Easy Survival Life Chapter 149 Bonus: Ladies’ Pact 3/4

At lunch, we got to taste Eri’s prototype mayonnaise.

「 Hohoo!! This is the rumored mayonnaise? Now here’s a pinch of black pepper… 」

「 Hey! Arisa! Try out the mayonnaise by itself first!! 」

「 Hahaha, I know, I was just joking! 」

Arisa scooped the mayonnaise into the wooden bowl with her fingers and popped it straight into her mouth.

Then, she hummed.

「 This tastes like Mayonnaise! It’s great! 」

「 Really?! I’m glad 」

Eri puts her hand on her chest and exhales a breath of relief.

One after another, we licked the mayonnaise.

「 Not bad 」

「 This is wonderful, Eri-dono! 」

It doesn’t look as good as the commercial product, and the taste is clearly inferior.

Even so, we call this mayonnaise amazing.

「 I’ll think of a dish where we could use this mayonnaise next time 」

「 I’m looking forward to it, 」 Arisa gives a thumbs up.

「 The availability of mayo and spices has expanded my culinary horizons. Thanks, Hokage-kun! 」

「 I should be the one thanking you for the delicious food 」

Eri and I smile at each other.

There’s no awkwardness from the attempt to flirt and get rejected.

Mana’s the same.

They treat it as if nothing happened.

So, we enjoyed our lunch today.


After lunch, our afternoon work started.

Six people left the hideout early.

Arisa, Karin, Shiori, Yoshiokada, Kageyama, and Muscle, Takahashi.

Arisa’s fishing as usual.

Meiko also held an improved fishing rod in hand, so she went to the sea.

Karin’s working with Yoshiokada to check the water mill.

Shiori and Kageyama are in charge of checking the traps set up in the river and retrieving the fish.

Then, Muscle Takahashi’s in good spirits today so he’s lumbering.

「 Eri-dono, do you have time? 」

Tanaka approaches Eri at the hideout’s open spot.

「 What’s wrong 」

「 Today’s December 24th, right? 」

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

「 It’s Christmas Eve 」

「 Oh, now that you mention that 」

Eri speaks clumsily.

She hesitated, realizing Tanaka’s intention.

「 Please spend Christmas Eve night with me! 」

Tanaka shouts loudly and bows deeply.

We turned around and stared as we heard about it.

「 H-Hey, Tanaka-kun! 」

「 I beg you! Please spend the night with me! 」

「 No, that’s not… 」

「 If you want me to beg on my knees, then I’ll do it! 」

Tanaka immediately knelt on the ground.

Then, he also shouted, “I’ll lick your shoes if need be!”

「 Oh man, you’ve done it 」

Meiko mutters.

「 I can’t watch this 」

Amane left the hideout, saying “This is pathetic”

「 He’s passionate, but that’s just… 」

Sofia’s looking disgusted too.

「 Tanaka-kun, I’m happy to hear that, but, I’m sorry 」

As expected, Eri refused Tanaka’s advances.

「 I see. Well, I know that already 」

Tanaka stood up and fixed his glasses.

Then, he immediately went to Meiko and bent his knees again.

「 Meiko-dono! The truth is I had a crush on you a long time ago! 」

「 Hey, he’s not even trying to hide it 」

I sighed.

Then, Tanaka looked at me furiously.

「 I want to have my youth too! You don’t get my worries, Shinomiya-dono! 」

「 No, I get how you feel, but you know… 」

「 Eeei! Stay out of it! I’m talking to Meiko-dono right now 」

「 Sorry, but I refuse. It’s bad that you’re not even discriminating 」

「 Gaan!! 」

Tanaa’s despair had him scrape his forehead on the ground.

However, he stood up with a nonchalant look on his face for a few seconds and he stood up.

「 This is inevitable… 」

「 What? Are you going after Hinako this time? 」

Hinako’s face turned pale as she shrieked.

「 Worry not, I won’t go after anyone 」

Tanaka began rummaging through his bag.

Then, he took out something from inside.

「 I have this with me after all! 」

That’s Byakuya’s phone.

That’s an object that’s strictly in Tanaka’s custody, and now it’s his prized possession.

「 Tanaka, you’re… 」

「 Yes, it’s exactly that! 」

Tanaka grabs the smartphone and runs out of the hideout.

「 H-Hokage, what was that about? 」

Eri asks timidly.

「 I don’t think girls should know 」

I replied with a preamble.

「 Tanaka’s just going to masturbate since it didn’t work out for him 」

Byakuya’s phone had a lot of pov porn.

The girls are all beautiful women that Byakuya had an eye for, so they’re perfect to masturbate on.

It’s a phone that supports solar charging, so he can watch as much as he wants.

「 Woah… 」

Eri’s clearly showing disgust.

The other girls are making the same face.

「 I know that’s disgusting, but since I’m a guy, I also get what Tanaka’s going through 」

「 Really? 」

「 Any unpopular guy won’t feel sorry for him. But still, it’s gross. Yes, it’s gross, but he also gets sympathy. It’s horrifyingly creepy, but… 」

I wasn’t different from Tanaka during Christmas until I came to this island.

I just lock myself in my room and jerk off to porn.

Even if it’s gross, you just think “I have no choice”

(I want to flirt with someone this Christmas Eve on this island)

I’m not as bad as Tanaka, but I also have that desire.

My libido’s boiling after Mana and Eri rejected me earlier.

The more they refuse, the hornier I get.

「 Shinomiya-kun, Shinomiya-kun 」

I’m called from behind.

I turned and saw a woman–Meiko

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 I’m the one who should ask you that 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You seem absentminded. You okay? I’ve been calling you since earlier

「 Sorry, I had something in my mind 」

「 Yeah, that’s what I said. Are you okay? 」

「 Yeah, I’m fine 」

「 Then that’s fine 」

「 What do you need by the way? 」

「 Actually, I made a fur cape the other day 」

「 Ooh 」

Behind Meiko are Hinako and Sofia looking surprised.

It seems that she did it behind the back of the two.

「 I want you to try it on if that’s okay 」

Then, Hinako’s eyes are looking grim.

I pretend not to notice it as I answer.

「 I don’t mind. As long as it’s not here 」

「 Okay, let’s go to the back. Let’s go 」

「 Got it! Let’s go! Right away! 」

My lewd fantasies got me going.

「 I’m going with Shinomiya-kun at the back, continue working 」

「 Leave it to me 」

Sofia smiled.

「 Muu 」

On the other hand, Hinako seems dissatisfied.

「 You sure, Hinako looks angry 」

I told Meiko while walking.

「 It’s not a problem. This is safe 」

「 Safe? 」

「 No, nothing. Don’t mind it 」

「 I see. I won’t 」

Meiko puts her hand in her mouth and smiles ladylikely.

Seems like the reaction I gave her was weird and funny.

I get it.

I would laugh if I were in her place too.

Usually, I’d get curious.

However, my lust is already dominating me.

My head is just full of the thought that I’m about to have sex.

Right now, my focus is nothing but sex.

As proof, my boy’s already rock-hard.

That’s just high-school boy’s lust goes.

「 A fur mantle? I wonder what it’s like. 」

I say so, but my head’s filled with the idea of having sex with Meiko.