Chapter 9 – The beautiful they are, the more terrifying they become

Aizen woke up to the whispering of the two girls. He heard them laugh and felt their cheeks warm upon his chest. He opened his eyes and kissed the silver-haired head. Meera looked up to him, a little scared, but then she just went up and kissed his cheek.

“Good Morning Elder Brother!” She cheerfully greeted him.

“Good Morning.” He replied with a smile and kissed the tip of her nose as she was retracting her head.

He turned to Vienna who was looking at him affectionately and brought his head down to softly capture her lips. She giggled under the kiss and responded clumsily.

All three of them sat up and Aizen wrapped his arms around their waist. He pulled them in his embrace and placed his palms on their abdomens to channel his Magic. This was what he had prepared for in the Core Room.

A heat emanated from inside their wombs and they both looked up to him curiously.

“This is the proof of our first bond and a gift for you two.” Aizen then explained. “There was something in the memories of the Black Crystal that showed me how a Ka’zaed blood could save a fertilized seed and later when the time is right the mother could decide to give birth to a child.” He looked up to the two girls that were shocked but he saw no displeasure. “The fertilized seed inside of your wombs has been sealed by space and time magic which is now under your will. You may unseal it when you are ready to give birth to our Child.”

Aizen didn’t expect that he would get no reaction from them. They both just nodded and buried their faces in his neck.

“I can destroy the seed if you two don’t feel good about it.” He said seriously.

“No!” they both called out in unison as if sacred and he felt Vienna slam her fist in his chest. “Don’t even think about it!” She said and got out of the bed. He watched her naked and shapely back and her wiggling ass as she walked inside the bathroom.

Meera nodded to her words and hurriedly got away from him, rushing inside the bathroom. Her soft ass jiggled as she did.

Aizen was left there on the bed all alone. He didn’t know if he had done anything wrong and why they reacted that way but he could tell that they were at least not displeased with what he had done.


When he arrived inside the Core Room he found the formation open. Viara was lying under the Crystal and she seemed to be asleep. She was not present on the breakfast table and Lysaria was absent as well. He turned around to where Lysaria was and found her wearing a solemn look on her face.

He walked up behind Lysaria and wrapped his arms around her waist. He hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Good Morning, Love.” He whispered in her ear.

Lysaria was flustered as she tried to get out of his hold but only found it tighten around her.

“Morning, Lord Aizen.” She said. “Can you please let go of me.”

“Never,” He said resolutely, “Why should I let go of my bride?”

Her heart quickened when she heard the seriousness in his voice. Her cheeks warmed up and she had no idea how to deal with this situation now.

“What happened to Viara?” Aizen changed the subject and inquired.

“She expended all of her strength and mana.” Lysaria didn’t tell him any more than that.

“And where did she spend all her Strength and Mana?” Aizen sternly asked.

Lysaria was scared by the seriousness in his voice but didn’t know what to reply to him. She didn’t know the answer. “I don’t know. She didn’t tell me.” She said.

Aizen freed her from his embrace and walked inside the formation. He sat down by Viara’s side and observed her for a while. He was relaxed after finding out no sign of being engaged in a battle and she just seemed to be asleep. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers and headed out of the room.

“Let me know when she wakes up. I will be in the Battle Room.” He said to Lysaria as he left.

Viara had done something last night. He was sure of it but right now he didn’t want to disturb her recovery. She was safe, and that was all that mattered. All his mind was now on his newly acquired affinity to Wind, Lightning, and Light.

As soon as he entered the Battle Room, he focused on sensing the air around him. His pupils turned to the shape of a star when he finally felt connected to it. The connection, however, was not too strong. He waved his hand and summoned the wind circling him. His clothes and hair ruffled as the wind got stronger and stronger. After a while, he was inside a cyclone as his feet left the ground and he hovered in the air. He kept his eyes closed and solely focused on his connection with the wind that was getting stronger by every passing second.

He felt the draining of his strength slow down as the connection got stronger but the mental load was still very harsh. After a while, he dropped down on the ground. The headache had become too severe to allow him to continue with this experiment. It was just like before when he had for the first time summoned his darkness element. A satisfied smile crept on his lips, and he closed his eyes to get some rest.

