Chapter 23 – (TSM) The dangers that await

“The Morningstar is in the city.”

In a room where several people were present, a petite lady with Silver hair informed them.

“Are his Empress and High Queen with him?” The man sitting in front of her on the couch asked in a husky voice.

“Only his Empress and her Shadow are with him. Other than them, there’s a little girl, but we have no information on her.” She said apologetically and continued. “Yuliya Lycan is with them as well.”

“Yuliya Lycan? That Female Alpha of the Lycan clan?” Another man asked excitedly.

“Yes.” The lady replied respectfully.

“So what are we going to do, Ares?” He couldn’t hide his excitement.

The man did not answer his question. His focus was on the silver-haired girl.

“What has he been doing in the City?” He asked in his husky voice.

“He’s been shopping with the girls and had taken part in Auctions. Last night, he was the one who won those Direwolves.” The girl answered.

Ares only nodded to her and then smiled brightly.

“Fenris Lycan is up to something. But I don’t think that Morningstar is here to join the war.” He said as he tossed the coin in his hand and observed the face it landed with.

“Where is he staying at?” He asked.

“Moonlight Inn” The girl answered.

The man frowned and then gave his order.

“Keep a watch on him and try to figure out what he is up to.”

The girl bowed respectfully and left the room.

“Control your excitement, Victor. We are here for something else, and must I remind you that I don’t like to suffer a loss?” He said to the man who was looking at him with ardent eyes.

“But it may be our best shot at capturing him and his empress,” Victor argued.

“Ka’zaed Blood are not easy to catch. They will just escape if we move without making proper preparations.”

Seeing that Victor didn’t argue his words this time, he smiled and continued.

“Right now, we don’t have time for that. But if he does present us with an opportunity, we will go forth and capture him.” There was no change in his husky voice, and he then closed his eyes.


Aizen held them in his arms as the slept soundly with their heads nestled on his chest.

It was a few hours ago when he woke up to the shower of kisses from Viara. Things had escalated quickly the moment he found that she wasn’t wearing a thing. When his eyes looked behind her, Liafina was there in the same state. At first, he thought that he was dreaming, but the warmth and softness of their bodies told his blurry mind that it wasn’t a dream. He let Viara take the charge as she undid his trousers and straddled him. The warmth and wet tightness enveloped him, and the lust in his loins was teased and excited by her.

His mouth had been caught by Liafina. She played with his tongue and filled him with her taste and scent. Viara spasmed and clamped around his hardness, and her moans filled the room. When she separated from him, he had lunged on Liafina and buried himself deep inside her. Her sweet gasps and moans invited him, and he ravished her with his deep thrusts. She trembled in his embrace and moaned and gasped near his ear. He erupted deep inside her when he couldn’t hold it anymore.

He wasn’t tired and the fire in his loins burned brightly. He pushed Viara face down on the bed and pounded inside her with force and urgency. Her knees fell soft soon under his assault, and he had then embraced her back to support her as his movements became urgent. He wanted to paint her insides with his essence, and the urge to do that was fueled by her muffled moans. He had burst inside her womb, and his fingers dug in her soft flesh leaving marks behind. Their fray had continued until both the girls were utterly tired and had fallen asleep.

His lust had not subsided completely, and as he recalled what had transpired earlier, it only made it unbearable. He did not have the heart to disturb their sound sleep and bore the pain. He closed his eyes and thought of how he was going to deal with the Azereus and the reason he had come here for. And soon his mind had drifted off to memories that made him smile, but then a tear slipped out from the corner of his eye. He had felt Liafina’s arm tighten around him, and his thoughts broke. He nuzzled her soft hair and soon fell asleep.

The puppies had been sent to the Star Palace last night after they had been fed. He was told at the Lunch table at how they hadn’t explained to Vienna about the reason to open the space channel. They had just sent the basket of puppies to surprise her. Aizen could only imagine her reaction to the present she received. What he was sure of was that she hadn’t slept last light, and had stayed up with Meera and Ayana to play with those puppies.

