Chapter 46 – (LAHM) The Curse of Lust

The scene inside General Hall was one to behold. It was unlike anything he had seen before, and Aizen couldn’t take his eyes off the little devils that were bustling and flying around. Their webbed-wings were beautiful, and as they flew around giggling and laughing. They were capable of brightening the darkest of the moods.

The reality, however, was different. The Succubi in the room wouldn’t have just brightened the mood. These little succubi ignited a fire of Lust in the loins of men, and the faint-hearted would lose their lives in the presence of their charm. There was a reason why they were feared. The Devils of Lust could make anyone addicted to their flesh, and if they wanted to take your life, they could make your death your most euphoric memory. A euphoric nightmare, you would wish you wake up from, but only when it would be too late.

Aizen ran his eyes over all the ninety-seven young succubi that had arrived here today. They were all around the age of thirteen, and some in their fourteen. It was the age when the Devils of Lust hit their puberty.

“You may already know this, that the young Devils of Lust can only keep control over their lust without harming themselves for only a year.” Arianna smiled as she explained things to him. “They need to lose their virginities in that period, and they need to find their suitable partner or partners in most cases.”

Aizen knew what she meant by partners. It was their sin of Lust, and it was something that made him uncomfortable.

“It’s their way of Life. It’s their way of gaining strength and getting hold of their Laws. It’s natural for them.” Arianna could see that the smile on his lips had vanished. “Mostly the girls who choose to come here are from the branch families of the Royal House of Azmodeus, and those girls that are not Azmodeus are the ones that are only half Devils, but the blood of the Devil of Lust is strong in them.”

He could see that all the girls had their Devil-Wings. Even the ones that would be considered Half-Bloods were not easy to be distinguished from the pure-blood Succubi. Only the ones with a keen sense of Bloodlines would see the difference.

“So you bring here the ones who have failed to find a partner from the Royal House?” He asked.

“Yes, and no.” She answered to him. “Some of the girls did find a partner, but they chose to let it go and come here to be the part of Misty Chambers. They are all aware of the benefits, and so they want to get stronger faster. To have many men be their partners is the best way for them to grow stronger, and usually, the girls that arrive at the Misty Chambers reach the Flase-Origin phase by the time they turn 30 years of age.”

He had already known about the benefits for a Succubus to sleep to several men of various bloodlines. It was what they desired. Their lust asked them to sleep with the strongest of the Bloodlines. It was the most delicious food for them. It was their life source.

Aizen knew of the other ways that a succubus or incubus could gain their strength. But they were not as fast as this one. He understood the reason behind the Misty Chambers. It was the place where men from all around the world arrived to experience the bliss of sex that only a Devil of Lust could provide them. It was the Business that was most important to Arianna. It the most profitable one, and the most beneficial.

The Misty Chambers were her source of Intelligence. Men and Women would sometimes speak things when drowned in pleasure and sorrow, that they otherwise wouldn’t. And in the comforting arms of the Devils of Lust, they would feel safe. An illusion that their own mind created.

The reason why the Azmodeus were loyal to Arianna was because of the presence of Misty Chambers. The Devils of Lust were only second to the Blood of Lucifer in strength now. And before Arianna, they were among the bottom two on the list. These ninety-seven girls would most likely attain the False-Origin realm by the age of thirty. A speed that was perhaps unprecedented. He was not sure if there was any other force in the world that had more False-Origin people than the Azmodeus, and if there were, they would not be on top in a matter of few centuries.

The girls before his eyes were beautiful. Their young and sensuous bodies were covered, but it could be observed that they were not comfortable with these covers on their skin. The smiles never left their faces. They were excited about their future.

“Do you like any of them?”

The words of Arianna made him chuckle. He turned to her and looked her in the eyes.

“Don’t tell me that you believed I would take a liking for these girls.” He dangerously smiled at her. “I thought you knew about my taste in girls.”

Arianna didn’t falter under his playful threat, and the smile that bloomed on her face was even more dangerous. Her smile sent a chill down his spine.

“Ahan…” She squinted her eyes. “Tell me, Love, Is that why you fell for Elysa Lycan back then?”

Aizen braved a cold sweat on her words. His heart thumped hard. It was for the first time he had seen the anger reflecting in her eyes. He would have at other times teased her, but now he chose to stay silent.

