The Day Before The Calamity (I Do not find this to be right!!)[Calamity Arc- Part 10]

-Janvas’s POV-

By the time we get to our senses, we are near the Wisodef.

I hurriedly get our dress fixed. The carriage still had some lingering smell in it, so I create a small wind spell in the carriage and open the gate ajar, I control the tiny tornado I created, leading the smell contained tornado outside slowly, to not let anyone know of our doing. Smelling the fresh air again, I sigh.

When I saw we got out of the delusion, then that meant me, Ru still lived in that world and hugged me like a crazy lover.

[Did I go out of the way?]

I question myself, as I look at the love-struck wife of mine. She did not even seem to plan to leave my hand; I just pray she won’t stay like this for the entire day.

Looking over once more, as to spot anything we need to be concern about, well besides the love-struck Ru and the hickey on my collar, everything else seemed normal.

[The clothes should cover the marks for now.]

That’s when I realize that our movement might have made the carriage to rock a little, I panic thinking, I tarnished my wife’s image, but when my eyes land on the barrels on the floor, I sigh.

“That was close!”

I sigh again.

When we reach the gate, I open the carriage gate to get off, but the soldier on the gate opens the gate as he gets a glimpse of me. I feel baffled to this new treatment I receive.

The Chalak looks at me petrified, as he asked a person living in the Royal Palace, double fare than norms, it would have surely put him behind the bars, enjoying the moment, I smile at him, to which he sweats profoundly, and takes the carriage inside while lowering his head.

I close the gate still confused with the action of the guards stationed at the gate when Ru squeezes my hand between her profound breast and kisses my face all over, nuzzling my nose she says,

“Jan, the people in the Palace are accepting you now.”

Ru thinks about the positive things, whereas I try to think about the reason why positive things are happening to me.

[First Unor hides in the head maid’s room, second Farahe being a pure breed, is a personal maid in the mansion, third Revin trying to come on my good side, fourth the information I found from Kirante, and the latest, the guards opened the gate for me, just by looking at my face.]

“Jan, just like this, maybe one day, you can have the same honor as you had earlier.”

Patting her head, I smile.

“Ru, revert them. We are going to reach the palace any minute now.”


I kiss her on the cheeks as she shows me a beaming smile.

I look out of the tanned window, the garden was empty, even though it was still day time chairs, flowers, and tables were kept here and there.

When the carriage stops at the entrance, I get off and take out eight silver coins and give it to the Chalak, at first, he hesitates, but when I hand it over, he puts it in easily but shows like he doesn’t want to. Going back to the gate, I start taking off the barrels. Reverting them back after getting them off was also an option, as I didn’t want people to know everything about us, I decided to revert them earlier.

Taking out the last barrel and setting it beside me, I kneel on the pavement, then extend my hand out for my princess on the carriage. She bashfully accepts it, lifting up her skirt a little she gracefully exits the carriage. She had a beautiful smile pasted on her face.

“Thank you, Jan. I really wanted to do it once.”

Boomingly, she hugs me light, I caress her shoulder. Getting ready to lift the barrels I bend, when a voice calls out for Ru.

“Miss Haruru, you went outside of the palace? When?”

Behind me stood a group of 5 butlers, of fox and dog mix breed, I suppose. They probably were a pack, while the guy in the lead looks directly at Ru’s face, the people behind ogle her, so I step in front of her, to which they click their tongue, getting my intention, she answers staying behind me.

“We went to the Market.”

“ Ohh… For what?”

“We went to bring the barrels from the Western District. Senpai told us to bring them.”

“All of them.”

He tries to lift one but fails miserably. I suppress a chuckle, to which Haruru stares at me.


I whispery apologize. But it was futile as the butler and his company also glare at me.

“Miss Haruru, did you lift them all?”

She feels contradicted to the question, answering in positive will give me a bad image, albeit negative will drop my status, so I intervene. “No, I did. I can’t let my cute maid have the cuteness taken away from her.”

[Did I do it right?]

The sniggering tells me I failed. Haruru looks at them, and they all quiet down.

[Did she use mind power?]

“Miss Haruru, if you were going out, then you could have called us too, we were free the whole time.”

“You were free!”

Both me and Ru question at the same time.


“Miss Haruru, if you want, we can deliver it to the storage room for you.”

“Thank You. But while moving from one place to another, make sure to be precautions, if they end up getting destroyed, the king might not leave you alive.”

“Huh! Why?”

“They are Stoned Beast Blood.”

