The Day Of The Calamity(Route to Prison.)[Calamity Arc-Part 15]

-Janvas’s POV-
While the carriage moves, we all nervously stay still. Even though we had our weapons ready, I did not think that we could easily move out of the palace, without alerting others, if we attacked.

I may be stronger than the lieutenants, but with these many numbers, I would be tired, even before we reach the gate, Marine, on the other hand, had great potential, but with her being an assassin type, she wouldn’t be able to fight with larger numbers, and with Belinda’s flamberge sword and being trained by Maiden Flora, we would probably be able to kill them all.

[Haruru could just stay in the carriage till we do the work.]

But if the entire kingdom comes after us, then it’s a bigger problem than what we are facing. And the whole point of going incognito was, to not let anyone know, we were running.

With how slow the carriage was moving, I get frustrated.
Haruru grabs my hand, upon which I look at her. My cute little wife, even in this tense atmosphere, gives me a refreshed smile of hers. I calm my breathing as I look at her.
And just like that, we are out of Wisodef. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
As we cross the gate, I feel something tug my heart. Instinctively I look back at the walls, past it at the Palace….. no, the feeling came from farther away…The Mountains?

A tear falls from my eyes.

As if feeling my unease Haruru hugs me from the back. I couldn’t word it, the feeling I got. I felt something that I was familiar with, staying there, but I hadn’t been there ever.

Suddenly I feel lightheaded, I lean back at the warm embrace, as I stare at the Mountain. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
-Haruru’s POV-
While we all were in the carriage, tensed with the possibility, that anything could go wrong at any moment. To calm myself, I look at Jan, thinking he could make the uneasiness go away, but he himself was in the same boat, thinking hard, pressured, and scared. His brave front was fading; I could feel it.

So, I grab his hand, perplexed he looked at me, as I smiled, like how he would always tell me to, I look at him, he stares into my eyes so, I remove all the fear and just smile, seeing it, he smiles back, it melts me.

[My Husband Cum Master.]

Just like that, we get out of the walls, I didn’t know, what was making him take a step to run away, and for some reason, after knowing Unor was in the head maid’s chamber and talking with Kirante, he looked tensed; conflicted, but he never said anything. I wanted to ask him, but before that, we met Marine, and we were in this predicament.

Again another pain comes his way, he was looking back at the mountains, and suddenly a tear escapes his eye. I hurriedly hug his back, he starts to lean all his weight on me.


I was going to shout, but Marine covers my mouth, and motions to the Brothers, she moves her mouth softly, but I hear it,

“Don’t make any noise. We would be meeting with Ms. Safrine, she can look him up, And Odesvana, please stay quiet, till I tell you.”

I look at her, she shows a smile, at me. She moves her hand a little to caress my cheek, but stops and takes a side glance at Belinda. Belinda looks at Master, with a little worry, but stays quiet. I smile and motion her not to make noise. She nods.

I don’t understand what’s happening, so I stay quiet, if something is wrong with Master, then Mother can surely help us. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
As the carriage slowly moves, I re-adjust Master, in a comfortable position, with his head on my lap, I slowly caress his face.

Now the wall was way behind us, and only some trees were surrounding us, but we were still in the Royalty Land, or Northern Plaza as Master used to call them. And within five minutes, we would be out of it.

Out of the blue, Marine starts moving, she pokes Belinda’s sword, and opens the gate of the moving carriage, and climbs on the top. Belinda closes the gate, I look at her, and she also has a surprising face but has her hands on the hilt of the sword.

[What is she doing?]

I start concentrating on her.

I hear her breathing slump, and the next thing I hear is her grabbing her Katana.

[What is happening? Are we getting attacked? But there is no other sound of people being around us. Mariii.]

Just then from the front window, I see her tail getting near Tranth, she stings him, Franth looks at his brother when he jars, he spots the tail, so he tries to take out his dagger, but before that, a sword stabs him in the head, and both the brothers fall.

[Why is she-she killing them?]

The carriage stops. I would get off, but with Master, on my lap, I stay still.

[What is she thinking?]

She goes around the carriage, and pick up the brothers bodies, and takes them inside the small forest, she takes some time but comes back with dirt-covered all around her. She doesn’t say anything and goes to the boot and starts driving the carriage.

Both Belinda and I sat quietly. We didn’t know what happened or even why.

The carriage is getting out of the Royalty Land, and we enter the Western Plaza, we would be passing it to reach the Southern Plaza, unlike the previous ghosted path, this has many people, the people were all from different places local, tourist, relatives all coming to see the festival.

Unlike the maids in the palace, the people did not wear shirtwaists with panel skirts but wore bishop sleeves with hobble skirts. And the males were wearing shirts with the front open, with a sleeveless vest on the top, which did not have any buttons, with baggy pants.
Our carriage slowly moves in the crowded environment, every now and then, people would turn their heads to look at our carriage. Probably, the blood that Marine shed was attracting them. And the worst part of it was, we were in the territory were soldiers reside, and we were coming from the Royalty Land, they could possibly think, the blood can be of a soldier working for the Nation.

Even if killing another bestia, was not seen as a major crime, killing an innocent, could send you to prison. The previous king gave this rule stating, ‘Be strong; fierce, but never be cruel.’

He told,

“If the nation gains Sovereignty, then it would be the best thing for it, but if its people are in the Melancholic state, it would suffer, turning catastrophic, in no time. The people and the nation need to prosper together, or in the times of raging storm, the land we sail on will sink, like a man in his misery, greed, and lust.”

I was getting scared, Master, was with me, but he was out, Mari had just killed the two brothers, who worked in the palace, and we were in the midst of the people who were the loyalist to the Nation.
As if my worries were getting true, from the window, I see the heads of the soldier in the vicinity turn towards us, many of them ignore us, but some keep on looking towards us. I look at Mari, but she was ignoring the soldier.

I was going to panic, but with Master unconscious, I couldn’t.

The carriage keeps on moving slowly, as the soldiers keep on looking at us, that’s when Belinda speaks,

“Odesvana, I don’t think you worry is needed, in this situation.”

Surprised, I look at her,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, let me rephrase it to you, I don’t think the soldiers would do anything more than asking whose blood it is. And seeing Marine sen-senpai, she would be able to answer efficiently.”


“If we had attacked any soldier or member of the royal family, the other soldiers would have been on our tail, and the blood in the boot can be said, as the person’s who was taking care of the wagon when they by mistake cut their hand.”

“But would they believe it?”

“I guess they would, after all, we came from the Royalty land.”

Saying that she smiles,

[I hope that they believe it.] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
We cross half of the Western Plaza, without surprisingly any soldier approaching, only when we reach the South-Western Plaza, a soldier approaches out carriage.

“*Aghm* Miss, would you answer a question a mine?”

It was a Wolf; he had a serious look.

“Yes, what is it?”

Marine answers calmly,

“I smell blood in the carriage, and it seems fresh, and you don’t smell to be bleeding. You see, today morning, someone had killed three people, a wolf, a tiger, and a cat in an alley; I’m trying to figure out who it was and why did they do it. And, here I find another person’s blood on your carriage, I hope you don’t know about the killing? And if you can answer me, whose blood it is.”

The Day Of The Calamity(Prison Guards)[Calamity Arc-Part 14]

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