“Take me to the girls you have selected for me,” He sighed and changed the subject.

The coldness in her eyes receded, and then the smile on her face was genuinely pleased.

“You knew that I would have chosen some for you?”

“Of course,” He smiled at her. “You would not have raised the subject just to teach me a lesson and get back at me.” He teased her. “I know you, girl.”

She loved his playfulness and giggled.

“Come,” She grabbed his hand and took him out of the secret room from where they looked at the scene inside General Hall.

When hey arrived outside, the Azmodeus couple smiled at him.

“I had known that you wouldn’t have a liking for those girls,” Elsa laughed. “I can see the deadly possessiveness in your eyes. You are the kind of man that loves his women, and would never tolerate someone whose mind is lost to her unbridled lust.”

“It’s more of my liking to the decision a person makes that determines my interest in them,” He smiled at her. “Such as women like you, Lady Elsa. A succubus who has only been with her husband all her life, they are a rare sight.”

Elsa’s eyes widened in surprise. She could not believe that he could tell it by just looking at her. The Aura of Succubi was never stained by the men they indulged with. There was no way a person could tell how many men a Succubus has been with. Their aura would remain unstained as that of Virgins.

“How do you know that?” She asked curiously.

Both Axis and Arianna laughed at her question, adding to her confusion.

Aizen smiled at her brightly.

“It was a guess, and now I am sure of it.” He answered her.

“You tricked me?” She squinted her eyes.

“Do you mind it?” He asked back.

Elsa glared at him, but then her eyes brightened in delight. She laughed at her own silliness and readily shook her head.

“Come. We will take you to the girls she has personally picked for you.” She locked her arm with her husband and nodded at him.

“Lead the way,” He smiled at the couple and nodded back.

The room they led him to was at the back of General Hall. It was one of the private rooms and had the name of its owner written on it, Elsa Azmodeus. There were other rooms as well, with other people’s names on them, and most belonged to the last name of Azmodeus.

“You can go inside,” Arianna freed his hand and nodded to him.

“You are not coming with me?”

“No,” She shook her head. “I have already met them, and I think it’d be better if you meet them by yourself. Also, just because I have chosen them doesn’t mean you have to accept them. Only do so if they are to your liking.”

“I know.” He smiled and shook his head. She was always advising him on things. It reminded him of the days back at the Castle of Knowledge.

“We will wait here,” Axis nodded to him together with his wife.

“Alright,” He sighed and opened the door to step inside.

The room was warmly lit in a golden light. The scent of the fragrant incense burning near the chimney aromatized the room. It was soothing to the nerves and gentle to one’s sense of smell.

There were three girls inside the room. Like the girls he had seen earlier, they exuded their charm to the fullest. Their Webbed-Wings sprouted out from their backs and were folded neatly.

The first girl that attracted his sight was taller than the other two. She had pale skin, with a purple tint in it that made it look a little dark. Her hair was black and had silver streaks in them, and her green eyes were enchantingly bright. He didn’t need to think over her features, her slender but long and pointed ears declared her identity. One of her Parents was from the Dusk Elven Clan, and the other from the Azmodeus. She was a succubus, and her Devil Blood reigned supreme in her veins. The only things that she had received from her elven blood were her skin and those pointed ears. She looked to be around 14 years old, and he knew that it was her real age. There was no way she could age like elves with that concentration of Devil Blood inside of her. His eyes scanned her, ran all over her body. She was standing there respectfully, half looking at him and other half looking down in courtesy. His eyes stayed on her bosom, which was blooming bountifully.

Aizen didn’t keep his eyes on her chest for long. She was beautiful and charming, but he wasn’t going to accept her just for that.

“What’s your name?” He asked her.

The girl’s body trembled under his voice. She was in the Heat period, and the little she was finding it hard to control her lust in his presence.

Aizen had not hidden his charm and Aura. A Morningstar’s charm was comparable to that of the Devils of Lust, and its uniqueness made it even more contagious to the opposite sex. He wanted to see how the three girls would behave under his charm, and if they would try to fight against their urges or not.

The girl did take her time to collect herself, and then she courteously bowed to him.

“My name is Karin, My Lord,” Her husky but chiming and a charming voice answered him.

“And how old are you, dear Karin?” He asked with a smile.

