The Day of The Calamity(Girls…Girls…Girls…)[Calamity Arc-Part 18]

Janvas’s POV- 

I wake up, to Haruru’s voice, it was ragged like she was crying, I lazily open my eyelids, to see Haruru speaking to Safrine. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It takes a few seconds to hear them.  

Haruru had finally decided to tell Safrine 

She talks about the harassment she went through, the hot-tempered person I was, about me fighting to protect her, the decision of the king, and me being the salvation for her. 

Even listening to her was painful to me, something that not even I knew, she told those to Safrine. I feel weak, knowing I was around her but still couldn’t do anything. Ending her story Haruru wails, with her mouth muffed, sometime later, she falls asleep. 

Safrine places Haruru beside me, looking at me, she asks, 

“Morning, Janvas. When did you wake up?” 

“When she was telling you about our life in the palace.” 

Saying that I caress Haruru’s face, she looked beautiful even now, the tears of sadness never suited her, 


Safrine calls me, she puts her palm on my face and caresses it, 

“How do you feel?” 

“Fine, Why?” 

“You fainted when you were coming here. Marine had you on her shoulders when I opened the gate.” 

She stops and looks straight into my eyes, 

“When I healed you, I found some foreign mana residing in your mind.” 

I stop doing everything and widen my eyes at what it meant. 

“Tell me, did you feel anything strange today?” 

I hastily answer her, 

“Umm… I can’t think of anything. Nothing of that sort happened to me…, but yes when we got out of Wisodef, I felt a tug on my heart like someone was calling me from the mountain.” 

“A tug on your heart, not your brain?” 


“Wait, let me cast ‘Moderate Heal’ on you.” 


I stay still as she cast Moderate Heal. After a few seconds, she looks at me, 

“Did anything change?” 

“No, I feel the same as before.” 

“Hmm…maybe they cast something light on you, to see if you notice it or not.” 


We both stay there quiet, I close my eyes; let Safrine caress my face, as I caress Haruru’s. 

It was also a somewhat nice feeling, staying around family. 

As I stand, I kiss Haruru on the forehead. 

“Sleep Tight.” 

I get near Safrine and hug her, she hugs me back, her soft body squeezed against me, and pleasant smell, enter my nostril, we nudge each other’s shoulders. 

“Mother, it’s been a long time.” 

“Yes, it has been.” 


Safrine’sHaruru’s Mother, and my pseudo Mother, we have known each other for the same time as I know of Haruru. Even now, I didn’t know her real age. She is a pure breed, a Puma. She’s a little taller than Haruru, her tail, ear, and hair are all colored black. Her eyes are golden in color, but they are brighter than Ru’s. She also has a similar voluptuous body type as Ru, Safrine’s bust, and rear was bigger than Ru’s. But even this beautiful body and face of hers, couldn’t let her keep her marriage. And now she roams around the continent with people, some time fight, protects people and enjoys her life. 

She lives her life as a ‘Seeker’ someone who always seeks for something. 

When we separate, she looks at me once again, gives me a tight hug, and plants kiss on my head, 

“I have missed you so much. Both of you.” 

“Okay…Okay, that’s too much. Where are the others?” 

“They are outside. But first, tell me who’s that tall girl.” 

I try to get free of the hug, but she holds me tight. 

“Can’t we just… you know… not talk about it.” 

Safrine doesn’t say anything and glares at me, 

Okay..okay, Her name is Belinda, and she’s from Maiden Flora. Does that answer it.” 

“And who’s the third girl?” 


“The one who is talking with the girls outside.” 

“Hmm…Ohh…, Marine said she brought two girls.” 

As I say that I cringe with it,  

“She came here an hour and a half ago, Marine send her here, to protect you. Didn’t you sense her?” 

Safrine goes silent and turns abashed.  

[I wonder what happened.] 

Her grip loosens, and I get free and move out of the room. 

I find three people outside the room. Two people are known to me, while the third is a stranger. All three of them turn towards me and bow. 

Marne, whose clothes have mysteriously gotten dirty bows, with her one knee making a 45 degree, and her hand vertically on top of it, she looked straight at me. Belinda stood straight, both hands-on fronts holding them, and head hung. And the new girl, she was kneeling like Marine, but she had her head hung. 

“Master, we the Royal Maids await your orders.” 

The three say in unison, which makes me remember the time I was a crown prince. 


“Oh my! What a pleasant scene.” 

Safrine comes from behind and says, making me come back to reality. 

She stands beside me and looks at every girl, from the new girl to Belinda, and stops at Marine. 

She holds my arms in arms with her. 

“Marine, dear, didn’t we talk with each other, if we were ever to take in another girl, we are to ask for everyone’s approval.” 

I turn to looks at Safrine, thinking they ever had such talk, 



“Yes-yes, Ms. Safrine.” 

I look down at Marine, as for the first time I hear her voice crack a little, I was going to intervene, but Safrine put’s a finger on my lips. 

“Then, Why?” 

“It’s because I feared for Master’s life.” 


This time both, I and Safrine shout. Marine turns to me and says, 

“Master, after you hit Unor, he was raged, he would have done things to you, I’m sure of that. And the only thing protecting us from him was the palace walls, and you would have come out of it today or tomorrow, and with only me as your Maiden Flora servant, I couldn’t save Master and Odesvana at the same time. And when the Guardians gave her intel on it, I knew I needed to have more people on our side.” 

“Hmm…okay, I see. But why are there two people here? Why need an extra? For me? But no one must know of me? I guess.” 

I was going to tell Safrine, that people in the proximity of her old house remember her, but stay quiet as I wanted to hear what Marine has to say, 

“No, I also had only decided to take in one, I know you wouldn’t accept more than one person, but when I saw Belinda, I knew I needed to take her, after all, she is way stronger than me, so I made sure, I’m bringing her with me. And, Pichira, is the current Prodigy of the Maiden Flora, so I had to have her.” 

“It’s Pinchira.” 

A squeaky little voice says from beside Marine, 

“Oh My.” 

Before things turn heavy, I intervene. 

“Well, what happened, happened. We can’t change it now.” 

“But Janvas, she-“ 

Safrine, let’s not talk about it, for now, today has been hectic, please give us rest.” 

She stares at me, for some time, and when I don’t waver, she gives Marine a quick look and heads back in the room, where Haruru laid.   

The Day Of The Calamity(Torture.)[Calamity Arc- Part 17]

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