Calamity’s Close By.(Who all knows?, How do you know me?) [Calamity Arc- Part 21.]


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-Marine’s POV- 

I hastily unsheathe the katana, seeing me getting ready for a fight the others also get hold of their weapons, I look towards Ms. Safrine and say inaudibly, 

“Leave, Odesvana’s Sleeping.” 

Giving me a nod, she goes inside. 

Pinchira, open the gate and jump back quickly.” 

“Wait, I can open it with ease.” 

Belinda interjects, but it’s not needed as the intruders break the gate in, and seven people enter, three females and four males, they divide into three sets, one male in the middle, two male one female on his right, and the remaining on his left. 

The male in the middle has proper gears compared to all the people in the house, except Safrine, I guess. 

He has a face with tusks on his lower jaws, board shoulders, wide labrys resting on his shoulders, chest guard, arm guard, leg guard, and thigh guard, his thin tail would be swaying behind him. 

The others have chest guards only, even the weapons they hold are common or crude. 

“What is the meaning of this, and who are you all?” 

I ask in a demanding tone, to which he gives me a nasty smile. 

Licking his lips while looking at me, he says, 

“I’m your new Master’s Servant. That makes me your Senpai, doesn’t it, Marine-Kohai.” 

He laughs with that, but anger builds up within me, at those implications, I would have dashed if not for him knowing my name. 

“How do you know my name? And what do you mean by my ‘New Master’? I have only one Master, and that will be forever.” 

“Well, let’s say, your Master had angered my master, so he wants everything that’s in your Master’s possession that includes you.” 



[Then who?”] 

“…It’s Master Unor, for you.” 

He smirks at me, grabbing his labrys he swings it, looking to his right he orders. 

“You lot go get his wife and mother-in-law.” 

I get startled when he talks about Ms. Safrine, and about him knowing about her relation with Master. Noticing my surprise, he smirks and says, 

“We have our networks.” 


The three moves toward the room, but Belinda stands in front of them as if noticing her the boar looks towards her then at Pinchira, both of them were ready to strike but stop as I was talking, he seems to be in a pinch, so I say, 

“Your ‘Network’ doesn’t seem reliable.” 




 Both of us say at the same time and engage in battle, Belinda stays where she is and takes on the three on the right, Pinchira takes on the people on the left, but she has difficulty with such a small area, leaving the boar to me. 

The boar swings his labrys vertically, when I dash towards him, I dodge the swing by twisting my body to the right, aiming my katana on his kneecaps, I attack, he sees it and quickly steps back, but I was still able to change the trajectory of my sword, so I hit his high guard leaving a scratch, I leap to the side and aim again, this time at his sides, he swings horizontally making a 45*degree*, which hits my katana, and I flung a little.  

Smiling he jumps at me, as he aims at my shoulder with the blunt side, I duck down with reflex and aim at his oblique where the padding of the guard is supposed to be low, but unexpectedly it isn’t, he swings the labrys back, I try to pull my Katana, but it fills stuck, so I jump back leaving it there. The labrys hits my katana and gets flung to the corner. 

“Told you, we got ‘Network’.” 

I look towards the girl, and see Belinda had bisected one person, while the other is heavily injured, with the third unhurt, she was keeping his distance. Pinchira has her hands full, she wasn’t able to swing her scythe, leaving her body with scars and she looks scared with her inability. Belinda could save her, but in the process, she could get hurt severely when she’s not looking. 

The house became our enemy, with a small area, not small, but small enough for fighting. 

The boar dashes again towards me, this time instead of evading I face him head-on, he swings his sword horizontally, I use ‘Wind Strikes’, {which sends the wind I summon with some force, to whichever direction I want.} It hits the blade of the labrys, making it tilt towards the ground, using my speed I jump on it then, use his face as a jumping board to get near the girl who was keeping her distance from Belinda, not expecting someone else to intervene in their fight, she doesn’t notice me as I land behind her and use my stinger on her back, feeling pain, she notices my presence and tries to slash towards me, I evade it and grab the hand she was holding the sword. 

“Belinda, fight the boar, his strength is higher than mine, and the bright lights aren’t helping me.” 


She hits the injured once on the hips, making him fall, she quickly slithers to the boar, and I have to take care of this guy and help Pinchira. 






Janvas’s POV- 

I shake my head, at the thought of it, it couldn’t be her, she couldn’t be here, the palace must have the servants still working. 


The voice…, it’s her…, Haruru’s senpai, Farahe 

[What is she doing here? In the middle of the night?] 

