Chapter 153

Come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since I’ve properly had sex with Ceres.

Even the last time I slept with her was when I’d shared it my bed with all three of my wives. Unlike my other two wives, Ceres had been really withdrawn at that time because she was uncomfortable with sleeping with girls. While Phobos and Deimos had taken up most of mine and each other’s attention, Ceres had been neglected. If I recall correctly, she hadn’t even taken off her blouse.

Nope. This wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t do at all.

Coiling my arms around her back, I wrapped her in my embrace, trapping her arms in between our chests. Leaning my head down, I stole her lips. Laying her palms flat on my pecs, she responded intensely to my kiss.

Slowly sliding her palms over my chest, she grasped my shoulders before moving them up behind my neck, finally entangling her fingers in my hair. I returned the favour by keeping her pressed up against me with one hand while with the other, I made a claw and ran my nails up her spine, causing her to shudder and moan into my mouth as her tails lashed agitatedly.

We separated our lips, leaving a glistening thread of saliva suspended between them.

Her large eyes seemed to glimmer behind her glasses. Keeping my eyes locked with hers, with one hand I reached up and took off her glasses, folding them and putting them aside. She wouldn’t be needing them tonight.

I felt her breath hitch in anticipation as my hand moved towards her hakama.

“Wait.” She said softly and I paused my movements, looking at her inquiringly.

Averting her eyes, she slid out of my grasp and moved to sit down on the bedroll, facing me in seiza. She kept her eyes on her lap as she held her lapels together with her hands.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, concerned by her behaviour.

“Umm… well. I just…”

Frowning, I reached out and raised her chin with a finger under it so she had to look me in the eye. “What is it? Tell me.”

“Aah… my chest.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

My eyes widened. “Oh! I’m so sorry. Your injury! I clear forgot about it. Is it fine? That Doppelganger didn’t do anything weird to you, did it?”

“Oh no, no, no…” she denied hastily, waving her palms. “It’s nothing like that. I’m fine. Much better than before, actually. The Doppelganger healed all my wounds. It made my heart its nest but after it dissipated, the mana residue was enough to fully heal me. There are no complications at all.”

“Uh…” I scratched my head in confusion. “Then what’s the problem. You aren’t in the mood?”

“I am!” she exclaimed before blushing down to her neck in embarrassment. Looking down at her lap, she muttered, “I am.”


“Uuu..” groaning loudly, she looked up at me with flashing eyes and shouted loudly. “It’s my chest, you big dummy. It’s flatter than a chopping board. That idiot cat healed me but it didn’t want to ‘waste’ its mana so it left out the fat since it was ‘unnecessary’. Happy!?”

Then she crossed her arms over her chest and looked away with puffed up cheeks. I picked myself up from the bed as I had tumbled backwards at her sudden tirade. My eyes were inevitably drawn to her chest. Now that she mentioned it…

“You can’t look!” she exclaimed and turned her back to me, her four tails fanning out to hide her figure.

I ran my hand through my hair helplessly with a wry smile on my face. “Yeah. You don’t have to worry about that, girl. I don’t care much for your looks.”

She whipped around at that. “What do you mean you don’t care much for my looks?”

Immediately realizing the error in my wording, I hastily placated her, “No. I meant that I don’t much care what any of my women look like now. Obviously looks are important. But only for a good first impression. See, the Duchess is one of the most beautiful women I have seen but I wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot-pole if she stripped and lay down in front of me. in fact, I’d attach a spear-tip to the pole and stab her with it. You, Phobos, Deimos, even if something happened and you lost your beauty, I would still see you the same. So, no need to feel self-conscious about it, yeah?”


“Yeah. Really.”

“Then why were you neglecting me that day when all three of us were there with you?” she asked with narrowed eyes.

I could feel cold sweat beading on my forehead. ‘How the fuck am I supposed to answer this question?’

“Umm… uhh… the thing is.” I stumbled over my words.

