Chapter 6 – It is not Love if it does not last

The Star Hall was ready to inspire awe in the hearts of people that were about to arrive. Thousands of Maids and Butlers were hired for this ceremony and they all had taken their positions by the walls. Two men were standing by the massive door awaiting the command of the new Morningstar to open it. The stars in the roof glowed neither brightly nor dimly. They illuminated the Hall in a soft-blue hue and the light was just enough to see everything.

“Has there been any concrete reply from the Master of the Misty Chambers?”

“No, Lord Aizen. She had only said that ‘She will see’, other than this there has not been any reply from her.” Arthur answered as he wondered why his Lord was giving so much attention to this woman. She was undoubtedly a revered existence in this world but she was someone dangerous. A thought appeared in his mind but he didn’t dare to voice and confirm it.

“And what about the Lord of the Black Water? Is he coming?”

“They said that they will come but who will be representing their Organization is not clear,” Arthur said solemnly.

Black Water was not a House but an organization that majored in various fields. The fields they were most renowned for were Assassination, Information Gathering, and Banking. Some of the Biggest Auction Houses were also owned by this Organization and they were also in Possession of several mines of gems. This organization was not only Powerful but was also richer than most Nobel Houses.

“What about the Jade Temple?”

“Their 2nd Lord will be arriving personally to represent their Organization.” Arthur was really worried about how things would turn out today.

Jade Temple was an Organization just as fearful as the Black Water. Both the Organization had powerful houses behind them but in truth, they were the ones ruling those Houses. Both the Organizations majored in similar fields and were antagonistic to each other. However, they were not the most fearful organizations in this world. There were some more that remained in shadows and one of them was The Hand of Kosmos. This was the organization behind the fall of the last Morningstar.

Aizen had an amiable smile on his face. He was expecting The Hand of Kosmos to be sending someone over today. And today he had to make some things clear to this World.

The door at the back of the Hall opened and both he and Arthur turned around. They were finally here, adorned in the finest gowns, the five ladies walked towards them.

Aizen just stared at his brides. Their beauty was ethereal. The gowns they wore were of a similar and elegant design, with a thin see-through cloth covering their arms. The only difference was their color and the precious stones that decorated them. They all wore exquisite but simple necklaces made of the refined white gems which were transparent and sparkling.

Vienna had hair done in a High Bun and she wore her favorite soft pink color. Her elegance and aura were at full display. She had a light smile on her face and her eyes were shining with a softness that could melt hearts.

Viara had a similar High Bun and she was also wearing her favorite violet color. Unlike Vienna’s gentleness, she gave an aura of elegance with resolution.

Meera wore an emerald color that complimented her eyes. Her silver hair was set loose and flowed down her back. She was the only one in the group with her cheeks burning up. Her delicate aura could make anyone feel protective of her.

Lysaria was wearing black color. Her hair was set in soft curls that looked free and unfettered. Her Valiance was not hidden even if she was not in her battlesuit. She seemed focused and not bothered by anything.

“Greetings, Lord Morningstar.” They said in unison as they politely bowed. He nodded to them in a compliment and then turned around to look at the Hall.

The girls took their place behind Aizen and Marylyn in her soft green gown, stood a step below on the platform by the side of Arthur.

Aizen ushered the Head Steward to go forward and take his position as the Master of the Ceremonies and the Announcer of the Guests. The Massive door was opened by the two men and a Jade Platform was revealed outside.

A sound transmitting bird flew to the Announcer and vaporized in the light as he held it in his hand.

“Lord of the Dragon Aisles, Head of the House Avalon, The Golden Dragon Aider has come with his Empress and his Eldest Son.” He announced.

Three Golden streams of light hit the Jade Platform and three forms emerged from them. They walked to the Hall in pride and dignity. The man in front was the Golden Dragon Aider. He had lustrous black hair and golden eyes. The man was 6 and a half feet tall, built in a strong and refined stature. He looked to be no more than 25 years of age but his Aura announced that he was Old and Strong. He was someone revered just as much as the Malcolm of The Castle. He was Fearless and an overlord of Battles. The man on his right was his son who held an uncanny resemblance to him.

He looked refined and unlike his Father’s tyrannical aura he exuded an aura of wisdom. He was someone whose strength could not be underestimated just because of the aura he exuded.

The Empress was beautiful and gave off an amiable yet a dangerous feeling. She was only slightly weaker than her Husband in strength. And her features were just the same as her Husband and Son. House Avalon had a similar custom to the Star Palace that stated that the Empress could only be the Lord’s sister if he had one.

Aizen stepped down from the Host’s Platform to receive them as Viara and Vienna followed him.

“The Star Palace welcomes House Avalon.” He said with a smile and slightly bowed. The girls followed the suit.

“We wish the Morningstar and his family Prosperity and Strength.” Aider Avalon smiled and said with respect. He would never look down on the Morningstar just because he was young and weak.

Aizen smiled and offered his hand forward.

“Aizen Morningstar” he gave his name.

“Aider Avalon” He gladly received and shook it.

The three them then guided the guests to their table near the Platform.

The announcer received another sound transmission.

