Calamity’s Close By(To Trisk Dopel.)[Calamity Arc- Part 24]

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Haruru’s POV- 

I stay in the carriage with Master’s fourth slave, she somehow seems, to have fainted when I’m was petting Katrine, but she stills shakes from time to time.  

[I wonder, is this the first time she fought someone in a life-death situation? If so, I wonder if it’s going to be a wake-up call or a forever traumatic experience for her.] 

I place her head on my thigh like how I had kept Master’s. I didn’t have to wait for long as Mother and Belinda quickly bring things from the house. 3 Big suitcase, two staffs, and one big box.  

With all this thing, the carriage was full till no other person could sit, it will full to the brim. Mother comes and looks over one more time, that’s when I ask, 

“Mother, are these all the things you need?” 

“Well, Ru, we need more than these like food, bedding, buckets, medicines, and more, if we are going to run south, but with how little time we have these are more than enough.” 


When mother says we are running, I instinctively feel sad, the place where we lived for all our lives, we are going to be away from it, the place I met my Master… Jan.. for the first time, our first date, the places we made our memories….. I feel tears to slide from my eyes and caress my cheeks, I felt sad, I wanted to cry, I wanted to hold onto Jan. 

Ohh… Ru.” 

Mother looks at me and says, she looks sad, her hand tries to reach out to pet me, I wipe my tears and say, 

“Mother, no need to worry. I’m fine.” 

I smile towards her, as I couldn’t be the one to put Mother or Jan or the girls to be in danger. 

[Marine did say I was her Odesvana, so I needed to act like one, I needed to show the girls who their Master’s Odesvana is.] 

With a pained smile, Mother looks at me says, 

“You really have grown, I wonder where that mischievous, lovestruck, monkey of mine go.” 

Chuckling a little, I retort in a child-like a manner, 

“She is her, but Matured.” 

She laughs and closes the gate of the carriage. She’s probably going to ride Katrine, while Belinda’s going to drive. 

My cheerful attitude goes away, and I feel down, not knowing what to do, I look out the window as I caress the girls head. 

Her breathing and the shaking slows down tremendously, as I started to caress her head. 

A few seconds later the gate opens again, Belinda looks at me with downcast eyes, 

Haruru, could you make space for Belinda, she can’t ride a horse it seems.” 

I didn’t say anything and let her in. So, we sat like this, I and Belinda on the seat, with the scared Pinchira on our lap.  

I chuckle when I imagine Jan telling me Pinchira was living in heaven. 

Belinda looks at me, with even downcast eyes, I wonder what’s wrong with her. 






The carriage moves at the same speed as when we entered, in a slow and steady pace. Again we have eyes on us, but this time for a different reason, Katrine was following the carriage without a rider and that she looked different from others Gordan. 

In the mist, there was even a person who tried to steal her, but he messed with the wrong Gordan, even before Belinda could get out and apprehend the person, Katrine had already dealt with him, she stood on her two legs and crushed the poor fellow’s legs even before he could ride her, I turn around when he screams; instead of stopping and checking on him, our carriage and Katrine keep on moving as if nothing happened, and neither does anyone complain, was it because he was a thief or no soldiers come here to maintain order. 

I wonder, how if the same thing happened in the palace, the person who’s horse it was could lose their life if the victim turns out to be a son/daughter of noble. 

I suddenly feel scared about what kind of life we would have ahead of us. 

[Jan, Mother, Marine…Was it right to leave the palace?] 






We finally reach the hotel, Trisk Dopel, unlike how our house is at the edge of the plaza, the hotel is near, the bustling area. When we get out of the carriage, there was a steward ready, I thought Mother would decline as Katrine didn’t like to be handled, by anyone, but to my dismay, Mother pays the person two bronze coins, and he takes the carriage away while Katrine follows, I look at Mother with confusion, seeing me confused she says, 

“I come here from time to time.” 

My confusion turns to a frown. 

[Why were you here?] 

Mother walks in front of me, she was wearing her guard and robe with the staff on her right hand, behind her I was walking with the same clothes I wore in the morning, it had got some frickles on it with the day’s activity, behind me was Belinda, she was wearing a dark green shirt with a skirt that reached her thighs currently, she was walking with the sleeping Pinchira on her arms; Pinchira was wearing a black top and black skirt. 

Belinda was also able to carry her and Pinchira’s weapon with ease, her appearance, and strength were contrary to each other.  

Entering the hotel we meet with a heavy crowd, the place is jam-packed, people laughing, roaring, screaming, flirting can be heard. Some even turn to look at us; their gazes are just like the others, they ogle us, some whistle and wave in our direction, Mother quickly grabs my hands and says, 

“Stare straight or look at them with discontent.” 