The group stops playing around and look at the barrels like they are some sort of explosive device.

“I’m sure you guys will be able to transport them.”

I give my encouraging words to the worried pack.

[ I need to get her out of the palace, I have a bad feeling about this. Wait… Is Farahe working for Unor? No, Ru won’t be friends with someone who works for Unor. Right? She won’t be friends if she knew. Damm You!! Farahe.]


“*Huh* Yes.”

“What happened, Master? Is something troubling you?”

“No-no, You were saying something?”

“Are you sure?”

Ru looks at me worriedly. I give her a peck in the forehead. Her worriedness still doesn’t go away, grabbing my arms, she looks straight into my eyes.

“Master, you-you aren’t thinking of something treacherous, right?”

When Haruru asks her concern, the butlers try to eavesdrop on our conversation, so I push Haruru and start walking towards the Hall to meet Farahe.

As we get farther from the butlers, Ru stops calling me Master,

“Jan, please don’t tell me you are-”

“Ru, you are afraid for no reason. I won’t be going after Unor or the King, I know how inferior, I’m to them, currently.”

“Really? You mean it?”


She doesn’t seem like she is satisfied, but she drops the matter for now. Her hands still hold mine; she looks down as we pass the corridor in silence. Near the Hall, there is a bustling crowd with the Maids and Butlers moving things from here and there, between the crowd Farahe assigns them their next orders. We stay on the side to let the bustling to lessen to give our report on the task.

As Farahe spots us, she lets the girl behind her take charge, and heads towards us.

“AH! Master Janvas, Haruru, you have arrived.”

She looks behind us, and as if finding nothing, she looks at us with a frown.

“Where-where’s the barrels? You got them, right?”

“ Yes, we got them. We met with Rutz at the main gate, and he lent us a hand. He’s bringing them to the storage as we speak.”

“Really…He didn’t say anything unnecessary things to you.”


“No, Farahe, he didn’t. Well, he tried, but My Ru did handle it exceptionally well.”

Getting my signal Ru doesn’t bring up the topic, about what that guy, Rutz told us, she just grabs my hands tighter.

[I’m sorry Ru.]

Pain stings my heart, so I decide that she would leave for Safrine’s residence when Mari comes back.

[The palace is turning dangerous by the day after the arrival of Unor.]

A sudden surge of hatred wells up inside me. The time he tried to harass Haruru while I was away, gets my anger boosted. While Haruru and Farahe have small bickering about the Wolf pack, I think of ways I could kill or torture Unor.

“Haruru, what happened? You feel so distant. Did someone say or do something to you? Did……….”

In the end, Farahe tries to badmouth about me, through a whisper, but I hear it. Before Ru could say anything, I intervene.

“Farahe, don’t you think, talking with Ru, is distracting you with your work?”

“Ohh!! I nearly forgot, Thank You, Master Janvas, for reminding me.”

[Is she Criticizing me?]

“Haruru, rest for some time and meet me later on. The day is young, and a lot of work is left.”

Saying those words, she parts her ways with us.

Farahe rejoins the bustling area, Haruru hugs me tight, her tail and ears limp down, when I hug her back she purrs.

My heart aches. Saying those words, she parts her ways with us.

Farahe rejoins the bustling area, Haruru hugs me tight, her tail and ears limp down, when I hug her back she purrs.

My heart aches. “Jan, I-I think someone is manipulating, Senpai to do those things, I have known senpai for years, she wouldn’t want to do anything bad to me. After all, senpai-senpai also has a lover, that she dearly loves, so she can’t do this.”

Haruru tries to hold onto some hope about her senpai not being the bad guy, I caress her shoulder and stay mute.

Seeing that the bustling wouldn’t stop, we head away from the hall. Haruru silently walks beside me, the garden that we were strolling upon had been covered in flowers that heightened its charisma. The Garden was not the usual garden where flowers or trees were kept but a place where a part of a small function was held, this place could easily hold 500 people without them suffocating from low space or excessive heat. On the corner was a small tent settle where the maids or butlers of the palace go to have meals.


After waking up, both of us had to rush out of the palace to get the barrels, we had to walk an hour to get to our destination, and the activities done in the shower and carriage were a little exhausting. I was feeling hungry, and I guess so was Ru. As we get closer to the tent, the smell of the food makes my stomach grumble.

[ Let’s have some food, then we can talk about what to do.]

The Day Before The Calamity (Jan…We’re Moving….)[Calamity Arc- Part 9]

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