Aizen concluded that to reach perfect control over wind would take him a considerable amount of time. It was not something he could learn in just a day or two. He had to walk on the road of becoming one with the element, and not everyone could achieve that perfection in their life.

His mind drifted off to other matters of the Star Palace. He realized that they needed personnel in the Palace. All the Maids and Butlers that were hired for the ceremony were now gone. It was again just Mary who was taking care of their meals, and Arthur who helped her in the maintenance of the Palace.

Star Palace had been sealed for more than a thousand years and didn’t keep any maids and butlers to prevent any information leak to the world outside. Vienna and Meera seldom stepped outside the Palace. Viara too had to be cautious when going out. Some people wanted to get their hands on both girls.

Ka’zaed blood had mystical strengths and copulating with one made the Bloodline purer and enhanced your strength. If one had a Ka’zaed Blood as his partner then for him to have the final awakening was assured. This was the reason why everyone wanted to get their hands on them. He too was a target. Men wanted his blood for the sacrifice and women to have him as their partner.

Aizen shook all the thoughts from his mind and sat up with his legs crossed. This time he called forth his new affinity to Light. The color of light, just like the color of Fire, varied from people to people. However, their strength was not reflected by their colors but by the strength of their wielders. He wanted to see what color was his Light element.

He took his time and found that the strength and concentration needed to summon the Light was greater than what was needed for the Wind. After a strenuous few minutes, he finally had a violet hue of light covering his right hand. He did not experiment with Light and just waved it off. He didn’t have much strength left to play with it as he fell back down and rested some more.

Walking out of the battle room he checked the time. It was late afternoon. He decided to pay a visit to Malcolm and see if he was ready to talk about what he wanted to. He headed for his room first to freshen up and then left for the Guest’s mansion.

When he arrived by the mansion he found the little fairy in the garden using her elemental affinity to water the plants. He could tell from her smile that she loved flowers and cared for them.

He just stayed their marveling at how beautiful she looked. Her fairy wings that lightly flapped from time to time gave her an ethereal feel. He wanted to hold her in his arms and feel if she was real. She was humming a duet in a language that was alien to him but he found it very pleasant to hear.

She soon realized that someone was watching her as she turned out and almost jumped in a scare.

“Lord Morningstar.” She bowed as soon as she got some composure back.

Aizen smiled as he found her not meeting his gaze and walked to her. He stopped and stood in front of her and waited for her to look up to him. The little girl, however, fumbled back and did not look at him.

“If you find me not pleasing to your eyes you can just say so.” He did not like it and said in a grave voice.

She was baffled at his words and stuttered. “No, no, it is not like that.” She looked at him with watery eyes mustering up all her courage.

He found her cheeks color up as their gaze met. He smiled at her and drew his hand to tuck the falling strand of crimson hair behind her ear. The blush on her ears intensified under his touch.

“What’s your name, little fairy?” he gently inquired.

“Ayana.” She replied meekly.

“Ayana, hmm, that’s a beautiful name. Just as beautiful as you are.” He patted her head as he said that.

“Thank you.” Her reply was almost inaudible and her ears were a deeper shade of pink now. She couldn’t keep looking at him and lowered her head to cover her blush.

“I am here to see Lord Malcolm. Will you please inform him that I am here?”

“Yes, Lord Morningstar. Please wait, I will Inform him.” She replied and bowed before running inside the Mansion.

He sighed and shook his head but the smile never left his face. She had a very pure personality and it attracted people to feel protective of her. And of course, she incited the lust of men as well. He drew his hand near his nose and a rosy aroma assaulted his sense of smell. Her scent was intoxicating, and he loved it.

He didn’t have to wait for long before he saw Malcolm walk towards him with a smile plastered on his face. His wife Diana followed him and she had a smile more cheerful that her husband on her face. Aizen felt even sure that Malcolm did indeed have something to talk to him about. And if he didn’t say his words then the lady by his side would say them.

“Lord Malcolm, Lady Dianna.” He nodded to both of them as they arrived in front of him.

