Chapter 35 – The Lightning Princess; Love Poison

Keira frowned at the mention of Aizen. She had a bad premonition about Ares’ intentions for coming here. He was here for his benefit, and his smile told her that he meant harm to her and Aizen. And she debated if she should allow Ares to stay here and speak.

The silence in the room lasted for a while.

“What about him?” She eventually decided to hear what he had to say and offer.

“Oh, we will get to that,” Ares said and his smile ceased. “First tell me, how far do you plan to go to have him all to yourself?”

She felt her heart tighten at his words. Some part of her mind yelled to her to make Ares leave before he says anything more. But then her curiosity won over.

“I asked you to state the reason why you have come here, Lord Ares. I didn’t allow you to ask me questions that you have no right to ask.” She said and palely smiled.

“Of course.” Ares smiled at her words. “Do you know who was behind the war that took place on The Sky Mountains?”

The change in the subject had surprised her and added to her curiosity.

“It was Arianna Lucifer.”

“Yes, it was her.” He nodded. “And the reason why she did that was the Morningstar.”

Keira didn’t show it on her face but her heart was uncomfortable. Her guess was right. Arianna did all that for Aizen.

“What makes you say that?” She asked.

“He was present on The Sky Mountains right before the war broke out. And he had come there the night before as well.” Ares said and continued. “Apparently, he was seeking his Mother’s treasure. But he already knew that they didn’t have it anymore. What he was really after was an Azereus Alpha, Akira Azereus.”

“And why would he do that for just an Azereus Alpha?” Keira asked and her heart became more uncomfortable. She didn’t like the idea of him braving risks for a girl that was not her.

“That’s the question I also want an answer to.” He said and shook his head. “But what’s interesting is that Jalaisha Azmodeus was with him.”

“And I am sure you can figure out what I mean to say,” Ares said and sank back on the couch. He now had a satisfied smile on his face.

Her second guess proved right as well. Arianna was really after the position of his High-Queen. Otherwise, she would have never allowed her Shadow to personally go to help and protect him.

Keira tried her best to not show her anger on her face. It was welling inside her and filling her mind with dangerous thoughts.

“Well, it’s good for him.” She smiled and said. “He now has a powerful person by his side to protect him.”

Ares laughed when he heard her words.

“You sound like it does not matter to you at all.”

“It does not.” She said. “If that’s all you had come here to tell me, then leave.”

“No, it’s not what I have come here to tell you. I want to propose a deal.”

“What deal?”

“I want a Ka’zaed Blood as my wife,” Ares said and looked seriously at her. “And I want you to help me get one.”

His words shocked her. They were outrageous. Her brows furrowed as she tried to figure out what Ares’ actual intentions were. She could feel the restlessness in Irina’s heart that pleaded to her to make this man leave right now. But she ignored it. She wanted to know what was cooking in Ares’ mind.

“What makes you think that I will help you with this? And besides, the only two Ka’zaed Blood in this world are married to the Morningstar.”

Ares smiled at her words.

“I want one of them. But if you can give me both of them, I shall be very grateful to you.”

“You think highly of yourself, Lord Ares. Those girls would kill themselves before letting any other man touch them.”

“They won’t if you have rewritten their memories. And you, Zion, are capable of doing that.”

Keira clenched her fists when she heard these words. He intended on getting his hands on Viara and Vienna.

“If my Family could do that then we would have already done so thousands of years ago. You think it’s that easy?” She said and didn’t hide her disdain at his intentions.

“Of course, it’s not easy.” Ares didn’t seem to mind her words at all. “But it’s not something that can not be achieved.”

“Do you think that I will help you?”

“You have to. If you want to save your family from the disaster that will soon fall on them.”

Keira knew perfectly well what he was talking about. The other families of The Hand of Kosmos feared Zion. Their magical ability to rewrite a person’s memories or turn him into a Puppet was scary. It was also the reason why other families never trusted them. They always feared that there were spies of Zion within their families. And now they were planning to get rid of them for good and replace them with another family.

“And you think you can save Zion from the rest of the families? That’s laughable.” Keira scoffed and shook her head.

“I can not speak for the rest of the families. But I am the next lord of the House Stavros. I can do a lot more than what you think I can.” His last words were a clear threat.

“Why have you come to me? Why didn’t you go to propose this deal to my father?” She asked.

“He would never trust me.”

“Do you really believe that I would trust you?” She smiled palely.

“I don’t need you to trust me. This deal is beneficial to me and also to you.” Ares said and looked at her expressions. “And it’s probably easier for you to achieve than anyone else.”

Keira didn’t say anything and kept silent.

“I know you want him all to yourself. That’s how you are. And getting rid of those Ka’zaed Blood is in your favor.” He seemed confident about his words.

“Well, I am afraid to tell you that I have no intention of helping you. You may take your leave now.” She said and took her eyes of the guests. “Leave, now.” She unleashed her Aura.

Ares got up from his seat and walked towards the door. He knew perfectly well that it was not wise to heckle with Keira. She turned scary when she got mad.

“You may not be interested right now but you will be. I know that you care about your family. And you want the Morningstar all to yourself. My deal is open to you. Take as much time as you want to think over it.” He said before leaving with his guards.

“Keira, don’t even think about it,” Irina said. There was a clear warning in her voice.

“So now you are going to threaten me as well?” Keira looked at her and smiled.

“He means no good to you, Keira. All he wants to do is harm Aizen.” Irina lowered her voice and said the words she wanted to.

“I know that.” Keira closed her eyes and rested her head back on the couch.

She had wanted to go over to the Star Palace today but now it didn’t seem like a good idea. Aizen, probably, was not at the Star Palace. There was an event tomorrow at the Misty Chambers. And she knew that he would attend this event.