I thought of going to see who she was with, maybe I could gauge out if she is our enemy, but I stop myself, instead of walking in to see them having sex, I could wait for a little and see the person when he comes out.  

I move around the alley to find the open window. 

[Where the noise is coming from?] 







Never in my wildest dream, I thought I would see this, someone having sex in the streets, two bodies rocking against each other, the man moving his hips intensely as the girl looks at the man with pure lust. 

I could see Farahe’s face, but not the man’s, as his back was towards me. He looked to be in his 20s, so the possibility of him being Unor was low, I sigh of relief, but staying in the open was not safe, I wish I could just look at the man’s face and move on, 

“*Ahhh**Ahhh* Master-Master… 

FaraheOhh… Farahe, just moan like this, maybe her mother would also moan like this…ahh, you are getting tight, are you perhaps excited, aren’t you-aren’t you, imagine your kohai’s mother moaning like this to your master’s mighty cock.” 

[Well, it sounds like he plans to have sex with her kohai’s mother, I hope, they first talk about it, otherwise, their relation, would worsen.] 

“Master, don’t, Master you said, it would only be her, and not her mother, Master…” 

[Okay, the mother wasn’t in the picture.] 

“If I remember correctly, I said, ‘Father, won’t touch her mother as she’s a pure-breed.’…, but I never said anything about me not doing anything.” 

[Wait, is she talking about-] 

“*Ahh* *Ahh*.” 

“By what was her name again? HurereUrhuhu?” 

“It’s Haruru–“ 



My mind is topsy-turvy. 



What does he mean by it?  



What does he want to do with Safrine 



What does his father want to do with Haruru? 



 I freeze up thinking about the possibilities. 



Why, why, why, why, why, …………. 


How did Farahe know about Safrine 


Did-did Haruru tell her- 


Farahe broke Haruru’s trust- 






Anger, frustration, sadness, coldness I feel my vision turn dark. 


How dare they– 


How could she– 


How could she think of hurting Haruru? Hurting her sentiments, hurting Safrine…., 










They need to pay… pay for the betrayal… for wronging us… 


I drop everything that I’m holding, and get in front of them, as I see them, their happy faces, I grit my teeth with anger, I quickly cast a ball of flame and throw it at them, they don’t notice it until it’s near them, and when they do, the Master brings Farahe in front of him, which leads her to have burns on her shoulders, my anger mixes up with my imagination, leading to the weakened flame. 

“Who the hell are you?” 

“*Aah**Aah* Master, it burns, Master, Master, it burns.” 

Farahe squirms on the ground, but the Master ignores her and stares at me, even I don’t feel pity for her, I mute her in my mind, and stare at the Master. Farahe may be a chess piece for them, but she was as guilty as this guy, who seems to be one of Player, my enemy. 

“Wait, I know you…, Janvashahaha…. who would have thought I would see you here, here just before I would fuck that whore of yours…, Hahahaha. 

He laughs at me, at my miserable life, at my weakness to protect my women. 

“Why can’t you leave me and my women alone.” 

I shout at him; my rage increases with time. 

“Leave you alone? After I made sure the soldiers let you go after your maid killed Father’s spy in the palace. After all the work, planning, and waiting we did for weeks, to get that maid of yours that you soo dearly care about, for whom you insulted and attacked my father, you must be an idiot.” 

“Insulted and att— you are, Unor’s kid.” 

“You really are an idiot, if it took you so long to know who I was.” 

He looks over at Farahe who has a timorous face, 

“And you attacked my personal maid, I wonder what the punishment shall be, maybe giving up that ravishing maid of yours, the mother will follow suit, I’m sure of that.” 

My mind goes blank with only one thought…, 

Kill………. Kill………. Kill………. Kill……….., Kill….. 

I jump towards him, with full-on killing intention, I form another flame of ball, but this time I make sure it’s hot, he stays where he is as if my flames couldn’t harm him, I lunge my arm forward, it cuts into flesh, but it wasn’t that bastard’s, Farahe came in between, my hands were between her chest, she had a smile on her face, perturb I look at her, 

“Master Janvas, before you can kill Master…” 

She looks toward her Master and continues, 

“…you have to kill me. Farahe Scorn Skimen.”  

Scorn grabs Farahe head from behind and twists her head, I get surprised and pull my hand back, with anger, he looks at me, 

“She called you ‘Master’, even though I’m her Master.” 

FaraheHaruru’s Senpai, Haruru’s friend in the palace is dead, he killed her, no we killed her… my mind gets hit with pain, should I be angry at her, for betraying Haruru, or be sad for Haruru’s lost, how she lost her mentor… 

Scorn…Scorn…Scorn…I will kill you. 


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