Chapter 31 – The shy and confident

The blood of the wolves soaked her, and their helplessness excited her. She was toying with them in that cage of darkness and the one by her side was her partner in this sin. It was a strange feeling, there was no sound of their screams but the expressions on their faces served as a wailing song. Her blood boiled, and the aching pain of her mind and body only added to the thrill of playing with her prey.

The scene changed and her heart thumped hard against her chest. This time there were screams, and her entire body trembled in fear. She was in a valley, which was half destroyed, and before her eyes were her parents fighting the enemies. They were soaked in blood, and it was not just the blood of their enemies. They were dying, and their pale and tired faces announced it.

She wanted to rush in but she realized that she was only 4 years old and her immature body did not have the strength to save them.

“Mother!” she cried her heart out.

Tears streamed down her face as she watched the head of her mother separate from the body. Her father’s war-cry shook the heavens as his rage emanated in it. He rushed in the horde of the enemies that surrounded her mother’s corpse. For a moment she felt like she was in her mother’s warm embrace. But that embrace soon turned cold as she was dragged into a space portal.

Lysaria’s eyes snapped open, and she shot up to sit but an arm, tightly wrapped around her, held her in place. When she breathed his familiar scent, her heart calmed down. She stayed there in his embrace and soon let her tears out that she had kept in her heart for 17 years. Perhaps, it was the side-effect of using the berserk ability that her mind only recalled the bloodshed and painful memories. But she wanted to cry these tears in his embrace.

He didn’t stop her but soothed her back and squeezed her in his embrace. When the tears finally stopped, she looked up at him and found his eyes locked on her. She hurriedly buried her face back in his embrace as she didn’t want him to see her in the ugly state she was in.

However, he had some other plans. He stroked her head and then lifted her face, making her look at him. She wanted to struggle free, but his words stopped her.

“You are beautiful.” He said and wiped away the wetness from her cheeks.

He cupped them lovingly and leaned in to plant a kiss on her forehead.


She shook her head and rested her head back on his chest.

“Well, I am hungry.” He teased her.

She knew he was teasing her but still couldn’t stop herself from lightly smacking a punch on his chest. He was almost always hungry. Her cheeks warmed up when she heard him chuckle near her ear. His steady yet firm heartbeat that she could hear only added to her embarrassment.

“So my wife has finally come to like her husband’s embrace,” Aizen whispered, “It makes me happy.”

Lysaria had long ago come to like his playful behavior but always put up the irritated expression to not give him the satisfaction. But today, she just wanted to hear him say more and not complain.

His arms tightened around her, and then his hand gently roamed over her back. Her heart was sweet, but then when he grabbed her ass and squeezed it, she wanted to smack him another punch, a harder one. But she didn’t and the anticipation in her heart rose. She just felt her body warming up and she wanted him to do more than just to hold her in his embrace.

Her wish was answered as his hand entered the hem of her chemise and stroked her naked thigh. The heat that started building up inside her made her uncomfortable.

“Aizen, I…” She looked up to him to tell him something but found herself at a loss of words.

However, he seemed to have understood her as he sat up and pulled her in his lap. He placed his lips on her lips and kissed her gently. This was the third time he had kissed her, and this was the first time she responded to it. She didn’t know how to kiss and clumsily followed his lead.

When their lips separated, there was urgency in their bodies and lust sparkling in their eyes. He helped her out of her chemise and captured her lips again. Their tongues mingled as he laid her down and pressed his weight on her.

She was left breathless when he parted with her lips. He planted wet kisses down her neck, on her chest, and then his lips captured her breast. His tongue swirled around her nipple and she trembled in the tickling ache. He sucked on her breasts heartily and her hand encouragingly grabbed his hair and guided him. An alien feeling started to build up inside her womb and then she felt her insides get wet. She was ashamed but wanted to feel more of this feeling.

