Chapter 5 – A man is always scared of his women

The gasps and grunts could be heard in the room together with the enthusiastic laughter of a girl. This was the Battle Room of the Star Palace, and the two people here were engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

“You are too slow, Lord Morningstar.” Lysaria’s voice was excited. She finally got the chance to teach this lascivious person a lesson.

“It’s not me who’s slow. You are just too fast for me.” Aizen replied and grunted in pain as palms and punches kept landing to his body. As if his lack of strength was not enough, Lysaria’s beautiful battle dance had most of his mind occupied. He couldn’t concentrate on the battle as she was such a beautiful distraction.

He had wanted to test and enhance his physical capabilities. Had he not sent Sir Arthur to gather some information, he perhaps wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state. The very reason he had decided to make Lysaria his sparring partner was that he knew she would take her frustration out on him and make things difficult for him. But it had proved to be a bad idea.

Arthur’s forte was Illusions and Assassination techniques. Silverborn Bloodline was not suited to engage in an open and honest showdown. Arzark Bloodline was different. They loved to overpower their opponent in the field their opponent was most proud of. Of course, this only applied to the battles of physical strength, with or without weapons.

It had only been half an hour since they had started this session and he was already sure that his upper body was bruised all over. She didn’t land any hits on his face and only patted on his vitals. But she didn’t show any mercy to the rest of his body. His training attire was already soaked with sweat but if not for his aching body, he felt that he was still far from his limit. His endurance was terrifying and his movements were slowly improving. The black flame was urging him to summon it but he ignored its call. He didn’t want to harm her by summoning it. She would not lose to him even if he went all out but there was a chance that the black flame could hurt her, and he didn’t want to take it.

Aizen looked at her expressions from time to time and he was glad to see that she was enjoying herself. Arthur had informed him about how an Arzark ended up in Star Palace.

Lysaria’s father was the youngest child of the Lord of Valorhal, the head of House Arzark. Her parents killed her Uncle who was planning to usurp the seat of the Head of the House. The Elders, however, didn’t listen to her father’s reasons. It was common for young lords to have such ambitious thoughts and her Uncle had apparently not yet done anything and there was no evidence as well. And so, her father was exiled from House Arzark and Valorhal.

Her parents brought Lysaria along with them. They knew that some people would harm her if they left her there. But what her parents didn’t know was that an ambush awaited them. It was designed by the people that had colluded with her late Uncle and his wife on their plans to usurp the seat of the head of the House. Her parents managed to keep her safe and escaped the encirclement at the cost of critical injuries.

They were pursued for 4 days before they came across Viara’s mother, who agreed to take Lysaria with her. Viara’s father was in the Star Palace and he opened the space portal with the help of the Black Crystal. However, the crystal didn’t have its Lord and so it took some time to open the space channel. Her parents were killed as they earned enough time for her to safely getaway.

Her parents had requested to not let her return to Valorhal and keep her away from House Arzark. To avoid the confrontation with Valorhal as the Head of the House realized his mistake and wanted to bring Lysaria back home, she was asked to become the Shadow of Viara.

Shadows were the property of their Masters and this truth was honored by everyone in the world. The oath of the Blood Shadow was irreversible. Their fates were connected with their Masters. The girl would marry the same person her Master marries and the boy would never marry or have children. The order of the Master could not be refuted even if the shadow was asked to give its life. And after the Master’s death, the shadow could mostly live for an hour more before the Poison of Blood Oath kicked in and destroyed the heart.

Lysaria was 21 this year. A year older than Viara. She was only 4 years old when she had witnessed all that bloodshed. And even if she doesn’t show it, she still remembered everything clearly.

However, her loyalty to Viara was unquestionable. Her Master had never let her feel like she was a servant. They both grew up as sisters and they deeply cared for each other. Vienna and Meera were just like her own little sisters and together they were a family. They were the reason why she could smile and laugh heartily.

Aizen had received the information of people that were coming to attend the Empress and High-Queen’s coronation, tomorrow. Head of the House Arzark was personally coming. He had not informed Lysaria about it. Viara also didn’t inform her and she had asked him to do something to keep Lysaria’s mind away from the painful memories that would appear before her tomorrow.

Hits kept landing on him and there was no decrease in the frequency of them. However, the effort Lysaria put was more than her initial efforts. This was still to her a game she could play even with her eyes closed but she had to admit that he was improving at an astonishing rate.

Aizen looked at her focused eyes as he tried his best to improve his defense. So far he had not gotten the chance to counter-attack. And he knew he would not get it. Lysaria was too focused on the battle. He relaxed his guard and let more hits land on him. This was not hidden from her eyes and she became more vigilant. He was not planning to attack her. And he was not planning on an honest move. He was going to exploit the only weakness she had at this moment.

A punch came aiming for his chest and he didn’t fend or block it. He staggered a little to the right and the hit squarely landed on his heart. He grunted in pain and breathlessness that assaulted him. The color left his face as his entire body shook under the strength of that punch.

