Chapter 1 – The Morningstar

The unwilling eyes eventually opened, and the sweet ache that his body held brought a smile on his lips. He had not slept so soundly in over a month and he had missed it. He sat up and stretched his arms over his head.

The bed he was on was surrounded by a blue barrier of light. The barrier caged his vision and so he was not sure where he was. His eyes inspected it and found that it was a high-level charm barrier meant to provide a soundless and peaceful sleep. He had learned about them in a class but had never before slept inside one.

He wondered who was being so generous to him since it was a luxury he would rather not have. This kind of barrier required at least a Blue Gem to construct it. And a single Blue Gem was enough for him to live a luxurious life for a few months. However, a person’s idea of luxury depended on how rich he was. Perhaps, it meant nothing to the man who had constructed it.

Aizen got up from the bed and walked out of the barrier after stretching his stiffed body.


He was amazed by what he saw. There were shelves and shelves of books all over the place and even some hovering in the air. They were all organized in a very orderly manner. The room was big enough to call it a hall and he would have doubted it for a library if not for the essentials of a bedroom present here.

His coat was hanging on a stand in a corner and his shoes were placed on a bottom shelf by its side. He put them on before looking around this place. He searched for a door for a few minutes and found that it did not exist. Then he turned his attention towards the only study table present in this place.

He found a Blue Crystal ball on the table that held a liquefied substance inside it. The liquid kept changing its form and never returned to the same form again. Aizen had a feeling that it was not just a showpiece but something very valuable and useful. He inspected it closely by holding it in his hand but could not figure out what it was. He placed it back in its place and looked at the other things present on the table.

There was a small silver case with a Phoenix carved on it and an old book with Golden Lining that gave off an ancient feeling. There was another book with leather covering that looked very shabby. But what caught his attention was a file that had his name shimmering on it.

His brows furrowed as he opened and looked through it. To his surprise and restlessness, it was information regarding his years at The Castle of Knowledge. A ‘?’ was watermarked on the pages where his information before he came to this place was supposed to be. He felt uneasy to think that someone had been investigating him.

“Aizen!” A magnetic voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

He turned around and saw a man standing not far away from him. The man looked to be in his early twenties, had a scholarly look, and stood almost as tall as him. His snow-white hair complemented his face and his unimpeachable blue eyes reflected ancient wisdom. A smile was plastered on his face, making his already perfect features to appear even more dazzling.

From the aura that this man emanated, Aizen discerned that this man had lived for thousands of years and the blood that ran in his veins was nobler than many bloodlines. He would have normally been flustered by coming across such a man but he found no ill intentions in his eyes and there was only sincerity reflecting inside them. This helped him remain calm.

“Lord Malcolm!” He said and slightly bowed. It was not hard to figure out that the man before him was the Lord of The Castle of Knowledge.

“Dispense such ceremonies. I have never liked these things.” The man waved his hand. “Call me by my name and without any honorifics, and if not then Head-Master would do.”

“Yes, Head-Master.”

The man was way older than him and powerful beyond any person he had seen before. It felt inappropriate to take his name without any honorifics.

“Do you know what happened to you in the class?” The man questioned as he walked over and sat in his chair. He gestured Aizen to be seated and looked expectantly at him.

Aizen looked at the man and his smile. ‘There is no free lunch in the world’, he had always believed it. However, he could not wrap his head around what he wanted. His instincts told him that it was nothing harmful and so he took his seat and answered the question.

“No. My consciousness just drifted off to somewhere I am not sure of.” He replied honestly but kept the specific details out of the talk. What bugged him was why he was here and not in an Infirmary.

“I hope I have not done anything wrong. To find myself present in the Headmaster’s room after I lost my consciousness, I must say that I am worried.”

“Interesting.” Malcolm laughed at his words and looked amused.

“Well, then we shall soothe the nerves first,” Malcolm said and put his hand on the ring on his left hand. He took out a decanter and two small crystal glasses. The decanter contained a crimson-colored wine. He poured the liquor and sent the glass floating to Aizen’s side of the table.

