The Day Of The Calamity(Key’s of the Prison.)[Calamity Arc-Part 16]

Haruru’s POV-   

When the soldier claims that we may be killers, the people around us become wary and start ignoring us, on the other hand, Marine bursts out at the soldier,   

“How dare you align my Master & Mistress with some murderers!”   

The soldier, as well as the people who were watching with interest, are taken aback, not giving them time to think she says,   

“We were coming back from the Royalty Land when two hooligans came out of the woods and tried to ambush my Master & Mistress’s carriage they rode on, claiming to rape Mistress, to which upon my Master’s wishes, I killed those two idiots, and by my master’s generosity, I also buried them. And you want to call us, murderer, who you people are searching for? Now, do you think blaming it on us would solve the problem? “  

She speaks, with such confidence, even I would have doubted myself for questioning her, if not, for the reason I knew who the soldier was looking for, as the said person was, resting his head on my lap.  

Inside the carriage, the situation is completely different, Belinda, admiringly nods, not getting what she approves of, I ask her,   

“Belinda, what might be the thing that makes you feel content?”  

I spoke somewhat like a noblewoman, even if I didn’t intend to. Belinda quickly turns her head and says,    

Odesvana, it’s just that Marine-senpai pulled the right cards that set things to work for her, the soldier will now only have one option, and that’s to let us leave. After all, we were attacked when coming back from the Royalty land. It’s a shame for the nation.”   

“And why’s that?”   

“Umm…Odesvana, when Marine-senpai claimed we are coming from the Royalty land, it would mean we have some connection with the Nobles, and with her claiming that she killed people, but criminals that were there to harm Mistress. The soldier would think again before doing anything to us. Subsequently being attacked in the Royalty land does say that the road to the palace and vice versa, is unsafe so doesn’t that mean the king is inefficient in keeping his land safe for travel, doesn’t it shows his incompetence.”   

“But what if the soldier goes back to inquire about it? Afterall the carriage doesn’t look well off?”   

Odesvana, that doesn’t matter. It’s not who we are but who we may be working for. And a soldier doesn’t have that high authority to inquire about it. And even if they send someone to ask about it to the Wisodef, this carriage did come out from there, so we were telling the truth in the end. We just have to hope if they dig up the grave, the soldiers nearby don’t know who the dead people are. If the said person is recognized, and their nature is contradictory to what Marine senpai said we would have to run away and seclude for some time. ”  

“Let’s hope than nothing like that happens.”   

Belinda smiles at me. 

For someone who lived in the Maiden Flora, she’s well informed.   

[Master, I hope that you were awake right now.]  

Outside, the soldier looks warily at us, he is troubled, while people look at us with somewhat interest, another soldier comes into in from the crowds,  

“I’m sorry, Miss, due to some mishap, he must have misjudged you.”  

Saying that he bows,  

“With the murderer, still in the run, and the festival, right around the corner, we were agitated, having no lead, we were jumping, from one place to another, and when, this guy must have smelled blood, on the carriage, he must have, mistakenly taken you, as the murderer, we were searching for; we are sorry about that, and what you had to suffer, due to our liability, we will look into the matter, and see it never happens again.”  

He says things with such fright, I think, if someone pokes him right now, he would have died of horror. 

The carriage moves on. And, I slowly caress Master’s face, looking outside, I remember when he used to be the Crown Prince.  

And when I saw him for the first time, cleanest clothes around, a dazzling innocent smile, hands stretched out to me…*huff*, and now A Forgotten Crown Prince, whose life is nothing to the family he grew with. I don’t know what happened, but five years ago everything changed for Master, he was no longer a prince, he was just a Royal Blood Possessor, that’s also when his miserable days started, and it’s when I had decided, I wasn’t going to let him suffer, being surrounded by strangers, and I started to live with him, as his ‘Servant’.  

Mother was reluctant, but when she saw my determination, she accepted under some conditions…………………. 

Upon entering, the Souther Plaza, we don’t notice any soldiers around us, so our ride should’ve been smooth, but with the way the streets were jampacked, we move at the speed of a sloth. The Southern Plaza, was filled with people, each one of them, looked to have a weapon in possession, unlike people in the Western Plaza, who all wore neat, and tidy clothes, the people here wore misfits, crude, torn, luxurious, and elegant clothes it looked like someone had blended, every spice they knew of, the atmosphere here was lively, it was as if, we had traveled, to another city entirely.  

We would sometime see people peek at us. After all, we were, the only ones having the carriage move, in this crowded place.  

Vendors, merchants, and shops, all shout to attract customers, people walked arm in arms, tiptoes, zig-zag you name it, and you would find it.  

Amidst it, we keep on moving, Marine kept on driving, without care,  

[We probably have some time before we reach there.]  

I look at the girl Marine brought along. A tall female, who had an alluring face, cold eyes, tongue that prolongs at intervals, a figure that Master ogle’s, ample breast, large bottom, strong; knew how to fight.  

I look sharply at Marine, but she keeps on driving. 

I look back at Belinda, I wanted to know more about her, to see who she was, I hadn’t heard what they had spoken in the room, and only really noticed her, when she came in front of me after the brothers came for a handshake, I feel silly asking her now, but I wanted to know this girl, who is going to live with us,   

“So, Belinda, tell me something about yourself.”  

Belinda looks at me, and slightly lowers her face,  

“What would you like to know, Odesvana?”  

“Hmm… tell me, how was Marine able to defeat you? You look strong enough to beat Mas-Husband and Marine alone.”  

When I ask that she looks at the floor dejected, after a couple of seconds later, she looks up,  

“Well… let’s just say, I let my guard down thinking, she was young, and she ended up hitting me when I wasn’t looking.”  

Saying that she cringes a little,  

“I guess it was my arrogance that made her have an upper hand against me.”  

“Really? But with the way you act, I can’t imagine you to be an arrogant person.”  

She smiles a little,  

“Thank you for your praise, Odesvana.”  

All of a sudden, the path becomes unstable; make our voice wobbly, both of us, share a laugh at the comical sounds. Master’s body jumps abruptly, and I hold his head tight, Belinda adjusts herself, to pushes Master back to the seat, we make sure he doesn’t fall because, we were distracted laughing; as he stables down, we look at each other and laugh slowly.    

Out of the window I see Kirante, standing on the small cottage that Mother resided on, the cottage was located on the west-southern Plaza, but it would be closer to the south than the west. Mother said it was best to have her live here than to live at the west where she would have to pay a higher price for protection.   

She usually would disregard my suggestion for living with us or moving to the west, where it would be safe, she would state that she wouldn’t want to be a cumber in our lovely life or to pay higher protection ducat when she only lives here for a few days, she just wanted the property to call it home.  

[ I knew why she must have said no, all those times, and I guess even she knew it.] 

The Day Of The Calamity(Route to Prison.)[Calamity Arc-Part 15]

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