Calamity’s Close By(Acceptance and Knowing Oneself.)[Calamity Arc- Part 28]


-Janvas’s POV- 

As I’m sleeping, I feel something wet around me, which wakes me up with a jerk. I look around to see where I’m and find myself to be in a tub. 

For a few seconds, I’m confused as to where I’m, but soon my head clears up. 


I’m in Mother Safrine’s House in the Southern Plaza, in Jangle, the capital of Wifobe Safora. 


Stretching, I look around the house I have been visiting for months. 


I’m in a small bathroom which is about 2^2 m big which has a tub in it. The tub is taking half of the area of the bathroom and leaving only a small portion remaining for a person to move in, with little space to put things. The walls of the room are brown, with some greens here and there.  

There’s a small window above me and the door to my left. 

Luckily there’s a stool near the door, but it’s too small that only children can sit on it. It is a fit for me, but on the contrary, it’s fragile for Mother Safrine to sit on it. 


Slowly, I swim to the edge of the tub and sit near it as I feel the water swaying. Resting my head on the edges of the wooden tub, I think about how strange my encounter with Haruru was. 

“Huff! Haruru.” 

While I’m day-dreaming about my rendezvous with Haruru, the door of the bath suddenly opens. And with a jerk, my head moves to the side to see who was trying to enter in, but I stop myself from saying anything when I see it’s Mother Safrine who is entering inside. 

Mother Safrine enters inside the bath with only a towel draped around her, leading to her feminine charms to be in full display. The towel covers her charms in such a manner that through my naked eyes, I can see that’s not visible. 

Her beauty again captivates me as I feel myself to be in a daze, as the muscles in my body stop working, and my eyes fixate on her. Unbecoming to my state, the pulchritudinous enters the bathroom.  

Mother Safrine has her hair tied to a bun, which makes her crystal clear eyes shine in the foggy bath.  

Smiling, she says, 

“It’s the water to your liking, Prince Janvas?” 

And here, a boundary gets created. 

The dazzling beauty only sees me as a Prince of Wifobe Safora. 

“Is something the matter Prince, Is the water too hot?” 

Worried, she asks me, 

Shaking my head, I say, 

“No, Mother Safrine, it’s just as I wanted it.” 

I try to hide my emotions from her, as I feel that it would stress her out. 

And remembering what the Wisperer had gathered about Mother Safrine and Haruru, I don’t know how to approach them.  



-They both had appeared in front of the Jangle’s gates 2 Years ago, and mysteriously Mother Safrine had a Parchment Of Jangle, which made the guards let her pass through. And from that time, they both have lived in the South-Southern Districts. Mother Safrine had also tried to work in some places, but she didn’t find anyone that was going to allow a female carrying her child, work in their establishment or home. 



And from that time to the present, Mother Safrine and Haruru had been living in such a state. 

That was until I met Haruru. 

I give out a small smile at Mother Safrine, who’s looking at me all worried. 

“Mother, where’s Haruru?” 

I ask, trying to set aside the gloomy air that has been sprouting. 

“Oh! She-she, just went out to the market to bring something for us to eat. She will be back within some minutes.” 


As I hear that Haruru’s out and will take some time to comes, I sink inside the tub and try to pass the time till she joins in.  

While submerged inside the tub, I ponder on how to lower down Mother Safrine’s walls and make her feel that I don’t want to harm her or Haruru.  

As I’m wondering about how to do that, someone suddenly grabs my arms and lifts me off the tub. 


Surprised, I try to move my body, 

“Janvas, stop moving.” 

Mother Safrine’s voice comes from behind. Turning around, I see her smiling at me as she holds me, 

“Ah- Wha-“ 

No words come out of my mouth when my eyes fall lower, and her bare ample breast gets presented in front of me. My mind blanks down when a beauty like her holds me while she’s naked. 

Mother Safrine smilingly holds me as she enters the tub. And as she slowly sits down, she places me on her thigh. 

Nonplussed, I sit on her lap, wondering why she is bathing with me. 

And as  I’m perplexed with the thought, Mother Safrine speaks, 



With jumbled words, I reply. 

“Are you curious about why I’m bathing with you?” 

Slowly nodding my head, I wait for her to continue. 

She sighs slowly, then grabbing me from the waist, she pulls me close to her. Involuntarily or not, her breast ends up touching my head, which makes me feel ashamed, even if I wasn’t doing anything here. 

“Ah-….Hmm-… Eh-…” 

I hear her trying to say something, but every time she stops herself as if to gather words. 