“Have it. It’s strong though.” He said and put the glass to his mouth, gulping it down in one go.

Aizen watched and then did the same with his share. It proved to be a really bad idea. The liquor was stronger than any he had ever had and his mind buzzed.

When it finally settled, he found that his body felt much better and the little tiredness he felt after his long sleep had vanished. He could also feel his bloodline concentrate and become purer. But the change was minute and almost negligible. He looked at the mysterious wine with curiosity.

“It is good liquor.”

“Of course it is. It is called Dragon’s Bane. Liquor made from the blood of the Poison Dragon.” Head-Mastered nodded and said with a smile which then turned in a grin.

“A bane only those with special Bloodlines can handle. Some believed Noble and other Bloodlines would drop lifeless after consuming it.” He spoke casually and with happiness as if he had done nothing wrong just now.

‘A bane only those with special bloodlines can handle.’ The words echoed in Aizen’s mind. He looked blankly at the man before him who might have just poisoned him. He had not dropped dead after consuming it and this implied something he had no answer for.

Aizen had never known about his bloodline and its origin. His mother had not told him and he had stopped thinking about it when he hit puberty and did not have his awakening. A bloodline that did not have an awakening at puberty could not be special.

Did he possess such a special bloodline? The question loomed in his mind.

“I apologize, Head-Master. I do not know about the Bloodline that flows in my veins.”

He took his eyes off the man with an apologetic smile. If this was what the Head-Master wanted to know, he did not have an answer then. He wanted to know the answer unless the thing about the liquor was a joke. But he knew it was not.

“Ka’zaed Blood,” Malcolm said in a dignified tone, “That’s what you are.”

“Ka’zaed Blood?” Aizen asked.

The sudden shift in the man’s mood had left him flustered. His brows furrowed and he looked at the man for an explanation. But Malcolm only replied by pointing to his left hand.

He looked at his hand and a moment later he found it. A print of a ring was etched on his ring finger. It was a simple and elegant design with flame-like marks on the ring and a Six-Pointed Star on top.

Aizen focused on it and it appeared on his finger. He knew what this was. This was the Blood Ring. A ring that symbolized the person’s bloodline, his heritage, and his nobility.

A Blood Ring would only appear after the bloodline had its awakening. It carried within itself the bestowals the ancestors bestowed to the child on its birth. Aizen’s agitation rose as he wanted to look inside it to see if he had received any. He wanted to know more about his bloodline and why he did not have his mother’s bloodline.

“Can you tell me more about my Bloodline?”

He decided to ask Malcolm first. What was inside the ring could be explored later. A Blood Ring would always stay with its owner. It could not be taken away or accessed by anyone else, so there was no rush.

“I cannot tell you anything more than that you need to be very careful from now on. Your Bloodline would lead people to you. Some would come after your life and some after your freedom.” His words were grave but sincere. “I hope this gives you an understanding of what your Bloodline means.”

Aizen was taken aback by those words. The serious expression on Malcolm’s face made his heart uneasy. What those words implied, he understood. His Bloodline could very well seal his fate to something undesired and irreversible.

“There were people in the class when it happened. So, I guess they would be coming after me?” He was really worried now.

“They have already been taken care of. None of them would come after you.”

Malcolm drew his hand forward. The Blue Crystal ball flew to his palm. He held it and observed the ever-changing liquid forms inside it.

“This is Silent Ink. An ink that is not used to write but to Overwrite or absorb memories of people. They have all forgotten your existence and can never remember you again.”

Aizen was shocked and in disbelief. Such a dangerous and mystical tool existed and he had it in his hands a while ago. A chill ran down his spine as he imagined what could have happened if he had accidentally triggered it.

“I owe you Head-Master. I shall pay this favor back if I ever get a chance.” He was grateful to this man who has saved him from possible tragedies.

