The Day Before The Calamity(Don’t stop me from killing her.)[Calamity Arc- Part 3]

As I get out of the bath, I see her drying herself off with the towel.  

Using my fire magic, I form the thinnest fire layer around her and myself to dry us off. She takes a glance at me then heads to the cupboard.  

She flinches when I hug her from behind.  

“Princess, are you angry?”  





I grab her breast; a small moan leaves her mouth.  

“Jan, we need to leave.”  


Just as I leave her, she turns around, kisses me and says,  

“I love you.”  

“Me too, My Succubus princess.”  

While she takes out our clothes, I go towards the bed, lift the sheets up, pick out the jar, take two small orbs covered with mint leaves from it.  

“Jan, wear this today. It will match with my clothes.”  


I give one orb to Ru as I look at the clothes she chose. Just as I bit the orbs mint flavor invades my mouth with a small juicy substance, mixing it with my saliva, I twist it around my mouth before spitting it out on the washroom sink.  

“Ru, aren’t my clothes brighter than yours?”  

“Yes, it is Master.”  


“Because I’m the servant, and you are the Master. And no questions, I chose them to wear not to keep them back. Let’s get ready before they come back again.”    

I wore an anchor pant, fossil colored long coat over the white shirt, whereas Ru had a dark black full skirt with a white shirt, which had had black sleeves.  

“Nice stocking.”  

“You saw it?”  

“Yes, but what’s the use if it is not visible?”  

“Only you can see it, so it’s doing its job.”  


“Let’s leave then.”  

Just as we leave the bedroom, I see the main gates open; I ask Ru,  

“Should we change the locks? They left the door open again.”  

“But what if something happens and they want to notify us?”  

“I don’t think they will notify us until it involves you to work; Ru, the bedroom door isn’t soundproof, as the main gates, so if you moan high, then everyone will be able to hear them.”  

When no reply comes, I look down at her to see her turn red. I couldn’t help but laugh a little.  

Upon coming out of the room, the smell of the flower swamps us; the sudden change flabbergasts me.  

Taking in the smell and sight of the flowers, I follow behind Ru. We were currently heading to the Head-Maids chamber, to get the orders.  

The thought of going to one of Unor’s men to take order upsets my stomach, I want Ru to leave all this, but knowing why she is doing this also makes it hard for me. 

All the flowers in the corridor put a spell on me which leads to my collision with the wall, I rub my head, feeling no other hand on my head, I look around to see, Ru entering the Head-Maid’s room.  


She enters the room without waiting for me.   

I follow after her, just as I open the gate ajar, I hear the Head-maid speak, 

“- Why don’t you just leave him and join us, Master Unor, is much wealthier than that child; you won’t have to work again, as he does, and if it’s about your desire, then I’m sure, Master is proficient in it rather than-”  

Not being able to control my anger, I shut open the door making the head maid and the other servants stare at me, pacing myself, I move to punch the Head-maid, but someone grabs my hand.  

Turning back, I see it was Ru, she doesn’t say anything but shakes her head in denial. Feeling something off I pull back,  

“Hmm, what do we have here, a fake prince and the fake beastia.”  

The head maid tries her luck to make me angry with more provoking words, followed by her retailers.  

“Looks like the fakes have allied. Don’t you think Miss.”  

I stare daggers on the Head-maid, but Ru’s hand tells me to stop.  

“Not going to talk, huh, you guys are boring, like that limp thing of yours. Haruru, remember my words. Our Master is soooo much good than him.”  

The Head-maid and I stare at each other, even if her expression wasn’t saying anything, the sweat forming on her told me everything.  

“Master, don’t.”  

Her aide trying to save her Miss quickly intervenes,  

Haruru, go to the hall on the first floor, and talk with Faraha, she will tell you the details on what you have to do today.”  

Before we leave the Head-maid says something strange to me,  

“Aren’t you looking well, Janvas.”  

[Is she commenting on Ru’s fashion style?]  

“Of course, I will look good. A princess, after all, chose them for me. Let’s leave, Ru, staying in the room full of garbage isn’t good for us.”     

While my mind is fully set on beating the living shit of the Head-maid with her servants, Ru’s tight grip tells me to stop.  

She somehow forcefully pulls me outside the room. Her grip on me doesn’t loosen even after we take the first turn towards the hall.  

“Ru, what happened?”  

Looking back at me she looks straight into my eyes which tells me to shut up and follow, after reaching near the hall, she turns around and says,     

Unor was in the room.”  

Not understanding, what she meant, I frowned,  

“Which room?”  


Hearing that, anger piles on my head thinking that, that guy was in the room, hiding somewhere and looking at my Ru. I try to go back, but Ru’s voice stops me. 

“Don’t, I think, that the Royal Maids are back.”  

“Impossible, they all would be coming back, only by late evening, today.”  

But, I smelled five more people in the room, except for the maids.”  

“That bastard! But why didn’t you say anything in the room?”  

“If I did, then wouldn’t you try to fight him, even before I explained everything?”  


Suddenly a voice distracts us from our conversation.  

“Are you going to stay here and just talk -”  

“Ah, Senpai.”  

Looking back, I see a female maid standing near the hall gate, with her hand folded, and a shocked expression, she was wearing the same clothes as Ru, implying that even she was a personal maid of a prince or princess in the palace, ignoring me she looks at Ru and asks,  

“What is he doing here? Is-is he here to punish me?”  

“No-No senpai, Master is not here to punish you, it’s just that he was worried about me, so he came with me.”     

[Huh! Why would I punish her?]  

I lean down on Ru and whisper,  

“What does she mean?”  

Turning fumblingly Ru replies,  

“Master, it’s that she was the one who taught me how to use my mouth like that…”  

“Like that?”  

“Like in the night.”  


Now looking carefully at her, I can see that her tail and ears are like that of a fox, a pure breed.   

Now, that was something uncommon in the palace. I didn’t know anyone who loved to have a Pure breed near them in the palace.   

After coming in power, the current king announces, every blue blood pure breed, would be demoted to become a civilian, which rose a war, with the Pure breeds.  

The entire Wifobe Safora nation consisted of eighty percentage pure breeds, and the majority of them didn’t like the new law.  

The internal war went only for some days, as both sides knew the downfall would only arrive against them.   

The Wifobe Founding Ceremony was being used as hiding to resolve the situation between them.  

But the thing that shocked me the most was no one in the palace was into pure breeds as the king used to always refer them as unworthy of Wifobe Safora Nation.  

[Whose maid, was she?]  

This question loomed in my head. No one would dare defy the king’s words until he/she would be really close to him.  

[His Wife’s? No maybe Venure?, Or Unor?]  


“Umm, Yes.”  

“What happened?”  

“Nothing, I just spaced out a bit.”  

“Ok, Master JanvasHaruru has told me that you would like to be with her for the day and not leave her alone, so I think that giving you jobs related to two people would be proper.”  


“Okay, then go to the town and bring these items from the market there.”  

Saying that she hands over a slip.  

The Day Before The Calamity(Shower Sex’Cunnilingus’)[Calamity Arc- Part 2]

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