Lysaria’s mind went blank as she hurriedly supported him from falling fall down. A devilish smile crept on his face. He summed up the little strength he had left to pull her head in and he captured her lips. He saw her eyes open wide in shock and she pushed him off her. The shock was soon changed to glare when she saw the grin on his face.

“You dare to kiss me!” Her words were cold and she clenched her fists tightly.

She, however, did not attack him. The hit that had landed on his heart was heavy and she could smell the blood from his mouth when he had kissed her. She turned around to leave the room cursing him and his shamelessness in her mind.

He saw her leaving and laughed. “I do not want to see my Bride acting so cold on her wedding night. Keep that in mind.” He said in a commanding tone.

She did not stop her steps or show any reaction to his words but he knew his words have been heard and have wreaked chaos in her mind. He stabled his breathing some more before heading for the Core Room to heal.


Lysaria had indeed heard him and understood the meaning in his words. Her heart was restless and her mind was not clear. The thought of him kissing her again and even being inside her body scared her. She didn’t like him. She was sure of that. He was a lascivious person and someone who was truly shameless.

She had agreed to spar with him because he had asked for it. All she wanted to do was teach him a lesson for harboring wild thoughts about her, which his eyes didn’t even try to hide. But she never planned to hurt him and he took advantage of this weakness. It disgusted her. He was shameless and someone who would snatch anything he wanted no matter how dirty of a method he would have to use. She found it hard to respect someone who wouldn’t even bat an eye while exploiting people for his gains. The warmth of his lips still lingered on her lips and she bit them hard.

She entered the room and found Viara lost in some thoughts. There were some papers on the table but her concentration seemed to be somewhere else.

“Viara” She called out her name as she carefully thought of her next words.

Viara looked at her and rushed over to her side. She wiped off the blood that flowed from her lip.

“Ria” She called her name softly.” What happened?” Her concern was visible on her face.

Viara could sense that her sister had something weighing on her heart.

“I want to ask you of something,” Lysaria said as she observed the changes on her sister’s face, “Don’t let him touch me. Please.” She pleaded.

Viara understood her words. It was not the matter of House Arzark and her Grandfather but Aizen. “Did anything happen between you two?” She inquired.

She had already understood the reason behind whatever Aizen did to her.

“He is a shameless person. And he did what a shameless person would do. He kissed me.” Her voice was harsh as she spoke but held pain as she ended her words. “He said he would take me as a Bride.”

“Oh” Viara was not surprised but she knew she couldn’t meddle in how Aizen wanted to deal with Lysaria. “You are my shadow Ria. You can only be his bride. There’s not anything I can do about it.” She said.

Lysaria just lowered her head and thought of the words that Viara had just spoken. Yes, she was a shadow. Her fate was sealed. There was nothing that she could do. Viara had her duties that she needed to perform wholeheartedly.

“Can you at least just earn me some time? It’s not easy for me to accept such a man in my heart in just a few days. I know that the day will come but just delay it for me. Please.” She asked and looked at her sister, expectantly.

Viara sighed and hugged her tightly. “I will not let you be wronged Ria. Always remember this.”


Aizen was lying inside the formation that increased his rate of recovery. He knew that Lysaria would ask Viara for help. He watched them talking to each other on the Monitoring Glass. And from Viara’s last words he knew that she understood his actions. He closed the Monitoring Glass and it merged back in its place on the floor.

His Bloodline Inheritance had taught him of all the magical spells and the ways to control the elements. Ka’zaed Blood was special. It was not limited to any particular element. He was naturally born with the elements of Darkness and Ice. However, his Ice element was far too weak compared to his Darkness element. The awakening had brought no change to it as it did to his darkness.

There was a reason why a Morningstar was required to have several wives. It was their Elemental affinity that would become his power as he wedded them. This was why he had to be very careful while choosing his Wives. His new awakened affinity would only be as powerful as his Wife’s affinity to that element. Other than the Darkness every other element would have to come from his Wives.

His magical abilities, however, were still limited to his Bloodline. Ka’zaed Blood only excelled at the Space and Time manipulation. He had no way to gain magical abilities like Creation, Cloning, Transmutation, Clairvoyance, Divination, Telepathy, Illusion, Invisibility, Shapeshifting, and Summoning. Then there were Mental Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, and Mind Reading that Devils excelled at. Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation were the rarest. There was also Spirit Manipulation that only Monsters excelled at.

All the Magical abilities required Mana and the quantity of mana that a person possessed depended on the Strength of his Bloodline. All people who could afford could pretty much get whatever ability they want in the form of artifacts. For example, most of the people possessed a Space Artifact that is made by a collaboration of Space Magic and Creation Magic. However, to channel your mana to the artifact and open a Portal would be taxing. A single portal journey could drain them of all their mana. After all, the people who use Artifacts do not have an affinity for that Magic.

He had learned all how Space could be manipulated. It was another thing that he could only perform the basic techniques with his current strength. Time Manipulation was simpler and it was more of a supportive Magic. However, it was only simple in learning. Performing it was harder than performing space techniques.