“What I did was of my own will and also because of a favor I once owed someone. I finally paid it back now. There’s no need for you to owe me for this.” He waved his hand and then shook his head. “And besides, it’s not wise to have a Ka’zaed Blood owing you any favors.”

His words had an underlying meaning but Aizen did not ask about it. He just remembered the favor he owed to this man and thought of what he needed to do from now on.

“I believe it is not safe for me to stay in The Castle now. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should go? He inquired.

He understood that he could no longer stay here or it would lead to a lot of trouble for him and also for the man in front of him. He didn’t want to put others in jeopardy for his sake. He was grateful to this man and did not want to owe him any more than he already did.

“There is only one place you will be safe in. She will be here soon, to take you to that place. You may wait for her in there.” He clicked his fingers and a Portal opened on the bookshelf behind him.


He was curious about who might the Head-Master was referring to. A voice in his memories echoed in his mind. ‘Is it her?’

“You seem already know who I am talking about. You will see her soon.”

“Is she the person you owed a favor to?” Aizen wanted to get a better understanding of what awaited him.

“She’s too young for me to owe her any favors to.” Head-Master lightly smiled and continued. “It was her Father I was indebted to.”

Aizen wanted to understand the situation better but before he could ask his question, he was told.

“You do not need to worry. You can consider her as your Family now. She is like you, a Ka’zaed Blood.” Malcolm said and smiled.

This was something he had already figured out. What he wanted to know were the dangers that awaited him. He still looked at Malcolm for an explanation.

“Aizen, she is someone who will never hurt or betray you. She is someone you can truly trust.” Malcolm said and sighed. “She has taken a great risk rushing over here just for you. Now do not keep her waiting, she is already here. Go now.”

He was still worried but from what he had been told, he felt that there was no danger in going with that girl. His instincts told him that Malcolm’s words could be trusted and he believed in his instincts more than anything.

“I shall take my leave then. Maybe we will meet some other time.” He got up from his chair and bowed slightly to the man before him.

“I forgot to ask one thing. How long have I slept for?”

He hoped that he had not added to the girl’s difficulties. She had asked him to wait for her but he had slept for several days.

“One hour,” Head-Master said with a proud smile, “But you have slept for 16 days inside that barrier. It’s my special enchantment. I call it Forever Nap.”

Aizen didn’t know what to say to this. He was surprised and shocked but just shook his head and walked towards the portal.

“Although she will never hurt you but still be careful of her. Women are complicated creatures.” Malcolm laughed and said.

A smile crept on his face when he heard these words. He was looking forward to meeting her and see what the future held for him.


“A storm will soon rage in the Two Realms.” Malcolm sighed as the portal behind him closed.

“Are you not giving a too high evaluation of him?”

A chuckle came some behind him.

“But of course, a Ka’zaed Blood with looks that could rival yours will rage a storm.” She whispered in his ear.

She had been present in the room from the start. And even Malcolm had not realized it. She was an Illusionist in a league of her own.

He turned to the lady behind him and for a moment marveled at her beauty. He was still fond of her Hazel eyes and Hair. Her ethereal face still raised his heartbeat.

And he also adored her sudden appearances that caught him off guard. After so many years together, he no longer found it creepy and even grew to expect such surprises.

“Diana, my wife, you must not tease your Husband by comparing him to others. It’s rude.” He complained and put up a serious expression.

“Huh, look who is the one to talk. Tell me, my love, do you have any idea how many times you have teased me in such a way?” She said and tried her best to match his seriousness.

Malcolm did not reply to her but caught her in his embrace. He squeezed her against him and planted a kiss on her head.

She hugged him back as her cheeks warmed up and buried her face in his chest.

“What did you mean by ‘A Storm will soon rage in the two realms’?” She inquired.

“He’s not another Ka’zaed Blood but The Morningstar.” His voice was dignified.

“WHAT?!” She separated him from his embrace and looked at him blankly.

Malcolm laughed heartily seeing her expression. She looked beautiful even with her mouth agape and eyes wide open. Her shocked expression was now one of his fondest memories.

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