The Day Before The Calamity(Idiot.)[Calamity Arc-4]

The list provided by Farahe makes me question her mentality.  

[Two people worth of work?]  

The items mentioned on the list, were heavy, to such an extent that, I could be squash by them in a snap.  

“Aren’t these things quite heavy, and the quantity is huge too.”  

Shrugging her shoulder, she looks at me and says,  

“I can’t do anything about it. The easiest thing that I had was this or cleaning Unor’s room. And I know neither Haruru nor you would accept that. Even the only people who are free right now are only you two, so Master Janvas would you accept the job.”  

Haruru takes the slip of my hand and reads it. I couldn’t help but ponder on the thought of Ru lifting such heavy things.  

“So, I can bring these on some trips, right?”  

The total weight of the items would be around 300 Kgs, even if we used Comprese magic, we would have a hard time, and neither I nor Ru, is knowing how to use it.  

“Umm, You can make as many trips as you want, but the thing is we need then within 3 hours.”  

“Impossible, no one would be able to bring those in 3 hours. And the festival would make is tough.”  

“Okay, we will bring them in 3 hours.”  

“Ru what do you -”  

“Master, we can bring them in 3 hours. Believe me.”  

I couldn’t say no when she says that,  

“But I have a condition, and I won’t hear a no for an answer.”  

“You don’t want me to pick anything heavy.”  

“Yes, if needed, then I will just use money to rent a worker.”  


Seeing her nod without reasoning and accepting the offer, I didn’t know what to think. Does she want me to pick all the stuff by myself? Her smile made me have goosebumps all over my body.   

“Okay, then if you have decided, then here is the money for the items, and please don’t use it for renting workers.”  

[How poor does this senpai of Haruru’s think I’m.]  

“We won’t.”  

Ru replies with a scorn look.  

“Okay-okay. you don’t need to be angry with me, you know that I have to show all the expenditure to the Head maid and if I have any miscalculations, then she would cut them from my salaries.”  

“But you are a personal maid, then why do you need money?”  

I asked even though I thought of some possibilities, Farahe looks at me with bewilderment, that’s when I realize my grave mistake.  

“Master Janvas, I really hope that it was by a mistake that you asked that, Haruru’s my friend, so I won’t tell Master about it but do think before you ask such things, people would ask for your most desired person or object as compensation, for the crime that you committed right now.”  

“Senpai, Master didn’t mean it that way, he-he-”  

Haruru, you know, even if your master didn’t want to ask me about my Master, but it still was involved to my master in one way or the other.”   

Looking at me she says,  

“Master Janvas, you might know about what happened when the maid of one of the Duke’s son answered a question related to her master to someone who was not a member of her master’s family. The duke’s son was found dead the very night.  

Out of rage, the Duke sold the maid to some merchant. There was news all around the capital, about how she was raped until she was useable, her entire body had scars, and it worsens by the time..”  

“I– ”  

“Senpai, I ask for forgiveness for my master’s mistake.”  

“Okay-okay, Haruru, you don’t need to bow, it was a mistake, I know, obviously your Master didn’t mean any harm, but I still have to be careful even walls have ears.”  

She takes out a pouch, hands it over to us, then leaves with an awkward face, as she gets behind the walls, I hug Haruru tightly.  

“I’m sorry, I forgot about it, and I don’t know what happened, I just blurted it out.” “Senpai, I ask for forgiveness for my master’s mistake.”  

“Okay-okay, Haruru, you don’t need to bow, it was a mistake, I know, obviously your Master didn’t mean any harm, but I still have to be careful even walls have ears.”  

She takes out a pouch, hands it over to us, then leaves with an awkward face, as she gets behind the walls, I hug Haruru tightly.  

“I’m sorry, I forgot about it, and I don’t know what happened, I just blurted it out.”  

“Master, I know, you don’t have to apologies.”  

Separating from me she fixes my hair and says,  

“Let’s leave we have a few hours remaining, and the festival will make the road bustling with people.”  

