The Day Before The Calamity(Life inside The Palace)[Calamity Arc- Part 1]

A single lamp was burning, which illuminated the room, a bed in the middle where an old lady laid in, near her a boy sat on the bed.    

The old lady had thick fur growing over her skin, making her look like an aged tiger, her eyes were dark brown as an aged tree, nose a bit bigger with whiskers growing near them, ears like that of a cat’s, and paws like hands.     

The boy was in his mid-teens having black hairs, white eyes with a tint of black mixed in them, his body was on the darker side, for a child in teen, his body was of a soldier.   

“Umm, Grandma, what happened? We were in the most important part. Tell me no what happened after the Dragons and Demons appeared.”   

Venure, I would love to tell you, but the thing is I can’t remember it. Maybe the old age has been a toll on me.”  

“Grandma, how can old age affect you, you were once the strongest person in the kingdom.”   

“It’s time, Venure. Everything vanishes with time, fame, importance, value nothing remains. I’m just a Beastia, also bound to vanish with time.”   

“Grandma, get this, now, I will be making up for all the lost time. And, no, I don’t think your name would vanish with time, after all, I would tell my children about how I used to have a super-strong grandma, and after all the contributions that you have done for this entire kingdom, no one has the right to forget you, you are our Eagle Shadow. “ 

Hohoho… You have gotten better at flattery Venure. Having a grandchild like you must be a blessing from the gods.”   

“Grandma, it doesn’t matter what happened to you during the fight with the humans. Mistake occurring in war is a common factor, even in a tournament mistakes happen. If someone stronger than you comes in the war, it just means, it was not your time to shine, but Grandma right now having you beside me, is more of a blessing than…”    

*Ding, Ding, Ding*   

“Aah, grandma, I guess I would have to leave. Then let’s meet tomorrow.”  

The grandmother raises her hand, trying to pet her grandchild’s face, but she only grasps the air, hearing the door opening and closing she feels all alone in the world.  

How comical, was her life, she was someone who was always surrounded by people; now she only talks to a single person. 

“I wish I understood your value before the accident.”   

She mutters to herself in the empty room.   

-Outside the Room-[Janvas’s POV-]-   

[That was close, if she had touched me, then she would find out. I’m Janvas, not Venure, I cooked a complete fucked up plan, maybe I should not come back again, but she looked quite happy when she talked to me, I mean Venure, what should I do. *Ugh* I’m an idiot.]   

While walking towards my room, I stop in my tracks, as I take in what I was doing, I was playing with fire, without any concern for my life. Even though I was her grandchild, I had to take my elder brother’s name to talk with her.   

[Should I stop? But when she smiles, I feel happy like the familial love I lost came back to me.]   

A sudden voice from the back startles me.     

Treshwhatcha war dong un Old baba’s room?”   

(“Trash, what were you doing in old baba’s room?”)   

[Ahh! This annoying language of his…, What is he doing over here? Isn’t it time to move to our rooms?]   

Turning around, I give out a fake smile to my elder brother. The second son of the King. Venure Wifobe Safora. The second person in the kingdom who had five traits inside him.    

He had fur growing near his neck, the eyes crimson black with his signature sleazy smile giving him a very ominous look.   

“Nothing, brother, grandma had just call-”   

Before I could finish, Venure moves to punch me, I think of dozing but knowing him getting hit would be a safer and simple choice. I quickly cut my tongue so that when he hits me, I could imitate puking blood, to satisfy his hunger. As his fist touches my face, I quickly turn around and drop like I got hit by a great force, spitting my blood in the process, I look up at him. Seeing his smug, I know he won’t try to hit me again for some time.   

Watcha yor tronge tresh, she’s nut yor grendma.”   

(“Watch your tongue trash, she’s not your grandma.”)   

Swiping away the blood that came out from my mouth, I look up at Venure, the person who once was the genius son of the king, now only possessed the strength of a mere soldier. Even now looking at him, I want to beat him till he scums but the warning the king gave me, binds me. The kingdom allows, the stronger one to leave unscratched even then, I couldn’t hit my siblings.   