“The Lord of The Castle of Knowledge, The Malcolm of The Castle has come with his wife and Daughters.” He announced.

Four figures emerged out of White light and headed inside the Hall. Malcolm was as handsome as ever with his snow-white hair and blue eyes. Aizen, however, was stunned at seeing the ladies that came with him. The woman in front was an ethereal beauty and her Hazel eyes and hair exuded a very friendly but resolute Aura. She was someone who would have eyes locked on her wherever she would go.

However, her beauty still paled in comparison to the one behind her. She looked around 20 years old and had lustrous white hair and Blue gem-like eyes. She wore an extravagant gown in contrast to her mother’s simple one. She was someone whose beauty could challenge that of the Ladies that stood beside Aizen. However, the aura she gave was haughty and cold.

Aizen looked at the last girl who followed them. She was around 14 years old and had crimson hair and violet eyes. She was petite and small and the most distinctive feature of her was the pair of transparent Butterfly-like Fairy Wings on her back. They were Violet in color and had crimson veins in them. He smiled at her when he saw her marveling at the Night-Sky roof.

“Lord Malcolm.” Aizen nodded to the man. “Welcome to Star Palace.” He greeted them with a smile.

Malcolm lightly laughed. He was quite satisfied with the manner of Aizen that was not overly respectful.

“Malcolm Starlight and his Family wish the Star Palace prosperity and happiness.”

“I am glad you came here today, Lord Malcolm. And gave me a chance to show my hospitality.” Aizen said with a smile and nodded to the ladies behind him.

The Lady with Hazel hair returned the nod and observed the pair of sisters behind him. The Lady with white hair just looked at him with her cold eyes and the little fairy blushed under his gaze.

The three of them guided the guests to their table before receiving the next guests.

“Lord of Summerland, Head of the House Summer, Aaron Ivan Summer has come with his Wife.”

Summerland was the Star of music and wine. The House that ruled it was House Summer. They were famous for their Sound Manipulation ability. The Emblem of the House Summer was a nightingale. A man and a woman arrived in the hall in their luxurious dresses. The man was lanky and not tall. His features had a feminine touch in them and his auburn hair and eyes made him look beautiful even to men.

The woman on his arm was petite and had emerald eyes and blonde hair. She was not the most beautiful person he had seen, however, her beauty asked to be admired. Her ears were slightly large and had pointed ends announcing her Elven Blood.

“This Aaron and his Summerlands wish the Morningstar a blessed and pleasurable Life.” The man spoke with happiness and wore a smile that spoke of sincerity.

“Aizen Morningstar has remembered the sincerity of the Summerlands.” He greeted the guests with the same sincerity.


The greetings and arrivals of the guests carried on for hours. Almost all the people from the nearby Stars had arrived and some even came from the far-away places.

There were already 4 Powerhouses of the world present in this Hall. They included House Avalon, House Blackwood, House Sirius, and Malcolm Starlight.

Lord of Blackwood had personally come with his two sons. He was a man whose power was respected by everyone. The House Blackwood was feared by everyone for their magical ability of Curse.

House Sirius was represented by their Young Lord who would soon take the position of the head of the House. He had come along with his wife to wish the Morningstar success in his life. The man himself was very powerful. Add on his magical ability of summoning and he could easily fight against the people who were stronger than him. He was someone who in the future would shake the world with his name.

There were more than a hundred different Houses and Organizations present in the Hall. They were talking and greeting each other as they enjoyed the wine and delicacies.

There was only half an hour left at noon when the ceremony was supposed to begin.

Aizen was standing on the Host’s Platform. The girls were talking with the ladies present in the hall. The only person still standing on the platform by his side was Lysaria as she was asked by Viara to protect him just in case anything happened. In truth, Viara had done so to keep Lysaria by his side when the House Arzark arrives.

“The Second in Command of the Jade Temple, Invisible Hand Victor has come with his Wife, The fourth in Command of the Jade Temple, Lady Shaniera.” The Master of the Ceremonies announced.

Two people walked in the Hall as they approached Aizen. The Man had Black Hair and Red eyes. He was almost the same height as Aizen and his features were charmingly attractive. He had a physique of somewhere between a scholar and a warrior. His aura was mysterious and his smile was even more. The Lady on his arm was clad in a shiny black dress that accentuated every curve on her body. She was not very beautiful but her features and her figure held a charm that aroused the lust of all men.

“This Victor wishes the Morningstar Glory and Riches.” The man said with his mysterious smile.

“Shaniera wishes the Morningstar Love and Solace.” The lady said respectfully and her eyes shined as she closely observed him.

“Aizen Morningstar welcomes your arrival at the Star Palace.” He said to them with a smile.

As he guided them to their seats he heard another announcement.

“The Lord of Valorhal and The Head of House Arzark, Kaiser the Valiant has come with his Wife.”

Aizen looked at Lysaria who had a vacant look in her eyes. He excused himself from the people as he grabbed her hand and dragged her to greet the new guests. She had unexpectedly not retaliated and freed her hand from his grip. Aizen knew that it was only because they were in public and she couldn’t disrespect him in front of people.

