Calamity’s Close By(Shower.)[Calamity Arc- Part 30]

-Haruru’s POV- 

After Mother tells us that she is going to the other room to get clean, she tells Belinda and Pinchira to follow her. And it makes Pinchira to look at me with worry. 

So before Mother leaves, I approach the little girl, and cupping her face, and smiling, I say, 

“Mother can be harsh when we commit a mistake, but she also forgives us if we can convince her that we won’t repeat it.” 

Hugging her, I continue in a whisper, 

“Even Mother would have realized till now that it was your blunder. So, you only need to give her time. Okay.” 

As I feel her nodding on my shoulder, I separate from her, 


Belinda calls for her as she is about to leave the room. 

And with stiff shoulders, Pinchira goes after them. 










After they leave the room, when Master and I turn around, we find Marine kneeling, 

“Master, Odesvana, until the both of you bath. I will stay guard.” 

She says with determination, which worries me a little. But before I could say anything, Master chuckles, and smilingly he pats Marine’s head, then heads into the bathroom. 

I look at both of them, worried, as I feel they both spoke words that they both didn’t understand. 

Marine looks up at me and, with a faint smile, she says, 

“Odesvana, let me help you get undressed.” 

I nod, understanding what she is trying to do, 

Marine quickly stands and moves to the door beside the bathroom and opens the door. Entering inside, she takes out a foldable chair, towels, and a small bar of soap. She places the chair beside me and keeps the towels and the soap bar on it, then she goes behind me.  

I slowly open the knot of the shirt I am wearing; Marine quickly gets it off me. After keeping the shirt on the chair, she opens the tie on the back of my skirt, setting my tail free, and at the same time, I open the knots on the front, which lets the skirt fall on the floor. 

I move to the side, and Marine quickly picks up the skirt and puts it on top of the shirt. 

Then she slowly get my stockings off. 


“Yes, Odesvana.” 

A pain stings me, as my childhood friend looks at me as a maid of mine. I think of talking with her but decide to let her ponder on it for now.  

[Maybe with some free time, her mind would calm down.] 

“The Towel, please.” 

I plan to go with the play she’s playing. 

Taking it from her, I wrap it around me, and then turning around, I motion her to give me the other towel and soap. 

“While we bath, why don’t you rest for a few moments.” 

Saying so, I smile at her and head into the bathroom. 

Entering inside, I see Master standing in his underwear, with his back turned towards me. 


Hearing the door cloes, Master turns around and looks towards me. I muster up a smile and try to forget the worries of mine, but for some reason, I fail miserably, as he quickly notices it and comes towards me and takes the towel and soap from my hands. 

Feeling downcast, I hug him, and he hugs me back as his hands tenderly hold onto me. We do not say anything for a while and stay still, hugging each other. 

“What is it, Ru?” 

After a few minutes, he asks softly, 

Getting my feeling under control, I reply, 



Separating from him, I give a peck on his lips and says, 

“Master, let me help you bathe.” 

Worried, he looks at me but does not say anything. He kisses me one more time and goes towards the tub. I quickly turn around and remove the towel and my lingerie and place them all on the hanger. 


And as I turn back, I see Master bending and trying to heat the water inside the tub, and my gaze lands on his back, as the Light Stone mounted on the corner of the walls makes his skin glisten. And with him trying to heat the water, I see sweat starting to form. I silently approach him and find some faint nail marks on his back. Some seem fresh, some old. Two types of nails try to mark their dominance. A little shame does creep up to me, but worries overcome it, as I know if I do not intervene between Master and Marine’s unspoken words, then both of them would hurt each other without knowing. 


[I need to make them hear what they could not hear.] 

I resolve myself. 

Master turns around and sees me standing behind him. His eyes stop around my two spots, but they quickly move to my face. Standing up, his hand cups my right cheek and stares into my eyes while I stare back at his eyes. They are the eyes of my cherished person, as I can easily see his love for me in those eyes. While others could only see Authority, Dominance, Sharpness in them. But from the time I know of him, I have never seen those qualities in those eyes, as the only things I can see in them are, Curiosity, Love, Mischief, Protectiveness. 

While his eyes trap me inside them, he moves forwards and kisses me. And unlike other times, he does not kisses me with hunger, but sensually, his tongue slowly comes towards mine and invites me; following after it, I feel it trying to surround me. Feeling it, I close my eyes, and travel my hand behind him, then pull him closer; so does he. 

We stay like that, feeling each other’s tongues swimming into each other mouths. 