Remumber haven tha roryal blud insde yu dusn’t mek yu aur eqal.”   

(“Remember having the royal blood inside you doesn’t make you our equal.”)   

Before I could retaliate, I hear his lackey’s speaking from behind him.   

“ Heh! Tat’s wat a outsedar lik hum shold gat. Tu thank tat ha wen ento tha Eagle Shadow’s rum.”   

(“Heh! That’s what an outsider like him should get. To think that he went into the Eagle Shadow’s room.”)   

[Wait.. did you guys say Eagle Shadow without disorienting it? Maybe grandma is the only person who you are afraid of.] 

“But ded you see after getting panched by the Prence he pueked a bucket full of blad.”   

(“But did you see after getting punched by the prince he puked a bucket full of blood.”)  

[Huh! You guys can speak properly? Try hard, and you might succeed.] 

Hahaha.. Hiee sach a whuss who pukas blad afar jast gating tauchd.   

(“Hahaha… He’s such a whoss who pukes blood after just getting touched.”)   

[What seriously you don’t remember, who was the person who came third in the Wifobe’s Youth under 15 Championship Festival last year. Ohh…, Wait…, you guys are an idiot, why was I cheering for you guys just now?]   

“Shat ap!! Bath af yu. Noe tall ma Janves wha war yu in har rum.”   

(“Shut up! Both of you, now tell me, Janvas, why were you in her room.”)   

“She called me.”   

Venure looks at me, with a puzzled expression and asks again,   



“ I don’t know.”   

[ For heaven’s sake, don’t ask questions whose answer you won’t get. You all didn’t even care about her till I came out of her room.]   

“Walt? Than whet war yu dong insde?”   

(“What? Then what were you doing inside?”)   

“Well…, When I went inside, she was already sleeping, so I stayed, when the bell rang, I came out.”   

I try to make an unguilty face, to deceive him, or else it won’t end up in my favor. Looking at his face, I know he is finding it hustle to go in and ask himself, so I guess I’m in the safe.   

Janvesnaxt tim weh she cals yu, set thre tel she tals yu to leavRemambaryu live hear oly do tu the blad yu posass, so beha end kno yur warth.”  

Janvas, next time when she calls you, stay there till she tells you to leave. Remember, you live here only due to the blood you possess, so behave and know your worth.” 

Venure doesn’t stop there, he tells me of how insignificant I’m that he doesn’t want to spend a single second on me, telling me how big of a disgrace I’m to the king. Even though no one treats me as a price in the palace, everyone asks me to act as one in front of the public, and the frustrating thing is, no one remembers me as the 4th Prince of the kingdom, so why was I needed to act?  Even when I won the third position in the championship, only two people supported me, while the rest wondered, who or why was I there. 

I lived with the King or my dad for the past 15 years, but only saw his true nature in the last 5 years when he found out I wasn’t going to have a trait. 

That was the day I lost all of my brother’s and sister’s, my place in the family, from a prince I became commoner. Was only having an animalistic trait made me family, a royal, their brother?    

[*ugh* Thinking about such thing gets me doleful, I want Ru.]     

I Pace my feet and head to my room, closing the door behind me. I take a sigh of relief from all the obnoxious things.  

This is the room I lived in for the last 5 years, my and Ru’s home.    

A table on the right side having a cloth on top, two sofas on it’s either side, behind it on the wall a painting of the current king with the previous king, the left side was empty, ahead a door leading to my personal bedroom, looking around one more time I head inside.    

A king-size bed in the middle, made out of woods, on the left a window which faced towards the vast forest, on the right a bathroom and washroom merged into one. Beside it, there was a cupboard that covered the entire wall.   

Today’s each and every activity has dripped me of stamina, now all I wanted to do is sleep with Ru.   

[Ru, come back quickly. I need you.]  