Aizen sighed and waved his hand, the formation stopped. He got up and opened a Portal.

Vienna and Meera were lying on the bed as they discussed ways to keep away women from getting close to Aizen at the ceremony.

“Yes, we must not let those dirty women get close to Elder Brother,” Meera said in answer to something Vienna had said.

Just as Vienna was about to speak she saw Aizen coming out of the portal.

She got up and threw herself in his embrace. “Elder Brother, how was your practice with Ria sister?” She inquired.

“Oh, It was interesting. I stole a kiss and she left the room after that.” Aizen answered as he inhaled her aroma. He sat down on the bed and pulled her in his lap. Meera obediently sat by his side and he wrapped his arm around her.

“Did you decide on what you will be wearing tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yes! Viara sister helped us decide and we decided on what she will be wearing.” Meera answered enthusiastically.

“And we also decided on what Ria sister will wear tomorrow. Don’t worry Elder Brother she won’t be wearing her battlesuit at the ceremony.” Vienna answered as she winked playfully.

“And what will I be wearing tomorrow?” He asked as he traced her thigh from under her chemise.

Vienna felt his touch and rested her head on his shoulder as she whispered. “Just another day and I will be all yours, Elder Brother.”

Her words incited the care and lust in his heart.

Meera giggled and her cheeks warmed up. “We have already decided on what you will be wearing. But for now, it’s a surprise.”

Aizen curiously looked at her as he inquired. “Why is it a surprise?”

“No reason. We just decided on it.” She mischievously showed her tongue and laughed together with Vienna.

Aizen grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him as he whispered in her ear “Make sure it’s something you can easily take off me on the wedding night.”

Meera’s heart thumped loudly. She turned around her face to hide her blush.

After a while, she lightly nodded as if having made up her mind about something. “Okay.”

Aizen patted her head and changed the topic. It was not good to talk about it right now. Just another day and they will be his wives.

“What is your element, Meera?”

She seemed excited as she turned to him with a cheerful smile and a proud expression. A gust of wind came out of nowhere and ruffled his hair.

“Oh, so it’s Wind.” Aizen was quite surprised.

Silverborn bloodline was famous for their Illusions and their Assassination techniques that involved Illusions. And for an assassin, the perfect element would either be Wind or Darkness. Both of which could help in hiding the presence.

“Yes! I also have an affinity for Darkness. But I can’t control it that well and It’s not as strong as my Wind.” This clever girl did not sound a bit disappointed. She was rather proud to inform him that she had Darkness as well. And she had all the reason to be.

Aizen just shook his head. “I must say that I am impressed. You are very talented.” He praised her heartily.

Meera couldn’t help but blush at his words and she meekly answered. “Thank You.”

“And Princess, what’s your Element?” Aizen asked as he looked at her beautiful face resting in his embrace.

“Vienna is Special. She naturally has complete control over two elements.” Meera told.

“I have Lightning and Light as my elements,” Vienna said softly in a casual tone as if it was nothing special.

Aizen was terrified. And how could he not be? The little girl in his arms was the embodiment of Destruction.

All elements held destructive powers but the element of Light held enormous energy that could Destroy things at a very large scale. The light could also be used to heal but its healing attribute was negligible compared to the Magical ability of Life.

Darkness and Light were the opposite of each other and had only one thing in common. And that was annihilation. Darkness devoured everything to annihilation whereas Light destroyed everything with its enormous energy. Darkness was silent and hidden. The light was illuminating and fast.

Vienna not only had Light but had Lightning as well. Lightning was second only to Light in terms of destruction and Speed. Lightning was eccentric and was feared for its small-scale destructive power. Unlike Light, it was more flexible and could be used in defense as well. She was not only dangerous but also was terrifyingly fast.

He decided to not say anything in praise as it would still be short of the truth. He just planted a kiss on her forehead.

Vienna giggled as she watched him turn quiet. “Does Elder brother know what Elements Sister Viara and Sister Ria possess?

“No, I haven’t asked them.” He subconsciously replied.

“Hehe. Sister Viara has Darkness and Light both. And she has a perfect affinity for them. As her sister, I must not say this but she is Dangerous.” She revered her older sister and it was evident in her voice.

“As for sister Ria, she has Earth element and also the Darkness element. Her darkness element is strong but is not as good as her perfect affinity with Earth.”

Aizen just listened and kept a casual expression on his face. His mind was still registering the shock. All of them called him their Lord but he was no match for any of them.

A Girl who could very well become the world’s finest Assassin. A princess who was the true embodiment of destruction. Her older sister was even more dangerous than her. The last one was a Valkyrie who could not run out of her strength.

Meera laughed as she saw him not say anything.

“A man is always scared of his women,” Vienna said and laughed heartily.

Aizen just pulled her on his chest as he lied back. He wrapped his other arm around Meera.

‘Where did she learn all such words from?’ He asked himself. Then he just closed his eyes and he fell asleep thinking if tomorrow would turn out to be a good day or a bad one.

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