The Day Of The Calamity(Torture.)[Calamity Arc- Part 17]

-Safrine’s POV- 

I lay on the bed after the hideous ride on Katrine, all the parts of my body aces and protest me to use ‘Light Heal’ on them. But the pain also makes me remember certain someone, when we moved would move our body in sync, sweating profoundly, even the extreme training would fail, marks that would be left behind, sometimes it’s my shame, sometime it would be my pride. Remembering him made a shame appear on my mind, but right now, my feeling for him prevailed. The armors that I wore for my protection was now the barrier to my sanity, the little movement brought me pain, and I slightly got wet. 

As I remove the robe I wore, my luscious body makes its appearance, even after being warped by heavy armors they couldn’t hide my curves, so wearing a Robe, was a must, I didn’t want troubles after all. Slowly I move my hands to remove the chest plate, my muscles pinch me, to stop. 


A subdue moan escapes me, slowly I open the knot as my breast, comes free from their clunches. I grab one of the hills, 


The pain must have heightened my senses. I couldn’t stop and recall his touch, how they felt when he kneed my breast as a form of clay to mold it upon his wishes, I move to the side, and feel my sensitive lady part to rub against each other and send a jolt of pleasure my way.  

I feel that I would lose my sanity with every movement I make. 


As my hands lower down, my breathing becomes ragged, I hastily open my shirt and skirt, 


I bring my tail between my legs and squirm it. 

[I can’t wait any longer.] 

I open my bra and pull my panties down, I touch the outer layer and pinch my nipples, 


*Knock* Knock* 

The knocking on the door takes me out of my trance. I curse, thinking who it may be, I hastily put on my clothes, I ponder whether I should heal the muscle pain or not, but wait and try to gauge out who it might be first. 

[I can feel its four people, but one of them looks to be unconscious.] 

[Are they here to get treatment?] 

[Sniffing I get who they are, and my eyes widen.]   

I quickly cast ‘Light Heal’ on myself and redress. I dash to the door. Opening the door, I see my daughter, my son-in-law, their Servant, and one more female, who towers us all and looks down at me. 


Saying that my daughter hugs me, hugging her back, I motion them to enter inside. 

Haruru hugs me tight, kisses my cheeks, and licks my face a little. 

“Haruru! We have people here.”  

Suddenly her smile fades, she worriedly looks at me and says, 

“Mom, its Mas-Jan, he fainted all of sudden when we were on our way here.” 

I look back towards Janvas, who was laying on the bed, that I was currently laying on. 

[Why did you lay him there?] 

I move towards him and sit beside him. I place my palm on his head and cast ‘Inspect’. 

Inspect was a spell that would let me see the life force around anyone I touched, the light mana I send inside their body travel throughout the body of the patient and gives me a report of where it finds anything peculiar. 

I send mana inside Janvas, to find some sore muscles and a lot of pressure on his head. 

For some unknown reason, the pressure still existed in his head while he slept.  

I cast ‘Light Heal’ on him, and sense mana of different signature dispersing from the brain. Worriedly, I cast ‘Light Heal’ multiple times till I wasn’t sensing any foreign mana dispersing. 

[Who could have done it? The brother or sister of Janvas? A noble from the capital, someone from the  other fractions?] 

“Mom, what is the matter? Is Jan okay?” 

“He is okay, sweetheart. He just overexerted himself give him some time, and he will be as energetic as ever.”  

[Haruru, doesn’t need to know about it, for now.] 

I look down at Janvas and wonder who is so cruel to hurt someone who has nothing to do with the royal family, anger piles up to my head, thinking about the despicable person who wants to hurt him. I caress his face slowly and lovingly. 

“Janvas, my boy, don’t worry, mother’s here.” 

“Mother, everything’s okay, right?” 

“Haruru, what’s the matter, dear? Is something troubling you?” 

“No, Mother, its just that-that..” 

“What is it?” 

Haruru quiets down and looks down. That’s when Marine speaks, 

“Odesvana, Miss Safrine, please excusse us.” 

I’m looking at Marine with surprise, thinking Haruru would be astonished by it too, but she just nods, 

Both of the standing girls leave, and I look at Haruru and ask, 

“Tell me what’s going inside the palace.” 

“Mother the thing it…..” 

Haruru tells me the entire story. About how two months ago, Unor, the King’s cousin elder brother, came back to the capital to rest, as the harsh weather would make it impossible for any nation to attack us. A month ago she caught his eye,  and Unor went to Janvas, he bribed him to hand her over to him, Janvas in rage took the money and threw it on Unor’s face. Luckily Janvas, Haruru, and Marine were inside the palace, so Unor could not do anything to them. But it wasn’t before Unor started to tell other maids to send her to his room. The first time she had entered his room but ran out quickly when she smelled heavy sex smell on the room, it was pure luck that she couldn’t bear it and dashed out before anyone could take hold of her. She got to know about it when she found the maid who told her to go there crying on the floor and telling everyone what would have happened to her if she didn’t do it. 

After that, she stopped taking jobs that require her to enter any room, and Marine started protecting her instead of Janvas when he got the news. 

Then Unor used other tactics, like showing up wherever she was working, sending hooligans so that she won’t be able to work properly, sending money to her, through some maids to get her sleep with him.  

One day when she was working, Unor come from behind her, and grabbed her hand, pushed her to the wall, smelling her, when she looked for help form Marine, she found her already engaging in battle with some people, she had lost hope of being saved, but luckily Janvas was near her, and when he saw it. He came in like a gallant knight to rescue her.  

He punched Unor when he was distracted, leaving lasting burns on his face, two of Unor’s men were killed by Marine.  

Before the things could prolong the members of the royal family had intervened. 

All the people involved in the conflict were brought before the king, where he, warned Janvas and Marine of dire consequences if they hurt any Royalty again, and Unor, getting a light warning. 

Later on, he still harassed her but didn’t go as far as the last time. Now he only stared venoms at her, licking his lips when she bents down to pick or lift anything. It was tormenting for her, and her only salvation was her Master cum Husband’s presence. 

I hug Haruru, as she told her tormenting story. I hug her as she cries. My anger at this Unor is high, but I’m also proud of Janvas for what he did for Haruru’s sake. She ends up falling asleep after some time. I lay her beside her Gallant knight, who looks at me with some tears on his eyes. 

“Morning, Janvas. When did you wake up? 

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