“Aizen” Malcolm replied with a nod and the lady slightly bowed.

“I hope you are happy with our hospitality.”

“Of course we are!” The lady said with a smile. “The Star Palace lives up to its name. Sir Arthur showed us around the palace in the morning and everything we saw was just too beautiful.”

“I thank you for your gracious remarks, Lady Diana.” He said and smiled at them.

There was a moment of awkward silence between them but then the lady talked.

“I would like to see the Garden of Sculptures again and would be glad if you showed us around, Lord Aizen.” She asked respectfully.

“Of course,” he replied and then guided the way, “Please.”

He knew that she had only asked for this to talk as they walked.

It’s was not long after they arrived in the Garden that she inquired. “Ayana is beautiful isn’t she?”

“Yes. She is beautiful.” He replied truthfully.

“She is just as deadly as she is beautiful.” She said seriously.

Aizen didn’t know what to make of these words and just frowned.

“She is special. A fairy born of a union of a Nobel Devil and a Royal Fairy.” Malcolm said and continued. “Her mother belonged to one of the Royal Clans of the Fairylands. She was abducted by a Young Incubus who lusted after her Beauty. She was raped by him and held captive until she finally managed to escape. But by that time she five months pregnant with his child.”

“The Fairies value their chastity more than any other race, and they loathe the Devils. The devil who raped her was an Incubus, descendent of the Origin Devil of Lust. You could say that they are at the top of the list of the Devils the Fairies most loathe.” She said and sighed.

“She could not return to her homeland with a child of a Devil in her womb and she couldn’t bear killing the child either. It was her child too.” Diana said and then her expression dignified. “She remained in dilemma for a month before she finally decided to use something that she shouldn’t have. She used one of the heirlooms of her Clan. A sacrificial essence star of a powerful Fairy.”

“She used it so that the child’s Fairy Blood dominates over that of the Devil. And she succeeded. The child she gave birth to was almost a Fairy. However, Ayana was born with the Magical attribute of Life and another which was considered an abomination in the fairylands, a Poison attribute.”

“Her mother had gotten poisoned by her when she gave birth to her. Her poison was too strong, and one that she unconsciously used all the time. Her mother could no longer return to her homeland. The fairies would sacrifice her daughter to extract her essence to seal it. She looked for me and my daughter to help her seal her poison. But when she arrived, she was already breathing her last. She died after giving us her daughter to take care of, and told us everything that we needed to know.”

“We tried our best to seal her Poison but we too got affected by it. Fortunately for us, we were saved by our daughter. Our daughter accepted Ayana as her blood shadow, and helped her control her Poison as she grew up.”

“ It all finally seemed to be fine but Ayana, however, retained some of her Devil attributes as well. She grew up showing a charm that rivaled that of the Succubi. Her Poison attribute also holds a special kind of Poison of Lust that could drive anyone in the world crazy. Her charm, however, only works when she speaks or looks in the other person’s eyes.”

Aizen heard it all attentively. He braved a cold sweat when he thought of her Poison attribute. He could now understand why the little fairy was reluctant to look him in the eyes and spoke so meekly. Perhaps, if she knew that she didn’t have to worry about her charm in front of a Ka’zaed Blood, she would have been more at ease.

“Do people know about her special existence?” He asked the question that bothered him the most. If the world knew about her powers then everyone would try to get their hands on her. The Fairies of the Fairylands would come after her life. People would also try to extract her life essence to gain her powers. And many would eye her as an asset to increase their Power.

“No,” Malcolm said seriously, “She has always been known to the world as the Shadow of Xeina. But people still question why she resembles to be someone from the Royal Clan of the Fairylands.”

Aizen frowned when he heard these words. It didn’t seem like much of a problem if the world did not know about her. As long as the world didn’t know what exactly she was capable of, she was quite safe. And if it was not a problem then why would Malcolm tell him all this.

“People do not know about her but they know about Xeina.” It was Diana who spoke and answered his unvoiced question. She looked at Malcolm and nodded at him.

Malcolm sighed and said after a while. “I am not someone who was born in the Middle or Lower Realm. I was once a prince of the Royal Clan of Angels and for some crime that I committed I was banished from the Higher Realm and came here.” His words held a pain that originated from his memories.

