Chapter 4 – Anger is just another shade of love

Aizen was standing in front of the Black Star with his right hand dripping blood and his left hand holding the sword. The blood dripped on the formation that revolved together with the Star hovering above it. The stars in the roof were getting brighter and brighter as the Black Star revolved faster. The hall turned painfully bright and he could not see anything else other than the Black Star in front of him. And then the Star stopped revolving but the light in the hall stayed the same.

The inscriptions on the formation flew out like specks of light and carved on the Star just like becoming its veins. The Star before him now had numerous white veins in it. He stepped forward and placed his blood dripping hand on the Star. The white veins absorbed his blood and then illuminated in its color. The red veins then disappeared inside the crystal. He closed his eyes and absorbed all the information the Crystal offered to him. There were memories of people, Instructions about how to operate the Crystal, and the secrets of the Star Palace.

When it all finished the hall returned to normal. The new instructions he gave to the Crystal, flew out in the form of inscriptions that merged with the formation on the floor. His body was almost drained of blood. He felt weak and just as he staggered back the formation lit up. He lied down inside the formation and fell asleep. His blood regenerated at an astonishing speed.

The howl of a proud wolf resonated from the Black Crystal. It resounded in the Star Palace and then on the stars nearby. A wolf’s shadow covered the Sun on the Lower and Middle Realms.


Viara was on her bed, resting in the lap of Lysaria when she heard the Howl. For a moment she had no idea how to react to it but then tears slipped out of her eyes.

“Father, Mother the day you wished for is finally here.” A smile crept on her face. Some peace finally returned to her heart.

She felt Lysaria trembling under the wolf’s howl and burst out laughing. Her valiant shadow was finally scared of something. She then expended her aura and covered her, bringing her back to a peaceful state.

“That is a dreadful sound. I felt like my soul will be sucked out.” Lysaria said fearfully.

“An Alpha’s howl hurls his wrath on his enemies and brings prosperity to his family.” She said to her shadow in a meaningful voice but found her not meeting her gaze. She couldn’t help but laugh some more.

“Let’s go. I need to see if he is all right. He slept for a week and then went on to carry out the ceremony without informing anyone.” She couldn’t help but worry.

Unlike her little sister, who understood the mood and feelings of people, she had always been good at reading the personalities of people. And she understood what kind of a person Aizen was. He must never be left to feel alone or the demons of the Ka’zaed Blood would bring chaos to the world.

Lysaria felt the seriousness in her Master’s voice and immediately got up to change her clothes. She was not going to appear in front of that lascivious person in a dress other than her battlesuit.

Viara saw her actions and rolled her eyes before getting up to change herself. She put on a violet skirt and only after making sure that she was looking at her best did she leave for the core room.

A lot of guests would come in a few days if Aizen decided to open the Star Palace again. Some preparations needed to be made and she had to personally arrange everything. Then there was the Empress of the Morningstar that needed to be announced to the people. She was sure that Aizen would choose Vienna. He felt at ease with her and Vienna also understood his feelings and mood better than the rest.

Last week at the dinner table, Vienna did not have her cheerful smile on her face. Everyone was worried as to what had happened. After dinner, she warned the people that were present on the table. Anyone who would make things complicated for her Elder Brother would have to give her a proper explanation. The seriousness in her tone was dreadful and nobody dared to ask her if she was alright and what had happened. Gladly, she had returned to her cheerful self the next day but still, no one dared to question her.

Viara knew that her little sister had an inborn aura of an Empress and she was happy that she had gotten close to Aizen. They were a family now and they would have to look after each other. And it was also their duty to look after him.

She was content with becoming a High-Queen. However, she was most worried about the people that would be soon visiting the Star Palace and the Princesses who would present themselves to Aizen and try to get close to him. The custom of Star Palace asked the Morningstar to have 3 High Queens and an Empress. The other wives would all be the queens with no governing power.