The Man and his wife walked towards them with smiles on their faces. The man was tall and well built. His Aura was just as tyrannical as that of Aider Avalon. His brown hair and eyes were the same as Lysaria but his skin was slightly tanned. He was handsome as fitted for the Grandfather of such a beauty. The Woman beside him was beautiful and gave off a motherly aura. She was smiling but Aizen could see that her attention was locked on Lysaria and there was a layer of mist covering her eyes.

“Aizen Morningstar welcomes Lord Kaiser.” He said to the man with a smile. His words were neither respectful nor disrespectful. He felt Lysaria’s hand tighten around his as if telling him to not worry about her.

Kaiser didn’t seem to mind his lack of respect as he said. “This old man wishes Prosperity and Strength to the Morningstar.”

Aizen nodded to him and guided them to their seats.

“Lord Morningstar, may I talk to my Granddaughter for some time?” The woman asked almost in a pleading voice. Her husband showed no change in his expression.

“My Apologies, Lady Arzark. I am not supposed to leave My Lord alone.” Lysaria answered in an indifferent tone, not letting Aizen say anything.

The woman felt hurt by her words and her pain was visible on her face. She nodded and sat by her husband’s side.

Aizen excused himself as he led Lysaria to the platform. He never let go of her hand as he waited for the final few guests. She tried to get her hand loose but gave up as it was not easy to do so without letting anybody know.

All her mind was now on how he was taking advantage of her again.

He would welcome all her blame if it meant that she would not think of some other painful memories.

He didn’t have to wait long for the next guests.

“Lord of Black Water, The Thunder-Crazed Laurent has come with his Wife.”

A man and a woman, clad in black, entered the Hall. They had similar features. Same black eyes and lustrous black hair. Even the aura they exuded was similar that was warm and ancient.

Aizen saw them and couldn’t help admire and compare them with the Avalon pair. No wonder some houses required of their Lords to take their sisters as their wives. It gave them someone with trust and understanding that could not be obtained otherwise. Unlike the Dragon Empress, this Lady was a twin sister. And this made the couple hold a mysterious charm.

“Laurent and Louisiana Amorez wish the Morningstar Prosperity and Strength.” The man said with sincerity.

“Aizen Morningstar welcomes you to the Star Palace.” He replied with respect and guided them to their table.

Just as he and Lysaria returned to the platform he saw two black-cloaked figures on the Jade Platform. They were looking at him. Some people in the Hall had felt their presence and turned solemn. It was because the Aura that they exuded was not weaker than the Powerhouses present in the Hall. Aizen looked at the Announcer who shook his head.

These two had not given their names and waited to be allowed to enter. Aizen decided to walk to them as his instinct told him that they meant him no harm. It was difficult to harm a Morningstar inside the Star Palace anyway. No one would be mad enough to brave that danger.

He saw Viara coming over and gestured her to stop. He walked out of the hall and asked Lysaria to stay by the door.

“They wouldn’t dare to harm me. Don’t worry.” He told her.

Lysaria was not convinced as she readied herself to jump in if anything turns out to be bad. She saw him move to the pair and watched as a sound barrier enveloped them. Some words were exchanged and Aizen had a mysterious smile on his face. After that, he along with the two people entered the Hall. She immediately got between Aizen and the two people that followed him.

All the people in the hall looked towards them and watched as Aizen led the pair to a corner table by the side of the Platform.

No one went to greet those two guests as they had not taken away their Aura. It was a message to not bother them.

Aizen returned to the Platform with Lysaria. The girls curiously looked at him and he assuredly nodded to them and the rest, returning the harmony in the hall.

He heard another announcement just a few minutes before noon.

“The Lord of Velrich and Head of House Lycan, Fenris the Black Hand has come with his wife and Granddaughter.”

Aizen watched a man enter the Hall with a smile plastered on his face. He had lustrous black hair and eyes. And stood as tall as him with a similar built.

Aizen turned his gaze and his mind went blank as he saw the woman that followed the man. There was bitterness in his heart. She was someone he never wanted to see again and never expected to appear here. He took his eyes off her and didn’t spare another glance.

“The House of Lycan wishes Love and Prosperity to the Morningstar.” The man’s voice sounded very sincere. But Aizen had already gotten the gist of what was going on here.

“The Star Palace welcomes you.” He replied with a smile and guided them to take seats.

He was just about to excuse himself when the familiar voice called him out.

“Lord Morningstar wouldn’t even spare a glance to the woman he once loved?” She asked in a teasing tone.

A smile crept on Aizen’s face as he saw Vienna arrive by his side. The cheerful smile on her face curbed the wrath welling in his heart.

“It is not Love if it does not last.” He said just as the little tease tugged his arm in her bosom.

“Elder Brother, come, it’s time for the ceremony to start.” She said in a very casual manner and led him to the Platform.

The girls had already taken their places behind him. Arthur and Marylyn took their places as well.

Just as he was about to gesture the Announcer to have the doors closed, a final announcement came that left every single person in the Hall, baffled and dignified.

“The representatives of The Hand of Kosmos wish to attend the ceremony.”

This was going to be a long day.

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