Saying that we head to the counter, there seem to be three people in front of us, so we stand in the queue; that’s when Belinda says, 

“Odesvana, if you look towards the men when they are shouting at you,  it will make them think you are interested in them, and they will approach you, and not leave until you slap them or some other guy intervenes, and if you look at them like they are worms they will not approach you. But-“ 


I turn towards her and ask, 

“But until you are proficient in doing the second step, keep on doing the first. And there’s a catch too.” 

“And what’s that?” 

“Some will think they are a big shot and approach you, even if you do the two things Belinda mentioned.” 

Mother comments, 


I ask, she smirks while looking to the right, when I turn, I find the same guy who was beckoning for us to come, to approach us, 

“You looked towards them for too long.” 

I looked surprised, I hadn’t even looked for more than a second, and that was too long. 


“Hello, Ladies.” 

Belinda pokes on my side, so I understand what she means and turn to the opposite side of the man, 

[I never knew that, whenever I looked at the men when they tried to tease me, they thought I want to talk with them.] 

“*Uhhum* Ahh… Ladies?” 

We ignore him, but he stays there, 




With every time he called us, his voice got louder, by the third time my ears started to hurt, I wanted Mother or Belinda to do something, so when I look at them, I see Mother smiling while the later was giving him a death glare, Mother’s smile wasn’t the smile she showed us, it was like she was finding it funny how the man even though of approaching her, it was only me who was quiet when I look at the person, I see him ignoring the two. 

[Did my inaction caused him to stay here?] 

The man finally seeing me turning towards him, starts to smile like he scored big, he brings forth his arm, when Mother and Belinda both grab the guy’s arms. 


While he screams, his fellow members sit up and approach us, but before they could do anything a bulky fellow come in front of us and grabs the guy from the head, 

“You lot, get out.” 

Seeing him, the other fellow quickly dashes out of the hotel, while the bulky guy personally takes the guy out. 

“They must be from the nearby city who tough they could score tonight.” 

Mother smirks, 


Ohh! My poor child.” 

She hugs me tight. 

One guy pays the money and heads to the hall beside the halls, the other two move forward and say, 

“We are here for Tristy.” 

I worriedly look at Mother, if two people were going to be staying here with the same name would Jan end up meeting the other girl by mistake, Mother shakes her head and says, 

“You are thinking too much, first let’s head to the room, and I will tell you something about this hotel and why I chose it.” 

I nod and stay quiet. 

The receptionist looks at the two with care then looks down at the book, he turns some pages and says, 

“Sorry, we don’t have anyone of the name Tristy staying her.” 

“What do you mean there is no one staying here by that name, I’m sure she said she was staying in Trisk Dopel under the name Tristy.” 

“Sorry, Sirs, but there is no one under that name under our establishment, I think you might have heard wrong, please come back again when you are you are sure.” 


Before the other guy could shout, his friend stops him and points at the bulky guy who saved me from the harasser, the two stare at each other and leaves without another word. Mother chuckles at it and leans against the counter and says, 

“Hey, Stifir, I need two rooms, under the name Tristy, with food.” 

“Anything we need to add on the menu?” 

“Yes, add that demonic scorpion meat that I heard was served here with anything that’s good along with it.” 

“Okay, would you like, what was previously serve to you?” 

“No, absolutely not. I would like it to be hot, very hot.” 

“Okay, then that would be 2 Gold coins for the night and 4 Gold coins for the today.” 

Mother takes out 2 Gold coins from her pouch and pays. 

The receptionist nods and hands her a key, 

“You can move from her to the third floor; your room numbers are VP#3.” 

“Thanks, Stifir.” 

We enter the hall, on the other side of the reception, a butler was standing there, seeing us approach he bows his head. 

“Good Evening, Miss.” 

“Evening, here’s the key.” 

Mother gives the key to him, the butler takes the key, and heads to the door, he stands in front of the door with the number 3 written on it. 

“Mother, that’s not our room.” 

Mother chuckles when I say that. 


Surprisingly the key enters the keyhole, and the gate opens. 

“Shush your mush, Ru. And just watch.” 

“Madam, please follow me.” 

He says and enters the gate, Mother interlocks, her arms, with mine and follows after him, I look, at Belinda, who only smiles at me. 

Mother moves with me along, while Belinda walks behind us. As we enter the gate, we don’t see a room, but stairs leading upstairs. 

Gawking, I look towards Mother. 

[A secret passage!] 

I silently walk after them, because I knew if I utter another word, she would be angry. We move two more floors, and on each we see two guards blocking our path, even if they weren’t a mage, just looking at them anyone would be scared. 

On the third floor, the butler heads to room names V and P, which were on the opposite sides finally I realize what the 3rd floor, and room number VP#3 means. 

The butler gives us two keys, which had letters V and P, written on them. 

“If you need anything, then just ring the bell on the corridor, and anyone from our establishment will come to take the order. Hope you all have a nice stay, Madams.” 

Saying that the butler leaves; all of us enter the room V and close the door. 

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