Sugar Chapter 13 Adventurer Guild’s Receptionist

「 By the way, Takumi-san. Are you free after this? 」

「 Huh? Yeah, I am. I’ve got nothing to do anyway 」

Melissa approached me out of the blue as we saw Yael off. “Wait, is she inviting me after work?” Takumi responded with ulterior motives.

「 If you’d like, I’ll guide you through the minor details within the guild… 」

「 Oh, sure. Please do 」

Oh, she’s just going to show me around the guild.

Takumi was disappointed that his assumption was wrong, but he agreed, thinking that having a tour with a beautiful woman would be fun. He’s a man who never wavers.

「 Very well ♡ Let’s go 」

Melissa stood up.

I swallowed my spit as I saw her full body for the first time.


Her guild uniform was a formal one.

A navy blue blazer and a tight skirt, then a white blouse and scarf adorning her chest.

But, it’s fit tightly that her voluptuous body is emphasized. A lot of emphasis indeed.

She has a G-cup bust, a tight waist, and firm hips. The three impeccable sizes show her hourglass proportions.

The emphasis makes her closer to an AV actress than a model. It’s a body shape that makes you hard just from imagining it.

「 The magic stone can be appraised and liquidated for later. You can redeem it in that direction. The rule is you must turn any magic dungeons popped in the dungeon so let’s take it there later 」

「 I see 」

(Melissa gave me a tour of the guild. I walked behind her, pretending to listen to her explanation while my conscious mind gazed behind her)

(Her heeled legs are long and slender, but her thighs are plump and healthy, I definitely want a foot job)

Her hips sway from side to side as she walks, and they are so round that they’re worth a good slap.

(I’ll definitely get that hydra taken care of and get an after-work date with her!)

Takumi shows determination.


The adventurer’s guild has some pretty impressive facilities.

First, the entrance hall with the reception office. It’s a vibrant place where adventurer’s guild.

From there, two corridors extend in a “U” shape, one of which is lined with first-aid rooms and administrative offices.

As the tour reached the climax, they were finally led to the dead end of the corridor

「 We use this room as storage. People don’t come here usually 」

「 I see 」

「 Why don’t we go in, Takumi-san? 」

「 Yeah, sure 」

Melissa pressed her lips with her finger then opened the door to the room with a mischievous smile.

The room has an unused sofa and desk. It’s an ordinary storage.

Then, a click was heard in the room. It was the sound of Melissa locking the door and a late realization.

「 Phew, finally, we’re alone 」

「 Huh 」

The heels made some clacking sound and she sat on the desk. The way she crossed her legs and smiled bewitchingly was chillingly sexy.

The polite receptionist suddenly shows a different face.

「 This place is called the back reception area 」

「 Back reception? 」

That’s overly shady and yet wild.

Once again, Takumi’s heart was filled with wicked anticipation. And this time, he was correct.

「 Receptionists at the guild are chosen for their looks. Of course, one reason is to keep the adventurers around, but the pay isn’t great for that 」

As if to show off, she crossed her legs and gave a glimpse inside her skirt.

(It’s black!)

The old man got a glimpse of her panties. The gaze was an obvious sexual harassment, but Melissa wanted that.

「 And so, we meet up with the adventurers to get some tips…specifically, magic stones 」

「 So it’s a black market 」

A sudden dark turn.

「 Fufu, please don’t take it seriously. It’s just the adventurers who forgot to put out their magic stones to the guild, and the receptionists just happen to pick them up♡ 」

「 I see 」

(If that’s the case, I’m willing to go through that)

The problem is the reward.

「 Somehow, it’s getting hot in this room. Don’t you think so, Takumi-san? 」

「 !! 」

She pulls the scarf around her bosom and loosens the button on her chest, showing off her cleavage.

As if lured by the deep valley, Takumi stepped forward. He’s beginning to understand their system.

「 As for the magic stones, women have a lot of places where they can hide them. Nobody will find them so you don’t have to worry 」

「 I see. Well then, how about I give you a tip with this massive magic stone. Is there a place to hide this? 」

「 Ahn~♡ 」

Taking a large magic stone, he pressed it on her breasts and squeezed it between the cleavage.

「 Ufufu, my thanks!♪ Oh my, the magic stone fell off… Can you pick it up? 」

「 That’s terrible. It’s a rare magic stone, we need to look for it 」

The blazer and buttons popped off to reveal the receptionist’s body.

The contrast between the fair smooth skin and the black bra is stunning.

Taking off her bra with trembling hands, her soft big breasts spill out.

「 Hmmm, I wonder if there’s anything left in the gaps? 」

「 Ahn, your hands are moving lewdly, hmm!! 」

Melissa’s breasts were what you call marshmallow breasts. It’s so soft, and when I entwine my fingers with it, it sinks in.

Takumi pulled both breasts to the side and stuck his face on her cleavage, puffing away.

Of course, he didn’t find any magic stone, but he was happy.

「 Hmm, maybe it’s here? Well then, how about we look below…Oh, here? 」

He found a magic stone wedged between her skirt and lower abdomen, below her beautiful navel.

But the old man harasser shakes his fingers on purpose and shoves them under her skirt.

「 Aha ♡ Takumi-san, no pranks 」

「 My bad, my hand slipped. This is troubling, it’s far deeper than I thought 」

In fact, he’s sure it went deeper as it rolled under her panty.

Takumi who feigns ignorance has one goal.

「 Geez, that’s a delicate spot, so please be gentle when searching, okay? 」

「 I’ll try 」

Lifting her skirt up, he looks under.

The panties hidden at the base of her plump thighs were lacy, an adult underwear.

He sees the magic stone, and something far more important than that.

「 Hmm, I can’t see it. I need to take this fabric off… 」

「 Ahn~ 」

He reached around her waist, pulled down her panty, and felt a transparent thread running between them.

The valley, which is covered in a whisp of pink bush–like her hair, has a beautiful salmon-pink entrance open and waiting for a man to enter.

「 Found it. I don’t want them to fall again so let’s put it to the side 」

He lies calmly and puts the magic stone on the table.

Then, Takumi unhooks his belt and pulls down his pants naturally.

Having an unspoken agreement with Melissa, she stares at him with a glazed smile and moist eyes.