Chapter 7 – The Blood of Ka’zaed is Chaos

The atmosphere in the Hall tensed. Everyone knew about the enmity between the Star Palace and The Hand of Kosmos. Each person in the Hall looked at Aizen. Some of them were worried about what would happen to them if he turned away these people today. The Hand of Kosmos could retaliate against them for their presence in a place where their people were not welcome. Some anticipated a good show and some were truly worried about the last three Ka’zaed Blood.

“Come in.” He said in neither loud nor low voice but it was heard clearly by every single person present inside and outside the Hall.

Three forms emerged from the purple light and then headed inside the Hall. The one leading them was a girl. She was clad in a black gown that was just as lustrous as her Black hair. Her purple eyes were sparkling and she held a slight smile on her lips. She was ethereally beautiful and the aura that she exuded, forced the men to keep their admiration to their hearts. She was someone at the peak of False-Origin strength. The two people following her were cloaked and wore masks on their faces. Their auras were hidden and it was hard to identify if they were men or women. There was an emblem on their cloaks of a drawn hand with stars floating above its palm.

The girl arrived in front of him and observed him and the women that stood behind him. She did not say a word and Aizen let her take her time. She came as a guest and so she had to follow the etiquette and pay the hosts her greetings. And he didn’t have a reason to respect her enough to pay his greetings first.

She finally gave in. “We wish the Morningstar to be wiser than his predecessor.” Her voice was gentle yet severe. And her advice felt sincere.

“Is your presence a personal meaning or is it the meaning of your Organization? Princess of Zion.” Aizen asked and he revealed her Identity to the rest of the people in the Hall.

Surely enough, a commotion ensued. Zion Family was one of the five ruling families of The Hand of Kosmos. Each family of the Organization was equal in strength and none was below the other in terms of power. The Families ruled the organization whose assets were hidden from the public and no one was clear as to what extent was their strength and wealth. The trademark feature of the Zion Family was their lustrous Purple eyes. He knew all this from the information he had received from the Crystal.

The lady before him had a moment of shock in her eyes which soon turned into curiosity. “You can consider my Arrival as my meaning as well as that of the Zion Family.” She answered his question.

“Hope you like the hospitality of the Star Palace.” Aizen smiled at her and said. He then guided them to a free table.

He returned to the Platform and waited for the thought process of people to settle down. When everyone’s attention was finally back to him, he ushered and the doors were closed.

“I, Aizen Ka’zaed Morningstar, son of Raiser and Eliana Morningstar, as the 27th MorningStar of the Star Palace, welcome you all to here today.” His every word echoed in the Hall and the hearts of people.

“I will remember all of you who have come to the call of the Star Palace. I appreciate your presence and I hope that you have and would keep enjoying your time here.” He said and nodded to the crowd.

“As the custom of the Star Palace states, I must name my Empress and a High Queen to the world together with my declaration of being the new Morningstar.” He said and then explained the custom to the people.

“An Empress of the Star Palace can only be a Ka’zaed Blood. It would have been one of my sisters if they were present today.” He stopped and sighed. “I have only 2 blood-relatives left now and both of them will be my wives.”

He turned around and looked at his brides to be.

“I name Viara Ka’zaed and now Morningstar, as my Wife and 44th Empress of the Star Palace.” He said and drew his hand to her.

Viara was stunned when she heard her name. She had come prepared to be accepted as a High Queen. She knew Aizen loved Vienna and his feelings for her were not as deep as they were for her sister. She couldn’t understand why he would do this. In her opinion, Vienna would make a better empress than her as she possessed all the qualities. But he had made his decision and it could not be changed now. She had to respect it.

She accepted his hand and stepped forward to stand by his side. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at his gentle smile that was perfection to her. When she saw him take out the Empress Crown from his Ring, she could already feel the weight of the responsibilities of her shoulders. The crown was black and translucent. It was shaped out of a refined Black Crystal. The design was elegant and there were carvings of two wolves howling to the Six Pointed Star above their heads. She saw him pierce the pointed end in his thumb and drip a few drops of his blood on the Star in the crown. The Blood was then absorbed by the red veins that appeared in it and then vanished.

She lowered her head a little and he nestled it on her head.

Aizen traced her cheek with his fingers before pulling her chin up. He leaned in and kissed her. He sipped her lips gently as if he was unwilling to hurt the softness of her lips. her heart raced as a sweet feeling filled it. When they finally separated, her cheeks were burning in a crimson blush.

Viara controlled her breathing and then drew her hand to her Shadow. She was now married and her Shadow as well. She knew that Lysaria couldn’t refuse it at this moment and so she took the chance. She pulled her hand and brought her in from of their Husband.

