Did The Calamity Come And Go?(Don’t worry, Marine’s here.)[Calamity Arc- Part 22]

-Marine’s POV- 

The girl I was holding turns out to be skilled than I thought, she gets hold of my hands and kicks me on the stomach, while I was distracted, I grunt, but she doesn’t stop, she tries to kick me again, but I grab hold of her leg with my tail by rolling it around her thigh and stinging her again, I couldn’t use excessive poison as I didn’t know what was ahead of us, she hisses with pain but doesn’t stop, she jumps and kicks me on the torso with her other leg, with me being the only person standing, we end up falling. 


The door of the bedroom opens ajar, revealing Odesvana and Ms. Safrine look through it. 

I don’t know what was going through this girl’s head, but she suddenly licks my face. 

A sudden anger bursts in me, I look at the girl with a deep hatred, I let go of her arm not caring of the consequences, I welted on his face, as hard as I could, she raised her sword on her freed hand to hit me, but Ms. Sadrine comes to my rescue, she stops her by stepping on her arm by the metallic heels she wore, the heels stab into his flesh, and she groans, I cast ‘Wind Strikes’ again, but this time, I imagine them to be tiny so that it would cut very small parts of her flesh making it unbearable. 

She groans as the wind blades strike her face, I cast the spell again and again, till I feel the anger to disperse, but it doesn’t. She stops moving, after my third attack, my hand was covered in gore, removing it I don’t find any face there, just some chunks of flesh and bones. I stand up to see both Odesvana and Ms. Safrine have angry expressions. 

With nausea, I swipe off the place the girl licked.  

We look towards Pinchira, who’s in a pinch.  

She’s surrounded on four sides; her weapon which is made for a long-range, wouldn’t swing with the walls around her. 

*Click* *Clang* *Clang* 

Towards the gate, we see Belinda mano a mano with the henchman of Unor. She evades the blows of the henchman with flexibility, even countering with his strikes. 

“She can take care of him.” 

Ms. Safinre says, 

I quickly grab the sword of the girl and head to help Pinchira, without making any noise, I get behind the person who is at the center and stab him in the heart, his poor-quality chest guard made it easy for me to cut into him. Hearing the cry beside them, the other two looks towards the source of the voice, quickly getting near the girl, with the upward motion I strike at her, but she protects herself by raising the sword. 


The girl beside me screams; in a mad rush, she comes towards me, but before that, a scythe slices her in two. 

Even after killing the person who licked my face, my anger doesn’t subdue, and for some reason, Odesvana and Ms. Safrine also have an angry face.  

Even though Ms. Safrine’s angry, she hurriedly grabs Pinchira, who’s mortified, Odesvana grabs her from behind and hugs her; Ms. Safrine starts healing her. 

I look back at Kura who’s shocked, I raise my sword and behead him. Then I look at the guy, Belinda injured heavily, he uses his sword to stand up, I get near him. Seeing a shadow, he looks up at me. He smiles creepily at me, 

“Haw bout I lick er cunt, Missi.” 

I feel disgusted, anger, frustration, I can’t let him die easily, I sting him, and exert enough poison that he won’t die easily. 

I couldn’t tell where the anger came from, but it felt like I would kill anyone. 

While they were healing Pinchira, I move to help Belinda. 

Belinda is playing a tug of war with the henchman, unexpectedly both of them are having a draw, the henchman is fully focused on Belinda, so I quietly get near him, and slice both of his kneepit, as they need to fold, he didn’t have a high guard on it. He roars as he staggers his step and Belinda pushes him down, as he falls, I sting him on his neck. 

“Aah…you fucking bitch…” 

He lifts his labrys; Belinda’s one step ahead of him as she stabs him in his arm, 

“*Aaah* You fucking whor-*Buuh**Blah**Blah*.” 

Mid-sentence, he coughs up blood, my anger tells me to kill him quickly, but I stop myself, as I needed to ask him something. 

“Tell me, does Unor know about Safrineand where is he?” 


He laughs crazily then coughs up some more blood, but he still has that crazy smile. 

“I didn’t come here alone, if I take more than 30 minutes, Master Scorn will head back to inform Master Uron, and when that happens, they both will fuc-“ 

Before he could continue, Belinda stabs him in the neck ending his life. 

But strangely, I was still angry. 

“Belinda, stay here and look after Odesvana, Ms. Safrine, and Pinchira. Check if anyone’s alive and stay alert, I’m worried for Master’s Safety, I’m going to look after him.” 

“Okay, I will, but do you know where Master is?” 

“Yes, I and Odesvana, had followed after him when he went out to the merchant store.” 