Suddenly Ceres burst into a fit of laughter. “Ahahaha… ha. Oh. Your face just now. Haha.” she managed to say while clutching her stomach. Straightening up after reining in her mirth, she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Thanks. I won’t care about it anymore,” she said warmly.

Then standing up, she undid the knot in her obi and slipped off her hakama, revealing herself to me in all her naked glory. Even in the darkness of the tent, the sight of her was breath-taking, driving my discontent at being made fun of right out of my mind.

Her pearlescent skin, so unlike either Phobos’ pale complexion or Deimos’ healthy tan, seemed to glow in the limited light as I admired her figure.

Her slender legs led to wide hips, leaving a visible gap between her thighs. The outline of her body curved inwards at her waist, moved along the gentle curve of her ribs and ended in narrow shoulders, giving her frame a delicate cast. The change in her chest size meant that her figure now had a boyish charm. Combined with her elfin face, twitching fox ears and large eyes, framed by her four swinging furry tails, this new Ceres made my heartbeat accelerate.

But… But there was something bothering me. A slight flaw in something perfect.

“Ceres,” I said seriously.

“Yes?” she asked, straightening up subconsciously at my tone of voice.

“Do you trust me?”

Her expression grew firm. “With my life!” she exclaimed.

“Then… let me cut your hair.”


… …


Ceres wasn’t the tallest of my wives. That would be Phobos. At five feet and eight inches, she stood eye to nose with my five-eleven. Deimos was the shortest, her head coming up to my chin, while Ceres occupied the middle ground, her forehead at just the right height for me to kiss without having to bend down. Now, sitting as she was on the bedroll in front of me with her back to me, her naked body wrapped up in a bedsheet below her neck to prevent the shorn strands of her hair from getting on her, I needed to sit up on my knees to comfortably cut her hair.

To be honest, it was my first time giving anyone a haircut. Deimos got hers cut by the clan barber as did I. And as for Phobos, she let her hair grow, only trimming the ends when they split or got worn down. Although Phobos claimed to trust me with her life just like Ceres, she wouldn’t let me within a mile of her hair with a pair of scissors. Did that mean her hair was more important than her life? Probably.

Ceres’ words to me before she sat down and surrendered her tresses to my ministrations had quite affected me. “The only one I need to look pretty for is you.” she had said with a smile. “So, even if you botch it up, your guilt won’t let you find me ugly. So, snip away.”

In the flickering light of the candle, I began my work. Tiny runes of sharpness formed on the index and middle fingers of my right hand, tugging on the wind mana in the air making it coalesce into two transparent blades of wind attached to them. Raising her cinnamon brown hair with my left hand, I made the first cut.

For a while, silence pervaded the tent, broken only by the sound of the snipping of my wind scissors. More and more of her locks fell away, covering the sheet that covered her. Her ears twitched nervously as my scissors neared but she held still and let me trim the area around them. After a while, I sat back and inspected my handiwork.

I had given her a pixie cut, shortening her hair at the sides and the back and leaving her bangs intact. It revealed the line of her slim neck and further accentuated her beautiful eyes. Diverging the scissors, I flicked my wrist, a gust of wind arose baseless, curling up the strands of her hair, depositing them in a neat pile in one corner of the room.

Impatiently unknotting the bedsheet, Ceres shrugged it off and raised her hands to her head, running her hands over it to examine the final result. Twisting around to face me, she looked at me with shining eyes, “Husband, it feels so light and breezy. And it feels so great when I run my hands through it. I love it!”

Grinning, I reached out and ran my hand through her hair, “You mean this?”

Her eyes narrowed into seams and her ears and tails twitched with delight as she pushed her head up against my palm. I couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘So damn cute.’ I almost expected her to start purring.

Suddenly, she caught my hand and opened her eyes, a predatory look in her eyes. ‘Oh dear.’