Closing my eyes, I fall asleep.    

After some time, the sound of the bedroom’s door opening and closing wakes me up, I move to the left side of the bed, then open my arms.    

Opening my eyes slightly, I see a female clad in maid’s clothes coming towards me, her cat’s eyes shine yellow in the dark, dog ears which are smaller than others. A voluptuous body, enticing enough, to make people go crazy. Her tail wagging, giving her a cute demure. So beautiful that my heart melts just by sight.     

[My Ru.]   

Before entering the bed, she moves toward the cupboard. Removing the clothes and hanging them, she comes to the bed in her lingerie. Climbing the bed, she uses my arm as a pillow, as she rests her head. Snuggling closer, she tightly hugs me; out of nowhere, she bites my neck. Hugging her back, I caress her back. 

Felling something wrong, I ask in a foul mood.      

“What happened? Was it Unor again?”   

Her silence eats me from the inside, so I separate from her and look into her eyes, seeing tears forming, I flip out from rage.   

“That piece of shit, he will pay.”   

“Jan, Don’t the king has already given you a warning due to me. If you do anything that makes him fly in a rage, then we might be expelled from the palace, and all the things that we have will be lost. Even mother might be sad if something like that happened.”   

“I don’t think Safrine would be that sad if she gets to know about it. Have you told her about Unor? I guess she would be devastated if she gets to know about it. Ru, know this, I won’t allow anyone to make you feel humiliated in any manner.”   

“Jan, you saying such things makes me really happy, but doing things that are going to hit us way harder, isn’t bravery, it’s idiocy. Unor’s your uncle, and king’s elder brother, he has the highest position in the kingdom’s military, even if we want, we can’t do anything about it. That’s reality, Jan, try to understand.”   

“Ru, you want me to stay quiet when he harassed you?”     

“No, I don’t want to bind you, but we are not the same as we used to be. Jan, you are no longer royalty, and you know the punishment if a commoner hits a royalty. Please try to understand.”    

Her words hurt me deeply. I, JanvasHaruru’s husband, and Master can’t do anything when my love is harassed. The frustration of knowing how powerless I’m eats me away.   

“Jan, I didn’t mean it like that.”  

She quickly grips my shoulder and kisses me. She tries her best to make it more passionate, but knowing how powerless I’m, I don’t get the feelings to kiss her back. Unlocking she looks onto my eyes and says,    

“We will do something about it. So, no need to take desperate steps, okay?”   


Moving my head forward, I give her a small peck on the lips.   

[I need to talk with Marine and Safrine. Maybe moving out of the palace is best for all of us.]   

Her face looks gloomy, as not wanting to make her feel sad, I put the negative thoughts at the back of my mind. My mind tries to think of different ways to make her smile.     

Suddenly, my eyes fall on her cleavage, and the erotic lingerie she came in, so I do what I’m usually good.   

Using my other arm, I hug her and grab her butt, she looks up at me with surprise, I entangle my lips with her in a passionate way, getting on top of her I hump her when our lips separate, she says,  

“Jan, not today. Day after tomorrow is the festival, so would need to wake up early tomorrow, we need to decorate the palace. The work would be too much, and if we do it today, then I might not be able to work tomorrow.”   


“Yes, the Wifobe’s Founding Ceremony. Jan, how can you forget?”   

“I was busy and couldn’t remember what day it was……Ok-ok Sorry.”     

Cupping her face, I tell my sad goddess,   

“Don’t worry. I have a present ready for all of you.”   

Her eyes look up at me with expectations,   


“Yes, of course.”   

“What is it?”   

“You will get to know at the festival. So, shall we continue?”   

“No, every time we do it, I’m always tired, till the evening, so if you want to do anything then wait.”   

“But what about the rock in my pant?”   

“Throw it away, then.”   

I look at her with a stupefied face, which makes her get the meaning of my sentence.   

“Can’t you sleep like this today, Jan? We can do it tomorrow. Maybe I can take leave too.”   