As I was about to move out, Ms. Safrine calls out to me, 

“Marine, we will be moving out of the house, and going to get a hotel in the North-Southern plaza, there is a hotel named Trisk Dopel, we would be staying there under the alias name Tristy, and if they ask how many people, then answer ‘3’. I don’t think it’s safe living here. When you meet Janvas, bring him there directly.” 

“Hmm…Okay, aah..yes, there is a carriage outside that you can use to get there quickly.” 


Saying that I leave to search for Master. 

“Master, I hope that you are okay.” 






Janvas’s POV- 

Scorn had his sword lying on the ground, so both of us use our arms to parry each other’s attack. His little willy was out dangling on the front, for everyone’s view. It makes his every moment to lurch, making it easy for me to attack him. 

Unlike the others who imagine how their magical element would materialize beforehand, I can conjure magical elements without the need to have a clear image, making it cushy for me to conjure magic faster than the masses.  

Scorn gets perturbed on what to do first, fix his clothes, or pick up the sword that is lying due to him having sex, or fight me.  

I attack him with a mad rush, as would flames surround us. 

I don’t save my mana, like how Marine taught me to.  

My hands were covered in flames; flames kept on sparkling around me, and both of us were sweating profoundly, due to the heat my flames provided, I didn’t let him rest, as I didn’t know his rank. But with his clumsy moves, I could figure out he was not in a good position. 

I dash towards him, punching him continuously, he would evade all but the flames would touch him leaving burns on his skin. Suddenly his movement changes, and he lunges away from me, not letting him go, I change the flames gloves to whips and strike towards him, he evades by jumping around. I’m jumbled by the sudden development, from barely evading my strikes, to figuring out where the whip would lash. 

My aims all start missing, and with him jumping around, my anger intensifies. I stop using magic and dash at him. He stops for a moment and faces his arms towards me, realizing his intent, I run in a zigzag manner. 

Water jets gets projected towards me, I dodge them easily, even the timing between each projective was huge, so I’m able to get near to him with ease. I punch him in the stomach, kick his knees, he retracts his steps and wipes the blood that came out of his mouth. 

“Heh…You can fight…, I will say…, but you are nothing compared to father…just let him find out you hit me and see what happens to that panting bitch of yours, she would be f-“ 

Before he can say another word, I hit him on the face with another punch and another one on its way, when I feel something to ram my stomach, I fall on my back, he launched a water jet at close range; luckily it wasn’t powerful. 

Scorn quickly kick me on the face and with a mad dash runs to gets his sword. 






I shake my head, the anger I had was still there, but now I was able to think properly too. I hurriedly stand up, Scorn was just about to get his sword, I take a deep breath. 

Scorn has his sword, and with a wicked smile he lunges towards me, I form another whip this time thin and hot, instead of aiming at him I swing the whip with the aid of air, he easily dodges it, Mana Reading, that’s what I can think of, a pretty basic technique, its the first technique everyone learns, to know what mana is, but with intense training people can know where mana is in heavy quantity and distinguish different mana’s, and that’s what he was doing he was reading my mana and dodging the whiplash, so he’s not weak, I presume he was dodging my punches too. 

He runs right into my trap, by running mist the whips of mine, I quickly intensify the flames and make the air around it to sparkle the flames, even if he can dodge the whip, he wouldn’t be unscratched with the flames coming for all the direction. 

“*Aah* *Aaah*” 

He screams, amid the flames, and I hurriedly jump a few feet to the right and conjure the hottest flame I could on both of my palms and wait for the flame of the whip to subdue, when it does Scorn looks ahead to find no one standing there that’s when I quickly dash towards him and throw the flame on my left hand towards him he ducks to evade it, I kick him on his chest making him stand with a jerk and slosh the flame into his chest, he doesn’t get a chance to say anything as he stops moving and falls. 






I go an sit on the walls of the nearest building, with my back against it, I feel tired, famished, agitated. 

The things that took place in the palace could have been seen as small bickering, but now I was definitely in war with Unor. Fighting some higher-up’s child, was already a no go for me and here I killed him and his servant, previously I was just running away to save myself, now I must run to protect everyone near me.  

I try to stand up I needed to tell the girls about what happened here and get ready to run away, as far as we can from the capital. 

I suddenly feel light-headed, and am about to fall, when someone grabs me, they smell good, I take in deep breaths and let the person hold me, opening my eyes lazily I see its Marine, worriedly she looks at me, I smile with every strength I can muster, they anger fades, and I think casually. I hug her as I slowly breathe. 

Calamity’s Close By.(Who all knows?, How do you know me?) [Calamity Arc- Part 21.]

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