The flickering light of the candle cast our intertwining shadows against the canvas of the tent. The sound of heavy breathing and moans filled the enclosed space, our passion suffusing it with the scent of our lust.

My clothes lay strewn haphazardly around the tent where Ceres had tossed them in her haste. Both of us wrestled skin to skin for dominance. With my overwhelming superiority, I soon had her pinned down on the bed by both her wrists as I overlooked her from above.

The droplets of sweat on her body glinted like fiery jewels in the candlelight and her eyes were moist with desire. Gathering her wrists together, I held them down with my left hand as I lowered my head to explore her right breast with my mouth while I massaged the other with my right hand.

The scent of her femininity filled my nose and the taste of her skin lingered on my tongue as I left glistening trails all over her chest. Even though Ceres claimed that there was nothing there, I could feel the soft pads of flesh beneath her skin.

Squirmed beneath me with her eyes squeezed shut while biting down on her lower lip, she arched her spine as if to present more of herself to me. I obliged, gently biting down on a nipple. A gasp escaped her lips as her eyes flew open.

Throwing her legs around my back, she pulled me towards her. “P-lease…” she begged.

Letting go of my hold on her wrists, I began kissing my way down her soft stomach to her lower lips. She shuddered as I licked up the moisture seeping out of her slit and gripped my hair with her freed hands almost painfully.

Holding her thighs apart with my hands, I continued teasing her pussy with my tongue, alternately licking up her slit and flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Mars…” she moaned my name passionately, lighting a fire in my loins. I wanted to take her there and then but before that I wanted her to cum with my tongue.

Spreading her lower lips apart with my fingers, I plunged my tongue into her pink depths.

Throwing her head back, she arched her back and gasped out the last of the air in her lungs. Her thighs clamped my head and her grip on my hair grew painful as she pushed my head down towards her crotch as a massive orgasm rippled through her.

I could feel the muscles in her thighs and stomach repeatedly clenching and relaxing as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her. Mercilessly, I stimulated her pussy and clit with my tongue, prolonging her sweet torture until finally, she collapsed limply onto the bed, releasing her death grip on my head.

Leaning back, I wiped her lust off my mouth with the back of my hand. Her whole body was beaded with sweat and her chest rose and fell in time with her breath. Her four tails lay limply on the bed and her eyes were half-closed, her long eyelashes fluttering gently.

She looked so frail that I almost wanted to let her catch her breath but I was too aroused for that. Abstinence was all well and good but after so long without, my organ was hard as steel and it demanded some action.

Scooping the limp Ceres into my arms, I stood, placing her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck before positioning myself at her entrance and slowly invading her moist, warm cave. The stimulus brought her mind back from wherever it had flown off to and she embraced me tightly with a surprised cry.

‘Tight!’ was my only thought as I slowly made my way deeper and deeper into her, supporting her weight with my palms gripping her soft, elastic ass.

“Ahn, Husband,” she moaned breathily into my ear, making me twitch inside her. Pulling back out of her slightly, I pushed back in, driving a little more of myself into her with each thrust until finally, my full length was enveloped in her warm, moist folds.

As closely pasted to each other as we were, I could feel her heart racing in her chest. A strong beat. A healthy heart.

Walking up to one wall of the tent, I pushed her back against it, making her hold onto the cloth straps that were attached to it. With a primal grunt, I began moving in earnest, repeatedly driving myself in and out of her to the music of her moans.

Her moans increased in loudness the closer she got to climax until with a scream, she came again. She clamped down on me, hard, and the orgasmic undulations of her folds drove me over the brink and discharged myself deep inside her.

Both of us collapsed in a sweaty, tangled heap against the wall of the tent breathing hard.

Recovering first, Ceres gently caressed my cheek with a palm as she looked deep into my eyes, her feelings clear in those beautiful brown pupils of hers. “My love…” she whispered softly, once again stealing my heart.

Deep within the void of my mind, the wisp of rose red flame grew stronger.


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