Chapter 32 – A Guardian’s oath, and the promise of Love

The stars in the sky-roof flickered under the melody that he played on the piano. There was a pain in it, there was pride, and there was the rage. He loved playing this instrument as he always felt that it could be used to convey every emotion he holds in his heart.

The pain of a Morningstar was his own. No one could ever understand it. Even he didn’t understand why sometimes his heart felt heavy, heavier than he could handle.

The outbreak of Viara had hurt him. He didn’t want to see her sad, but she cried that day and questioned if he even thought of her as his Empress. Her words were said in a rage, but it still hurt him. Back then he was just too tired to argue with her and left to sleep in his room. And he had slept for 2 entire days holding Lysaria in his arms. But now he wished he had talked it out with her.

And then in the morning today, Lysaria had burst in a fit of hysteria. Aizen didn’t know what nightmare she was having, but the way she kept screaming for her parents, he understood what it was about. He tried to wake her up but couldn’t. His heart hurt more, and he could only hold her tight in his embrace, hoping she would soon wake up. She did wake up soon enough and what followed was one of his most beautiful memories.

His fingers danced on the keys as he recalled what had happened in the morning. A smile adorned his face and the rhythm of the tune shifted from melancholic to romantic. And when the song was about to end, his mind recalled the content of the memory stone Arianna sent him a few hours ago.

The song changed to that of a battle-cry and valor. The tune was dignified, it was crazed, and then it was just chaos. The hearts of those present in the Star Hall trembled as this chaotic tune entered their ears. And for an unknown reason, their blood boiled in pride and their hearts beat in reverence.

Aizen stopped playing the piano and closed his eyes. He sighed, and his sigh pressed a weight on the hearts of everyone. He walked over and faced those that were present before him. He ran his gaze over the Azereus and then to where his wives were. The sweet smile on Vienna’s face calmed his heart down, and the solemn faces of Akira and Lyla, made him sigh again.

“The tragedy of the Snow Wolf, that’s what they named the war of The Sky Mountains.” Aizen’s voice was loud and clear. “The war came to an end a few hours ago.”

“Your family members died, all of them.” He said and stopped.

The eyes of the Azereus lowered in sadness and silence lasted in the hall for a while.

“The two hundred and sixty Azereus died battling against an army of fifteen hundred. And they took a thousand enemies with them to death.” He didn’t hold back the reverence in his voice. “They dyed the snow on The Sky Mountains in their enemy’s blood.”

The crowd looked at him in disbelief but seeing the reverence reflecting on his face, tears slipped down their eyes, and their blood boiled in pride.

“The enemy won the battle, but lost the war.” He raised his voice. “The loss they were made to suffer can never be compensated with what they gained from this war.”

“Renera Azereus fought alone against 13 True-Origin Monsters.” Aizen’s voice lowered as he spoke his next words. “She only took her last breath after killing every one of them.”

“Her name is now a whisper of terror and valor and will forever remain so. Remembered and Revered!”

The light in the Star Hall flickered under the rhythm of his heartbeat. The aura of the Azereus shivered, and their eyes had pride together with the sorrow.

Aizen could just see that these 28 Azereus before him were going to grow into a force that could not be looked down upon. They were the people their entire clan sacrificed themselves for. They were their hope and pride. And he felt like Renera had done a favor to him that he could never repay. All he could do now was look after them and never treat them unjustly.

His eyes glanced at Akira and Lyla, and he clearly understood the intentions of Renera. She was not just strong but clever as well. His Empress and first High-Queen had Azereus as their Knights. And these Knights were his wives, not mistresses. The status of Azereus among the Guardian Families of Star Palace would never be low. Others wouldn’t even be able to compete with them.

“Lord Aizen.” Zeros stepped forward and politely bowed. “We are ready to take the oath of the Guardian.”

Aizen looked at them and saw that they were all prepared to take this oath. There was no displeasure in their expressions. There was just pride.

“Before you decide on it, there’s something you all need to know.” He didn’t want to keep his people in dark.

All Azereus attentively looked at him, waiting to hear what he had to say.

“I am responsible for hastening this War that fell on your clan. I did it for my reasons. I had a grudge against your clan, and I wanted it destroyed.”

His words surprised the Azereus, and they all had confused expressions on their faces.