“Angels are special existences because all of them possess the attribute of Light and the power of a Messenger. An ability that can send messages disregarding the distance and the fear of Interception. Some Angels are also born with the ability to control time and some with the ability to control space. We cannot match your Bloodline over their control but we are also quite skillful.” He had pride in his voice as he talked about his Bloodline.

“An angel can only have a single child in his entire life and so I only have my daughter. She did not take after me and have Time as her special ability nor did she take after her mother and possess the Power of Illusions. She acquired the Power of Life and a variant Power called Purification. Her variant Power allows her to negate all Curses and Poisons.” He, however, did not sound happy when he talked about her abilities.

“The world knows about her powers and wants to acquire her. They come to my door and ask of her hand in marriage, but I know that they would only use my Daughter to help them accomplish their goals and wouldn’t care about the consequences. The only thing that keeps them from abducting my daughter is because they fear me.”

“What do you think will happen when the world finds out that an Angel possessing the power of a Messenger, Life, and Purification has a Shadow who is just as special as her?” He asked. “Would they still fear me? Or brave the risk of getting their hands on them?”

Aizen stayed silent and kept his eyes on the sculpture of an Angel in front of them. All that he had heard today was nothing less than a shock. The two girls were dangerous. And their lives were in danger.

“Lord Malcolm, do you not fear that I will be the same as the rest? Now that I know all about them, I may very well make sure that they never leave the Star Palace again.” His words were frank and questioning. He didn’t hide his intention from them.

The couple was taken aback by his words but Diana soon chuckled and Malcolm followed with a laugh.

“Any ambitious person would be tempted by the greed of acquiring my daughters. However, there’s one difference between you and the rest of the people. You would never harm your Family for the sake of acquiring your goals.” Malcolm said with confidence.

“I am not sure how your daughter would react to your words if she heard them. She seems like a person who hates to rely on other people.” He said as he remembered her cold eyes. “A fool but a pure-hearted one.”

Diana sighed as she spoke. “She has always been stubborn. We have spoiled her with showering too much love on her and never reprimanding her.”

“Aizen, I do want my daughter to be with you. However, I would hate myself to force her to do something she doesn’t want to.”

“I understand, Lord Malcolm. So what exactly do you want from me?”

“I just want you to promise me that you will take care of her if anything happens to us,” Malcolm said solemnly. He didn’t want Aizen to brave risks for him, but if something happened to him then only Aizen could be trusted to protect his daughters.

“I owe you a favor. But you will have me, owing to you for a while, Lord Malcolm.” Aizen said and continued. “I am tempted to get my hands on them and I will. So I can’t take it as paying you back since I have my selfish designs.”

Malcolm sighed and spoke. “I should have expected this from a Morningstar.”

Aizen shook his head and smiled. “Rest assured that I wouldn’t harm them.” He said sincerely. ”I would like you to let Xeina and Ayana stay at the Star Palace. They will be safe here and will have the time to get along with my wives.”

This was something Diana had earlier suggested to him, and he had agreed to it. Malcolm knew perfectly well that no power in the world could get inside the Star Palace without the Morningstar’s permission. For his daughters, this was the safest place.

“Very well,” Malcolm said and nodded to him.

Aizen was quite satisfied with the pair’s decision.

“By the way, what is the name of Ayana’s father?”


Aizen returned to the Palace and found Arthur waiting for him in the Hallway.

“Lord Aizen!” he said respectfully.

“Sir Arthur.” Aizen nodded at him.

“An anonymous Letter has arrived.” He handed over a sealed letter to him.

Aizen had an idea about who the sender might be and opened the Letter.

The first piece of information elated him and he had a smile on his face but the second information made him frown. His heart tightened, and then he just sighed. The letter incinerated after he had read it.

“Is everything alright, Lord Aizen?” Arthur saw the frown on his face and Inquired.

Aizen just shook his head to set aside all the thoughts that were running in his mind.

“The Beautiful they are, the more terrifying they become.”

Arthur didn’t understand what he meant but subconsciously nodded in agreement.

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