Calamity’s Close By(Knock on the door, Moan on the Road.)[Calamity Arc- Part 20]

-Marine’s POV- 

Ms. Safrine’s golden eyes look into mine, her hand cups my face like Master’s, but things were different, her hand is small with longer fingers, smooth, delicate, feminine. Slowly, she stands, she manages the same length as when she sat, it was as if she had prior experience. As we stand, our bodies press against each other, I was a little taller, so I had to look slight lower, both of us had a well-endowed breast, so they stick against each other, I could feel her harden nipples, and I’m sure she could also feel mine. 

Her hand slowly lowers down, going to my neck, on top of my shirt, lowering down to our connected breast, she cups them both, a moan was going to escape, but I suppress it, 

“You are exercising. Good.” 

“Yes, I do. After all, I’m here to protect, Master.” 

Her hands lower down to my waist, sizing them, getting lower, while caressing my waist, before scraping on top of my pants, her hands grab my ass firmly. 

“Ms. Safrine.” 

As she is holding my ass, she gets near my ear, in a sultry voice she asks, 

“Do you love, Janvas?” 

“Loving my own Master or not, doesn’t have to be spoken aloud by me. I’m here for Master, so all I have to do is keep him happy, protect him, and serve him. I exist for him, and I shall die for him.” 

She stares at me for some time then walls a few steps back. 

“Good. You didn’t forget your stand.” 

Then she looks behind me at the two baffle girls, smiling she approaches Belinda who seems flustered by what happened. 

I sign, feeling relief from all the pressure she exerted. Every time in her presence, I would feel like an object, whose purpose for existence was to be used, it was surreal.  

Master always made me feel alive, and here I felt like a tool. But I couldn’t question it, because I knew, when and where, I was wrong, I was a maid, a servant, not an equal, and I wasn’t Odesvana. 

Belinda, on the other hand, didn’t agree, Ms. Safrine who was trying to get the girl to bend failed miserably, it looked funny, but I knew it was not something to laugh about, Ms. Safrine stops trying to reach her, she comes towards me and grabs the chair that she previously sat on, pacing it in front of Belinda she stands on it. Looking eyes into eyes with her, with a menacing look, Ms. Safrine wasn’t happy, she grabs her by the waist and cups one side of her face. 

I imagine she would snarl at her, but on the contrary, she takes a sniff of her, 

Janvas, didn’t take her?” 

She asks with surprise, 

No, we were on the run, so nothing happened.” 

“Master said, he won’t touch me till I approve.” 

We say at the same time, this time she looks towards Belinda with surprise, 

“He what?” 

“Master said, he won’t touch me till I was okay with him.” 

Ms. Safrine separates from her, and comes toward me, 

“From where did you bring her? I have never heard of Royal Maids asking or thinking for their own sake.” 

I couldn’t think of any answers that would be suitable for this situation. Just then Ms. Safrine looks back at Belinda who is absent-minded, I don’t know what happened, but the next moment I see, the furious Ms. Safrine, to turn mild and hug Belinda, just the way she would hug Har-Odesvana and Master. 

I feel a tug on the shirt I wore, looking to the side I see a spooked Pinchira, warily looking towards Ms. Safrine. I couldn’t get what I needed to do, so I just copied what I saw. 







Few minutes pass after that.  

I and Pinchira, sit on the side. We see Ms. Safrine in another light than what she showed us earlier. The ‘Caring’ Side, she sits a little farther than us as she speaks with Belinda. 

Feeling Master should be coming back, I get up to reach the gate, when Katrine, neighs loudly, and a knock on the door. 

I whisper, 

“We have company.” 






Janvas’s POV- 

Upon entering the Merchant’s shop, I see a heavy crowd inside, couples holding hands, excited males, females looking around, and a long queue on the counter.  

Just taking my stuff and leaving now wasn’t an option, bringing my girls present and not for the new girls wasn’t the right thing to do, even if they were new, they still belonged to me. 

[Belonged to me. Is it the right way to express it? I don’t know, but Safrine says its right way to do it.] 

While I’m wondering about such things, one of the sellers see me and approaches me, 

“Mister Janvas, it’s good to see you. Are you here to collect the merchants or buy one of our merchants?” 

It was a mature woman, who had also taken, my previous order, she was a pure breed, a deer. 

Ahmm…I’m here for both. Also, could you show me some of your products? And could you also get my things ready, I’m short on time.” 

“Yes, Certainly. Kindra, would you show Mister Janvas some of our products?” 

“Coming Mother.” 

A younger version of the mature women stood in front of me, she wore the same uniform as her mother, smiling she comes in front of me, while the mother goes to the other side of the shop. 

“Mister Janvas, let me show you what our shop has to offer. Before that, could I know, what is the thing that you are looking for, or what range are you seeking?” 