“We will leave in the evening for the Misty Chambers.” She said to Irina. “Let’s get some rest.”


Irina came over and wrapped her arms around her.

“Keira, even if I can’t understand the pain in your heart, I can still feel it.” She said. “Please, don’t destroy your happiness by doing something that you would regret.”

“I won’t.” Keira rested her head on her shoulder. “Ares will never get what he wants. And I will never help him do that.”

“Thank you,” Irina said and kissed on her head. “It’s good that you are finally willing to understand the consequences of your actions.”

“I have always understood them. But some things can only be achieved by bearing the consequences that come with them.” Keira said and sighed.

“I love him. And I would never wish to harm him. But I can’t promise that I won’t harm anyone who comes between us.” She said and her anger resonated in her voice. “He will have to love me more than the rest of them. Or I wouldn’t mind pushing them to their deaths. And now I even have an option to use someone else to eliminate them and bear the blame.”

“Ares is a fool if he thinks I will help him get his hands on Aizen’s women. But if he’s lucky enough then he will only get their dead bodies.” Keira lifted her head and looked at Irina.

She saw the horrified look on Irina’s face and kissed her cheek.


“Go get some rest. I am not in the mood to talk.” She said and got up for the couch. “There are some things that I need to think over.”

“Keira, please…”

“Irina!” She warned her Shadow.

Irina nodded and lowered her head.

Keira didn’t expect anyone to understand her reasons and feelings. No one could understand them. And right now, she was not in the mood to talk. Her heart ached and her mind was in chaos.

“I am going to take a bath.” She said and headed for the bathroom.

Irina just sat there with her eyes closed. Her heart ached as she remembered the seriousness in the words Keira had spoken.

She had faith in her sister who had brought her up since childhood. And never once had she treated her unjustly. She knew that Keira would most likely not do anything to harm Aizen. But there was a possibility that his women would provide her with a reason to do something regretful.

The dangerous idea was already looming in Keira’s mind and just a little push would flip her. This princess of Zion would destroy anything that would stand in her path because this time, it was the question of her Love. And she was crazy about him. She would set the Star Palace on fire if she needed to do that to acquire him.


“Yes… Yes..!”

The moans of a woman resounded unrestrainedly in the room. The man on top of her was ravaging her insides ruthlessly. He was angry at something and he was taking it out on her body. And the woman under him loved it.

The pleasure he provided to her was drowning her senses and her body was craving for more. She had come to enjoy being dominated by him in the bed. And it had only been a few days since he had first touched her.

She locked her legs around his waist and catered his angry thrusts inside her with ardent replies. A familiar feeling that had been welling inside her womb, hit her better than ever. She squealed loudly as her mind went blank and her body shuddered in pleasure. Her insides clamped on his length and tried to milk him as he kept pounding her insides.

She soon succeeded as he erupted inside her and the warmth spread in her womb. She hugged him tightly on top of her as he gasped for breath and pressed his entire weight on her. Their bodies trembled against each other in the aftermath of their orgasms.

The anger that he had been in, now seemed to have abated.

“At least you have some use.” He said and pulled himself free from her soft and warm insides.

Alyson didn’t mind his rudeness. The traces of her orgasm still lingered in her depraved body. She knew that she had fallen into something that was shameful and had no return. But she had now stopped resisting it and started to enjoy the pleasure that came with this shame.

She was grateful to Ares for not throwing her under other men. She was scared that he would be mad at her for failing her task and let Victor pluck strength. But he had not done so and had not even reprimanded her. His anger was all directed towards the Morningstar.

“Why are you letting Keira Zion fall in hands of the Morningstar?” She voiced her curiosity.

“Because, unlike you, she can not be tamed,” Ares said and smacked her ass.

He kept quiet for a while but eventually explained to her.

“I do want her. She’s beautiful, powerful, and remarkably talented. But I can’t have her and it’s also not wise to have her. The only way to control her is to put a slave mark on her, and that, she would never allow anyone to put on her.” He said as he stared at the ceiling.

“And I know that if she gets close to the Morningstar, she will eat him and his family. That is why I am not doing anything to stop her. The people of my family think the same way.” He sighed and closed his eyes.

“Do you think she will accept your offer?”

Ares laughed when he heard this question.

“I do not expect her to. However, there is a possibility that she might accept it. And I like to bet on the possibilities no matter how small they are.” He said and continued. “Even if she doesn’t do it, I have already achieved my purpose of planting an idea in her mind. Does she think that it’s so easy for a Zion to become a queen of the Morningstar?”

He laughed heartily and shook his head.

“No. He would never love her the same way as he loves his other wives. She is, after all, a daughter of his enemy. His wives would always stay apprehensive of her. And eventually, she will feel isolated and will do something harmful to him.”

“She is a Zion. And the curse of that Bloodline would always stay with her.” Ares said with a mysterious smile.

Alyson didn’t understand what he meant by his last words and did not ask him. What she had wanted to hear from him was that he planned to harm the Morningstar. She wanted the Morningstar to pay for pushing her into this life and wanted the girls around him to suffer a similar fate to her new life.

It was all because she couldn’t catch him that night that she was here. He was responsible for bringing the war to the Azereus and closing all doors for the escape. And that Akira was still alive and by his side. How could she allow the granddaughter of Daliyah to live happily?

Her mind recalled the humiliation she had suffered on The Sky Mountains and how her daughter had refused to come with her. All her dissatisfaction turned into her rage and she looked for the means to calm herself down.

She crawled up on Ares and straddled his waist. She grabbed his length and rubbed it against her lower lips.

“Good girl.”

Her eyes lit up as she felt him get excited. She wasted no time and sucked his entire length inside of her. She let out all her rage as she rocked her waist and enjoyed the pleasure it brought her. And soon the room echoed with their gasps and moans.

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