Aizen knew Lysaria was unwilling, even if she did not show it. But he was not going to let slip of this chance. He pulled her by her waist and captured her lips. He lightly sipped her lips and properly kissed her. This was what he had been wanting to do since yesterday. His gentleness had surprised and confused her. And he took his time before he separated from her lips.

Viara had to say her words now to the witnesses present here.

She stood between her Husband and her Shadow and said her words.

“I, Viara Ka’zaed Morningstar, Wife and Empress of Aizen Ka’zaed Morningstar accept all the responsibilities that are of a Wife and an Empress. I shall never let down My Husband, My family, and the name of the Morningstar. I shall only obey the Orders of my Husband and even pay my Life if he asks for it. I shall protect him with all my strength. I shall bring prosperity to the Star Palace with all my Abilities. I shall follow my Husband on every road he takes in Life and I shall join him in his Death.”

Her resolution was heard and admired by everyone and some could not help but dread the meaning her last words held. It was a warning in disguise. She would fight with her life and support him till her last breath, regardless of whether he takes a wicked road in his life. What else could be expected from the Ka’zaed Blood?

“We wish the Empress the strength to observe her Resolution.” The witnesses said in a unison.

Viara then stepped back with Lysaria and stood by the side of Vienna and Meera. She looked at her sister and found her not wearing any sign of displeasure over Aizen’s decision. She still wore her cheerful smile and Viara could tell that she was smiling for the bottom of her heart. Her own heart warmed up as she held back her tears that were welling up in her eyes. Her sister had grown up to be a better person than she could ever wish for.

Aizen then went on with the announcement of the High-Queen.

“A Morningstar has always had 3 High-Queens. A High-Queen is a wife of the Morningstar that holds the governing power of the Star Palace. She only has to answer to the High-Queen above her, the Empress, and the Morningstar. The First High-Queen is preferred to be a Ka’zaed Blood but the decision of it lies in the hands of the Morningstar.” He introduced what a High Queen of Star Palace means.

“I now announce Vienna Ka’zaed and now Morningstar, as my Wife and my First High-Queen. She is the 86th High-Queen of the Star Palace.” He said these words and drew his hands to both the girls.

Vienna readily accepted his hand while Meera timidly did. Her cheeks were burning in her blush as he pulled her to stand by his side.

Aizen took out the crown of the High-Queen. It was of a similar design as that of the Empress and the only difference was that it was carved out of Refined White Crystal instead of a Black crystal. He dripped a few drops of his blood on the Star. The blood was absorbed by the veins that appeared in it. He set it on her head and admired how beautiful and perfect she looked wearing it.

He pulled her chin up and leaned in to kiss her. He kissed her softly first before engaging in a gentle assault. Vienna tried to return his kiss with her immature movements before just giving in and letting him taste her lips to his heart’s content. He only separated from her lips after leaving them slightly swollen.

Aizen looked in her misty eyes and wished he could take her to the room right away. He then looked at Meera and the blush that adorned her face. Her eyes were fixed on the floor and she seemed to be too shy to look at him.

He held her waist and picked her up. She was shorter than Vienna and it would have been awkward for him to kiss while standing in front of so many people.

He captured her lips and softly sipped them. She was surprised but didn’t pull back. She just let him taste her lips. Her heart was racing and her eyes became misty. His tongue invaded her mouth and mingled with hers. She moaned in his mouth and her hands wrapped around his neck.

When he finally let go of her, she was left breathless. She heard Vienna lightly laughing and understood what she had just done.

Aizen laughed when he saw her hide behind Vienna. He hadn’t expected that Meera would pull him to kiss her more, and she was too sensitive. He shook his head to settle down the lustful thoughts and nodded to Vienna to say her words.

Vienna stood by his side and looked around the Hall. She took her time before saying her words and it only made the audience turn solemn.

“I, Vienna Ka’zaed Morningstar, Wife and First High-Queen of Aizen Ka’zaed Morningstar, accept all the responsibilities that are of a Wife and a High-Queen. I shall never let down My Husband, My Family, and the name of the Morningstar. I shall only obey the Orders of my Husband and I shall listen to the instructions of the Empress. I shall do my best to bring prosperity to my Family. I shall protect my Husband with all my strength. I shall destroy anyone who would try to harm him. I shall be the one to die first if death ever comes for him. I shall follow him in every decision he makes in his life. I Shall Live and Die only for my Husband and my Family.” Her words were not loud but they reverberated in the minds of everyone.

“We wish the High-Queen the strength to observe her Resolution.”

