The Day Of The Calamity (My life) [Calamity Arc- Part 12]

-Belinda’s POV-   

I’m sitting in a dark room with my Master in front of me. He is talking with Marine while having another sobbing girl in his arms. Suddenly he looks at me, inspecting me; I shiver with the way he looked at me, reaching my eyes he stops fixing his gaze for a brief minute then he turns to Marine and asks,   

“Why do her eyes look so hollow?”   

Marine gives me a side glance which sends another jolt of shiver on my back.   

“Master, she looks so lost is due to……”   

And my past gets unraveled in front of Master. 

She starts with the beginning, with how I was always treated differently by the Guardians and fellow sisters, after all, I had no legs, and I was the first-ever Lamia to be brought to Maiden Flora, my ability to not only walk on the land, without caring about what kind of terrain it was, brought me prestige, everyone looked up to me, my ability to fight, that could embarrass the elder sisters, made me be called a Prodigy of the current generation, but when I was not selected to be the prince’s Royal Maid, it all left me. I got a tag of a failure, the Guardians never showed it, but I could feel it, so I started to go to towns in the near vicinity, and get to know about the life outside the Maiden Flora.   

Then she tells Master, about my life, thereafter she left,   

How after the rejection, only perverts came to select me, to protect them rather, I should say to service them, and how I rejected them, by saying I was not interested, or I need to train to protect anyone. Through doing this, I passed many years in the Maiden Flora, being unclaimed by anyone.   

Then Marine came and challenged me for the Masteral Authority Battle, and I lost.   

She didn’t know the reason for my dejection, so she said I was down due to losing to someone younger than me.     


As Marine finishes Master looks at me, he smiles… a warm smile, and says,   

“If anything is bothering you, you can tell me. I would like to have you protect your younger sister and her family. I can’t say what the king was thinking about at that time, but I would like to apologize for whatever problems I have caused you.”      

I realize…. he is the Prince that I was supposed to serve 10 Years ago, and now after so many years, I am.   

I feel blessed… but the pain, anguish, and shame of all those years burn within me. I feel the need to refute, but I know it doesn’t have value.   

I look at the young man in front me, to whom I should yield and serve without question, but after those 10 Years of torture, I don’t think I can do it.       

I clear my mind and speak,   

“No, Master, there’s no need to apologies, you weren’t even there, and it was the king that chose Marine, as it was I who was probably lacking something which led to the King to choose her over me; nothing is bothering me, but I do have a small request, that I would like you to accept.”   

I knew he probably wouldn’t even know why he would be at Maiden Flora at a young age or even know what consequences would be there for not being selected. But I feel that he is as guilty as the King who made me suffer all those years.   

Stabilizing my breath, I say,  

“Master, I would work just like any another Royal Maid, helping you protect the family, obeying every command you give, but I do wish that if I’m to have sex, then I would like it to be done with the person that I love, so I wish that if you have any desire that needs to fulfilled ask someone else.”   

Looking down I expect a roar escaping him and rejecting my plea, but to my shock, it’s Marine who shouts at me,   


And Master looks at me with the same smile, like my plea wasn’t even worth listing to. On the other hand, Marine acts differently from how she has been.  

“What do you mean by you won’t be having sex with, Master? Isn’t it the Royal Maid’s job to help their Master in any form required, be it battle, protection, or sexual. And how can you say you would sleep with another man while serving, Master?”   


“Noo, Marine, you are getting me wrong. I know what the job of the Royal maid’s is, and I’m not saying I won’t be having sex with Master or that I will choose another mam while I serve Master.”   

“Then what do you mean?”   

“That I would only have sex with Master if I fall in love with him, or I would choose celibacy.”   


That was the only reaction I got from Master, while Marine froze with my words.   

“You have really thought it through.”   

Master says while coughing,   

“Yes, Master.”   

“Well, that also puts me at ease. And Marine no need to react more to it, this is the least I can do, for the trouble I’ve caused. Belinda, I accept your request.”   

Marine and I look at Master. We both are shocked, for the same reason, that Master has accepted it.   

The sobbing girl stops and looks up at Master, and says,   

“Let’s leave the capital quickly.”   

“Yes, Princess.”    

She’s the Wife, my Master’s Odesvana.   

I see them looking at each other, and see the pain in Master’s eyes, while Odesvana looks at Master with trust, but worry doesn’t leave her face. Master leans forwards and kisses her, their kiss doesn’t look passionate, or has lust in it, but just shows assurance.   

Odesvana wasn’t like me or Marine or maybe Master. 

She was a hybrid between a puma and a dog. Her golden eyes looked very close to the cats, but with the aggression it had, it was definitely Puma’s, silver ears like that of the dogs, but smaller than what I usually see, her tail the same color as the ear, with its fluffiness. She wore clothes that were similar to Master’s, but also looked like a cloth that a maid would wear, her body looked so beautiful, that I could imagine anyone who looks at her, would be dazzled. Even though she is crying, her face looked beautiful, for a few seconds even, I admired the beauty in front of me.       

Marine nudges my side, and whisper,   

“Till we leave the capital, she and the mother are your and Pinchira’s top priority. You can leave Master in my care.”   

I nod and resolve myself for the task that’s going to unfold.  

Live my life with the person who destroyed it.   

[Heh! A joke… is that my life?] 

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