Chapter 17 – (TWS) The complications and the rewards

People left the place one by one, and soon only Aizen and his group remained by the battlefield.

They all stood there in silence for a while. They had already prepared if Yuren couldn’t eliminate Mervin. Even the representatives of Ianserk Clan wouldn’t have rescued him if they killed Mervin after the duel. But he hadn’t failed. His valiance demanded to be respected.

“Farewell.” They said and returned his last greeting to them.

Just as they were about to leave the place Irina found someone coming towards them. Before they could decide on anything the person was already behind them.

They all pulled out their weapons and got ready to engage in battle.

His black hair and grey eyes were the same as Mervin, and his Elven ears proved that he was an Ianserk.

They felt a grave danger from him. Nobody said anything or made any unnecessary movements.

“I am Monroez Ianserk.” The man said lightly.

They were all terrified as they heard this name. If this man started on them, not all of them could escape alive from this place.

“What can we do for you, Lord Monroez?” Aizen calmly asked.

“Interesting” Monroez said as he looked at him. “You must be the new Morningstar.”

Aizen’s heart thumped. He had been found even from behind these masks. But before he could answer, a space channel opened right behind him. His heart calmed down as he knew it was Viara who had been monitoring the situation and had promptly opened the space channel to the Star Palace. She was already right behind him.

He gestured to the rest of them to close in as he spoke. “Yes, I am Aizen Morningstar.”

Monroez didn’t show any reaction to their movements, and he smiled and nodded his head.

“I must say that I was quite surprised when I felt Selena being transferred to the Star Palace.” He said lightly.

“Tell me about that Dryad.”

None of them answered his question and got ready to jump in the channel. They had checked and found no tracking imprints on Selena before they had transferred her to the Star Palace, they should have been more meticulous in their search, but it was too late now.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t broken my part of the deal. Selena was transferred to you without being harmed or searched for her memories.” He said and continued. “It’s just that I couldn’t help but hear the last conversation she had with Mervin and I have a distaste for making deals with people I don’t know about.”

“During their last conversation, they talked about a dryad which I believe is in your hands now.” He asked as he smiled brightly.

“Well, then you already know all about that dryad. Why are you asking us about her?” Aizen asked as his brows furrowed behind the mask he wore.

“Unfortunately, they didn’t talk about why they wanted that dryad. And I am really curious as to why Mervin would destroy an entire Star just to acquire her. It was not the case of some Femme Fatale.” He spoke lightly and curiously.

“She’s already my Shadow, Lord Monroez,” Aizen said with seriousness in his voice, “And as for why he wanted her, I can tell you that he needed her to achieve his final awakening. She’s of no use to you.”

Monroez smiled at his words, and his curiosity had only slightly diminished. “I see. I believe your words about why Mervin wanted her but I don’t believe that she’s of no use to me.”

Viara had already prepared to use all her mana to stagnate the time. Even if it would only last for a quarter of a second against someone of Monroez’s strength, it would be enough for them to escape.

Monroez had realized this, but he paid no heed to it. He wasn’t here to kill them or he would have already done so. He only wanted to know the people he was dealing with, and help his curiosity while he was at it.

“Well then, I will take my leave now.” He said and paused before seriously reminding them. “I hope you don’t do anything foolish and do hold your end of the deal. I am really curious as to how you found the Valley, but I will not ask about it. And whatever Mervin did to the Garden of Life, had nothing to do with Ianserk Clan. I hope you remember this.”

All of them nodded to him and remained vigilant.

Monroe left the place in a silvery stream of light as his last words echoed in their ears.

“Some people had felt the spatial fluctuation when Yuren passed that weapon to you. And one of them is just as strong as me. Consider these words as me repaying you if you found my actions rude.”

All of them didn’t waste any more time and quickly entered the space channel. They had no interest in knowing who was coming for them.

The atmosphere in the room was tensed. Everything had gone well, but in the end, Aizen’s identity had been revealed.

“It will be fine. As long as the world doesn’t know what Liafina is, nothing will go wrong. And besides, Monroez is unlikely to tell anyone that Mervin destroyed the Garden of Life just for a Dryad.” He said to them to ease up their nerves.

He looked at Liafina who was standing at the back with Meera. Her eyes were lost, and her face was expressionless. He decided to not bring up the Blood Shadow ceremony to her right now.

He went forward and picked up Meera in his arms and planted a light kiss on her lips. She snuggled in his embrace and hugged him tightly.

“Take her to your room and don’t leave her alone.” Aizen put her down and whispered in her ear.

She nodded and took Liafina out of the room.

He turned around to the people present in the room and smiled at them.

“Let’s rest up for some time and meet up for lunch, later. I will now head to the Moonlight Inn to receive the other dagger.” He said and gestured to Viara to lead them to the guest’s residence.

They nodded to him and followed Viara out of the room.

With them gone, only him, Lysaria, and Vienna remained in the room. Vienna wasted no time and lunged in his embrace. She hugged him tightly and stayed like that.

Both the sisters had been worried since the morning when Aizen had sent over Liafina and asked them to stay in the room to monitor the battle. They had no clue as to what had transpired on The Whistling Star, but they had complied with his command and didn’t ask anything at that time.

“You said that nothing drastic would happen. You lied to us Elder Brother.” She complained as she still held him tightly.

“I only said that the chances of anything drastic to happen were low.” Aizen planted a kiss on her head and held her against him.

“You are shameless.” Lysaria didn’t hold back her displeasure to his words.