He sat up and his eyes ran over her body. She wanted to cover her body in shame, but the admiration in his eyes incited her lust and made her shameless. He helped her out of her panties and then his head was buried inside her thighs. Her mind went blank when his tongue touched her flower and her body shuddered in a pleasure that kept building up. And when her impending orgasm finally arrived, she screamed and moaned without any restraints.

She gasped for breath and looked at him with her misty vision. She watched as he got out of his sleepwear and the sight of his perfect physique made her invitingly open her legs. She knew that she was showing a dirty side to him, but at this moment she only wanted him to make her his woman.

“Come.” She urged him and drew her arms to him.

He seemed to be bearing the pain of lust too as he urgently got between her legs and in her embrace. She felt something hot touch her flower and fear finally struck her. It seemed too big to fit inside her. But before she could say something her mouth was blocked by his lips and he pierced inside her.

“Argh.” She nearly bit his tongue in pain.

Her eyes were locked in his night blue eyes, and she felt him painfully invade her insides.


The hindrance that blocked his path was torn by him, and the pain made her scream her lungs out.

“It hurts!”

She smacked his chest with her powerless punches and cried.

However, he didn’t stop as he kept invading her depths until he hit the entrance of her womb.

“Sssshhh.” He sipped off her tears and showered kisses on her face.

The pain was still burning, but the sweetness in her heart made it bearable. But it was only until he started to move, it hurt even more when he did. She didn’t stop him and bore it. Her eyes stayed on his face that reflected the pleasure she provided him.

His gentle movement turned fiercer, and with it, her insides secreted juices to cater to his assault. She started to feel pleasure in that pain and her moans escaped her mouth.

She screamed his name out loud when she reached the peak, but he seemed to not have come yet. He kept pounding inside her and she encouraged him with her moans and locked her legs around his waist. And just when her mind went blank again, pain shot her as he broke his way in her womb. He erupted inside her and warmth spread in her womb. The pain and pleasure made it unbearable for her, and her scream was inaudible this time. She tightly held him in her embrace as she feared he would escape from her insides. She wanted him to stay there and feel his shuddering body against her skin.

The remaining strength of her body seemed to leave her as she felt him move inside her again. He sipped her lips as their gasps and tongues mingled. She left herself at his mercy and let him ravish her to his heart’s content. She realized something today that there was no place she had ever felt safer than how she felt in his embrace.

She moaned happily to the pleasure he gave her and catered his movements in the hope that her body would provide him comfort and pleasure. But he just didn’t seem to get tired and after some time her consciousness escaped against her will. And she fell in her dreamland taking his image with her.

This time there were no nightmares. When she woke up, her aching body reminded her of what had happened. A sweet smile adorned her face as she found him sleeping soundly by her side. She wanted to stay in bed and observe his face, but the feeling of dried blood on her flower and the inside of her thighs told her she needed to take a bath. She planted a kiss on his cheek and carefully sneaked out of the bed to not disturb his sleep. Her eyes landed on the blood flower stained on the white sheets and she decided to keep these sheets later in her blood ring as a commemoration.

The bath had made her mood brighter, and she just couldn’t stop smiling. However, when she left his room, she willed herself to wear a serious expression. She didn’t want her sisters to see her in this state and bombard her with questions. She’d feel too embarrassed because she always acted as if she would never let him have her body and her resolve had broken just within three months.

However, the moment she entered the living room, she was in for a surprise.

“Ria Sister!”

A stream of light flashed and the next moment she was being hugged by Vienna.

The smug look on her face scared Lysaria and her cheeks warmed up.

“Tell us how it happened!” Vienna excitedly asked.

“H-how what happened?” Even she felt silly at how she said it.

“Come on! There’s no use hiding it!” Meera appeared by her side and hugged her from behind. “We all heard you screaming and moaning so loudly!”

“Ria Sister has no shame!” Vienna commented and mischievously winked.