His face was covered by a Half-mask, and perhaps that was the only reason why the girl only trembled under his smile and didn’t jump on him in the heat. There was now an evident layer of mistiness in her eyes.

“Fourteen, My Lord.” She answered obediently.

“And I suppose you hit your Puberty a year ago?” He questioned her.

“Yes,” She nodded shyly as her hands fidgeted.

“It hurts now?” He asked with evident care.

Karin shook her head but then slightly nodded. She lowered her eyes.

“It hurts, but it’s not so painful.”

“It will get worse with time…” He sighed.

It was nothing less than a curse for the holders of the Law of Lust.

“And do you know who I am, dear Karin?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

Karin readily nodded. There was a shine in her eyes now that represented her excitement at his question.

“Lady Arianna told us that her husband will come to see us. You are her husband, right?”

Aizen nodded to her.

“And do you realize why I am here?”

All three girls nodded to him, but he kept his eyes on Karin.

“Yes… We will belong to you from this day onwards.” She answered respectfully.

“That is only if I accept you…” His smile paled.

The girl felt as if her mind went blank. Her body trembled, and the mistiness in her eyes formed tears. But she didn’t let them come out and respectfully nodded to him. She stayed there, silently standing with her head lowered, waiting for his next words or a command.

Aizen observed her reactions, and he was impressed. He could understand a few things now. The girl was here willingly, but there was another reason behind it. And it was not hard for him to understand what it was. She didn’t belong with the other Succubi. She was not a pure-blood, and possibly, she didn’t know who her parents were. She had not given him any last name.

His eyes turned to the girl who looked to be around 13-years-old. Her dark brown hair had soft curls in them, and they flowed beautifully down to her waist. Her emerald eyes were shining, and her doll face was heart-warming. She respectfully bowed to him as his eyes landed on her. Her disposition was lady-like, and it reflected her background. She was dealing with her heat, but she was not allowing it to get control over her. Her thin red lips were adorned in a pretty smile.

“What’s your name, little girl?”

“Stella, My Lord.” She answered respectfully.

Her answer surprised him. He had not expected her to not have a last name.

“Where are you from?”

“I have been raised in the Valrie Mansion, in the Territory of the Azmodeus.”


Aizen nodded to her and then seemed to be lost in some thoughts.

“Lady Elsa raised you?”

Stella nodded to him with a smile.

Aizen scanned her with interest. He could tell that she was not from the Royal Family Azmodeus. Her features were similar but not the same. Her eyes were green and not Emerald, and her hair was deep drown instead of Black. The hair lacked the green streaks like that of Jalaisha.

He was lost in his thoughts when his eyes looked at the last girl who was curiously looking at him. Her head was cocked to one side and there was a pale smile on her lips. She was shorter in height than the other two, and her physique leaned to a thinner side. What attracted him to her was her personality. She was a Princess. It was written all over her aura. Her features deemed her as a member of the Royal Clan of Azmodeus, and she was the most beautiful girl of the three. What was even special about her was that she didn’t seem to be experiencing any problem with her Heat.

His eyes scanned her body and then landed to her chest that was rather modest. His brows furrowed and the little girl’s brows furrowed as well.

“They will grow with time…” She whispered as she lowered her head.

Her cute and melodious voice brought a smile on his lips.

“May I have your name, Lady Azmodeus?”

“Kazumi,” She answered him. “And I am not a lady, My Lord.”

“And why is that so?”

The girl apologetically lowered her head and didn’t seem to be willing to answer him.

“It’s alright,” He sighed. “You don’t have to tell me that if it makes you uncomfortable.” He changed the subject, “How old are you?”

“12,” She whispered.

“So you haven’t hit your puberty yet…” Aizen nodded to himself.

The girl nodded to him and the smile returned to her lips.

“Can you take the mask off?” She asked.

Aizen was surprised at her request. He had not expected her to ask him so straightforwardly. It was apparent that she wanted to see his face, and she hadn’t kept her desire in her heart.

“You want to see my face, little Kazumi?” He asked.

“Yes,” She nodded.

“And do you know who I am?” he asked her.

The smile on the girl’s face brightened.