She would have to be careful when letting them get close to him. A woman could make a ruler just as well as she could destroy one. There are lots of people who have no good faith towards the Star Palace and would try to harm the new Morningstar. A power that could challenge their authority would never be welcomed by them. Then there were also be people that would try to bind him in and control him through their sisters and daughters.

The politics of nobles were always more brutal than the wars on the battlefield. Her parents had taught her about everything that she needed to be careful of. By the time she turned 5 years old and her parents died, she had learned everything. She had lost her cheerful self after her parents died. She had to give up her childhood and become an adult just in a day so that she could take care of her sister and pass to her all the teachings she had received by her parents. The only reason for her existence was to protect the Alpha of her Family. She would not let anyone harm him. And those that would try to harm him would have to pay.

Lost in her thoughts, she arrived at the Core Room. The Star formation was open and Aizen was sleeping inside it. She looked around and found everyone else was already present here. Arthur and Marylyn were working out in the Battle Room which was close by. But for Vienna and Meera to be present here meant that they were already here when the ceremony started.

Viara could see in her sister’s eyes that held affection for Aizen. It was more than just her duty as a Ka’zaed Blood. And her determination to protect him was stronger than her own. She walked towards her sister and graciously smiled at her and patted her head.

“You are beautiful as ever, Vienna.” She said with an honest heart.

Vienna giggled at her words and hugged her. “I am your sister. How can I not be Beautiful.” She planted a kiss on her cheek.

“That’s truer than just what you mean. You two should just stand in front of the mirror and observe how much you look alike.” Lysaria wrapped her arms around the two of them. “I am just no match for you two.” She complained.

“Stop saying this Lysaria. You are beautiful!” Viara laughed and told her what she wanted to hear.

“Yes, Ria Sister. If you ever feel unsure about your beauty, you can just ask Elder Brother. And he will show you just how beautiful you are.” Vienna said mischievously as she winked at her.

“Yes, yes, Elder Brother loves beauties like Ria sister.” Meera joined in playfully and tried to wrap her small arms around everyone.

“You two are just too shameless!” Lysaria had her cheeks burning at their words. She regretted joining in such a conversation.

The couple just laughed looking at these girls behaving in such a manner.

Arthur’s eyes were wet as he saw Viara looking truly happy today. The little Mistress had borne too many burdens for someone of her age. He saw her nodding towards him and couldn’t help but laugh. This girl has always been aware of what people around her thought of her.

Marylyn felt left out as she pouted and questioned. “Are not you girls forgetting your poor Aunt Mary?” She too came over and wrapped her arms around them.

They all laughed heartily and the hall echoed in their happiness.


On a Star named Velrich in the far north of the Middle Plane.

A middle-aged man with black hair and black profound eyes stood at the side of the window. His eyes were fixed on the shadow that covered the Sun. His gaze was vicious and the grin on his face could even make Devils of Pride shy away.

“Have you made sure of the person’s identity?” He asked the woman that stood behind him.

“Yes, My Lord. He is indeed the boy named Aizen. He has been missing from The Castle since last week when I had felt strong Fluctuations of Darkness element for a moment.” Her voice shivered as she remembered the dangerous feeling she had felt at that moment.

She was a master of the Darkness element and she perfectly knew what kind of danger Aizen’s darkness element held.

“Malcolm did well by somehow erasing the memories of everyone in The Hall of Economics. If we didn’t know about that boy already, we would have never known that it was him.” He couldn’t help but revere the strength and techniques of Malcolm. That old man held way more than what he showed to the world.

“Have you informed Elysa about that boy being the next Morningstar?” He asked.

“Yes, My Lord. She refused to believe that it was the same person. However, she agreed to follow your command.” She answered like a loyal servant who had completed her Lord’s task perfectly.

“That’s good. Hope that boy hasn’t forgotten about his old Love.” The man laughed lightly and his mind thought of his next move.

“You can wait for me in the room tonight. You have done well and will be rewarded accordingly. Now leave.” He told the woman behind him by waving his hand. He had not even once looked at her since she had come to this room.