Moonlight Inn had a Tailoring House as their facility. Viara had last night called up Melia and handed her the Ardinum and the Battlesuits to be plated. They would receive them tonight, and the next morning they would leave for The Sky Mountain.

Aizen was not sure as to what to think of Viara’s behavior. She had felt uneasy at the Inn when they had arrived, but now she started taking advantage of the privileges they were entitled to and more. She had even asked Melia to provide them with the coordinates of the Sky Mountain in which Azereus resided. This information was something that was secret of the organization, and could also be against their customer policy. It was something even Aizen hadn’t asked for since he felt that it was inappropriate. The thing he was sure of was that she had not taken down her guard, and had not accepted him trusting that Lady so much. What she was up to, only she could tell.

Lysaria would occasionally converse with Yuliya, and what they most talked about was stuff related to weapons and armors and battle techniques. It was obvious that they both loved battling. And the interesting thing was that their Elements were the same. Yuliya excelled in her darkness element and Lysaria in her earth element.

The day was spent just like this. All of them just idled around and chatted. Yuliya told them about her differences with the Lycan clan when Viara had asked about it. The things she talked about were mostly on how useless her brothers were, and how suffocated she felt being ordered about by the future Alpha.

She had wanted to lead the clan and be named the Future Alpha. Her Father had not appreciated it when she had announced her ambitions. She was given the choice to marry her brother or her father if she cared about the clan. But she had refused them both. And here she was sold off to the Star Palace.

All of them listened to what she had said, but could not tell who was in wrong here. Lycan Clan had always been patriarchal, and there were reasons for that. Firstly, female alphas were rarely born. Then there was the thing that Female Alphas tended to be more eccentric than the Male Alphas, and they needed to rely on their husbands to soothe their hearts.

An Alpha was required to keep all the branch families in control, and that meant that as a Future Alpha, she would have had to take husbands from different families. This would have created a lot of problems. Their relations that had been built with other clans would have been jeopardized as well. A clan that has always been patriarchal could never have a Matriarch. Similarly, the clans like Azereus that have always been Matriarchal could not just have a Patriarch one day. Their roots needed to be eliminated to bring this change, and that was only possible if the clan had been destroyed and only those people remained that could be subjugated.

They couldn’t help but feel that her Father’s decision to expel her from the clan and trade her off was for the best. She would have harmed the clan with her ambitions. Viara worriedly looked at Aizen as she feared that Yuliya was not going to be easy to handle. He only nodded to her. and his smile had never left his face. She couldn’t help but wonder what was cooking in his mind.

“Why are we going to The Sky Mountain? Don’t you want to tell us now?” Lysaria asked as she changed the topic.

“I want to take away someone that resides in the Azereus clan.” Aizen lightly said and the smile on his face had paled.

“Who do you plan to take away?” Viara asked worriedly.

“The little princess Fenris had mentioned. From his words, she sounds like she’s special.” He answered as he closed his eyes and sank back on the couch.

“That’s exactly what my Father wants you to do. That is why he told you about her. Why are you going on with his plans?” Yuliya asked curiously, but her eyes held more than just that. They held disdain.

Aizen opened his eyes and looked straight in her black eyes. His pupils turned to a star, and Yuliya felt her heart constrict.

“Your Father plans on using me to help him cope with the Azereus Clan. I know very well that he has no good intentions towards me” He paused and smiled. The pressure on her heart vanished.

“I have my reasons for going there. Beautiful women are my only weakness.” He playfully winked at her and closed his eyes again.

Yuliya felt quite flustered by what had just happened. She had looked down on him for falling in her Father’s plans. The constriction she had felt on her heart had scared her. It was not exactly Spirit Manipulation, but something similar and her Spiritual Manipulation ability couldn’t wear it off. No one else in the room had realized what had happened to her. But she had gotten his message. He didn’t like to be looked down upon.

There was still an hour in dinner when Melia came to deliver their Battle Suits and the Information they had asked for. Surprisingly, she also handed Viara the coordinates of the Mountains that Azereus resided on. And Viara had her questioning eyes locked on Aizen.