Aizen could only lightly smile at her.

When Vienna finally let go of him, Viara had already returned to the room. She had not disturbed them and had let them stay as they were. She didn’t show any worries on her face as he had safely returned home, but Aizen knew that she was mad at him.

He turned around and opened the space channel to his suite in Moonlight Inn.

“Don’t you trust some people too much?” Viara said lightly as she came forward and stood by his side. She was mad at him and she wouldn’t just let him go there alone.

“It will be fine Viara.” He said lightly.

“I don’t think I need to warn you about putting your trust in women that don’t belong to you.” She said and stepped in the channel before him.

Aizen understood the meaning of her words. It was not just his trust in the broker but also his alliance with Keira that she disapproved of. He just shook his head and followed her.

Lysaria had also come with them and only Vienna stayed back in the room as she monitored them.

Aizen sent a message to Walden and he arrived not long after with the dagger.

He handed a letter to Aizen along with the dagger and left the room after inquiring if they needed anything.

The content of the letter made Aizen frown, and he couldn’t help but have suspicions if she was playing him. The letter incinerated and left behind a purple token.

“What’s this?” Viara asked as she looked at the token.

“It’s an invitation to an event that will take place 3 months later.” He said and stored the token in his ring.

He took out the other dagger Yuren had used in the Battle and observed them closely.

They were the same. The only exception was the crescent drawings that were mirrored.

“The thing you came for were these Daggers?” Viara looked at the weapons with intrigue.

“Yes, I needed this dagger. But didn’t know there were going to two of them.”

“But well I got something more valuable than the Daggers. I will leave these to Keira and Aaron to choose from.” He said and got up.

Viara only frowned at his words, but then she thought of Liafina and understood what he meant.

They returned to the Star Palace and had lunch together with their guests. Liafina had not come for lunch. She stayed in the room with Meera.

Aizen had then put out the things that they had acquired.

The pair of Daggers and the 3 vials that contained the Dew of Life.

Keira didn’t go forward and grab the daggers. She waited for Aaron to make his choice first.

Aaron only thought for a while and then excused himself as he picked up the Vials that contained the Dew of Life.

“I need these for some family members and the remaining could be saved for the future or exchanged with someone for a treasure that is more suited for my combat style.” He said.

He did like the dagger and wanted it as well, but in the end, the Dew of Life seemed to be the better option.

Aizen and Keira nodded to him and accepted his choice.

“The set of the Daggers belongs to you then, Princess of Zion.” Aizen lightly smiled to her as he moved the daggers to her.

Keira felt irritated at his mention of Zion again. She looked in his eyes and saw that he didn’t hold any grudge towards her, but she still couldn’t feel good in her heart.

She accepted only one dagger and moved the other back to him.

“I am fine with only one of them. You can have the other one.” She said with a smile.

Viara and Vienna frowned at her actions but didn’t say anything.

Aaron and Alexa had already found Aizen working together with Keira as strange and this only raised some more questions in their minds.

Keira seemed to have realized their thoughts and she made an excuse.

“This is just my appreciation for you. We wouldn’t have gotten all these things if we hadn’t complied with your plans.”

None of them believed her excuse, but they still nodded to her and accepted her choice. Aizen gladly accepted the dagger and stored it in his ring. He reminded himself again that Keira was a Zion and shoved away all the thoughts that were emerging in his mind.

“We all worked together in this and I am really glad to have allied with you on this deal,” Aizen said to them and continued, “Let it be a good memory, and a step towards our friendship.” He raised his glass of wine to them.

“It was a good experience. I look forward to working with you again, Lord Aizen.” Aaron said and raised his glass together with Alexa.

Keira and Irina didn’t say anything and raised their glasses as well.

They all nodded to each other and drank their share.

Aaron and Alexa were the first to take their leave and return to Dragon Aisles.

Keira seemed to have wanted to say something but after looking at Viara’s stern look, she hadn’t. She left together with Irina after only nodding to Aizen.

“She didn’t want to bid ‘Farewell’ to you,” Viara said to him.

Aizen only smiled at her words and pulled her in his embrace. He kissed her passionately and left her breathless. This behavior of hers intrigued him. She could be loveable when she was mad at him.

He pulled her in a portal with him and they both came falling on her bed. His hands were unrestrained as they undressed her to her nakedness. She didn’t refuse him and seemed just as ardent as him. She was still not skilled with her kissing technique, but she passionately responded to his demanding lips and the tongue that had invaded her mouth.

Not long after she felt him pierce inside her and enter her womb. Her moan got stuck in her throat as she still found it a little painful.

He moved his waist ever so gently as his arms squeezed her against his chest. His lips nibbled her neck and planted wet kisses. His gentleness soon gave in to his lust as he relentlessly moved inside her, answering, and he was encouraged by her rising moans.

She clawed his back and bit his shoulder as he brought her to the heights of pleasure. Her insides squeezed around his length, but his movements were not in the least merciful. She found herself in a trance and euphoria that seemed never-ending. He soon erupted deep inside her and she moaned loudly to the heat spreading inside her womb.

Aizen loosened his arms around her and helped himself on his hands. He looked at her gasping for breath with a pleasure stained face and wet eyes. He leaned in and sipped her lips gently.

“I am not done yet.” He whispered in her ear and moved again inside her.

Viara yelped and then whimpered and moaned as they indulged in the carnal pleasures. The room echoed with the sounds of their lust, and it smelt of their heated play that continued for another hour. They then fell asleep soundly in each other’s embrace.

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