Putting the pouch and list in my pocket, we walk towards the gate of the palace, my hands were around her waist, as not wanting her to be away from me.  

What Ru’s senpai told me was true, I like an idiot as a taboo question to her, I fell scared when I think about what would happen to us if the wind of it spread. 

“Ru, you believe that your senpai won’t tell anyone about it, right.”  

“Master you are worrying for nothing, my senpai and I are very good friends, she won’t do things that would hurt me, and she also knows that it was something that you didn’t mean.”  

“I know, but Ru, I can’t help it. I can’t imagine anything happening to you.”  

Stopping in mid tracks, Ru hugs me tightly, hugging her back, I remove all of my negative thought.  

Even after I loosened my grip, she doesn’t separate from me. I caress her back and say.  

“Ru, nothing bad will happen, if things come to the worst, we can run away to the elven territory or the human continent. I don’t have any animalistic trait, so I can act as a human traveler with you and Mari as my companions.”  

“What about mother?”  

“And your mother…”  

“You would leave her alone?”  

“No-no, Ru, don’t misunderstand me, it’s just that no one except me knows about your mother, and if we were to run away then your mother can-”  

“You forgot about mother.”  

“No… Yes, sorry.”  

I couldn’t do anything when she glared at me.  

“You know Mother would be sad if she gets to know about it.”  

“Ru, please don’t.”  

“I won’t. You need to tell her yourself.”  


[I dug my own grave.]  

Giving a small peck on my lip’s, Ru turns around and moves towards the palace gate. Her energetic tail looks gloomy.  

“Master, if we don’t leave now, then I might have to listen to the scolding of everyone.”  

Catching up to her I grab her by the waist and pull her closer to me, I whisper to her,  

“If anything bad happens then remember, that I will always be by your side no matter what.”  

Nodding her head, she leans on me.   

“I won’t let anyone even touch a speck of your hair.”  

“Not even Mari?”  

“Not even her.”  

“Not even mother?”  

“Not even mother.”  

“Neither you?”  


Laughingly she pecks my cheeks and hugs me. Now even her tail was wagging.  

[Yes, this is my Ru.]  

It took us 10 minutes just to reach the palace gates, and more than 10 minutes would be spent on just going from here to the palace wall gates or the Wisodef Gates.  

While walking towards the Wisodef, I see my young cousins playing around the grass. Their laughter and shouting were somewhat pleasing to my ears, unlike when I talk with some of my brother and sister.  

 Having Ru around me and the voice of the children was making me forget about all about the problems I was facing, nothing else mattered, this few minutes was all that I wanted, being around my loved ones and no problem lurking around me.       

The area outside the palace was spacious after walking for 5 minutes all we could see were trees, the laughter of the children became distance, leaving us in silence.   

Walking for some time, the wall’s gate comes in our sight, soldiers patrolling the area in a group of fives, on top of the wall, soldiers were taking turns and walking from one corner to another. Seeing us, near the gates, some of them look towards us. My blood boils as I see them looking at Ru, with a perverted gaze.  

“Master, you can’t.”  

“Ru, don’t talk like it’s not something majo-”  

Looking at her, I find her to be disgusted, with the creepy looks of the soldiers, she tries to hide behind me. I warn the soldier with my own fierce gaze, they turn away but still look at her from the of their eyes. 

It was the rule of nature, ‘respect the strong’; they would only respect me or be afraid of me when I show them my strength; that’s until I defeat their leader or the commander. 

I think of challenging one of them, but Ru stops me  

“Master, don’t if you do, then we will be late, and I don’t want you to worry about these tiny problems, the soldiers are like that only, they look at each and every female that goes in or out of the palace.”  

I try to calm my nerves until we get out of the palace, but we get interrupted by one of the soldiers.  

The Day Before The Calamity(Don’t stop me from killing her.)[Calamity Arc- Part 3]

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