Aizen looked at the information regarding the Azereus clan and frowned. The file was quite detailed. Every major financial transaction was mentioned, including the previous night’s auctions. There were also some speculations and the list of forces currently present in the Snowfield city. One thing was clear. A war was about to break out, and many powers were going to get involved.

He felt that they had two choices now. The first was to head to The Sky Mountain and ask to be allowed in. Which now seemed like a bad idea to Aizen as the information provided to him showed how dangerous the situation was. The other option was to crash in the Mountains that Azereus resided in with the coordinates they had received. The danger lied with either option. It was better to just forget about going there and not get involved in the Fray, but Aizen couldn’t bring his heart to do so. He needed to take away that girl before the war breaks out.

“We will head back to the Star Palace after dinner. And directly go to the coordinates you have received.” He handed Viara the file and then headed to his room.


They came out of the channel on a platform carved on a summit between ice-capped mountains. There was only silence and coldness that would burn you if slacked even for a bit. The only light was provided by the full moon and the stars that could be seen from here. The Sky Mountains, the ones this star was named after, could be seen from here. And their peaks pierced the Sky.

Aizen nodded to the group and took back the elements that hid their existence. The space channel behind them vanished, but Vienna was present in the core room to open it at any moment they came in danger. The moment they retracted their elements, the howls of the wolves rose and echoed in the Mountains. They couldn’t see or hear them approach, but they could feel. Not long after, they were surrounded by the pack of White wolves that stood at least a a dozen feet tall. There were also four adult Direwolves, strong and majestic, and each had taken a position in the four directions.

Aizen looked at the Azereus and then to the Direwolves. The beasts were about 3 times bigger than the Monsters. The eyes of the Direwolves were all red, which was different from the Azereus that had grey eyes. The Monsters were quite on the lean side and looked more beautiful than the beasts. Another distinctive feature was that the Direwolves all had differently shaped markings on their heads. The markings were natural just like those puppies had kite-shaped markings. Azereus had a coat as white as snow with not a bit of dirt on it.

There was only silence as the hosts faced the intruders not keeping back the displeasure, anger, and alertness in their eyes. They had closed all their escape routes and now stood there awaiting the arrival of an Alpha.

“Huh” Yuliya scoffed at the sight of them being surrounded and her lips curved in a bright grin.

Aizen didn’t need to turn around, he could feel that she was seething with excitement and wanted to battle. She was only at the peak of Ancient Blood and was no match for the enemies that outnumbered them and of which everyone was at least an Ancestral Blood, A realm higher than her in strength.

The only reasons why they had not been attacked yet were because Liafina didn’t hide her aura that was clearly of someone in the False-Origin phase. And Viara was almost in False-origin and held two blue orbs of Light element in her hands. The danger that these concentered orbs of Light contained was seen by the enemies, and so they had only encircled them and had not come forward.

An opening in the encirclement appeared when the Azereus stepped aside. Three wolves with blue eyes climbed on the platform and advanced. Their blue eyes were the sign of them being Alphas, and the strength they exuded was of intermediate False-Origin. They arrived and stopped a step ahead of their clansmen. The cold blue eyes scanned the five intruders and then stayed on Aizen. He wore his perfect smile and calmly looked at the three of them.

The wolves stepped forward and then magically turned into three ladies that wore white gowns. It was the first time Aizen had seen a Monster Blood transform before his eyes, and he was quite fascinated. It all seemed so natural that one wouldn’t question how a wolf could turn into a woman just like that. He hadn’t tried taking on his Wolf manifestation and didn’t feel like doing so either.

The three Azereus alphas before him were all beautiful, and their snow colored hair complemented their bright blue eyes. They held a charm that could make men admire their beauty, and their eyes held a pride that could make people lower their heads in shame. But none of it was going to work on Aizen.

“State your Identities and your Business for intruding in our Territory.” The lady that stood in the middle asked threateningly.

Aizen didn’t like her tone and his smile froze. She was stunningly beautiful, but her rudeness was a turn-off. His pupils took the form of a Star, and wisps of Black Flame emerged on his body.

“You have a treasure that belongs to my Mother.”

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