Unlike Viara’s resolution, Vienna’s was more like an Obsession. Nobody doubted her words in the least. A Ka’zaed Blood driven by obsession was a fearful being. This High-Queen was not affable. Her warnings were clear and it even made the Powerhouses apprehensive.

Aizen himself was not expecting her to say these words with such emotion. He, however, felt the warmth of her feelings and knew that she was very protective of him. It made him more confident in himself. And he felt even more drawn to this Princess. He would never let her be sad. He made his resolution.


After the ceremony, the feast started and the music was put on. People danced with their spouses and guests, drank wine, enjoyed the food, and indulged in private talks. The feast continued till the evening. Aizen danced with all his brides. And he drank wine for people who wanted to have a drink with him.

Princess of Zion had also asked for a dance and he had to comply. He didn’t like the feeling of being forced, but to his consolation, she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. And he enjoyed his time dancing with her.

Elysa had tried to get close to him several times this evening. But her intentions were always interrupted by one of his brides, who presented different excuses and led him with them.

Aizen had nothing but apathy in his heart for a woman like her. He did care about her once and she had betrayed him. He was not a fool to believe that a woman like her could have any feelings for him. He cursed his impulsiveness that had resulted in them getting close to each other. It was true that she was the first woman he had and slept with and he might never forget her. But his feelings for her had died the day she had betrayed him for another man. She had only been with him for his looks and had left him when she had found someone suitable for her social standards.

It was laughable that she had come chasing after him the moment she found out that he was the new Morningstar. He knew that Fenris Lycan was up to something, but he found it hard to read through him. His instincts told him that Fenris wanted something from him and did not plan to harm him. However, it was only for now. Fenris would harm him if he refused whatever that man wanted. And Aizen didn’t like being manipulated.

The people then went on to give their gifts to the Empress and the High-Queen. When everything was settled, it was time for him to say the message he had for the world.

He took the place on the platform with his brides by his side.

“I thank every one of you for being present here and sharing a memorable day with me. I shall repay your courtesy if the chance is given.” He looked at the people with a sincere smile. However, his smile ceased when his eyes became resolute.

Silence loomed in the Hall as everyone waited for his message. The stars in the Night-Sky shimmered in different shades of light.

“I am a Morningstar. An existence that is revered, feared, envied, despised, and loathed as well. I know that there are people who harbor ill motives towards me and my family. And I know that some wish to see the Star Palace prosper.” He let his words settle in and continued. “I know what happened 6000 years ago and have learned of all the events that led to that battle. I am also aware of the reasons that must not be spoken of.”

He then looked to the Princess of Zion as he spoke.

“My father died in the battle. My mothers died in the battle. My brothers and sisters died in the battle. My Empress mother escaped and gave her life in exchange for mine. The tragic war that took place on the Red Bay, Star Palace will not forget about it and nor would its enemies.” He then took his eyes off everyone and he looked at the stars in the roof.

“I have no interest in capturing your Lands. I have no interest in harming your Families. I have no interest in stealing your Riches. I have no interest in destroying you.” His tone was not loud but his words were. “But if anyone dares to hold ill-intentions towards My family and My people, then he will have to pay for it. And if anyone harms them, then there will only be Annihilation.” He looked at the crowd and his pupils turned to the shape of a Six-Pointed Star. A dreadful aura emanated from his presence. He was still at only Royal Blood strength but his aura was fearful.

“I shall repay kindness with kindness and repay enmity with enmity. Star Palace has never dreaded or bowed down to anyone, and it never will! I will give you a war if you desire one and I will offer you peace if you wish for it.”

“The Blood of Ka’zaed is Chaos.”

He concluded his address by saying the words that have always been passed down in the Star palace.

“We have remembered the words of the Morningstar.” The crowd said in unison.


People took their leave after conveying their good wishes to the Star Palace. The representatives of The Hand of Kosmos only nodded before they left. The two mysterious cloaked persons did the same.

Elysa had left with displeasure and craze in her eyes as he hadn’t even spared a glance to her throughout the day.

Malcolm Starlight waited for everyone to leave before asking to be allowed to stay a few days in the Star Palace. Aizen gladly welcomed him and asked Arthur to settle the Starlight Family in the guest’s mansion inside the Palace. He felt that Malcolm had some words to say to him but did not ask him about it. He let him take his time.

He informed Viara that he will be with Vienna and Meera tonight and she had gladly agreed. Before she was about to return to her room he had kissed her till her lips were swollen and her knees were soft.

He now stood in front of the Black Crystal as there was something he wanted to prepare for before consummating his marriage. Vienna and Meera were waiting for him.

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