The Day Of The Calamity(Planning Prison Break)[Calamity Arc-Part 13]

-Janvas’s POV-

As Ru gets hold of herself, she asks Marine to help her pack our stuff, but I stop Mari and tell Belinda to help her.

Haruru looks perplexed but complies. I grab Mari’s hand and leave the room.

Closing the door, I speak in a low tone,

“I think I know when Unor’s gonna attack me.”

“Really? How?”

“Yes, just a slight hunch.”

“A Hunch?”

“Yeah, umm… when I and Ru went to the head maid’s chamber, Ru found Unor hiding in the room with five more people, and the head-maid kept on trying to get on our nerves, then when I came back from the OverAged Beast Shop, I came to know we weren’t even required to go there, as the usual lackeys who did such job were free, then the rest of the day we were given jobs that would tire us out; my reputation among the maids was positive. And the last thing was that Ru’s Senpai, she seems friendly by nature, but there is something about her which makes me believe she is one of Unor’s men.”

I grind my teeth as I recall things and my stupidity, Mari calmly listen then shakes her head,

“Master, that’s a great hunch, but I feel you are overthinking it. With there being a festival tomorrow, if a scandal of any short gets out, it won’t be in the favor of the King, and even that brainless Unor might know it.”

“I know, it’s not concrete, but I have this constant nagging that today something is going to happen and we need to either run or fight, and I hate to say it, but fighting Unor is not something we can do, with our current strength.”

Marine thinks, her eyes look from left to right, her tail dances in the room, after some time she says,

“If you want, we can leave the capital by the night.”

“Let’s leave.”

At the same time, Haruru and Belinda open the gate, with huge suitcases in both hands, the sudden entry of Ru makes my brain freeze, so I say the first thing that comes to my mind.

“Do we only have so little things?”

“Yes, Jan. My salary wasn’t that high that we could buy things and have meals.”

Haruru looks down when answering, she turns my carelessness, to self-abasement, I hurriedly get near her and hug her.

“I didn’t mean that.”


“Do you comprese some of the things?”

“Yes, I used Comprese to fit them all.”

“Now, the question remains, how do we take them out without anyone noticing?”

Mari gives a solution,

“What about compreseing the suitcase too?”

“I don’t think that’s preferable. The book that I learned from said not to comprese things and put them inside another comprese, as they can change the entire formation and mix up, the book warns that having a compresed item inside another compresed can cause mana inside them to go haywire, and explode or harm the nearest living thing with high mana.”

As quickly the idea came, Ru rejected it just as smoothly, then Belinda speaks,

“Master, Odesvana, can’t we ask for someone’s help?”

“Ahh…Yes, Jan, let’s ask Senpai.”


“But why?”

“There’s a chance that someone is watching over her; I don’t want to take any risk.”

Marine asks again,

“Then how about asking someone to get them out. I’m pretty sure one of the maids would be ready to help, if not then we can just bribe one of them.”

“Mari, let’s not rely on anyone from the palace. Unor’s not the only person we have to be skeptical about. Let’s keep the running thing to us only.”

Haruru brings up another problem of ours,

“Jan, then how are we to get out of the Wisodef, if we try to walk, then all the soldiers will see us.”

“Marine, didn’t you use to say, you don’t come inside the palace through Wisodef.”

“Umm… Master, we climbed the wall on the right side… but we can’t use it till dawn or noon.”


“It’s close to midnight, the guards would be double, we either have to cause a distraction then be super-fast at climbing and dropping off, or use the main gate of Wisodef, and I suggest we take the latter than the prior.”

Haruru pulls my shirt and looks into my eyes and asks,

“Jan, why not just take a wagon? We can say, we are going out to tour for the night, and we can have Belinda as the excuse, and say we wanted to show her the place.”

With this question of Ru, I wonder if not telling her was the right thing. But knowing her, I would not tell her the truth till we are out of danger, and currently, we were in the spider web.

“Ru, we are going to run, and I don’t want them to know if we have another ally on our ranks, and as luck has been on our side with today’s encounter with the lieutenant, we will be able to run away without a problem, and we only have 1 hour before the today’s shift changes, so let’s hurry.”



With an energetic voice, Mari calls me,

“I know someone who can help us. But..”


“But you won’t like it, and we would have to tell them about Belinda, Master.”

“Thereafter, you are saying we should trust them?”

“Trust ME, Master.”

With suspicion, I ask,

“Who is going to help us? And why won’t I like it.”

She doesn’t reply and smiles at me.


“Ohh… Them.”

Ru probably realizes who Mari is talking about and says,

“Yes, Odesvana.”

Hearing Mari call Ru ‘Odesvana’ catches us unguarded, I leave Ru and the suitcase that I was holding and cup Mari’s face and look into her eyes,

“She looks fine…”

I kiss her. My lips touch her smooth lips, she doesn’t flinch; closes her eyes.

“..and she acts normal too.”

This time Haruru comes forward and looks at Marine worriedly,

“Jan, maybe her memory was altered when she visited the Maiden Flora.”

“No, nothing like that happened, Master. You are just overthinking things.”

“But you called Haruru ‘Odesvana’. And you haven’t called her that for years.”

“”(Haruru nods.)

Mari pushes my hands away and says,

“Master, we need to leave. We can talk about these unnecessary things later on.”

Saying that she moves away. I hurriedly carry the suitcase and walk after Mari. Haruru behind me and Belinda at the end.



The corridor of the palace was currently empty as they had been decorated by noon, and only the exterior and hall was remaining. We quickly reach the stairs, when we hear faint heavy steps downstairs, Mari shows a fist, and we stop, I look back and see the corridor deserted, Mari peeks from the edge at the upcoming party, Haruru grabs the hem of my shirt, I turn around to her and give a confident smile. The steps amplify but also drop as they came.

Mari puts down the hand, and we march down. We ducks and follow her, the corridor which leads to the hall, has some people, but luckily they are at the end of the corridor and talking between themself, in the corridor which leads to the garden, the patrolling soldier is patrolling it, the other corridor which goes from the maids quarters to the back of the hall to the main gate, looks empty but it’s near the servants quarter, which likely has a higher chance of people being there, and the last corridor leads to the back gate of the palace, but it’s always guarded so no point in taking that route.

I point at the hall where three people are talking.

“Mari, let’s wait and let the people near the hall leave, that place has a high chance of people not being there, compared to others.”

“No, Master, the hall probably has more people than the servant quarter. Right, Odesvana.”

“Hah…Hmm….. Yes, Jan, the servant quarter is silent compared to the hall. But Mari wouldn’t that be taking a long route, and the people who we need help from, do you know where we can find them?”

Mari and Ru talk between themself and again mention the anonymous helper. And I get the feeling that I should stop them or I will regret it.

“Belinda, be with Master and Odesvana till they reach the main gate of the palace, I will bring the helpers and would be near it.”

Before Mari leaves to find the said person, I ask,

“I’m not going to regret much, right?”

She smiles wryly and heads towards the garden. She casts a spell and fades within the darkness.

“Let’s go.”

The Day Of The Calamity (My life) [Calamity Arc- Part 12]

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