Calamity’s Close By(Getting to know a little about each other.)[Calamity Arc-Part 19]

Janvas’s POV-  

Sighing I grab, the nearest chair I find, I ponder whether I should stop them from kneeling or let them stay as it is. I needed answers, so I decide on the latter. 


“Yes, Master.”  

“Today’s venture has been tasking, so I had my mind a little chaotic, so why shouldn’t we reintroduce each other. And this time formally, then we can think of our plan to escape from the capital.”  

“Yes, Master. I shall start.”  

They once again and get in form, but this time they look up at me,  

“Royal Maid of Master Janvas Wifobe Safora, Marine Janvas Wifobe Safora, at your service.”  

Marine says and looks at my eyes with the same vigor as always.  

“Royal Maid of Master Janvas Wifobe Safora, Belinda Janvas Wifobe Safora, at your service.”  

Belinda says with a warm tone, but it also contains confidence, and determination, when she looks at me, she has, warmness but with a mysterious danger along with it. 

I shiver a little at it.  

“Royal Maid of Master Janvas Wifobe SaforaPinchira Janvas Wifobe Safora, at your service”  

Says the newest girl in the group, her voice is merry, she looks at me with full of smiles, when our eyes meet, I know she’s frolicsome. 


Pinchira is a mixed breed. Her rabbit white ears stay high, as her long orange fox tails with white strip sways right and left. Her height’s the shortest of all the female presence in the house, probably some inches shorter than Haruru. She has large eyes that could captivate anyone, a radiant smile, and a scythe placed near her.  

[Isn’t my name too long? Janvas Wifobe Safora, as a prince of the nation, I would have that name, but now when, I’m not a prince, should I have it?]  

I look at the girls who all look up at me, and think harder,  

[With this name even if I run, they will know about my whereabouts, and I can’t possibly tell people my name when casually asked, should I change it?]  

“And I’m JanvasHaruru’s Husband, Safrine’s Son-in-law or son, and Marine, Belinda, and Pinchira’s Master.”  

The three girls look at me with a question on their face,  

“Don’t use Wifobe Safora when naming yourself. I will tell you what to call me when the time comes.”  

“Yes, Master.”  

The three say in unison. 

“Master, my main style of combat is, assassination, my primary weapon is Katana, I qualify for Amalgam Mage.” 

Marie give her assertion, 

“Master, my main fighting style, is concentrated on the frontlines, I use my flamberge sword for everything, this is my Main and only weapon, and I’m Amalgam and Quirky Mage.” 

[A Dual Mage.] 

Masterr, I’m-I’m good at attacking and evading strikes, I use Scythe, and-and I’m a Quirky Mage.” 

Says the adorable Pinchira, 

“And I’m an Arcane Mage, in a way. I use a sword now and then, but I’m basically a pure mage who can use other forms of weapons.” 

“So, Master is the weakest in our group?” 

The adorable Pinchira destroys my pride. Marine turns around to glare at the little girl who stepped on the land-mine. 

“Marine, I’m heading out for some time, till then talk with Safrine about how we will move out of the capital.” 

“Okay, Master. But where are you going? Let me or the girls assist you. We are out of the Palace, the danger is minimum here, and no one knows of Ms. Safrine’s whereabouts. So at least let someone accompany you.” 

“Don’t fret it. It will only take half an hour for me to come back, I’m just heading to the Merchant shop, to pick some stuff that I ordered.” 

“Master, why don’t you take just Belinda or Pinchira, while the one who stays and I can stay guard. And Master, there is news of a murder on the loose inside the capital, so I would prefer that you take someone.” 

I get near Marine, cupping her face I say, 

“No need to worry. Tomorrow’s the festival so the streets shouldn’t be empty for the next two days. No one would be crazy enough to attack anyone in a crowded environment. And I believe I should be strong enough to either protect myself or run away if needed.” 

Before she protests, I kiss her, we entangle our lips, as I look into her eyes, slowly we close our eyes and enjoy the kiss. I feel her tail circling me in, both of us get pasted against each other, my arms around her waist, our tongue fighting each other, her arms around my head. Her breast pressed close, my hands lower down to grab her ass, 


She moans inside my mouth, 

“*Ahem* *Ahem*.” 

Someone coughs to which I break the kiss, but I still hold onto Marine. Safrine looks at us with a smile and says, 

“I heard Janvas saying he was going out, and see him going out for real.” 

I chuckle a little, then shake my head. 

Safrine, I’m going out for half an hour, so till then, would you be nice to the girls?” 

“So, you want to say I’m strict.” 

She pouts after saying that, I stick my cheeks on Marine’s, and look at Safrine. 

Safrin keeps on pouting, so I say, 

“You are not strick, just a little overprotective.” 

I kiss Marine again before separating. 

I get near Safrine and say, 

“You are too sweet, so I have to drink something sour to remove the sweetness… 

Safrine opens her mouth to say something but quiets down. 

“Just one thing before I depart. Don’t leave your guard down.” 

They all look at me for a second, and both of them shout at me, 

“You are the one who needs his guard up!” 

I exit the gate hastily to hear laughter coming from inside. 

I move to the East-Southern Plaza, to reach my desired destination, Trinkle Fall Merchant House. This Merchant house was famous for making the best thing out of the raw material, you give them, their mastery of craftsmanship was exponentially high, and with the things I won in the championship, I was getting the girls something they would love, plus two extra for the new girls. 

The crowd in the West-Southern Plaza felt deserted as everyone had gone to East-North-Southern Plaza, I thought of taking Katrine but dropped the idea, as I needed a little space from everything, and maybe that’s the reason, why Safrine didn’t protest me on taking someone. 

-Marine’s POV- 

After Master left, we all stand in front of Ms. Safrine, she assesses all of us, myself included. With her robe and armor removed, she sits on the chair that Master sat on, just like how Master sat. And with Haruru sleeping, we needed to play nice. 

“Marine, why don’t you come here.” 

She makes the same gesture and movement as Masters, as she beckons me when I approach her, she touches my chin and looks me into the eyes, and sultry ask, 

“How was the kiss?” 

Before I could respond, she gets close to me, our face just inches away from each other. 

The Day of The Calamity(Girls…Girls…Girls…)[Calamity Arc-Part 18]

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Calamity’s Close By(Knock on the door, Moan on the Road.)[Calamity Arc- Part 20]