Silence again blooms around us. 

I stay still and silent to let her gather her words, but she stays quiet for a long time until Mother Safrine suddenly licks my ears. 

Confused, I stay there, wondering what’s happening. When I remember something I had read once,  


—There are diverse numbers of Beastia living in Wifobe Safora, so knowing about how all Beastia accepts other Beastia into their family, group, clan is not possible. But there are some which are widely known by all Beastia, as it’s one of the primary instincts of Beastias, as it starts with how Beastia accepts the young in their family, which is, Licking them. Usually, the Alpha or Leader of the Beastia family, group, clan licks the new member to show their acceptance into the family—  


I turn my head with fast reflex and look at Mother Safrine, who looks at me and smilingly licks my cheek.  

“Janvas, welcome to the family.”  

She says, 


Beaten by the sudden predicament, my mind stops working and tries to figure out how this development had taken place.  

Just a few moments ago, I had a feeling that there was a big wall surrounding her, and now here I sit on Mother Safrine’s lap, getting acceptance in the family. 

Unbeknownst to myself, I hug her. And as she hugs me back, the bountiful breast of her devours my head. 





The door of the bath suddenly opens, and a dainty woman appears. 

Precisely, a miniature Mother Safrine appears.  

Small, cute, goofy. 




“Mother, what are you doing? Are you trying to steal Janvas from me?” 

Haruru screams at Mother Safrine as she finds us in a compromising position. 

But soon, her eyes land on me as if I was in part of it. 

Well, technically, yes. My arms are hugging Mother Safrine. 

“Ru, it’s not how it looks like, Mothe-Mother Safrine was just saying-“ 

Even before I could continue, Mother Safrine hugs me into the valley of euphoria, 

“Haruru, as you were out and Prin-Janvas was feeling alone, I decided to accompany him. Isn’t it, your fault, that you left him alone with me?” 

I hear Mother Safrine say that with a snicker, to which the nincompoop decided to charge towards us. 


Her shout fills the tub as I feel another warm body to press onto my back.  

And I transverse to heaven. 












A soft voice travels to my ears, which wakes me up from my sleep. 

Waking up, I find myself lying in a bed. 

A stunning woman in her teens looks down at me, and she slowly caresses my cheeks and smile when I look at her. 

The beauty, who is drop-dead gorgeous, slowly lowers her face down and kisses me on the lips. 

“Morning, Master.” 

Ru says as she helps me sit up on the bed. 

Sitting up, I smilingly look at her, to which she looks at me puzzled. 

“Master, is anything the matter?” 

She asks me, 

“Noting, It’s just that I had a dream of the past.-“ 

I bring her closer to me and kiss her once more as I continue, 

“- A dream about when Mother Safrine accepted me in the family, and both of you nearly killed me.” 


As I say that, Ru also remembers the time that I had nearly died when both of them had hugged me so tight that I wasn’t able to breathe and fainted. 

As I look at the beauty that turned crimson by the memory, someone from the side coughs, 


Turning to the side, I see Safrine sitting on the settee with Belinda standing behind her.  

I look around the room and find Marine, standing to my right, just near the bed. And Pinchira sitting on the edge of the bed, away from the settee. 

And realization hits me as I remember the predicament we are in, and how like a moron, I slept through the extra time Safrine got me rather than doing anything. 



“Janvas. Janvas. Janvas.” 

The continuous calling by Safrine brings me out of the thought.  

She looks at me with a kind smile, as could grasp what I’m thinking. 

She pats on the seat beside her as she beckons me to sit there.  


While I’m sitting near Safrine, she continuously shows me a kind smile, which I have no idea whether I deserve or not. 

Safrine suddenly grabs my head and pulls me towards her; my head lands on the top of her breast as she looks down at me. 

“No need to work yourself too hard, Janvas.” 

She says as she slowly caresses my head, 

“But-but We are in the situation because of me, and yet instead of thinking of a way to get out of it, I slept throughout the time you got us.” 

“Janvas, It’s not your fault. You did what any Husband would do if his wife is harassed in front of him or behind. And you also haven’t been brought up to be a soldier that you could stay awake the entire time and show no sign of weakness. So, let me, the person who has lived or experienced such situations and the girls handle it. While you learn from watching me.” 

She says as if she’s giving me a lecture. 

“But isn’t-“ 

“No, buts.” 

She says; then gives me a lick on the cheeks, 


I scream, to which she smiles and says, 

“Let the professionals handle it.” 

Calamity’s Close By(Their Fault.)[Calamity Arc- Part 27]

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