“Well, yes, I would like two things for girls, the budget can be around 120 silver coins.” 

“120 silver coins, and items that girls would like. Hmm…, What can we get for it? What’s the age?” 

“Ahh… around the early ’20s and another one is in her teens.” 


The girl cutely presses her hand on the cheeks and ponders, as lighting struck her. 

“I have just the thing for you. Follow me.” 


I walk behind her, she goes to the right side of the shop, where the majority of the patrons are female, there are bottles of different colors on the shelves, and the place has a nice aroma, probably with all the females trying the fragrance. She goes to the middle, then turns around with a red bottle in her hand. 

“Mister Janvas, I would prescribe this perfume for the female in her early 20’s, this one has the smell of juicy fruit, I’m pretty sure she would like it. Here.”  

She hands over the bottle to me, opening the cap I spray it on my hand, but I couldn’t smell it. I spray it again but still nothing. 

[Is my nose broken? I could smell the room; then why can’t I smell the perfume?”] 

“How is it?” 

“I can’t smell it.” 

She again presses her cheeks with her hand. 

“OH… I get it.” 

She goes to the window of the shop and opens it, using a spell to manipulation the wind, she cleans the air of the shop, but suddenly she sneezes, and the winds go haywire for a second, revealing the undies of the females who wore shorts or skirts, but I also saw a bare one. 

The females end up shrieking, pushing down the clothes, the females look around with shame and threat, leading to the men around the area to get death glares.  

Looking up, I see the commando female, looking at me, or should I say glaring. I work my mind to think about what to say, but before that, she dashes away from the shop. 

Kindra apologizes to the customers, by repeatedly bowing, luckily for her the public doesn’t go wild, and just scold her for it, I sniff the scent of the perfume and get a fruit’s scent form it, which was considerably hard, I could feel saliva forming in my mouth with how ripe the fruit smelled. I wonder how heavy the fragrance of the air was that I couldn’t smell it earlier. 

I look towards Kindra to get to know its price but see her still bowing to the nearby females. When a guy who was here with his partner, probably, looks at me and gives me a thumbs up. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I end up giving him a small smile.  

Not having another thing to do, I pick up different bottles and sniff their contains. The dark red was a peachy flower, the brown one was something like wood, and with different colors, came different smell, no two, were of the same smell. 

“I’m sorry, Mister Janvas.” 

Kindra comes to me with a lowered head. 

“No need to apologize, my clothes weren’t the one which flustered.” 

She turns bright red and looks down. Feeling sorry, I hastily change the topic. 

“Okay, then what is the price of the juicy perfume?” 

“Umm… it would be around 20 silver coins.” 

“20 silver coins.” 

She takes the perfume bottle from my hand, and gives me another one, 

“Then, why don’t you try this.” 

She gives me another bottle, it was pink. 

“It’s for the female in her teens.” 


Taking a sniff, I get the smell of a flower, it’s not hard as the previous one but has a lasting effect. 

“And how much of this?” 

“Its 15 Silver coins, and if you take two more perfume, then we will sell them at 15 Silver each.” 

She then smiles at me, I remember what Safrine had told me about them, the offer’s always sound appealing, but never are of great benefit to consumers. 

[Should I bargain? In total, it would be four perfumes, but there are five females back home? Mm…] 

“How about I take five for 10 each?” 

[Will she latch onto it.] 

She shows a small smile, 

“17 for 5.” 

“11 for 5.” 

“16 for 5, not less. than that.” 

“15 for 4, and one free.” 


I look at her, smile at her, and start choosing. 

She smiles with the outcome, but after I pick two perfume it hits her, and she says, 

“No, No, No… 15 for five.” 


“I mean 15 silver coins each for 5 perfume, not for 4.” 

“But isn’t the deal made?” 

“No, mother would be angry if I sell them with loss.” 

She looks up at me with a sad face, I waver a little and say, 

“16 for 4 and one free. That’s final.” 

She fidgets a little but agrees. 

[Wait… who won? Me or her?] 

I look at her but decide to let it go. 

In the end, I take the juicy fruit for Belinda, flowery for Pinchira, lavender for Haruru, a purple bottle whose smell I couldn’t figure out for Marine, but the smell was good so I took it. And some fragrant made of herbal plants for Safrine, Kindra said, the bottle I took for Safrine had a hidden effect, that I would find later on when the female applies it. 






I take the surprise gift, five perfumes, and 55 silver coins back. 

They were considerate enough to give a pouch to me for 1 Silver coin. 

I happily move back, towards the house, as I was walking between one of the alleys, I suddenly hear a moan, I shake my head thinking idiotic people, can have sex anywhere, when the moan, keeps on getting louder, as I move forward, I recognize the owner of the voice. 

Calamity’s Close By(Getting to know a little about each other.)[Calamity Arc-Part 19] 

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