Easy Survival Life Chapter 126 Busy After the Storm



Eventually, November 30 ended without Sunshine and it’s now December.

「 「 「 「 「 Uooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! 」 」 」 」 」

We cheered wildly on the morning of December First.

「 It finally ended! 」

The storm that had been continuing for a week finally ended.

The sky was clear and the ocean reflects the sun’s rays.

It’s the best view we’ve seen in a long while.

「 Eri and Tanaka are preparing breakfast! The rest, start working 」

「 「 「 「 Oooh!! 」 」 」 」

Karin mentioned this before, there’s no denying that we could be in the eye of the storm.

Therefore, we’re already expecting a situation where the storm comes back half a day later.

We left the hideout, split up, and started working.

We check the condition of the livestock and the surroundings and replenish our food supplies.

「 The cows and chickens and the fields are all fine 」

No anomalies were found in our agriculture spot, which was our greatest concern.

Thanks to the efforts of the monkey army, the cows and chickens are in good condition.

That said, that didn’t mean that it was unscathed.

The cowshed and chicken coop were partially damaged and flooded with water.

As for the others…

「 Aaaah! The house is collapsing!! 」

The stilt house had collapsed.

It was Yoshiokada’s first work, the house had been turned into a residence for the monkey army.

「 Uki! Uki! 」

Rita speaks to Mana.

Mana then translates.

「 Rita asks when the house will be restored 」

「 Sorry but it’s pending. It’s low priority, and it consumes a lot of labor and materials, so it’ll be after the winter at the earliest. 」

「 –So he says, sorry, Rita… 」

「 Uki… 」

Rita hung his head looking disappointed.

The monkey army behind him looked sad.

「 I’ll give you a hug instead, forgive us okay? 」

Mana hugged Rita.

Rita’s face is pressed against her ample breasts.

「 Ukiki!! 」

Rita smiled, showing off its white teeth.

As expected of the pervy monkey.

「 Everyone else too 」

「 Mana gave each of them a hug 」

They’re all pervy monkeys so they recover easily.

「 Shinomiya-kun, the water wheel 」

Meiko comes over.

Behind her are Hinako, Sofia, and Amane.

「 Did it break? 」

「 I think 」

The way she phrases it concerns me

Perhaps it looks okay outside, but it’s not moving or something.

「 Let’s take a look 」

I decided to check out the waterwheel with Meiko and others.

Before that, I gave out instructions.

「 Arisa 」

「 Here! What’s up? 」

「 Tell the boys except Tanaka to repair the roofs of the cowshed and chicken coop! 」

「 Roger! 」

Arisa summons the boys and gave out my instructions.

「 Karin and Shiori, take on the farm 」

「 「 Leave it to me! 」 」

「 Mana, get the monkey army on food gathering 」

「 Roger! 」

「 「 「 Uki!! 」 」 」

I gave everyone instructions now.

「 Okay, let’s go check the waterwheels 」

Geez, there’s a lot of trouble after the storm.

The water wheel was just as expected.

There’s nothing wrong on the outside, but it’s no longer functioning.

「 I’m glad we set up the waterwheel here. We shouldn’t have problems 」

「 Can we fix it? 」

「 It’s easy? It’s not broken. A few parts must’ve slipped off 」

For us, a waterwheel is a precision machine.

Several carefully processed parts intertwined and moving.

Therefore, if you just shift the part slightly, it’ll stop.

「 I can give it a quick fix, the handicraft team can work as they see fit. Meiko, please give instructions to the two 」

「 Okay 」

Meiko returns to the hideout with Hinako and Sofia.

「 Shinomiya Hokage, what about me? 」

the only one left is Amane.

Normally, this would be just “I guess let’s have sex”

But, we don’t have time for that.

「 Amane, please check the surroundings. Maybe some animals have taken refuge during the storm. Deers in particular change their habitat from place to place, so if they’re getting closer, we need to take action 」

「 Understood. What about Sumeragi and Sasazaki? 」

「 Ignore them 」

Amane replied “I see”

She’s in agreement with me.

We don’t care about Sumeragi or Sasazaki.

I don’t think they’ll make a move in this storm.

They must’ve been busy just trying to survive the storm.

We’ll see what they’re up to when things settle down.

「 Well then, let’s get this done 」