If anyone had seen these two behave like this in public, no one would believe that she was his youngest wife.


Malcolm was standing with Diana on the balcony of their house. They were looking at the shadow that covered the sun.

“The boy did take his time. He sure is prudent.” He commented.

“Husband, do you think we should introduce him to Xeina?” Diana asked him with a serious tone.

“I am not someone who would throw his daughter in the arms of a man as a political move. However, I do want her to try to get along with this boy. He is perfect for her and someone who could keep her in restraints.” He said with a sigh.

“I will take her along with me when I pay a visit to the Star Palace. How things would play out between them. I will not meddle. I want my daughter to be happy.” Malcolm said as he thought of his first visit to the Star Palace. It’s been 3000 years since then.

Diana pushed herself in his embrace and hid her face in his chest. “I just don’t want to see those people who come at our door with ulterior motives and ask for her hand in marriage. They all want to get their hands on your bloodline. If they did not fear you, she would have already been abducted by them.” Her voice held the pain of a Mother.

“Don’t worry. As long as I am alive, I wouldn’t let those people get their hands on her.” He said. “And I have a premonition that her personality will have a change for good after meeting Aizen.” He said and planted a kiss on her head.

“I hope so. Only a Morningstar matches to be with her,” She nodded and said, “She’s just as rebellious as him.”


Aizen woke up after a few hours. The formation turned off and he found everyone was present there. He knew that he had made them all worried. He hadn’t even eaten the promised dinner with them yet. And he felt bad about it.

“Lord Morningstar!” Everyone slightly bowed and said in a unison.

Vienna had asked them to not kneel since Aizen didn’t like the gesture.

He was glad about the change in the manner that they paid their respect. Aizen had already decided on how he would address the customs of the Star Palace. He looked at the two sisters and smiled at them.

His gaze landed on the girl that was in her battlesuit and stayed on her. He ran his eyes on every inch of her and admired how perfect her figure was. Lysaria glared at him and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Elder Brother can have her whenever you want.” The little tease was already by his side tugging her arm around his and pressing her bosom into it.

“Vienna! Don’t say such shameless things about me!” Lysaria retorted with all the anger she could muster.

“See Elder Brother, you tug the strings of her heart and call forth her passion!” The little tease ignored the warning and continued with her theory. “Anger is just another shade of love.”

Everyone was dumbfounded at the words. What kind of theory was this?

Aizen eventually couldn’t help but laugh at her words and kissed her head. He then lowered his head near her ear and asked.

“And what shade is your Love for me?”

“A shade, Elder Brother loves the most.” Her eyes shied away from his as she said these words.

The intensity of her blush made his breathing uneven. He couldn’t help but wonder if this princess could see through him. And he was not worried if she really could.

His stomach rumbled just as he was about to tease her more.

“We cannot speak of love on an empty stomach.” He said embarrassedly.

Everyone politely laughed at his words and the couple nodded their head in agreement.

“Please wait a while, Lord Aizen. I will prepare for Lunch.” Marylyn said and then excused herself out of the room.

“Viara, Lysaria, Sir Arthur.” He looked at them one by one. “Star Palace will be receiving guests in the next few days. I will leave the preparations for that to you three.”

“Rest assured Lord Aizen. We will get things ready for the best of our ability.” Viara answered and the rest of the two nodded to her words.

Aizen went forward stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “Don’t tire yourself out for the people who are not Family.” He said.

His meaning was clear that they did not need to do too much just to receive the guests. Everyone understood it and Viara lowered her head to hide her blush.

“I will keep that in mind, My Lord.” She nodded.

Aizen sighed and shook his head as he thought of the ways to get her to address him more affectionately. He hoped that things would change after the Coronation ceremony.

All of them then walked out of the room as they followed him and the Princess who wouldn’t let go of his arm. This would be his first lunch with the Family. A wish he had hidden deep in his heart for so many years.

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