And slowly opening my eye, I look into Master’s eyes, which stare back at mine. Separating my lips from his, I say, 

“Master, Mother, told us we have to move in an hour, so we shouldn’t do this.” 

Saying that, I try to separate from him, but with his hands holding me from behind, I could not move. He keeps on staring at me, his eyes move down, and as it reaches my cheeks, his eyes open wide, and he looks towards his hands. Following his gaze, I find some dirt on his hand, and when I touch my cheeks, I feel something rough there, probably dirt. 

“Well, this gives us the reason why bathing should be our first priority.” 

I say as I step back. 

Seeing me getting away from his grip, Master smiles and shakes his head. 

I look around the bath for anything useable and see a stool to my right, so I pick it up and keep it in front of the tub. 

“Master, please sit. I will wash you up.” 

I say, 


He comes closer to me and moves his hand towards my waist, 

“-my pretty Ru, you sit.” 

But before he could entrap me, I slide away from him, 

“Why are you running?” 

He asks with a raised eyebrow, 

“We need to be ready for the journey, and if I let you bathe me, we won’t have energy even before we start it.” 

As I say, I let my guard down, and he grabs my hand and pulls me close. 

“Well, Mother won’t be angry if we do it once.” 

But before I could retort, he kisses me again, 

[I should have bathed with Mari.] 









-Safrine’s POV- 

After telling the worker in the corridor to bring meal for 6 People, I am about to enter the room when I stop and think about Janvas and Haruru. And thinking about them, I believe a few minutes to be too short for them, so I stop the worker and tell him to bring the meals in 20 Minutes. 

[If they feel it to be too short, they are going to be in a lot of trouble afterward.] 

[Haruru and Janvas…] 

My mind goes back to what Janvas and Haruru will be doing, and thinking about it, my subdued lust from yesterday arises. 

I shake my head, trying to throw the images of my Son and Daughter in the bath. 

[Safrine! What’s wrong with you!] 










Belinda and I decide to go for a bath, while Pinchira takes the guard duty. And with what happened, I believe if I give her space for a few hours, I could deal with her too. 

And knowing my children, they wouldn’t let her sleep near them if she was doing something dubious, and with how Marine looks now, she would have forced her to stay away from the duo. 

Belinda puts the bag I gave her on the bed. 

“Belinda, could you get the towel from the room beside the bathroom.” 

“Yes, Certainly.” 

And while she goes to get the towel, I pick up the bag and pull out the clothes I had in it. Out of the three dresses I have, I only feel only one would fit the girl, so I put it to the left side and look at the two other clothes. And one of them quickly gets off the equation as it shows too much skin, and it’s the worst for our current situation. I set the cloth I’m going to wear on the right side and put the last one below the bag. 

Belinda brings the towels, and I motion for her to place them near the bag, 

“Put the clothes that you are wearing in the bag, and wear these.” 

I point to the clothes I kept on the left side. 

Seeing her nods, I start undressing, 

First, I take off my robe, which gets my hand free from the constant strain and feeling a little relieved by it, I move my hand to take the most taxing dress of mine. 

The Chest Guard. 

Even if I was at most a Seeker, following the Hunters, it still was a dangerous ride, as no one knows where the Monsters are and who they might attack. 

[I really should have bought the Relic Infused Guard, rather than these pure leather guards.] 

Thinking so, I get the guards off me. 


Taking a long deep breath, I take off the shirt and place it on top of the robe. Then I open the knot of my bra, which make my jugs to juggle. And touching the bra, I could feel it to be slightly wet. 

[I’m buying the Relic Infused Guard the next moment I see them.] 

Throwing it on top of my shirt, I move to the lower portion. 

I take off both the holster, one with a dagger, while the other one with the whip, and place them beside each other. Then take off the boots. And the pants, then finally the underwear. And as I do, I feel my body ache a little, as everything squeezing my body is off me. I stretch my arms and look to the right, and see both the girls staring at me. 

I tilt my head to the side. 

Confused by their gaze, I look down to see if there is something wrong with my body, but I don’t see any, and as I turn to look at them, they both do not meet my gaze. 

Curiosity takes my mind, and I look at the undressing Belinda. 

Belinda has taken off almost all of her clothes, except her undies. 

[She is quite beautiful. And with how the scales have aligned on her body, it makes her shine. And with her mystical eyes, she looks almost like art that came to life.] 

And as she spots me looking at her, she covers her assets. Feeling that she’s not going to go farther. I stop ogling her. 


I take one of the towels and head to the bath. 

Calamity’s Close By(Getting Ready to Run.)[Calamity Arc- Part 29]

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