“Did my Mother know of this before she left us to you?” Zeros only asked one question.

“Yes.” Aizen nodded and said.

“Thank you for telling us this, Lord Aizen. But I have faith in my Mother’s decision, and I can see that you don’t have any ill intentions towards us.” There seemed to be no reluctance in his voice, and he seemed just as prepared to take the oath as before.

The rest of the Azereus nodded their heads and looked at him to go forth with the Oath-taking ceremony.

Aizen nodded back to them and raised his hand to the sky-roof. An opening in the roof presented and then a giant book descended on the platform. It was as about 4 feet high and 8 feet wide. The book opened as the pages flipped, giving a rustling sound. A blank page appeared, and a six-pointed star was water-marked on it.

He pricked his thumb with a knife and dropped his blood on the star. The book gave off a red light before it subsided and the star on the page vanished. Words appeared on it, and he sent the book flying to Zeros after reading them.

Zeros read through the words and nodded. He took out a knife and cut his palm. He placed his blood-soaked hand on the page.

“Say with me,” He told the Azereus behind him and synchronized with them through their mental connection.

“He is our Lord and his Blood is Chaos. He is the Morningstar!”

“The Blood of Azereus vows to forever stay loyal to the Star Palace!”

“We are the guardians of this Palace and we will protect it and the family of the Morningstar, with our lives!”

“If the Star Palace falls, we fall with it!”

“We will never abandon our Lord even if it’s death he wants us to accompany him to.”

“Those who break these vows are not of our Blood and their fate is death!”

“We are the Frozen-Blood! We are the Wolves! We are the pride of our Ancestors!”

“And now we belong to Him, from this day until the end of time!”

The oath was taken and marked by each and every one of them with their blood.

The Book of Oath closed on its own and ascended back to where it came from.

“The only thing I can promise you is that I will never treat you unjustly,” Aizen said to them.

“We are grateful, and this promise is enough for us.” Zeros respectfully bowed and the rest of the Azereus followed suit.

They all had dinner on that same table and many young Azereus were informed by Arthur about the history and customs of the Star Palace. Aizen had stayed even after finishing his dinner and had accompanied them until they were all done.

The Azereus took their leave and returned to their Castle. Arthur and Marylyn were about to take their leave as well, but Aizen stopped them.

“Sir Arthur, you two will accompany me to the living room.”

There was something he had wanted to do now that situation was a little better than before. He had already decided on it long ago, but the right time had not presented itself.

When they arrived in the living room, both of them looked at him curiously. Aizen smiled lightly to them and took two vials out of his ring.

He handed one to each of them and observed their reaction. Of course, they had recognized it.

“Lord Morningstar, T-this…” Marylyn stuttered as she felt the power of the Origin-Blood.

“Yes, two drops of the Silverborn Origin Blood.” Aizen nodded. “I want you to consume them.”

Arthur seemed to have already understood his intentions and tried to return his Vial.

“Only one will do. We can share half drop between us.” He said respectfully. “You can give this to Meera.”

Aizen refused to take it and shook his head. “Yes, I have only two of these, and I want you two to take them.”

“But…” Marylyn stopped before continuing her words. “Meera needs it more than us. She’s your wife and shadow of your High-Queen. This will increase her strength and help you as well.”

Aizen was happy to see them caring about their daughter, but there was no need for Meera to take it.

“She does not need it,” Aizen told them. “She’s the wife of a Morningstar. Her strength is already rising, and Final awakening is not a problem for her.”

They both finally understood it, and Marylyn lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Consume it.”

“Right now?” Arthur asked surprisedly.


“But… If we consume it, then we may be asleep for several years. Is it the right time for this?”

“It may not be the right time, but it is the time that I need you to take it.” Aizen sighed and said. “The Silverborn family is the guardian of Star Palace, and right now there are only two of you. I need you to become powerful.”

Seeing that they finally understood it, he nodded to them to take it.

Arthur and Marylyn both opened the vials and downed that drop of Blood.

Their Auras became chaotic, and a silver hue of light engulfed them. Their facial expressions were quite funny, and he enjoyed watching them.

“And remember. When you wake up, the first thing I want you to do is to make babies.” Aizen laughed and said before they both fell asleep.

