Calamity’s Close By(Why am I weak?)[Calamity Arc-Part 23]

Haruru’s POV- 

I wake up with a jerk when mother shakes my body. She was hastily putting on her guards and robe. 

“Ru, get ready, someone is attacking us.”  

I quickly sit up when I hear the word ‘attack’ I remember Master to be sleeping, I look to search for him, but find him missing. 

“Mother, where is Jan?” 

“He-he went to a shop.” 

“What! Who went with him?” 

“No one.” 

I was shocked that mother let Master go out alone, I wanted to shout at her, but I knew mother must have a reason for doing it. So, I stay quiet. 

I take out the daggers from under my dress.  

I had made a secret hole in my skirt by cutting a hole on the inside of the skirt, then stitched a dagger holder in it, made a pocked from where I could easily take out the dagger if a situation like Unor’s came again. I was training in secret with Marine, about how to protect myself, it wasn’t anything in comparison to Marine or Master’s kind of training, but I still did it. We didn’t train for long, but if we are under attack, then I may at least use some of the training. 

“Where did you get those from?” 

“Marine, gave them to me.” 

“You decided you wanted to fight?” 

I feel mother’s voice to sadden a little when she asks me, I get behind her and hug her, thinking the past might still haunt her. 

“I’m sorry.” 

They are the only words I could speak, she shakes her head, and turns around and hugs me. 

“Don’t worry, I’m not sad, it’s just that I feel that you have grown up a lot, from never wanting to think of fighting to holding a weapon.” 

She smiles and kisses my forehead. 


“-than the last.” 

I complete her sentence. She lovingly caresses my face, just then the sound of the battle starting comes. 

“Get ready, we have to help the girls if they are in a pinch, then we also need to go to search for Janvas.” 


I was going to open the gate, but Mother stops me, 

Haruru, wait, it won’t be best to open the gate now, we aren’t fighters lets stay in for a while when the sound of battle declines then we can look out.” 

Huh.. but mother.” 

“We might be more of a liability for them, those girls are fighters, unlike me who is a healer, and you someone who only started training. Don’t worry, Marine, won’t fall that easily.” 

We stay in, as the battle begins, we hear the cries, shouts, and the clashing of weapons, after a few minutes, the battle appears to conclude, we open the gate ajar. 

We see Marine being tackled down by one of the hooligans, both of them, look at us when the gate opens, the hooligan looks up at Marine and licks her face, seeing it anger boils inside me, it was not just me, Mother and Marine’s anger also get angry, all we want to do is kill the hooligan, Marine makes a rash move and tries to kill the hooligan by removing the restrain, the girl moves her sword, but mother quickly intervenes, by stepping on her hand with the heel, the girl screams but mother doesn’t stop, Marine casts her spell…, I look away, the face of the hooligan was beyond recognizable, Marine stands up and looks towards the girl with a scythe, who was being attacked by 3 people. 

[Who is she?] 

She easily kills the rest, mother quickly runs towards the girl who had cuts around her, I follow suit and hug the girl for comfort, the girl had tears running down her face, she was horrified, I hug her tight as Mother healed her, Marine, on the other hand, headed to help Belinda who was fighting a guy who was using an ax. She makes the guy stumble then uses her poison on him, but he still fights, Belinda cuts his arm, feeling he is no threat Marine asks him a question, 

“Tell me, does Unor know about Safrine and, where is he?” 

I’m shocked by the fact that they know about Mother, the guy laughs like crazy, coughing some blood, he tells about the bastard son of Unor, Scorn, who is waiting for him, and if he doesn’t get back in 30 minutes, Scorn would leave to inform Unor about their discovery, I presume, before he could say something else, Belinda kills him. 

Marine tells Belinda to look after us, as she is worried for Master’s safety and is going out to look for him before she could leave, mother calls out to her, she tells her we would be leaving the house and move to a hotel in the North-Southern Plaza, in a hotel named Trisk Dopel under the name Tristy, and asks Marine to bring Master over there directly. 


Master’s in danger…, 

I try to stand, to follow Marine, but mother stops me,  

“You don’t need to go after her.” 

“But mother-“ 

“He would be fine, with only Marine’s help, they have been training to fight, unlike us.” 

“I can help Marine, with the help of my noise. Marine doesn’t have a keen nose like me.” 

“Marine, won’t be a liability like you.” 

I quiet down when Mother retorts like that, 

“Belinda, I have done the minimum healing on her take her and put her in the carriage, I will continue once we are in the hotel. And Haruru, stay with her till I pack all the stuff.” 

She kisses me on the forehead as she goes to the bedroom. Belinda comes near me to pick the girl in my arms, I realize now that I stood while holding her. 

I think of running after Master, I was still angry for some reason, and controlling it was proving it to be difficult. 

Belinda slowly and gently pulls the girl from me, 

Odesvana, I believe your mother is in the right. Currently, you are the one who is in danger, not Master. The people came here when Master wasn’t here, and they were equipped with an outfit to repel Marine’s attack, if not for us, the situation could have turned ugly.” 

I look at the woman, who takes the girl from my arms, she lovingly cradles her, then offers her hand to me, I stand up with her help as she takes us to the carriage. 

The outside is devoid of life it was like we entered a deserted city, the festival had started, and till the streets were vacant, homes empty, it was pin-drop silence. 

[Did they evacuate all the people from here so no eye witness will be there, to prove of their wrongdoing?] 

I try to smell or hear people that might be near us, luckily or unluckily, there we non near us.  


Suddenly Katrine neighs and approached us. Katrine was mother’s ride.  

From what I remember, she was a breed of Gordan. Mother never told me which breed she is. 

 One day she had gone on a trip with other seekers and came home with Katrine. She didn’t tell anyone, except Master, whom I had pestered a lot so he would ask, but didn’t tell me anything, he kept her origin to himself, saying him knowing and me knowing were the same thing. 

Katrine comes near me, and rubs her face on mine, her height is 7 feet and contrary to other Gordan she has a black body with black and white spikes, which is unheard of, she had heterochromia iridis, with three stipes in her eyes, her iris was black, with white and teal layering on top, and the strangest part, she would understand our speech, there were tales about Bestia being able to speak with animals, that roamed the planet before the war, but the war changed it, and now none of the Bestia can speak with any animals. 

I hug Katrine’s neck, as Belinda holds the girl tightly and says, 

“She looks beautiful.” 

“Isn’t she. But don’t touch her, she doesn’t like to be touched by anyone that Mother hasn’t approved. She quite fussy.” 

Belinda nods and moves to the carriage which we parked near the house, the two horses of the carriage shake in fear when Katrine tags along with us, I open the gate, then head in, then help Belinda by gently putting the girl on the seat. 

Belinda turns around to leave, but I stop her before that, 


“Yes, Odesvana.” 

“… who is this girl?” 

“Aah, yes, Umm, She’s Pinchira Janvas W-, Master’s third Maiden Flora slave.” 

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