“Just once won’t harm, Right?”   


“Then what about this, I will come and help you tomorrow. I would be free tomorrow as no teaching will happen in the name of the festival and we would be able to have some us time. Even Mari would be coming late tomorrow. And we could take leave too and enjoy the festival. ”  

“Sounds nice. But I can’t take a leave, the head maid told that no one would get leave, and if we did, then she would be cutting our salaries for the entire month.”   

“I can talk with her about you. Having royal blood inside me can help you.”   

“Jan, I don’t think that this time you can.”   

“And why’s that?” Dejectedly she says, “She now works for Unor.” I move my face closer to her and look inside her eyes. My voice turns grave when I ask her, “She’s working for Unor.”   

“Yes, I saw her coming out of Unor’s room today.”   

“*tsk* And she told everyone to come tomorrow.?”   


“Okay, then I would be coming with you no matter what.”   


I start giving her small pecks of kisses on her lips. After that, I start going deeper into her mouth. Pulling back, I say,   

“Don’t worry. Your husband is still alive. And tomorrow I would be with you; no one will be able to touch you.”     

Her cheeks suddenly dye dark, leaping forward, she entangles our tongue.   

“How about I do all the thing, and you rest.”   


“But tomorrow, you will do all the works.”   

“Hmm… Maybe? Okay, I will do everything, and you shall just watch.”   

“Then take them Off “   


“Your- your pants.”   


“Just take them off.”   


I get off her, lying beside her, I take off my clothes. Following me, she also takes her clothes off. The breast that was coved behind the clouds comes in front of me. The nipples were as red as the scarlet red that I see in the plants. I move my hand closer so that the untouched land could be explored. Even though I knew that my fingers were long and big, they still couldn’t grab all of it.   


I move both of my hand and play with them, some time pressing them as hard as I could, other time pulling the cherry in the middle. No matter what I did, it always went back to how it was, magnificent, is the only word that I could use. The round and juicy breast of my wife.    

When I try to sit up, she puts her hand on my chest.     

“Jan, I said, I will do everything, so just lay on the bed.”   

Saying that she looks down at the part of my body that was not obeying her, giving a small sigh, she moves her head closer to my rod.   

 “Ru, what are you doing?”   

“Something that senpai told me to do.”   


“Jan, do you trust me?”   

“More than anyone else.”   

“Then, just relax.”   

After saying that she moves closer, then grabs my rod, taking her tongue out, she licks the gland that was uncovered, a small moan comes out.   

[What was that?]   

She just smiles and starts to lick the gland with more enthusiasm, my sense gets dulled, except my rod being painted wet with warm touches, my mind isn’t able to concentrate on Ru, but only on the pleasure, she gives. Out of nowhere, my entire rod is engulfed in complete wet and warm feeling.    

My eyes look down to see Ru taking up my rod inside her mouth. Even if she hadn’t taken it all in, like when we had sex, the pleasure I receive was heavenly.   

Her head moves up and down, with her tongue roaming here and there, I could feel I would cum within a few minutes. This time I was the one who grabs the border of the bed and shakes my head, trying to calm that feeling.   

“Ru…Ru…Ahhhh… Ni-Nice this feeling.”   

No reply comes from her in words, but her actions do make me feel like she got to know what to do. Her movement becomes more fierce. Sometimes I feel her trying to devour the entire thing at the same moment I twitched.   

I was close to cumming, feeling her forcing my thing inside her.  

[Ahh…, The tightness…its…its..gonna…]   

Even before I could think of anything, I cum.    

Focusing on my gaze, I see, Ru opening her mouth, and showing me, all the cum I ejaculated.    

I freeze when she swallows it all and smiles, like a succubus, her smile entices me; her words baffle me for some time.    

“It’s tasty.”   

Just seeing and hearing them, I jump at her, and before she could say or understand anything, I lock her lips with mine, not caring about anything, just thinking.   

[You are mine, just mine.]   


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