He then teleported them to their Castle and walked to where his wives were. He had observed Lysaria avoiding his gaze earlier, and the blush on her cheeks excited him. He wanted to tease her some more. He was quite surprised to see how unrestrained this Valkyrie was in the bed. Well, all of his wives were, but he hadn’t expected Lysaria to be the same.

He found them all gathered in the living room reserved to the ladies of this Palace. Vienna and Xiena seemed to be discussing something, and the rest were listening to them. Their eyes locked on him when he entered the room, and the way they looked at him was as if he was their prey. It surprised him, and for a moment he thought if he shouldn’t have come here to disturb their discussion.

“What were you discussing?” He asked though he had already heard a few words and had gotten the idea.

“We were discussing who will accompany you to The Central State to meet sister Arianna.” Vienna smiled cheerfully and said.

Aizen nodded to her and looked at Lyla and Akira. “I want you two to come with me.”

They were surprised to hear his words. Lyla only nodded to him and turned away her eyes, but Akira looked curious.

“You don’t want to?” Aizen smiled and asked.

“No, I just…” Akira blushed and lowered her head.

“Well then, you will be coming with me.” He said and saw her nod.

A light flashed, and then Vienna was in his bosom. Her lips pressed on his, and she softly kissed him. She was no less than a succubus. Just the touch of her incited his lust. And there was more to that. Every time he held her in his arms, his worries just seemed to fade away.

He responded to her kiss aggressively and locked her legs around his waist.

“To the room.” She whispered and started undoing the buttons of his shirt.

Aizen complied, and the next moment, they were on his bed. She pushed him back and undressed him. Her hands moved dexterously, and just in a moment, he was lying naked under her. She kept looking in his eyes as she moved down and planted a kiss on his bulging member, sending a shiver of excitement down his spine. She swirled her tongue around the glans and enveloped it in her warm mouth.

She gently sucked on it and then her movement fastened. Her hand massaged his balls and she, from time to time, seductively ran her tongue over his length.

He wanted to get up, but she shook her head asking him to stay just like this. And just when he was about to climax, she pulled it out of her mouth and pouted. Her mischievous eyes danced as she giggled.

She pulled off her panties slowly and then threw them on his face. He inhaled her musky scent and stored it away in his ring. Vienna was already straddling him and grabbed his length. She lowered her flower on it but didn’t let it enter her. She stroked it on the length of her lower lips, wetting it in her juices and made it more unbearable for him.

“Vienna.” He called out her name softly.

A sweet smile adorned her face, and then slowly, the warmth of her insides enveloped him.

“Oh…” She moaned and lifted her head.

The seductive expression on her face was the last push as he grabbed on her waist and pulled her down on his length.

She giggled and caught his wrists, bringing his arms over his head. She held them there and squeezed her insides around him. She then moved but painfully slow.

It was painful, but the pleasure he felt was intoxicating. His eyes were lost in her wine eyes, and her heavenly face that was layered in pleasure.

“Come here.” He said as his eyes locked on her cherry lips.

She leaned in and sipped his lips. And her waist danced as she grabbed the pace. Her moans were emitted in his mouth as she teased his tongue with hers.

Every time Aizen tried to thrust his hips, she would stop and give him an innocent glare. All he could do was just lie there and accept the pleasure she gave him. He felt her clench around his length and moaned loudly. Their love juices scented the air around them, and soon there were just his grunts layered in her moans.

When his orgasm finally arrived, he couldn’t comply anymore, he freed his arms from her grip and grabbed on her soft ass. He pulled her down and thrust upwards to enter her womb. It just didn’t seem to end as he kept erupting inside of her. And when it finally did end, she rested her head on his chest and planted a wet kiss on his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her protectively and kissed her head.

“I love you.” He whispered in her ear.

He could just feel her smile on his neck and the wetness he felt, told him that she was crying.

“I love you.” She said with all her love and happiness emanating in her voice.

He let her stay like that for a while, but then when she squeezed her insides around his length, he couldn’t bear it anymore. He switched the position and pressed her under him. Her wet eyes shied away under his stare, and her mouth moaned as he ravished her body.

He slept soundly that night. Free of all the worries and thoughts of what tomorrow would be like. Her warm body in his arms was all he wanted and all that mattered.

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