“You are the Lord of the Star Palace, The Lord of the Chaos, The one whose Blood is Chaos, The Evil Blood, The Lord of Time and Space. You are the Morningstar.” She recited some of the titles the World addressed him with. Some were the names that the world dared not take in front of him.

Aizen smiled at the little girl. He didn’t mind any of those names. They were all true. And what impressed him was that she knew of all these names. She even seemed to know the meaning of those names.

The other two girls had their mouths open in shock. They had not known his real identity, and even though they didn’t know some of the titles little Kazumi had addressed him with, everyone in the world had heard of the name Morningstar. And what the world defined him was as the most fearful existence. His tales were taught to young children to make them realize what fear was. And the two girls were now trembling in fear.

“You seem quite informed on me, Kazumi,” He nodded to her. “Very well, I will take my mask off.”

He proceeded to take his mask off and watched the smile on the face of Kazumi bloom brightly.

“You are handsome!” She nodded to herself. “I have no complaints.”

Her last words made him laugh. The little girl wanted to see his face to know if she was going to be with a handsome man or not. It was obvious by the smile on her face that she wanted to be with the most handsome man in the world, and she wasn’t disappointed. The little girl had her share of fantasies like every girl should have, and he was glad to see this side of her. The other two girls were missing this in them. But it was perhaps the fault of their circumstances that they never dared to hold any fantasies.

Aizen looked at the two girls who now had their heads lowered. Their cheeks were burning in their blush, and their hands and wings on their backs were fidgeting.

“I will accept all three of you…” He nodded to them, “But on one condition.”

His words made them look at him confusedly.

“What condition?” Little Kazumi asked as her little brows furrowed.

“I have a little Fairy back home… She’s around your age, and I want all three of you to be her friends” He stated his request.

“Is she cute?” Kazumi asked enthusiastically, but then her eyes lost the shine and she lowered her head.

“What happened?” He asked her curiously.

“Fairies hate the Devils, and I am a Succubus. She wouldn’t want to be my friend.” She voiced her fears.

“Ayana is not like other Fairies. She’s special, and she’s the most beautiful Fairy there is.” He smiled at her. “You will know her when you meet her.

“She will be my Friend?” Kazumi asked enthusiastically. “I have never seen a Fairy before, and I have heard that their wings are pretty… Would she allow me to touch them? I promise I wouldn’t hurt them!” She nodded her head as she made her request.

Aizen sighed at her enthusiasm. He had underestimated a Succubus’ interest in a Fairy.

“You will have to ask her those questions.” He smiled at her. “Now tell me, you would like to be friends with her, right?” He asked the three of them.

The girls nodded readily.

“Good,” He smiled at them. “Come here, Karin, and Stella, you too…” He walked over to the couch and sat there.

The two girls obediently obeyed his order and sat by his sides as he gestured them to do it.

“I will bind you to me now.” He told them and he used his wind element to make a sharp cut on the tip of his forefingers.

The blood oozed out, and the two girls covered his fingers in their mouths. The taste of his blood sent the shivers of excitement through them. Their eyes lulled in its deliciousness, and their hearts throbbed as he planted his seal on them.

The two of them now belonged to him, and the little devils had now tasted the blood of their husband. The Law of Lust subsided, but it would only stay calm for a while. It was the calm before the storm.

Aizen had sent a signal back that the Star Palace for the Space Channel to be opened, and by the time they were done, the Portal was waiting for them.

“Go,” He smiled at them and gestured them to walk inside the Portal. “It leads to my Palace, and my High-Queen is there.”

Stella was the first one to nod and bow to him, and she entered the portal with a sweet smile on her face. Karin only entered it after Stella was gone, and she bowed to him respectfully like Stella had done, and walked inside it.

“You too…” He looked at Kazumi.

“But you haven’t placed a seal on my heart?” She tilted her head cutely and asked.

“We will talk about that some other time,” He smiled at her. “Go now.”

Kazumi seemed to be reluctant to go like that, but after a moment of thinking, she decided to comply with his command.

“I will wait for you…” She bowed to him and then stepped inside the portal.

Aizen stayed in the room waiting for someone, and in a few minutes, a lady dressed in black armor stepped out of the Portal. Her black hair was unrestrained, and her haughty black eyes were shiny with an expectant glint.

“Want to take part in the tournament?” He asked her.

A beautiful smile crept on Yuliya’s lips. It was his answer.

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