Lysaria was sure that her face was red because she had never been so embarrassed in her life before. She remembered how she had moaned and screamed and it only added to her embarrassment. However, she did not feel a bit repulsed because those that she showed this side to were her sisters. She was just embarrassed.

“Stop spouting nonsense!” She pushed them off and glared at them, but it just didn’t seem to work.

“Hehe… So you are saying that it wasn’t you that kept shouting, ‘Aizen’… ‘Aizen’…?” Vienna pouted and said. “We all heard it!”

“Yes, yes. Even Xiena sister was walking by and heard it as well.” Meera laughed and said. “But she didn’t stay there and ran away.” It sounded as if she was disappointed that Xiena didn’t stay with them.

“Was Ayana there as well?”

“Yes! She stayed with us like a good girl.” Meera proudly answered nodding her head.

Lysaria realized that her image had been destroyed forever. And then she just gave in as Vienna grabbed her arm and led her to the couch. Both of them made her narrate every detail of what had happened and seeing that they weren’t even ashamed, talking about it, she felt even more embarrassed.

“So, Elder Brother made Ria sister faint too. Good, good.” Meera nodded her head and seemed to be seriously thinking about something.

Lysaria had no plans to listen to what was running in her wild mind. She felt Vienna place her hand on her abdomen and when she looked at her, she found her concentrating on something.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Oh, I have been studying the magic Elder Brother uses. He taught it to me, and so I was checking if he had used it on you as well.”

“What magic?” Lysaria was curious.

“Elder Brother used it on us after our first night and sealed a seed in our womb. We can take off the seal whenever we want and have his baby. He said it was his gift to us.” Vienna said and shied her eyes away.

Lysaria would have been surprised seeing Vienna feel embarrassed, but right now her mind was somewhere else. And there was an expectation in her heart.

“Did he?” She didn’t know how to ask it, and it was almost a whisper.

Vienna leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Yes, he did.” She smiled sweetly and said.

She was glad that this time both of them hadn’t teased her. Her hand touched the place where Vienna had checked, and her heart warmed up. She wanted to rush in his embrace and just stay there. She was happy, and this was the best day of her life.

Vienna and Meera engaged in a conversation of their own and Lysaria decided to see Viara. However, she felt from her bond that Viara was nowhere in the Star Palace. The last time she had gone out of the Star Palace without her, had resulted in Elysa Lycan’s death. Her master was a lady of temper, and she knew it better than anyone else.

“Vienna” She looked at her and worriedly asked. “Where is Viara?”

Vienna and Meera both looked at her and stayed silent for some time.

“She has gone somewhere together with Liafina.” Vienna said and sighed before continuing, “She was mad at Elder Brother, and she fought with him 3 days ago after everyone returned from The Sky Mountains.”

Lysaria was shocked when she heard this. For Viara to argue or fight with Aizen meant that something big had happened. And she had a feeling that it was related to Jalaisha.

“What happened?” She asked.

“The Morningstar found his second High-Queen!” Vienna said, and a solemn expression adorned her face.

Lysaria nearly shot up on her feet in surprise. This was a serious matter, and it was something none of them had seen coming.

“Is it something bad?” She asked as the serious expression on Vienna’s face made her heart sink a little.

“No. I trust Elder Brother. It’s just that this lady is a unique existence and all of us have to improve ourselves if we want to stand by her side.” Vienna said and then her cheerful smile was back.

Lysaria knew how intelligent Vienna was, and if she believed that it was nothing worse then it really must not be. Her worries, however, were more about what Viara intended to do.

“Is it Jalaisha?” She asked.

“No” Vienna smiled cheerfully and shook her head.

“It’s her Master!” Meera added and then Vienna revealed it.

“It’s Arianna Lucifer.”

She had lightly said the name but it thundered in Lysaria’s mind.

“What?!” She cried out in shock.

She dumbfoundedly looked at the High-Queen before her and just could not understand why she was not worried.

“Tell me what happened after I fainted.” She calmed down her restless heart and asked.

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