiled.
Jumuka talked to a certain Fighter that has a twin Fighter followers to marry them to those two, they chatted noisily at night about who would marry who and Ichiyu gets mad at them.
Recently, though not much, their butt and breasts began to swell.


Father’s slave wife
It was insufficient for her as a slave wife to only have 5 children.
The mother of Jumuka’s fighter followers Ichiyu, Shirley and Sharon

20 years old
Father’s slave wife
The protagonist’s first sex partner
Was married to Jumuka’s father at 15 years old for post-war compensation
Served as Jumuka’s pre-adulthood training.
In reality, the child she gave birth to that year was Jumuka’s (TN: OKAY!!! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO BUT LAUGH?)
She didn’t get pregnant the next year because Jumuka’s father died, she wasn’t allowed to go after him so became one of the mother collection, but then became Jumuka’s brother’s slave wife, was brought along to Jumuka’s brother’s pre-adulthood training.
Is now pregnant with his brother’s child