Easy Survival Life Chapter 121 Nonstop Rain (R18)



The next day, there are no signs of the storm calming down

On the contrary, it’s saying that “we’re still going strong”

The roughness of the waves makes me feel uneasy.

「 In the meantime, we evacuated as much as we could, but… 」

「 It’s going to be tough if a tsunami comes in however 」

Mana and Eri said.

「 I don’t think there will be health issues, but there’s a lot of fear 」

We evacuated our supplies in our hideout.

Usually, it’s just placed in the large space at the entrance.

Food, tableware, and tools. When sleeping, we put our beds there.

It’s called “the square” by the group.

Now, we moved to the back of the place, which was in a different direction from the lake.

The usual dark corridors of the hideout are now brightly lit.

We prepared torches in advance for the situation.

Lighting isn’t a problem, as now there are potted torches in the aisles.

「 I can’t wait to do the dishes 」

Eri mutters as she looks outside.

「 It’s hard to fetch water from the lake when the weather is this bad. 」

The reserved dishes aren’t that much.

If this situation continues for 2 to 3 days, we’ll run out of stock.

If that happens, we’ll be using unwashed plates

「 Let’s take this opportunity to unravel the whole hideout, but that means we have to cross the lake. If so, we currently can’t do anything. 」

We’re sitting around the bonfire at the far end of the square.

We drop more wood than usual to increase the fire.

The temperatures are dropping at the same time the storms are developing.

「 We already did everything we need, so what’s left is to tough it out 」

Humans have no way to fight the raging nature.

We spend our boring time waiting for the weather to calm down.

Reading books, playing cards, napping, idle talk, and everything else.

We use any method to waste time and it became night.

「 Seriously, how long is this going to continue? 」

It’s already been over thirty hours since the storm began.

The situation outside remained the same, it shows no signs of calming.

「 Aaah! I give up! 」

Arisa walks and walks to the aisle.

「 Arisa, where are you going? 」

「 I’m sleeping! There’s nothing to do if I’m up 」


That’s definitely better than staying up.

Although the time is just probably about past 7 in the evening, going to bed was the wisest choice.

「 I’ll go to sleep too 」

「 Likewise 」

「 I’ll take a break too 」

Everyone disappeared, following Arisa.

One by one, the numbers dwindled down, and I was the only one left in the square.

「 Not sleeping? 」

「 I will stay with Shinomiya-san 」

Only Hinako left.

Hinako sticks to me, her black wavy hair swinging in the air.

Our shoulders are touching.

I put my right arm around Hinako’s shoulders.

Then, she tilts her head to mine without saying a word.

Hinako’s small head leans on my right shoulder.

「 Hinako’s really short. You’re Meiko’s sister, so how 」

「 It’s just that Onee-chan’s tall! 」

Hinako’s only about 150cm tall.

On the other hand, her sister, Meiko’s 170cm, there’s a 20cm difference.

These sisters have such different heights.

By the way, Hinako’s bigger when it comes to the breast department.

Meiko’s modestly sized, befitting her model body, but Hinako’s got some.

Although, that doesn’t mean that Hinako’s got huge tits.

Arisa and Eri are, well, yeah, they’re smaller than Mana and Karin.

「 Just doing this is giving me happiness 」

Hinako’s looking at me with an ecstatic face.

Seeing that face, my dick got energetic.

「 It’s not enough for me 」

「 Eh? Wait, Shinomiya-san?! 」

「 Don’t mind it 」

I groped Hinako’s breasts forcefully.

My right arm on her shoulder rubs it from above.

Hinako’s surprised, but she’s not resisting.

Far from it, she started gasping.

「 It’s a hard time right now…aahn 」

「 That’s why I’m horny 」

The more it’s in crisis, the more you want to procreate.

Humans, no, it’s the instinct of every living being.

「 If you moan too loudly, people will hear you 」

Hinako’s moans are quite loud.

Just from light fondling of her nipples makes her moan lewdly.

「 I-I’m sorry. 」

「 I don’t mind. That aside, let’s do it 」

I pulled down my pants.

Sagging my pants to around my ankles.

My dick has come out.

My glans is pointing at Hinako.

「 Where do you want it today? 」

「 Mouth 」

I said and grabbed the back of Hinako’s head.

Her hands slowly moved toward my penis.

Hinako opens her mouth without resistance and gets ready to accept my penis.

「 Aah, so warm 」

My dick is wrapped in Hinako’s mouth.

Feels like I’m being soaked in a hot spring with the right amount of warmth

「 Let’s get it deeper 」

「 Ngu, ngu 」

Hinako holds my dick in her mouth and changed position.

She moves in front of me and got on all fours.

She’s going to suck it from the front

「 Good, you’re doing good, Hinako 」

Today, I ejaculated prematurely like never before.

I climaxed at the same time I did when Eri first did it with me.

「 Nuu! 」

I ejaculated in no time.

The amount of ejaculation was somewhat modest.

(This looks like I could go for another round)

With that in mind, I looked down.

Hinako, who was drinking my semen deliciously, met my eyes.

I got another erection in no time.

After that, we enjoyed ourselves until round 5.